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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Prophet Samuel King Ministries, Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Parents, House, Cars, State Of Origin, Tribe, Children, Hometown, Age, Birthday, Married, Girlfriend, Fianceé, Wife, Phone Number, Contact, Messages, Prophet Samuel King Prophecies, Davido Child Death Prophecy, Church Name, Address, Education, Siblings, Father, Mother, Height
Prophet Samuel King Pictures

History of Prophet Samuel King Ministries: Everything To Know About Prophet Samuel King Profile, Wife, Church, Parents, Family, Children, Net Worth, Prophet Samuel King Davido Son's Death

Who Is Prophet Samuel King?
Biography Wikipedia: Prophet Samuel King whose real name is Samuel King Oije (born 23 November) is a Nigerian Senior Pastor of City of Dynamite Glory Ministry Int’l, a Life Coach, Prophet and teacher. His net worth is about $1.3 Million US Dollars which is estimated at about ₦910,000,000 in Naira as at 2022.

Pastor Samuel King Oije went viral after his January 7th prophecy about Davido's son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, dying resurfaced online on 1st November 2022 after the death of Davido son, David Adedeji Adeleke Jr.

Samuel King is the owner of Prophet Samuel King Ministries. His real name is Samuel King Oije Okamaleya. He is based in Kano state, Nigeria.

Pictures of Prophet Samuel King Oije

Apostle King Samuel Oije was into the family of Mr. John Oije. He is from a family of 7 members, comprising of his parents - father, mother - and siblings. Prophet Samuel King Oije was born with a clear mandate to speak to the youth, Africa and to enhance prosperity in the desert region such as the less privileged, the poor and the feeble.

King Samuel a.k.a God's general - with an intensified presence of God mixed with the high fire of the prophetic. ''All this are the glory of God" - Immanuel- God with us.

Prophet Samuel King Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Prophet Samuel King
Real Name: Samuel King Oije
Nationality: Nigerian
State: Benue State
Date Of Birth: 23 November
Occupation, Career: Pastor, Life Coach
Net Worth: 1.3 Million Naira
Marital Status: Single
Spouse, Wife: Not Married
Facebook Name: Prophet Samuel King Ministries

Prophet Samuel King Church, Name & Address, Location: The name of Prophet Samuel King Church is CITY OF DYNAMITE GLORY MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL, located at 31A Ballat Huges, by Sanye Olu Enugu-Ugwu community Hall, Sabon Gari, Kano State, Nigeria.

Prophet Samuel King Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Prophet Samuel King can be contacted through his Phone Number 0906 374 9840.

Prophet Samuel King Email Address:

Prophet Samuel King Oije Education
He attended Tshwane University of Technology;
Jesus College Otukpo, Benue State,
High School year 2013.

Prophet Samuel King Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Prophet Samuel King? Prophet Samuel King was born on 23rd November. He celebrated his birthday with stunning photos on his Facebook page and wrote: 


One of the most amazing things in my life is that I've been through the worst and it only made me better than I was yet I don't look like what I've been through.

 #heaven #healthyliving #believeinyourself #modelling #staystrong #beyourself #styleblogger #happy #healthylifestyle"

Prophet Samuel King Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Prophet Samuel King was born into a Christian family. His parents are still alive. His father was born on 12 December 1952. He turns 70 years old in December 2022.
Photos of Prophet Samuel King Parents

Prophet Samuel King Oije shared photos of his father and mother to mark his dad's 69th birthday and wrote:

"Happy birthday to the biological father of the prophetic Dynamite pioneer. 69 looks good on you sir. Long life and prosperity. Good health and strength. He gave me the name OKAMALEYA and it's been the order of manifestation in my life and ministry. Thanks for being a great friend and father to me and my siblings. You will see your great grand children."

Prophet Samuel King Wife, Married, Marriage, Wedding, Children: Is Prophet Samuel King married? No, Prophet Samuel King is not yet married. He has no wife and children yet. He is single.

Prophet Samuel King Net Worth: How much is Prophet Samuel King Net Worth? Prophet Samuel King Net Worth is about$1.3 million US Dollars as at 2022.

Prophet Samuel King House and Cars: Prophet Samuel King lives in Kano state and drives nice cars.

Prophet Samuel King And Davido

Prophet Samuel King who prophesied the death of Davido son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, speaks out, asks Davido to reach out to him because more terrific events may happen around him again in 2023. 

Photo Of Davido Son

Prophet Samuel King had prophesied about the death of Davido and Chioma's son's death on the 7th of January 2022. He said:

PRAY FOR DAVID ADELEKE aka Davido . In a vision I saw 2022 with so many opportunities for him, reward and awards! This is the biggest year for him even until 2023! But let's pray Against any arrow of death ESPECIALLY against his son! Any any close loved ones. God revealed this to me That it will happen if prayers are not MADE. I see T and Y as a very significant clue to this prophecy as well. 


After, the death of Davido first son, Prophet Samuel King Oije reacted with a video he shared on his Facebook page and wrote: 

Davido‘s Son has died , fulfilling the prophecy given in  7th of JANUARY 2022 by the PROPHET ,with a call of warning to pray for his son! More highlights will still be given towards this PROPHECY as there are hidden CLUES that needs to be shared in prayers only with the family of David Adeleke and His family! 

Nigerians React To Prophet Samuel King's Prophecy About Davido's Child's Death

Andrew Gbenga:
"Thank you man of God, same way they're insulting you now Is the same way they would have dragged you for trying to get money and Fame from David.
Even now that it happened as you warned you are been insulted.
Men of God are always the enemies of Christians in Nigeria, unfortunately u won't see a Muslim insult neither a man of God or an imam. No wonder Islam do take Us for granted in this nation because we our selves don't believe in what we're doing, just go through the comments and you will see that nobody condemning, insulting or blaming you here Is a Muslim. God' have mercy"

Danielle Gokpolu:
"Those of y’all saying the pastor is fake and the post was edited, that’s Davido foster brother statement.. Let’s be careful with the words we throw at servants of God🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 it’s no secret that there are fake people everywhere but there are also realist out here❗️🙏🏾we are not the ones to judge Pastors"

Witness Yoel:
"You have to understand the Rules of Engagement. The fact God showed you a vision does not guarantee it will happen/ will not happen. God reveals to partner with man to avert evil. Prophecies are not Automatic. For it to be fulfilled prayers must be made. Prayers are like sacrifice on an altar. You can have the altar but until a sacrifice is laid upon it nothing will happen. How big the sacrifice is also determines the efficacy. So if a man of God gives a Prophetic word know the is work/conditions that are attached to it. Shalom✝️🙏🏽"

Okereke Chinakaramokwu:

"This mad man here using the death of that innocent boy to chase clout with his so called useless prophecy, so the gullible Christians can be trooping to his church. I tried to get his point not untill I scrolled down his page to see their normal pastors arrangee video he was doing I then gave it up. Now this is what happened. 

Davido has been loosing people very close to him every year, this mad man here Prophet  Samuel King Ministries  used the reoccurring event that's happening in his life to make his useless prophecy, obviously prediction could come out right or wrong, cause it's just a natural occurrence, thinkers do that often that's why you can see people predict pool draw and it will click, once there's a reoccurring event in someone's life, and you predict something about the person it may likely come out right. 

You see all this your men and women of God doing can I prophecy? Prophecy mama and prophecy Papa are all staged and arrangee including Zion Prayer Movement Outreach why I mentioned this mad fellow too again is cause so many Igbos are begining  to be carried away by his smartness. Been long wanted to talk about him but I think is better I join him with this his fellow mad man together.

 These are smart men who has seen the mind of the gullible and want to use it to shine. Though, I know I may not be able to stop them and I know this my post may not be valid to all especially on the ebuka obi part, but I honestly do not care, I just have to say it as it is with me.

Wake up umu aturu."

Lucas Zed:

"If I talk now them go say I Dey yab man of God, this is just a celebration of prophecy in a barbaric manner Prophet  Samuel King Ministries God will judge you accordingly"

Prophet Samuel King Message


Life happens in phases. Everyone waits for the whistle or the gun when a race is about to begin, but in many instances in our daily lives, the reverse is true. In an attempt to beat the gun, we discover that we are worse off for it; we pay dearly for it. Many who were in the position of leadership are now in the position of followership because they were pulled back in their quest to make it quick. If you are in a haste to achieve something, you are likely to make costly mistakes that would pull you back, if not down.

Do you feel let down, depressed, or experience disappointment? Maybe you have been praying for long and it seems as if your prayers yielded no result. Do not misinterpret God’s silence as rejection. Who knows what would have happened if your prayer for a better condition had been answered? Delay is not denial. The Bible says God has set the right time for everything He created under the sun. The man at the pool of Bethesda had patience, endurance and perseverance for 38 years before he had his transformation. In Genesis 37, Joseph would have chosen momentary pleasure above long-term benefit if he had been impatient with God's promise to him and behaved strangely when he met Potiphar's wife.

Whatever the situation you may be facing, look beyond that situation; there is blessing in it. Look beyond your sickness; there is healing in it. Look beyond your poverty; there is blessing in it. Look beyond your bondage; there is freedom in it.

Say this prayer: “Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to look beyond my situation and continue to trust in You because in You, there is freedom, breakthrough and all of Your blessings!”

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