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Latest Instagram Photos: All About William Benson Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Parents, Height, State Of Origin, Tribe, Religion, House, Cars, Girlfriend, Married, Marriage, Children, Birthday, Education, Movies, General Apeh in Ajoche Real Name, Images, Ig Pics, Facebook Photos, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, Siblings, Williams Benson Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp, Hairstyles

History Of William Benson (General Apeh Ajoche): Everything To Know About William Benson Nigerian Actor Biography, Profile, Wife, Family, Children, Father, Mother, Siblings, Career, Education, Marriage
Photo of William Benson Nigerian Actor

Who is William Benson?
William Benson (born 25 March 1970s) is a Nigerian Nollywood Actor, screen writer, playwright and Director. His net worth is about $500,000 US Dollars estimated at about ₦‎350,000,000 Naira as at 2022.

William C. Benson is popularly known as General Apeh in Ajoche. General Apeh in Ajoche real name is William Benson. The role brought him Into the limelight and shot him into stardom in Nollywood.

William Benson is dark, tall and handsome. His body physique, dread lock hairstyle, mean look as a warrior and Lota Chukwu's lover and sex roles in Ajoche stand him out.

Nigerian actor, William Benson is not currently married to any wife and has no children as at 2023.
Picture of William Benson & His Girlfriend Simi

William Benson parents Mr and Mrs Ehinze Willy Benson Ordia are both late. They died in March 2020. Be has other siblings brothers and sisters.
Photo of William Benson Parents

William Benson Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: William Benson
Nickname: General Apeh (Ajoche)
Nationality: Nigerian
Languages Spoken: English, Yoruba
Religion: Christian
Date Of Birth: 25 March 1970s
Age: 40 + years old
Height: 6"3 feet tall
Complexion: Dark Skinned
Occupation, Career: Actor, Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, Director
Net Worth: $500,000 US Dollars
Married: No
Wife: Not married
Girlfriend: Simi
Parents: Mr & Mrs Ehinze Willy-Benson Ordia
Father: Ehinze Willy Benson Ordia
Mother: Oritseyomobo Benson
Education: University of Lagos (English Language and Literature)
Instagram: webenson
Email Address: will66ng@yahoo.com

Full Biography Of Nigerian Actor William Benson, Career, Occupation, Life History, Family, Story, Nollywood, Movies, Parents, Wife

Who Is Nigerian Actor William Benson?

Biography Wikipedia: William Benson is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor, Scriptwriter and Artistic Director, Film/stage Producer, Set Designer & Epoxy flooring system Engineering specialist.

William Benson is a Nigerian film, TV and stage actor and director who is popularly known for the movies, ''93 Days'' (2016), and ''Ajoche'' (Telenovela, 2018).
Pictures of William Benson aka General Apeh in Ajoche

Williams Benson is notable on stage for ''SARO The Musical'', and ''ADESEWA The Musical''. He directed Jungle Justice, a stage play.

William C. Benson is a trained theater practitioner with total experience in various aspects of the arts spanning well over a decade. He was on the set of the BBC WORLD SERVICE TRUST RADIO DRAMA "STORY STORY" as an actor in Nigeria. He functions very well in every aspects of the arts.

He sleeps and breathes drama, music, dance, and he is also well versed in the technical and administrative sides of the arts such. William C Benson has successfully directed stage plays within and outside the university environment in places such as the the Nigerian National theater.

Williams Benson single-handedly directed the practical aspects of the University of Lagos English theater workshop course, (Eng 154) for 12 years before he gained admission to the same school in 2005 to study English as a part-time student. He majored in Literature and had his minor in English language. He looked forward to gaining international experience in a metropolitan society such as the UK.

William Benson Movies: List of William Benson movies and Tv Series include,
93 Days
The Herbert Macaulay Affair

Nigerian Actor, William Benson TVC WakeUpNigeria interview:
"I started with stage drama before I migrated to TV and then, back to stage. When I'm on stage, I don't feel any other thing but joy and peace. 

If I have to pick a favorite between stage and Tv drama, I'll pick the 2. They are both platforms that I give my best too, I try to have fun and be plausible while working."

'Ajoche' star William Benson on Wake Up Nigeria

William Benson Education
William Benson is a graduate of English Language and Literature from the University of Lagos, Akoka Yaba Lagos Nigeria.

General Apeh Ajoche Real Name: The real name of General Apeh in Ajoche is William Benson.

William Benson State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is William Benson from? William Benson Facebook profile says he is from Lagos State, Nigeria. He speaks Yoruba language and English.

William Benson Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is William Benson? William Benson was born on 25 March 1970s. He is 40 + years old as at 2022.

William Benson Height: How tall is William Benson? William Benson is about 6"3 Feet Tall.

William Benson Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is William Benson Gay, or Straight? William Benson is straight. He is married with kids.

William Benson Religion: Is William Benson a Christian or Muslim? William Benson is a Christian.
Throwback Photo of William Benson

William Benson Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: William Benson was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ehinze Willy-Benson Ordia. His parents are late. He has other siblings brothers and sister. The names of his siblings brothers and sister are, Johnson Benson, Thomas Benson and Funmi Benson.
William Benson Sister

William Benson Mother

William Benson Father: William Benson father's name is Ehinze Willy Benson Ordia. William Benson 94 year old father went missing in March 2017 in Lagos State. He was later found.

William Benson Parents: William Benson parents Mr and Mrs Ehinze Willy-Benson Ordia died in March 2020.

Announcing the death of his father and mother, William Benson shared his parents' pictures and wrote:

"My Father passed yesterday evening 16 days after his wife My mother passed. They fought, they tried, they did everything under the sun to make us great and they succeeded. Boldly they will stand before God as they say all thou gave us, we kept safe and non is lost. We come to you"

"Holy Father, deal with us in mercy and love. We love you both, but God loves you more. Enjoy the new dimension of Gods ever loving presence and peace and love in the Holy Ghost. We the Bensons will miss you both dearly. Good night great parent. We thank God we all came through."

"The two of you and will hold up the torchlight of greatness which is LOVE for God and Humanity.  Thank you Dad, thank you mom and happy mother's day to you in Heaven.  LOVE and PEACE."

William Benson Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is William Benson Married? No, William Benson is currently not married to any wife but he was in a relationship with a lady called Simi.
Pictures of Nigerian actor William Benson and Simi

William Benson Wife: Who is William Benson wife? William Benson does not have a wife yet.
William Benson Partner

William Benson Children, Child: William Benson has no child yet.

William Benson Net Worth: How much is William Benson net worth? William Benson net worth is about $500,000 US Dollars estimated at ₦‎350,000,000 Naira as at 2022.

William Benson House and Cars: William Benson lives in Lagos, Nigeria and drives nice cars.

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