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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Yemi Cregx BBN (Big Brother Titans) Bio, Wikipedia, Wife, Family, Parents, Siblings, Real Name, State Of Origin, Nationality, Hometown, Tribe, Height, Education, Married, Children, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Eyes, House, Cars, Movies, Yemi Cregx Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Interview, LinkedIn, Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact, Tattoo, Hairstyles, Girlfriend, Relationship, Child, Children, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Ethnicity, Old Throwback Vs New Recent Photos of King Yemi Cregx
Pictures of Yemi Cregx Big Brother Titans (BBTitans)

History Of King Yemi Cregx BB Titans: Everything To Know About Yemi Cregx BBTitans Profile, Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Family, Siblings, Relationship, Father, Mother, Tribe, State Of Origin

Who is Yemi Cregx?

Biography Wikipedia: Yemi Cregx (born 20 March 1992) is a Nigerian Model, Actor, Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) 2023 housemate, and the winner of First Mr University Africa 2014. His Net Worth is about $40,000 US Dollars estimated at about ₦28,000,000 Million Naira as at 2023.
Yemi Cregx BB Titans

Yemi Cregx BBTitans real name is King Yemi Cregx. He is Yoruba by tribe and originally hails from Ekiti State, Nigeria but was born in Lagos State on  20th March 1992. He is 31 years old as at 2023.

Yemi Cregx is a 31 year old Big Brother Titans (BB Titans) Season 1 contestant from Ekiti State, Nigeria. He is tall, dark and handsome.

Yemi Cregx BBN Titans was born in Lagos into a Yoruba tribe Christian family, to his parents, Mr and Mrs Yemi. They are from Ekiti State but based in Lagos State.

Yemi Cregx is single and currently not married. He has no wife yet. But he had a girlfriend he was dating before entering the Big Brother Titans house. Yemi Cregx is dating Khosi in the BB Titans house.

Khosi and Yemi Cregx Relationship BBTitans

Yemi Cregx Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Yemi Cregx (BBTitans)
Real, Full Name: King Yemi Cregx
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Ekiti State
Tribe: Yoruba
Place Of Birth: Lagos
Date Of Birth: 20 March 1992
Birthday: 20th March
Age: 31 years old (2023)
Height: 6"2 feet tall
Religion: Christian
Occupation, Career: Model, Actor, Host, Content Creator, Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer
Net Worth: $40,000 US Dollars
Marital Status: Single
Wife: Not Married
Girlfriend: N/A
Children: 0
Education: University of Lagos (UNILAG) - Estate Management
Instagram: kingcregx
Role Models: Idris Elba, Alexx Ekubo, Uti Nwachukwu

Full Biography Of Yemi Cregx BB Titans Biography, Wikipedia, Life History, Childhood Story, Pageantry, Career, Occupation, Parents

Yemi Cregx Career, Life History, Bio, Wiki

Who Is Yemi Cregx From Big Brother Titans?
Yemi Cregx is a Nigerian born Model, Actor, Content Creator, Host and Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) housemate. He was born on 20 March 1992 in Lagos State but originally hails from Ekiti State. He is Yoruba by tribe.

Yemi Cregx Pageant - Pageantry Career

Mr Universe Nigeria 2014: Yemi Cregx contested for Mr ideal Nigeria 2014. He represented Lagos state. It was his first contest ever.

Mr University Africa: Yemi Cregx is the first Mr University Africa. He contested for Mr University Africa in 2014 and emerged as the second runner up. But the winner of the pageant, Donald Nwaenyi stepped down due to personal reasons and Yemi Kings aka Yemi Cregx took over.

King Yemi Cregx and Donald Nwaenyi

Don't Drive Drunk Campaign
: In 2015, Nigerian Celebrities released Mugshots in campaign against drunk driving. The Don't drive drunk campaign is an initiative by Mr University Africa, featuring Yemi Cregx (Mr University Africa 2014) aimed at creating awareness on the dangers of drunk driving as a leading cause of automobile accidents. celebrities came out to support this initiative.

Fashion, Runway Show: Yemi Kings first fashion show ever was in may 2012. It wasn’t super big though but it was a big break for him.

Yemi Cregx Storm Body Spray Advert: Yemi Cregx was the model in the Storm Body Spray commercial Advert on Big Brother Naija (BBN).

Yemi Cregx Big Brother Titans (BB Titans) Season 1 2023

Yemi Cregx Big Brother Titans BBTitans intro Video

Yemi Cregx is one of the 2023 Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) season 1 contestants.

Name: Yemi Cregx

Age: 30 
Location: originally from Ekiti State in Nigeria, now in Lagos

Occupation: Model, actor Tall, dark, and handsome.
Yemi Cregx is confident and outgoing. While he is a highly competitive individual, he’s also known for wearing his heart on his sleeve.

"From studying real estate, to working in a marketing agency, to fashion and lifestyle influencing. Fair to say I don hustle wella 😄. 

I’ve always been a big fan of house music and I can’t wait to learn more about the beautiful people of South Africa." - Yemi Cregx BBTitans.

Yemi Cregx Education
Yemi Cregx is a graduate of Estate Management from University of Lagos (UNILAG). 
Yemi Cregx had his primary and secondary school education in Lagos State, and Abuja. He obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and SSCE before he proceeded to the University of Lagos where he studied Estate Management.

Yemi Cregx BBTitans Real Name: What is the real name of Yemi Cregx BB Titans? Yemi Cregx real name is Yemi King or King Yemi Cregx. He is popularly known as Yemi Cregx BBTITANS.

Yemi Cregx Nationality, Country: Where is Yemi Cregx BBTitans from? Yemi Cregx Big Brother Titans is a Nigerian; from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Yemi Cregx State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Yemi Cregx BBTitans from? Yemi Cregx is from Ekiti State, Nigeria. He is from the South West part of Nigeria.

Yemi Cregx Tribe, Ethnicity: What tribe is Yemi Cregx? Yemi Cregx is Yoruba by tribe.

Yemi Cregx Yoruba demon

Yemi Cregx BB Titans Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Yemi Cregx born? Yemi Cregx was born on 20 March 1992. He is 31 years old as at March 2023.

Yemi Cregx Age: How old is Yemi Cregx? Yemi Cregx is 31 years old as at 2023. He celebrates his 31st birthday on 20th March 2023.

Yemi Cregx Height: How tall is Yemi Cregx? Yemi Cregx is 6"2 feet tall. He is one of the tallest Big Brother Titans housemate 2023.
Yemi Cregx is tall and dark and one of the most handsome Big Brother Titans BBTitans season 1 housemates.
Yemi Cregx Height

Yemi Cregx Hairstyles:
Yemi Cregx rocks stylish hairstyles, haircut, blond.

Yemi Cregx Sexuality, Gay or Straight: Is Yemi Cregx Gay? No, Yemi Cregx is not gay. He is straight.

Yemi Cregx Religion: Is Yemi Cregx a Muslim or Christian? Yemi Cregx is a Christian.
Yemi Cregx Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Yemi Cregx is from a Yoruba Christian family. His parents are from Ekiti State. He has other siblings brothers and sisters whose names are not available at the moment.
Yemi Cregx Cousins Siblings Brother & Sister

The names of Yemi Cregx cousin brother and sister are, Akindada Bamidele Kayode and Victoria Agbede Olubunmi, respectively. They are already canversing for votes for him.
Yemi Cregx and Cousin Sister

Yemi Cregx Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Yemi Cregx married? No, Yemi Cregx is not yet married as at 2023. He is single.

Yemi Cregx Wife: Who is Yemi Cregx wife, Name? Yemi Cregx does not have a wife yet and has not revealed who his wife to be or fianceé is.

Yemi Cregx Girlfriend: Who is Yemi Cregx Girlfriend, Name, Pictures? Yemi Cregx has a girlfriend he is in a relationship with before entering the Big Brother Titans house but he has not revealed the name and identity of his girlfriend. Everyone is now single and ready to mingle.
Yemi Cregx and Juliet Ibrahim

Yemi Cregx and Juliet Ibrahim are quite close. They did a video shoot together.

Yemi Cregx BBTitans Relationship: Who is Yemi Cregx dating in the Big Brother Titans house? Yemi Cregx BBTitans girlfriend has not been revealed.

Yemi Cregx Net Worth: Yemi Cregx net worth is about $40,000 US Dollars, estimated at ₦28,000,000 Million Naira as at 2023.

Yemi Cregx House and Cars: Yemi Cregx lives in Lagos Nigeria and drives nice car.

Yemi Cregx And Teddy A & Adekunle: Fans think that Yemi Cregx of Big Brother Titans BBTitans look like Teddy-A and Adekunle.

Yemi Cregx Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp: Yemi Cregx phone number is unavailable but he can be contacted via his Instagram DM and management.

Yemi Cregx Instagram: Yemi Cregx Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

Yemi Cregx describes himself on an Instagram post: "Let me introduce myself real quick. My name is Yemi Cregx, I’m a model, event host, upcoming actor and fashion enthusiast."

BBTitans Fans React To Yemi Cregx As BB Titans Season 1 Housemate

Sarah: Meet my favorite Bigbrother Titan, Yemi Cregx @kingcregx
He is a brand strategist from Ekiti, Nigeria 

Y'all already know why he is my favorite 
I know it is early, but even though 🤣

As always, I am keeping an open mind even in my stan. I pray he doesn't stress me; looks ain't enough for me, ask Sheggz,  if he stresses me I fling am move to Junior. 

Wish me luck on this



He’s a Nigerian.
BBTitans housemate Yemi Cregx already has social media on fire with many spotting his resemblance with ex-BBNaija housemate, Teddy A. 
Cregz promises to put out a lot of controversial fashion during his time in the house and he also has plans for the ladies.

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King Umana: And I guess, this will be the lover boy of season 😏😑
Yemi Cregx 
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