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History Of Stacywiss: Everything To Know About Stacy Wiss Profile, Family, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Nationality, Gender, Real Name, Net Worth, Wedding, Relationship, Marriage, Children
Stacy Wiss Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Sisters, Brother

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Who Is Stacy Wiss?

Biography Wikipedia: Stacy Wiss whose real name is Stacy Wiss Clement (born 22 March 2004) is a Congolese TikTok Dancer, Model, Content Creator, and Brand Influencer who is popular on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for his unique dance moves and tomboy styles. His net worth is about $50,000 US Dollars estimated at ₦40,000,000 in Naira as at 2023.

Stacy Wiss full, real name is Stacy Wiss Clement but he is also known as Stacy Wiss Brown.

Stacy Wiss is a Congolese born Ugandan based TikToker, Dancer and Model popularly known for his beautiful looks and tomboy styles.

Stacy Wiss Parents

Stacywiss is born to Nigerian and Congolese parents, Mr and Mrs Clement. He is from a mixed tribe, ethnicity and family, born into the family of Mr and Mrs Clement. He has siblings brothers and cousin sister.
The names of Stacy Wiss siblings brothers are, Tracy Wiss, Radj Wiss.
Stacy Wiss Siblings

Stacy Wiss has a cousin sister called Resca Beauty who is like a twin sister to him, though they are related as cousins. Stacy Wiss and Resca Beauty often appear in TikTok and Instagram videos together.

Stacy Wiss Brown is a Uganda based Tiktok dancer with over 1.6 million followers and 9.1M likes on TikTok as at December 2022.

Stacy Wiss nationality is Congolese and Nigerian. He is from Congo and Nigeria.
His tribe is Tiv-Kongo.
Stacy Wiss is from Benue state, Nigeria but he currently lives in Kampala, Uganda.

He promotes various brand products, songs, and music, artistes on his social media pages and he is paid for them.

Stacy Wiss was born on 22 March 2004. He is currently 19 years old as at 2023. He turns 19 years old on 22 March 2023.

Stacy Wiss gender is male but he looks like a girl and a tomboy. Some think he is gay due to his looks but he doesn't have a boyfriend or gay partner as he is straight.

Stacy Wiss is currently not married. He has a girlfriend he is in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with. Though he has not revealed who his girlfriend or lover is.
Stacy Wiss Pictures

Stacy Wiss Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Stacy Wiss
Other Nicknames: Stacy Wiss Brown
Real Name: Stacy Wiss Clement
Sex, Gender: Male
Nationality: Congolese
Ethnicity, Tribe: Tiv - Kongo
Religion: Christian
Height: 5"9 Feet Tall
Date Of Birth: 22 March 2004
Birthday: 22nd March
Age: 19 Years Old (2023)
Occupation: Dancer, Model, TikToker, Brand Influencer
Net Worth: $50,000 US Dollars
Parents: Mr and Mrs Clement
Siblings Brothers: Tracy Wiss, Radj Wiss
Sister: Resca Beauty (Cousin)
Married: No
Wife: Not Married
Children: 0
Girlfriend: N/A
Instagram: stacy_wiss_
TikTok: @stacywiss
YouTube: Stacy Wiss

Full Biography Of Stacy Wiss (Nigerian - Congolese) TikToker
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Stacy Wiss Education, School, University
Stacy wiss studied at Kampala, Uganda.

Stacy Wiss Real Name: The real name of Stacy Wiss (TikTok) is Stacy Wiss Clement. He is also known as Stacy Wiss Brown.

Stacy Wiss Gender: Is Stacy Wiss a boy or girl, a man or woman, a male or female? Stacy Wiss is a male. He is a boy. Stacy Wiss gender confuses his fans because he looks like a girl and tomboy. Her dresses like a tomboy.

Stacy Wiss Sexuality, Gay or Straight: Is Stacy Wiss Gay or Bisexual? Stacy Wiss is not gay, he is straight. He has a girlfriend.

Stacy Wiss Boyfriend: Who is Stacy Wiss boyfriend? Stacy Wiss has normal platonic boyfriends not gay boyfriend or gay partner. He is straight.

Stacy Wiss Hairstyles: Stacy Wiss wears stylish hairstyles - female hairstyles, afro hair, braids, etc.

Stacy Wiss Nationality: What is Stacy Wiss nationality? Stacy Wiss is a Congolese - Nigerian. His country of origin is Nigeria - Congo. His mother is from Congo while his dad is from Nigeria.
Stacy Wiss Nationality

Stacy Wiss State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Stacy Wiss from? Stacy Wiss is from Benue state, Nigeria.
Tribe: Stacy Wiss is Kongo - Tiv tribe.

Stacy Wiss Date Of Birth, Birthday, Real Age: When was Stacy Wiss TikTok born? Stacy Wiss was born on 22 March 2004.

Stacy Wiss Age: How old is Stacy Wiss? Stacy Wiss is 19 years old as at 2023. Stacy Wiss celebrates his 19th birthday on 22 March 2023.

Stacy Wiss Height: How tall is Stacy Wiss? Stacy Wiss is 5"9 feet tall.
Photos of Stacy Wiss standing at 5"9 feet tall

Stacy Wiss Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Stacy Wiss is from a mixed family. His parents are Mr and Mrs Clement from Nigeria and Congo. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Stacy Wiss Mother

Stacy Wiss Father and Mother

Stacy Wiss Youngest Sibling, little Sister

Stacy Wiss and His Parents

Stacy Wiss & His Uncle

Stacy Wiss Siblings, Brothers
: The names of Stacy Wiss siblings brothers are, Tracy Wiss, Radj Wiss.
Stacy Wiss brother, Radjwiss is an Artist, songwriter and actor.
Stacy Wiss and Brother, Tracy Wiss

Tracy Wiss


Stacy Wiss Sister: Resca Beauty is the name of Stacy Wiss elder cousin sister who often appears in same dance videos on TikTok and Instagram.
Stacy Wiss and Resca Beauty behave like twins but they are not twins. They are just close relatives.

Pictures of Stacy Wiss and Resca Beauty

Stacy Wiss sharing a photo with his sister, Resca Beauty and jokingly wrote: 
"My twin sister is the best 😍πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚❤️"
Stacy Wiss and Resca Beauty

Stacy Wiss Wife, Married, Children: Is Stacy Wiss married? No, Stacy Wiss is not yet married. He is single.

Stacy Wiss Girlfriend: Does Stacy Wiss have a girlfriend? Who is Stacy Wiss Girlfriend? Yes, Stacy Wiss has a girlfriend he is dating and in a relationship with but he has not revealed the name of his girlfriend.

Stacy Wiss Net Worth: How much is Stacy Wiss net worth? Stacy Wiss net worth is about $50,000 US Dollars as at 2023.

Stacy Wiss House and Cars: Stacy Wiss lives in Kampala, Uganda in his family house and drives the family car.

Stacy Wiss Instagram: Stacy Wiss Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

Stacy Wiss Dead Or Alive: Is Stacy Wiss Dead or Still alive? Stacy Wiss is still alive. He is not dead and not sick.

Stacy Wiss Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact: Stacy Wiss Phone Number is unavailable but he can be contacted via his Instagram DM.


Anonymous said…
stacy you cant do this to me everytime i sleep i think about u .just wait for me pls
Anonymous said…
U dey craz
Anonymous said…
Woh g

Wow good
Anonymous said…
Stacy way do you till us that you are a twin which you are not
Anonymous said…
Stacy can you wait for me am your soul mate
Anonymous said…
Stacy you are a gifted child
Anonymous said…
Wow Stacy u are cute
Anonymous said…
Keep on smiling brown 😁
Anonymous said…
Stacywiss u are too cute πŸ€— even your cousin sister is also cute πŸ€—πŸ₯° as well
What a wonderful family indeed
Anonymous said…
I thought you are twins with Resca and that you are colourds, wow you are so handsome by the way
Anonymous said…
may God continue to bless you
Anonymous said…
Keep soaring like an eagle
God bless you
Anonymous said…
Keep on trending
Anonymous said…
Stacy girlfriend is Nathali
Anonymous said…
Hey buddy just wanna be friends
Keep it upπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Anonymous said…
All along, I thought Stacy was a girl
Anonymous said…
Guy just develop your musical talent to compliment your dancing steps and modelling and the sky will be your limit, more so, consider the Nigerian market which will be favourably disposed to your potentials. Goodluck.
Anonymous said…
My name Aminata
IπŸ’™ your son
Anonymous said…
I need ur number
Anonymous said…
Hi Wiss,,would you mind doing a collabbo with my content plz
Anonymous said…
i like it but influence other people of ur age to do big things
Anonymous said…
Just like your face

Anonymous said…
I love you Stacy wiss
More love
Anonymous said…
You look so cute
And I wanna have a date with u dear lover boy
Anonymous said…
My name is Elizabeth
But people call me Lizzy/Betty
Anonymous said…
i love your style the way you dress want your number
Anonymous said…
can you come for my birthday december 24th
Anonymous said…
I got a major crush on Stacy Wiss
Anonymous said…
When u was black u was handsome but now Ur not really
Anonymous said…
Some people just keep crushing on the one person that will and can never even try to like them even for a day let alone life timeπŸ’€πŸ€˜☠️
Anonymous said…
Stacy is cute tooπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°, but i was kinda shocked when i heard that he was not a twin.
Almost every girl in the whole of the continent likes Stacy wiss so i think any one who doesn't like Stacywiss is s very big NERD🀘😎
Anonymous said…
I jxt love u
Anonymous said…
ur family is blessed sha
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