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History Of Richie Shazam Khan: Everything To Know About Richie Shazam Profile, Boyfriend, Husband, Partner, Ben Draghi, Parents, Family, Surgery, Siblings, Children, Transgender, Gay, LGBT, Relationship

Who is Richie Shazam?
Richie Shazam whose full name is Richie Shazam Khan (born 29 January 1991) is an American Model, Photographer, and Writer. Her net worth is about $1.8 Million US Dollars as at 2022.

Richie Shazam aka “Bollywood Princess” is a non-binary American model, photographer, and creative director of Guyanese descent and ethnicity. She calls herself 'NYC Bollywood Princess' because she grew up with an Indian-diasporic background. She has a West Indian background as she was born in Jamaica, Queens.
Photos of Richie Shazam
Richie Shazam Image

Richie Shazam was born on 29th January 1991 to her parents Mr and Mrs Khan who are Guyanese immigrants. She was raised in Queens, New York. Her mother died when Richie Shazam was just 16 years old.

Richie Shazam is not married and doesn't have a husband or wife but she is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend and partner, Ben Draghi. They have been dating since 2021.
Richie Shazam and Ben Draghi

Richie Shazam Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Richie Shazam

Nickname: Bollywood Princess

Real, Full Name: Richie Shazam Khan

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Guyanese American

Parents: Mr and Mrs Khan

Date Of Birth: 29 January 1991

Birthday: 29th January

Age: 31 years old (2022)

Height: 5"8 Feet Tall

Occupation, Career: Model, Entrepreneur, Photographer

Net Worth: $1.8 Million US Dollars

Relationship: Dating Ben Draghi

Married: No

Wife: None

Girlfriend: None

Boyfriend, Partner: Ben Draghi

Education: Trinity College (International Relations)

Children, Child: None

Full Biography Of Richie Shazam & Ben Draghi, Career, Occupation, Childhood Life History, Family, Parents, Education, Relationship

Biography Wikipedia: Richie Shazam is a Guyanese, non-binary model, artist, and photographer who rules the runway and doesn't want to be identified as a boy or a girl.

Richie Shazam is a 31 year old model, Gay LGBTQ activist, and a photographer whose work subverts the fashion world’s obsession with whiteness and the gender binary.

Richie Shazam Claim to Fame: Richie Shazam is a model, photographer, nightlife habitué and the co-host of “Shine True,” a docuseries on transgender and nonbinary youth. “I don’t like being identified as just one thing,” she said, before settling on “multi-hyphenated Renaissance woman who tells stories through my own queer lens.”

Richie Shazam Khan has worked behind the scenes in the fashion and art worlds, such as:

- at the Jewish Museum in New York,
- Peres Projects in Berlin 
- the Zabludowicz Collection working closely with artist Donna Huanca in London.

- Richie Shazam walked in runway shows for Rachel Comey, Ashish, and Lou Dallas; 
- starred in a campaign for Barragán; 
- and appeared in an H&M video shot by Wolfpack director Crystal Moselle.

Richie Shazam Interview: YouTube Video

Richie Shazam Real Name: Richie Shazam Khan is her real name and full name. Richie is her first name, Shazam is her middle name and Khan is her surname (last name).

Richie Shazam Gender And Pronoun: Is Richie Shazam a boy or a girl? Richie Shazam told Vogue in a 2019 interview. “I don’t know if I identify as a boy or a girl but I want to wear a dress if I feel like it. Or I want to wear pants and a tuxedo jacket.”

On Gender, Richie Shazam is non-binary and feminine-presenting.

Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Richie Shazam Gay, Lesbian or Straight? Richie Shazam identifies not as gay, but queer. This he revealed in an interview with The Cut. "I identify not as gay, but queer. It’s hard because I don’t want to be placed in categories. I don’t want people to have a label — I want to defy the labels. And there’s still a lot of fear. I’m fearful for my safety and security and for my brothers and sisters that also live in that. I’ve been through really crazy shit. I don’t really have a relationship with my family. It’s sort of the price tag of me being me."

Richie Shazam is Non-binary. Non-binary or genderqueer is an umbrella term for gender identities that are not solely male or female‍—‌identities that are outside the gender binary.

Pictures of Richie Shazam

Richie Shazam Transgender: Is Richie Shazam a transgender, No, Richie Shazam is not a transgender.

Place Of Birth: Richie Shazam was born in Jamaica, Queens, to Guyanese immigrant parents. She grew up in New York.

Richie Shazam Nationality, Home Town: Where is Richie Shazam from? Richie Shazam is an American (Guyanese American). She was born in Queens, New York.

Richie Shazam Ethnicity, Race: What's Richie Shazam Ethnicity? Richie Shazam is Guyanese American, an ethnic group of Americans who can trace their ancestry back to Guyana.

Richie Shazam Education
Richie Shazam had middle school and high school education in Manhattan and Brooklyn. She was often bullied by her peers.
Richie Shazam studied International Relations at Trinity College in Connecticut; studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Richie Shazam Height: How tall is Richie Shazam? Richie Shazam is 5"8 feet tall.
Photos of Richie Shazam standing at 5"8 Feet Tall

Richie Shazam Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Richie Shazam was born on 29 January 1991.

Richie Shazam Age: How old is Richie Shazam? Richie Shazam is 31 years old as at 2022.

Richie Shazam House and Cars: Richie Shazam lives in a three-bedroom apartment in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and drives nice cars.

Richie Shazam Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Richie Shazam was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Khan who are Guyanese immigrants. Richie Shazam doesn't really have a good relationship with her family because of her queer lifestyle. Her siblings brothers and sisters are not known

Richie Shazam Parents: Richie Shazam parents are Mr and Mrs Khan. They are are from Guyana. Nothing much is known about Richie Shazam father, apart from the fact that he is a Guyanese immigrants.

Richie Shazam Mother: Richie Shazam mother, Mrs Khan was from Guyana. She is late. Richie Shazam was 16 years old when her mother died at Lenox Hill Hospital. She was in high school when her mother died.

"My mother. She’s no longer with us, but I think of her all the time. She had such power and strength. She really gave me tools to express myself..." Richie Shazam told The Cut.

Richie Shazam Married, Marriage: Is Richie Shazam married? No, Richie Shazam is not yet married. She is single but in a relationship with Ben Draghi.

Richie Shazam Wife, Girlfriend: Who is Richie Shazam wife or Girlfriend? Richie Shazam does not have a wife or girlfriend as at 2022.

Richie Shazam Husband: Who is Richie Shazam Husband? The name of Richie Shazam husband to be is Ben Draghi, an American artist and a Model.
Richie Shazam and Partner, Ben Draghi

Richie Shazam and Husband to be, Ben Draghi

Richie Shazam Partner, Boyfriend, Fiancé: Who is Richie Shazam boyfriend and partner? The name of Richie Shazam Partner and boyfriend is Ben Draghi. They started dating in 2021.
Pictures of Richie Shazam and Partner, Boyfriend, Ben Draghi

Richie Shazam Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Richie Shazam does not have a child yet.

Richie Shazam Engaged, Engagement: Is Richie Shazam Engaged? No, Richie Shazam is not yet engaged to her partner, Ben Draghi.

Richie Shazam and Ben Draghi Relationship
Richie Shazam and Ben Draghi are in a love relationship, they met at Brooklyn’s Spectrum in 2018 but started dating in 2021.

Ben Draghi and Richie Shazam Photo

Richie Shazam and Boyfriend, Ben Draghi

Who is Ben Draghi?
Biography Wikipedia: Ben Draghi (born 28 August) is an American Model, Artist and electronic musician and videographer. He is in a relationship with Richie Shazam.
Pictures of Ben Draghi

Ben Draghi Image

Richie Shazam Net Worth: How much is Richie Shazam Net Worth? Richie Shazam Net Worth is about $1.8 Million US Dollars as at 2022.

Richie Shazam Instagram: Richie Shazam Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

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