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Bio Wiki: Who is Dominique Defoe?
Dominique Defoe (born 11 November 1999) is an American Model, Dancer, Writer and Tiktoker who is Too Hot To Handle Season 4 contestant and cast on Netflix. Her net worth is estimated at about $95,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Dominique Defoe is a 23 year old beautiful Model, social media influencer and Reality TV Star who is popularly known as Dominique of Too Hot To Handle.

Dominique too hot to handle is if mixed ethnicity, parentage, origin and background. She was raised in a Dominican and Filipino family. Dominique Defoe race and ethnicity is half Black and half Asian. She currently resides in Colorado. She is from a lovely family of 4 - comprising herself, sister Cris Defoe and Their parents who are immigrants.
Dominique Defoe Family, Parents

Dominique Defoe was born on 11th November 1999 in Boulder, Colorado to immigrant parents, Mr and Mrs Defoe. Her mother is Filipino while her father is Dominican. She has a sibling sister called Cris Defoe.

Dominique Defoe is currently single and not married and has not revealed the name of her boyfriend or who she is dating. But she likes to date men who have big manhood.

Dominique Defoe Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Dominique Defoe
Stage Name: Dominique (Too Hot To Handle S4)
Real Name: Dominique Defoe
Nationality: American
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Ethnicity: Dominican and Filipino
Race: Black-Asian
Height: 5"4 feet tall
Date Of Birth: 11 November 1999
Birthday: 11 November
Age: 23 Years Old (2022)
Occupation, Career: Model, Writer, Social Media Influencer
Net Worth: $95,000 US Dollars
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Mr and Mrs Defoe
Siblings, Sister: Cris Defoe
Religion: Christian
Instagram: @dominiquedefoe
TikTok: @dominiquedefoe_

Dominique Defoe Too Hot To Handle Season 4 (S4) Contestant

Dominique Too Hot To Handle

Dominique whose full name is Dominique Defoe is  a contestant on Too Hot to Handle season 4 on Netflix.
Dominique Defoe and Nigel Jones
Dominique Defoe and Nigel Jones Too Hot To Handle

During the first episode, Too Hot To Handle season 4 fans were introduced to 23-year-old Dominique from Colorado who revealed she was “into guys who have big d**k energy".

Dominique Defoe TikTok: Dominique Defoe is on TikTok and her TikTok account is @dominiquedefoe_. She has 174.8k followers and 5.6M followers on TikTok as at the time of writing this article in December 2022.

Dominique Defoe Education, College, School
Dominique Defoe studied Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Dominique Defoe Nationality, Hometown: Where is Dominique Defoe from? Dominique Defoe is from Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Dominique Defoe Ethnicity: Dominique Defoe is mixed ethnicity - Dominican and Filipino. Her mother is Filipino while her father is Dominican.

Dominique Defoe Race: Dominique Defoe is Black-Asian race. She is half black half Asian.
Dominique confirmed on Instagram Stories that she is of mixed ethnicity. She was raised by a Dominican and Filipino family, which makes her half Black and half Asian. The 23-year-old currently resides in Colorado.

Dominique Defoe Height: How tall is Nigel Jones? Dominique Defoe is 5"3 feet tall.

Dominique Defoe Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: How old is Dominique Defoe? Dominique Defoe was born on 11 November 1999. She is currently 23 years old as at 2022. Dominique Defoe celebrated her 23rd birthday on 11 November 2022.

Dominique Defoe Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Nigel Jones a lesbian or Straight? Dominique Defoe is straight. She is not a lesbian or bisexual.

Dominique Defoe Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings
: Dominique Defoe was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Defoe.

Dominique Defoe parents are immigrants. Her mother is Filipino while her father is Dominican. They raised both her and her sister.
Cris Defoe is the name of Dominique Defoe sister.
Dominique Defoe Mother

Dominique Defoe Father

Pictures of Dominique Defoe Parents

Old Childhood Throwback Photo of Dominique Defoe and Her Mother

Dominique Defoe Married, Husband, Children: Is Dominique Defoe Married, Who Is Dominique Defoe Husband? No, Dominique Defoe is not yet married. She is single.

Dominique Defoe Boyfriend, Relationship, Dating, Partner
Who is Dominique Defoe Boyfriend, name? Dominique Defoe is single. She has not umvelied her boyfriend. She has an ex boyfriend whose name is unavailable.

Dominique Defoe Net Worth: How much is Dominique Defoe net worth? Dominique Defoe has a net worth of about $95,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Dominique Defoe Instagram: Dominique Defoe Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 
. Dominique Defoe currently has 81.9K followers on Instagram as at 21 December 2022.

Photo Credit: @dominiquedefoe


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