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Pictures of Jason Kalambay Biography Wikipedia

History Of Jason Kalambay: Everything To Know About Jason Kalambay Profile, LinkedIn, Wife Marialye Trottier, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Parents, Family, Height and Weight, Birthday, Age, Photos, Relationship, Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures

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Who is Jason Kalambay?
Biography Wikipedia: Jason Kalambay (born 15 January 1991) is a Swiss Fitness Trainer, Model, Content Creator and a former professional kickboxer. His Net Worth is about $1 Million US Dollars as at 2023.

Jason Kalambay is a 32-year-old handsome, 6"0 feet tall Online Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur, Digital Content Creator, YouTuber and Ex-Kickboxer who is famous for his perfect body physique. He offers bodyweight training motivation, tutorials, fitness tips, on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.
Jason Kalambay is the husband of Marialye Trottier aka Marialye Wonder.

Jason Kalambay was born on 15th January 1991 in Switzerland. He is 32 years old as at 2023. He celebrated his 32nd birthday on 15th of January 2023.

Jason Kalambay is from Geneva, Switzerland. His ethnicity, nationality is Swiss. His mother tongue is french. He was born and raised in Switzerland by his parents Mr and Mrs Kalambay. His father has a martial arts background.
He has a sibling brother and sister.
The names of Jason Kalambay siblings are, Jessy Kalambay and Joyce Kalambay. He is from a christian family.
Pictures of Jason Kalambay siblings - Sister and brother

Jason Kalambay is currently married to Marialye Trottier his girlfriend, partner turned wife. His beautiful wife is also a fitness guru and an entrepreneur. They got married in February 2021.

Jason Kalambay and his wife, Marialye Trottier Aka Marialye Fitness don't have a child yet as at 2023.

Jason Kalambay Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Real Name: Jason Kalambay

Nationality: Swiss

Ethnicity: Swiss, Congolese, Italian

Place Of Birth: Geneva, Switzerland

Date Of Birth: 15 January 1991

Birthday: 15 January

Age: 32 Years Old (2023)

Height: 6"0 feet tall

Weight: 180lbs

Religion: Christian

Occupation: Online Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Social Media Fitness Personality

Net Worth: $1 Million US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Kalambay

Mother: Mrs Kalambay

Father: Mr Kalambay

Siblings: Jessy Kalambay, Joyce Kalambay

Sister: Joyce Kalambay

Brother: Jessy Kalambay

Marital Status: Married

Spouse, Wife: Marialye Trottier

Partner, Girlfriend: Marialye Trottier

Children: 0

TikTok: @jasonkalambay

Instagram: jasonkalambay

YouTube: Jason Kalambay @jasonkalambayofficial

Facebook: Jason Kalambay

Full Biography Of Jason Kalambay Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Books, Images, Photo Galley

Jason Kalambay and Marialye Trottier (Fitness Couple)

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Jason Kalambay Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, What He Does For A Living, How He Makes His Money

Jason Kalambay Bio Wiki

Jason Kalambay Bio Wiki
: Jason Kalambay is a Swiss Online Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur, YouTuber and Social Media Fitness Personality & Influencer who used to be a professional kickboxer. He earns a living as a fitness coach, online trainer, model and as a YouTuber.

Jason Kalambay Kickboxing: Jason Kalambay was a former professional kickboxer. In his very last fight, he became world champion at -95kg in K1 rules. He started combat sports at the age of 17 and from the moment he began, his focus was on becoming the best fighter in his weight division.
Pictures of Jason Kalambay as a Kickboxer

Jason Kalambay Workout: Jason Kalambay has a well planned out workout routine. He also shares workout motivational quotes and videos on his social media pages.

Jason Kalambay Physique: Jason Kalambay physique is perfect fit, toned, muscular with 6 packs abs and sexy body.

Jason Kalambay Tattoo: Jason Kalambay has his body covered with tattoos. He is a tattoo lover.

Jason Kalambay Nationality, Country Of Origin: Where is Jason Kalambay from? Jason Kalambay is from Switzerland. His hometown is Geneva, Switzerland.

Jason Kalambay Ethnicity, Origin: Jason Kalambay ethnicity is originally Congolese, then Swiss and Italian. His mother tongue is French. He has French accent too.

Jason Kalambay revealed his ethnicity, nationality, origin on an Instagram post:

"I’m from Switzerland, I was born and raised in Switzerland but originally I’m 50% Congolese🇨🇩, 25% Italian🇮🇹 and 25% Swiss🇨🇭
Now it’s been 1 year since I moved to Montreal Canada🇨🇦"

Jason Kalambay Birthday, Date Of Birth, Age: Jason Kalambay was born on 15 January 1991 in Switzerland. He celebrated his 32nd birthday on 15th January 2023.
Jason Kalambay Age, Birthday

Jason Kalambay Age: How old is Jason Kalambay? Jason Kalambay is 32 years old as at 2023.

Jason Kalambay Height and Weight: 6"0 feet tall, 180lbs weight
Jason Kalambay Height and Weight

Jason Kalambay Weight: Jason Kalambay weight is 180lbs.

Jason Kalambay Height: How tall is Jason Kalambay? Jason Kalambay is 6"0 feet tall.
Jason Kalambay and Marvin Achi

Jason Kalambay Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Jason Kalambay Gay? No, Jason Kalambay is not a gay. He is straight and now married to his girlfriend.

Jason Kalambay Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Jason Kalambay is from a Christian family born to his parents Mr and Mrs Kalambay. His father has a martial arts background. He has two siblings - a brother and a younger sister.

Jason Kalambay Siblings, Brother, Sister: Jason Kalambay has two (2) siblings - a brother and a sister. The names of Jason Kalambay siblings are Jessy Kalambay, Joyce Kalambay. His brothers and sisters are also fitness enthusiasts.
Jason Kalambay Family - Siblings
Jason Kalambay and his brother and sister
Jason Kalambay and his sister working out

Jason Kalambay and his brother

Photo of Jason Kalambay and his siblings

Austin Dunham Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Jason Kalambay married? YES, Jason Kalambay is married to Marialye Trottier. They got married in February 2021.

Jason Kalambay and Marialye Trottier dated for a couple of years before he proposed to her in February 2021 and they got married two weeks after their engagement.
Sharing her engagement picture on her Facebook page, Marialye Trottier wrote: 

"Omg last couple days have been a rollercoaster of emotions Feeling so much gratitude right now. I'm officially engaged to the love of my life I can't wait to continue everything we started, waking up everyday as your wife [wedding happening in 2 weeks fam I can't believe it -Al Jason Kalambay 
When Jason left everything in Switzerland to come join me and my dreams here in Quebec it was the most beautiful thing anyone has done for me in my entire life. I'm so touched by this move It was the most beautiful proof of love ever in my eyes „, 

Thank you for making me happier everyday. Thank you for making me feel beautiful no matter what kind of day. Thank you for supporting me 1000%. Thank you for being you. I don't have words to describe all of this I want you to know that there is no distance that is too much or love to test. nothing is impossible . If you want something or someone, GO GET IT. Don't let anything stop you EVERYTHING is possible!!"

Jason Kalambay Wife: Who is Jason Kalambay Wife? The name of Jason Kalambay wife is Marialye Trottier. She is a fitness trainer and model. She is beautiful, hot and sexy.

Jason Kalambay and his wife, Marialye Trottier are fitness couples who workout together.
10 Pictures of Jason Kalambay and His Wife, Marialye Trottier

Celebrating his wife's birthday, Jason Kalambay wrote: "Happy birthday to my beautiful woman, my other half, my best friend and partner in crime!
Marialye Trottier

You’re a true blessing to my life. I love you girl!
I know I said I wouldn’t ever show these videos to anyone but yeah it’s your birthday aha ( sorry for the last one, I had to)...🤷🏾‍♂️😎😘❤️

Who Is Jason Kalambay Wife?

Who Is Marialye Trottier?

Biography Wikipedia: Marialye Trottier aka Marialye Wonder (born 13 March) is a fitness trainer, model from Canada. She is the wife of Jason Kalambay. Her husband is also a fitness entrepreneur and coach.
Marialye Trottier is also known as Marialye Fitness.
Marialye Trottier Pictures

Jason Kalambay Girlfriend: Who is Jason Kalambay Girlfriend, Name? Jason Kalambay girlfriend is Marialye Trottier. He moved from Switzerland to Canada to join his girlfriend, Marialye Trottier in 2020 but they are now married.

"After spending 4 years alone working on myself, and becoming the best version of who I am today, I’ve finally decided to let enter this man in my life. I feel that now the best way to discover myself is with you❤ Here’s another reminder for me to always trust life! Couldn’t be more grateful for having you in my life Jason Kalambay", Marialye Trottier had written when she started dating her boyfriend turned husband.

Jason Kalambay Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Jason Kalambay and wife, Marialye Trottier have not had a child yet. She is not pregnant for now.

Jason Kalambay Net Worth: Jason Kalambay Net Worth is estimated at about $1 Million US Dollars as at 2023.
Jason Kalambay Net Worth

Jason Kalambay House and Cars: Jason Kalambay now lives in Canada with his partner, Marialye Trottier and drives a nice car.

Jason Kalambay Instagram: Jason Kalambay Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

Jason Kalambay Motivational Quotes & Messages
*60% of the time I don’t feel like going to the gym, but I still go every single day regardless of how I feel.

*Shoulders Annihilation🔥 (5 exercises)🧬

📝One of the most common mistake when it comes to training the shoulders is that we tend to forget to work on the 3 heads, the 3 parts of the shoulders. There are 3 areas called; the front delt, the side delt & the rear delt

👉🏾If your goal is to have well rounded shoulders you need to make sure to always hit the 3 areas. In this workout we’re working on the 3 heads.

1️⃣One arm DB press | 3x12 (each side)
2️⃣ Incline DB front raise | 3x12
4️⃣ Incline one arm lat raise | 3x10 (each side)
5️⃣One arm cable raise | 3x12 (each side)
6️⃣Bent over DB Rear Delt Raise with Head on Bench| 4x12

60-90 sec rest in between superset⏳

"Sunday reset 👉🏾Recovery & mental health is key🧠 

5 tips that I’m sharing with you to improve your mental health (perfect to do on a Sunday to also help your body recover better)

3️⃣Spend some time in nature 
4️⃣Walk outside/stretching

📝With mental health conditions increasing worldwide, making sure to work on your mental health has become extremely important. 
Maintaining a positive mental health and treating any mental health conditions is crucial to stabilizing constructive behaviors, emotions, thoughts and enjoy your life.

I believe that our state of mind is one of the only thing we can actually have control on, so if you’re struggling with some mental illness like, anxiety, depression, addictive behavior or even suicidal thoughts, TAKE ACTION because those cues means something in your life needs to CHANGE RIGHT NOW.

Get some help, yes but don’t forget that you also have the ABILITY & THE POWER to work and improve your mental health by yourself by TAKING ACTION on it and for that the first step is believing YOU CAN.

*We are all on our own path to HAPINESS & SUCCESS in life and step by step you need to create YOURS☝🏾
Don’t compare your path or timing to anyone else. We are all unique, YOU ARE UNIQUE and this is your strength. 
Each one of us has something great to achieve.💯
And No its not too late for YOU and YES you are 100% CAPABLE of doing this, all you have to do is start TODAY, NOW and BELIEVE in it. Believe in your BLUEPRINT!
Remember, small steps everyday to the same direction can lead to greatness✨

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