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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Jesupelumi Fasesin aka Jaypee Big Brother Titans Bio, Wikipedia, Husband, Boyfriend, Family, Parents, Siblings, Real Name, State Of Origin, Nationality, Hometown, Tribe, Height, Education, Married, Children, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, House, Cars, Jesu Pelumi Jaypee Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Interview, LinkedIn, Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact, Tattoo, Hairstyles, Relationship, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Ethnicity, Lesbian? Tomboy
Jaypee Big Brother Titans

Jaypee BB Titans

History Of Jesu Pelumi Fasesin: Everything To Know About Jaypee BB Titans Profile, Boyfriend, Husband, Parents, Family, Siblings, Relationship, Mother, Father, Tribe, State Of Origin, Net Worth, Marriage

Who is Jaypee From Big Brother Titans?

Biography Wikipedia: Jaypee BBTitans whose real name is Jesu Pelumi Fasesin (born 19 March 1997) is a Nigerian Nurse, Model Big Brother Titans (BB Titans) 2023 housemate. Her Net Worth is about $10,000 US Dollars estimated at about ₦7,000,000 Million Naira as at 2023.

Jesupelumi Fasesin is Jaypee Real Name

Jaypee BB Titans real name is Jesupelumi Fasesin. She is Yoruba by tribe and originally hails from Lagos State.
Jaypee was born on 19 March 1997. She is 26 years old as at 2023. She celebrates her 26th birthday on 19th March 2023.

Jesupelumi Fasesin who is popularly known as Jaypee BBTitans is a 26 year old Big Brother Titans (BB Titans) Season 1 contestant from Lagos State, Nigeria. She is young, and a tomboy.

Jaypee Sibling Brother

Jaypee BBTitans was born in Lagos into a Yoruba Christian family, to her parents, Mr Fasesin and Ms Adenike Thomas. She was raised by a single mother. She has a sibling brother called Nicholas Abiodun.
Jesupelumi Fasesin and Her Mother

Jaypee Mother

Jesu Pelumi Fasesin aka Jaypee BB Titans is single and currently not married. She has no husband yet. But she likes boys and has a boyfriend she was dating before entering the Big Brother Titans house. It's not clear who Jaypee will be dating in the BB Titans house.

Jesu Pelumi Fasesin: Jaypee BBTitans Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Jaypee (BBTitans)
Real Name: JesuPelumi Fasesin
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Lagos State
Hometown: Lagos
Tribe: Yoruba
Place Of Birth: Lagos
Date Of Birth: 19 March 1997
Birthday: 19th March
Age: 26 years old (2023)
Height: 5"7 feet tall
Religion: Christian
Occupation, Career: Nurse, Model
Net Worth: $10,000 US Dollars
Marital Status: Single
Husband: Not Married
Boyfriend: N/A
Children: 0
Parents: Mr Fasesin, Ms Adenike Thomas
Father: Mr Fasesin
Mother: Adenike Thomas
Sibling Brother: Nicholas Abiodun
Education: School of Nursing Sacred Heart Hospital Lantoro Abeokuta (Nursing)
Instagram: the.jaypee

Full Biography Of Jesu Pelumi: Jaypee BB Titans Biography, Wikipedia, Life History, Childhood Story, Career, Occupation, Parents, Photos

Who Is Jesu Pelumi Fasesin?
Jesupelumi Fasesin aka Jaypee BB Titans is a Nigerian born Nurse, Model, Entrepreneur, and Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) housemate. She is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Jesu Pelumi is a 26 year old reality TV show star who is famous for contesting on the 2023 Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) season 1.

FACTS ABOUT JAYPEE Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) Season 1 Housemate

Jesu Pelumi Writes:

Who is Jaypee

Fasesin Jesupelumi is fondly called Jaypee by friends and loved ones. Jaypee possesses an immense energy such that she is not one to go into a room and leave unnoticed. As a nurse with adequate professional experiences, she has mastered the craft of always looking out for those around her.

Jaypee has been enthusiastic about carving a niche for herself in entertainment and has not let anything hold her back from getting what she really wants. To this effect, she has a number of notable collaborations to show for her consistency.

As someone who pays attention to every little detail, Jaype is highly organized and knows how to get things going very easily. Many of her unique features including, her highly sociable personality, calculative/planning prowess, her charisma and most especially, her ability to show empathy stands her out.

Jaypee Big Brother Titans (BB Titans) Season 1 2023 Housemate

Jaypee is one of the 2023 Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) season 1 female contestants. Her real name is Jesupelumi Fasesin or simply Jesu Pelumi.

Name: Jaypee

Age: 26

Location: Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Occupation: Nurse, model Jaypee is a liberal lover of love and loves to take risks in this regard. To this end, a flirty confidence and an open mind serve her well.

Meet Jaypee, the first Nigerian Born Nurse to feature on Big Brother
Jaypee BBTitans is a Nurse

Jesupelumi Fasesin - A registered nurse  who graduated from Sacred Heart School of Nursing,  Abeokuta, Nigeria in 2018.

Introduced by her stage name “Jaypee”, she was the 12th house mate to be invited into the Big brother titan House on Sunday.

Jaypee, the 26 year old Registered Nurse is from Lagos state Nigeria and has promised to serve millions of Big Brother Titans viewers with a show of a lifetime.

You can follow her on Instagram via her hanndle @The.jaypee.

Jaypee Education
Jesu Pelumi Fasesin (Jaypee) BBTitans studied Nursing at School of Nursing Sacred Heart Hospital Lantoro Abeokuta. She graduated in 2018.

Jaypee studied at Lagos State Civil Service Model College Igbogbo, Ikorodu. She later attended Federal Government College Lagos.
She obtained her First School Leaving Certificate and SSCE before she proceeded to the Polytechnic.
Nurse Jesupelumi Fasesin

Nurse Jesu Pelumi

Jaypee BBTitans Real Name: What is the real name of Jaypee BB Titans? Jaypee Big Brother Titans real name is Jesupelumi Fasesin. She also simply called Jesu Pelumi.
Jaypee says her nickname JP was coined from her real name JesuPelumi.

Jaypee BBTitans Nationality, Country: Where is Jaypee BBTitans from? Jaypee Big Brother Titans is a Nigerian; from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Jaypee State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Jaypee BBTitans from? Jaypee Big Brother is from Lagos State, Nigeria. She is from the South West part of Nigeria.

Jaypee Tribe, Ethnicity: What tribe is Jaypee BBTitans? Jaypee Big Brother Titans is Yoruba by tribe.

Jesu Pelumi Fasesin Jaypee BBTitans Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Jesupelumi Fasesin Jaypee was born on 19 March 1997. She celebrates her 26th birthday on 19th March 2023.

Jaypee Age: How old is Jaypee BBTitans? Jaypee BB Titans is 26 years old as at 2023. She turns 26 years old on 19th of March 2023.
Old Throwback Photo of Jaypee BBTitans

Jaypee Height: How tall is Jaypee BBTitans? Jaypee is 5"7 feet tall.

Jaypee Sexuality, Lesbian or Straight: Is Jaypee BBTitans a lesbian? No, Jaypee Big Brother Titans is not a lesbian. She is straight. She says that though she is a tomboy who doesn't even like to wear makeup most times, that she likes boys.Jesu Pelumi Fasesin Jaypee is a tomboy. She was a tomboy while growing up.

Jaypee Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Jaypee BBTitans was born into a Yoruba Christian family in Lagos. Her parents Mr Fasesin and Ms Adenike Thomas are no divorced. She was raised by a single mum.
Jaypee and Her Mother

Jaypee family Picture

Jaypee Mother: Who Is Jesupelumi Fasesin Jaypee Mother? The name of Jaypee BBTitans mother is Adenike Thomas. She is a Lagos state Civil servant. She is the Director of Education at Lagos State Education District V. She was born on 7 December 1960. She is from Abeokuta Ogun State.

Jesupelumi Fasesin and her Mother

Adenike Thomas: Photo of Jaypee BBTitans Mom

Jaypee celebrates her mother, Adenike Thomas birthday:

"Adenike Thomas My mother, my friend, my confidant, my best friend, my constant encouragement, my everything, literally all that I am. I could never do this life without you. Thank you mummy, thank you, for strength, for being my rock. Mummy you’re why it seems like we have it all together. Eshe Iya Mi. May God keep you, in good health. May God continue to provide for me, so I can take care of you as you deserve. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RETIREMENT FROM SERVICE MY MOTHER, I love you with everything that I am❤️"

"Happy birthday my mother Adenike Thomas ❤️
You’re so amazing, words could never describe enough how awesome you really are. You’re so strong, and calling you content is not enough. You work so hard, even on days when it’s too tough to. 

Every day I pray that God blesses me so I can give you the life that you deserve. Have the best of God this new year my beautiful baby. I Love you so much, until the end of the world❤️"

"I always have known that you’re all I live for though. Looto, iwo lejika mi ti o je k’aso bo l’orun mi. Thank you for choosing to be my father, even when you didn’t have to. I wonder what would have become of me if you didn’t agree. I can’t deny, not when it’s too obvious that I’ve been blessed with the best mother a girl could be blessed with. Is it your beauty? Class? Literacy? Your allowing me live my life on my own terms, trusting my decisions? Never giving up on me? Supporting my every dream? The list is endless. Adenike is it how you never say no to me? Omo, it’s unbelievable how you’re the one person I can constantly come to for help and truly get that help. The way you’re always there every time I need you the most. Truly, it’s the lord who put you in my life. Every time I think of you, of your struggles over me, I just cry. Many don’t know the story. Many would never. Most women won’t do what you did. How have you single handedly raised such a strong headed girl like me? One who is crazy and wild? Always wearing exposing clothes. Lol. Yet you’ve moulded me into a fine young lady. How many times have you gone hungry so you could send me to the best of schools? How you’ve gone through the worst things and dust them off like they’re nothing. Sigh! I’m sorry it’s taking so long before I can start to spoil you. It’s not so long anymore until I stop making excuses, I promise. Happy birthday obinrin bi okunrin, a woman with the heart of a man. Your strength is unfathomable. I love you so much I’d give my life in exchange for yours, without a second thought☺️❤️"

Jaypee Sibling Brother: The name of Jaypee brother is Nicholas Abiodun. He is about 13 years older than her.
Jaypee brother

Jaypee BBTitans and her Brother

Jaypee while celebrating her elder brother's birthday wrote:

"Uno, while growing up, it was always you and I against the world. 
You who would take me on your back and run outta the house when mum wanted to beat me. 
Or when she insists on beating me, you'd leave the house cos you couldn't bear to watch. 
Mum would tell me how you were scared to throw me in the air as a baby. How you treated me like an egg. 
I remember the days of boarding school, when you'd come to pick me. Your visits. How you wanted a bad ass school mother for me so I wont be hurt. 
When we just moved to the new house, how it was just both of us in a new place. How we strolled together. Too many memories. 
But morphing from childhood into the teen age, that factor came in. 
I was pretty sure I was gon kill you, remember that time? 
But I matured of course and we became closer than before. 
Of course I had to attend school of nursing, I guess that's when I realized how important you are to me. 
Uno, it might seem like a normal thing to say. 
But I genuinely really do love you. 
Like I can literally feel the love in my heart. 
Not one day goes by without my praying for you. 
Believe it or not, I always feel like you're my responsibility sort of, like I gotta make sure you're Alright. Weird right? 
That's why I always call, chat you up, gist with you, send you Funny stuff, put you on my status, and remind you I love you whatever chance I get. 
Enough of the stories. 
We're so in sync ehn. The way we complain about the same things. Finish sentences for each other. 
It doesn't ever really dawn on me uno, I don't ever see it that way, people wouldn't even believe if they knew. Uno what I mean. 
As you celebrate this day, Omotayo, I ask that fresh auction to function is brought upon you. 
I ask that the countenance of the Lord shine upon you. 
As you step into this new year, I ask that the Lord usher you into miracles. 
I ask that your story is turned around for good. 
And that all that gives you Joy become yours. 
And that you remain happy forever. 
Happy birthday Nicholas Abiodun, love you forever. 

P. S : Still unbelievable that you're about 15 years older than me."

Jesupelumi Fasesin Jaypee Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Jaypee married? No, Jaypee Big Brother Titans is not yet married as at 2023. She is single.

Jaypee Husband: Who is Jesupelumi Fasesin Jaypee Husband, Name? Jaypee BBTitans does not have a husband yet and has not revealed who her husband to be or fiance is.

Jaypee BBTitans Boyfriend: Who is Jesupelumi Fasesin Jaypee Boyfriend, Name, Pictures? Jaypee BBTitans had a boyfriend she is in a relationship with before entering the Big Brother Titans house but she has not revealed the name and identity of her boyfriend. Everyone is now single and ready to mingle in the house.

Jaypee is not really single, she has about 7 boyfriends on her roster outside the Big Brother house, she's seeing like 2 of them very seriously.

Jaypee was raised by a single mom, hence she has a mentality that "Men are ####". She was raised around boys. She's a tomboy, but she still loves men.

Jaypee BBTitans Relationship: Who is Jaypee dating in the Big Brother Titans house? Jaypee BBTitans boyfriend in the BB Titans has not been revealed.

Jesupelumi Fasesin Jaypee Big Brother Titans Net Worth, Salary, Income

Jaypee Net Worth: Jaypee BBTitans net worth is about $10,000 US Dollars as 2023.

Jaypee House and Cars: Jaypee BBTitans lives in Lagos Nigeria with her mother.

Jaypee Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp: Jaypee Big Brother Titans phone number is unavailable but she can be contacted via her Instagram DM and management.
Jaypee BB Titans Social Media Handles

Jaypee BBTitans Instagram: Jaypee Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

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