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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Eniola Badmus Biography, Wikipedia, Real Age, Husband, Children, Married, Parents,, Family, State Of Origin, House, Cars, Height, Weight Loss, Surgery, Before and After Photos, Father, Mother, Siblings, Daughter, Son, Wedding Pictures, Marriage, Divorce, Tribe, Boyfriend, Education, Brother, Sister, Movies, Sick, Sickness, Eniola Badmus Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, CV, Then Vs Now Pictures, Old Throwback Photos vs Recent Photos, Current Look Pictures, Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp, Single, Gastric Surgery Video, Rich, Net Worth, Birthday, Best Friend, Eniola Badmus Dead Or Alive, Relationship, Autobiography

History Of Eniola Badmus: Everything To Know About Eniola Badmus Profile, Husband, Family, Children, Parents, Net Worth, House Cars, Boyfriend, Relationship, Father, Mother, Siblings, Brother, Sister, Seyi Tinubu Story By Gistlover

Who Is Eniola Badmus?

Eniola Badmus (born 7 September 1982) is a Nigerian Nollywood Actress, Movie Producer, Brand Influencer and Content Creator. Her net worth is about $1.2 Million US Dollars which is about ₦720,000,000 Million Naira in 2022.

Eniola Badmus is a 40-year-old Nollywood actress who became famous after featuring in Funke Akindele's movie 'Jenifa' in 2008 after she started acting in 2001. She used to be a plus-sized actress but suddenly lost weight in 2021 after undergoing a gastric surgery in Turkey. The cost of Eniola Badmus' surgery is allegedly worth over ₦5 Million Naira.

Eniola Badmus was born on 7th September 1982. She originally hails from Ijebu Ode, in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Pictures of Eniola Badmus Parents - dad & mum

Eniola Badmus is Yoruba by tribe. She is from a polygamous Muslim family. Her parents are dead. Her father, Pa Olalekan Badmus Ogunsina died on March 2nd, 2017 and was buried same day according to Islamic rites. While her mother died in 2004. She has other siblings brothers and sisters. Her sibling sister's name is Tomi Badmus.

Recent New looks, Pictures of Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Eniola Badmus
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Ogun
Hometown: Ijebu Ode
Tribe: Yoruba
Religion: Christian
Date Of Birth: 7 September 1982
Birthday: 7th September
Age: 40 Years Old (2022)
Height: 5"6 Feet Tall
Marital Status, Relationship: Single
Married: No
Spouse, Husband: Not Married
Boyfriend: N/A
Children: None
Parents: Mr and Mrs Olalekan Badmus Ogunsina
Father: Pa Olalekan Badmus Ogunsina
Mother: Mrs Badmus Ogunsina
Sibling Sister: Tomi Badmus
Education: Lagos State University (Economics)
University of Ibadan (Theatre Arts)

Full Biography Of Eniola Badmus (Nollywood Actress) Career, Life History, Childhood Story, Family Background, Education, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Husband, Children, Child, Baby, Son, Daughter, Movies, Relationship, Dating, Marriage, Boyfriend, Books

Biography Wikipedia: Eniola Badmus is a Nigerian born Nollywood actress, Movie Producer and businesswoman from Ogun State who has featured in over 60 Nigerian Yoruba and English movies.

Apart from acting, Eniola Badmus does other things too such as hosting events and operating an online TV on YouTube.

Eniola Badmus Businesses: Eniola Badmus is also a businesswoman who has other businesses by the side that pay her.

Eniola Badmus Nollywood Acting Career
When Did Eniola Badmus start acting career? Eniola Badmus started her acting career when she joined Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry in the year 2001. She celebrated her 20 years on stage in 2021.
When she started acting, many looked down on her, saying she is too fat. This made her get stereotyped, playing armed robbery roles.

Though Eniola Badmus started professional acting in 2001, she actually came into limelight in 2008 when starred in two Yoruba films produced by Funke Akindele, titled "Jenifa" and "Omo Ghetto."

About Eniola Badmus recent movies, she featured in 'Swallow' produced by Kunle Afolayan which is on Netflix. She also featured in 'Omo Ghetto the Saga' by Funke Akindele in 2021.
Old Throwback Photos of Eniola Badmus Before Weight Loss Surgery

Eniola Badmus Movies: List of Movies include,

Village Babes
Oreke Temi
Blackberry Babes
Mr. & Mrs Ibu
Wicked Step-mother
Child Seller
Adun Ewuro
Visa Lottery
Ojukwu the War Lord
Police Academy
Not My Queen
Battle for Justice
Miss Fashion
Omo Esu
Black Val
Big Offer
Omo ghetto the saga
Akpe: Return of the Beast
Basira Goes to London

Eniola Badmus Book: Eniola Badmus launched her book on 9th December 2021 in Lagos. Her book details about her life from my early life to schooling, career, her parents and the challenges she has faced.

Eniola Badmus book title is "Walking Through The Edge". It is her autobiography where everything about her right from childhood, what she has been through, what she has learnt and her regrets were discussed.

Eniola Badmus Politics: In 2019, Eniola Badmus got a political appointment from Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun. She was appointed as part of the transition committee set up by the Governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun, before he assumed office.
Pictures of Eniola Badmus and Ogun Governor Dapo Abiodun

Eniola Badmus The Philanthropist: Though Eniola Badmus does not have an NGO or foundation yet, but she feeds the poor, the less privileged every 1st January of the year.

Eniola Badmus Education: Eniola Badmus is a university graduate. She studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan.
Eniola Badmus studied Economics as a second degree at the Lagos State University where she graduated with an M.Sc degree.

Eniola Badmus State Of Origin: Where is Eniola Badmus from? Eniola Badmus is from Ogun State, Nigeria.

Eniola Badmus Home Town, Village: Eniola Badmus is a native of Ijebu Ode in Ogun state.

Eniola Badmus Tribe: What tribe is Eniola Badmus? Eniola Badmus is Yoruba by tribe.

Eniola Badmus Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Eniola Badmus was born on 7 September 1982 in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Eniola Badmus Age: How old is Eniola Badmus? Eniola Badmus is 40 years old now as at 2022. She celebrated her 40th birthday in style.

Eniola Badmus Real Age, Controversy
Eniola Badmus real age has been under controversy. While some bloggers say that Eniola Badmus date of birth is 7 September 1978 making her 44 years old in 2022, her Wikipedia page puts Eniola Badmus age as 40 years in 2022, and her date of birth being 7 September 1982.

In 2017, Eniola Badmus told Encomium Magazine her age:
“I am 34 today. I thank God for all He has done in my life.”

On talks about her being 40 and her lying about her age, she said:

Who said I am not 34? If I claim that, don’t you know I still have elderly ones? What age do you want them to be? Please, I have not clocked 40, I am 34. I don’t know why people are getting it wrong.”

Eniola Badmus Height And Weight: 5"6 Feet and 197 lbs (71kg)

Eniola Badmus Height: How tall is Eniola Badmus? Eniola Badmus is 5"6 feet tall.
Picture of Eniola Badmus standing tall, without makeup on her face

Eniola Badmus Weight Loss Transformation Before and After Photos

Eniola Badmus weight was 230lbs (104kg). She was very fat, on the plus-sized until she embarked on a weight loss journey in 2021. 

What did Eniola Badmus do to slim down?Eniola Badmus lost 33kg in 2021 through diet and gastric surgery.

Plastic, Cosmetic Surgery: Eniola Badmus Gastric Surgery, Before and After Pictures

Eniola Badmus Surgery: Did Eniola Badmus do surgery? Yes, Eniola Badmus did gastric bypass surgery in Turkey in 2021 and the result of her plastic surgery and body weight loss transformation has left her fans and colleagues in awe.
Eniola Badmus Before and After Surgery Photos

Surgery Cost: How Much did Eniola Badmus Surgery Cost? Eniola Badmus allegedly spent over ₦5 Million Naira on her surgery.

Old vs Latest Pictures Of Eniola Badmus

Speaking about if she will undergo any surgery in future in a 2018 Interview with Punch, Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus said: “I have never thought of doing surgery to lose weight because I get involved in a lot of fitness activities like lawn tennis and the likes because I believe it is very important to stay fit.”

In another interview with Punch in 2019, Eniola Badmus said:
"Even if I am considering it, I wouldn’t tell you. What I do with my body is my business. I might wake up tomorrow and everybody would see that I have become slim. They should not be scared because that is just what I have decided to be.

I’m actually indifferent about plastic surgery but I believe I can do whatever I want with my life."

Eniola Badmus Lesbian: Is Eniola Badmus a lesbian? No! Eniola Badmus is not a lesbian or bisexual. She is straight.

Eniola Badmus Religion: Is Eniola Badmus a Muslim or Christian? Eniola Badmus is a Christian but she was born into a Muslim family. She attends celestial church (white garment church).
Eniola Badmus Church

Eniola Badmus Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Eniola Badmus was born into the family of Pa Olalekan Badmus Ogunsina. She is from a polygamous Muslim family. She has stepmothers, siblings brothers and sisters.

Eniola Badmus Father: Who is Eniola Badmus Father? The name of Eniola Badmus father is Pa Olalekan Badmus Ogunsina. He is late. He was a Muslim man from Ogun State. He married many wives.
Photo of Eniola Badmus Father

Nollywood Actress, Eniola Badmus father, Pa Olalekan Badmus Ogunsina died on March 2nd, 2017 and was buried that same day according to Islamic rites.
Picture of Eniola Badmus and Her late father, Pa Olalekan Badmus Ogunsina

On Sunday 23rd of April 2017, Eniola Badmus held the final burial ceremony of her late dad who died in March 2017. The event held in Lagos and had Fuji legend, K1 on the bandstand. Toyin Lawani, Rukky Sanda, Beverly Osu, Ayo Adesanya, Adunni Ade and other celebrities attended the party..

Eniola Badmus Mother: Who is Eniola Badmus mother? Eniola Badmus mother is Mrs Badmus Ogunsina. She is late. She died in 2004. Eniola Badmus remembered her mother 18 years after her death in an emotional Instagram post.
Picture of Eniola Badmus Mother

Eniola Badmus Siblings: Eniola Badmus has siblings brothers and sisters. 

The name of Eniola Badmus sibling younger sister is Tomi Badmus whose full name is Oluwatomisin Badmus.
Eniola Badmus elder brother is over 60 years.

Tomi Badmus is Eniola Badmus' younger sister. She is a graduate of the University of Lagos.
Picture of Eniola Badmus and her sister, Tomi Badmus

Picture of Tomi Badmus, Eniola Badmus Sister

Eniola Badmus Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Eniola Badmus married? No, Eniola Badmus is not yet married as at 2022.
Eniola Badmus got married to several actors in movies but not in real life.
Eniola Badmus Wedding Pictures on Movie Set

"Maybe if I was not in limelight, I would have been married with kids." Eniola Badmus said in an interview.

Eniola Badmus Husband: Who is Eniola Badmus Husband, Name, Pictures? Eniola Badmus has no husband as at 2022. She has not revealed who her husband to be is.
Picture of Eniola Badmus and Mike Ezuruonye

Eniola Badmus Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Does Eniola Badmus have a child? No, Eniola Badmus does not have a child yet. She has no baby, son or daughter.

"I am not married and I don’t have a child." Eniola Badmus told Punch in an interview.

Eniola Badmus Boyfriend: Who is Eniola Badmus boyfriend? Eniola Badmus has been linked to Davido, Reekado Banks, Olamide, CDQ but they are just friends and not her boyfriends.
Picture of Eniola Badmus and Davido

Eniola Badmus Relationship
: Is Eniola Badmus in a relationship? Eniola Badmus has been rumored to be in a relationship with Davido, Reekado Banks, Olamide, CDQ but she denied ever dating any of them. She revealed that she is only friends with them.

Speaking about her relationship in an interview with Punch, Eniola Badmus said:

 "When it comes to relationships, I like to be private. I don’t want people talking about my relationship whether we like it or not most of the people we tend to fall in love with are people who don’t want to be in the limelight. I have people I am into way back and presently."

Eniola Badmus Engaged, Engagement, Fiance: Is Engaged? No! Eniola Badmus is not yet engaged to be married and has not revealed if she has a fiancé or not.

Eniola Badmus Net Worth Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Salary, Income, Earnings, Wealth, Riches

Eniola Badmus Net Worth: How much is Eniola Badmus net worth? Eniola Badmus net worth is about $1.2 Million US Dollars in 2022. She is one of the richest Nollywood actresses in Yoruba movie industry.

Eniola Badmus Net Worth In Naira: Eniola Badmus net worth in Naira is estimated at about ₦720,000,000 Million Naira in 2022.
Eniola Badmus House and Cars, Mansion
Eniola Badmus lives in Lagos house and drives luxury cars.
Eniola Badmus recently bought a Benz Gle 450 for her 40th birthday.

Eniola Badmus and Senator Oluremi Tinubu Relationship, Pictures
Eniola Badmus has a mother and daughter relationship with Senator Oluremi Tinubu, Bola Tinubu wife. She is her godmother and she loves her so much. Remi Tinubu is also Eniola Badmus mother in Christ. They have known each other for over 10 years now.
Picture of Eniola Badmus and Remi Tinubu

Eniola Badmus and Seyi Tinubu Story By Gistlover

Gistlover accused Eniola Badmus of being Seyi Tinubu, Bola Tinubu son's pimp. She was accused of arranging young girls and gay boys for Seyi Tinubu. Gistlover made the allegations while sharing Bola Tinubu, Seyi Tinubu alleged drug, cocaine and crime story.

Gistlover wrote:

"Seyi Tinubu is also one of the major player in the drug field and apart from being involved in the business he is also a great user and lure girls to take it, they have several apartment they use for their orgies parties , mostly on the island , lot of una favorite is on this table , then Eniola Badmus pimps for him.

Seyi have his own official pimps, Eniola badmus is in charge of university girls under 20 and some of her colleagues , she is also incharge of the gays , because they don’t just bring girls , they bring young gay boys too, this explains why Eniola is everywhere trying to make friends with everyone , even this guy that’s always following bobrisky about , Eniola arrange young small boys for him and she gets paid heavily , this is why she spends money heavily at parties without doing any major job aside pimp..."

Eniola Badmus Dead Or Alive: Is Eniola Badmus Still Alive or Dead? YES! Eniola Badmus is still alive in 2022. She is not dead or sick. She is strong and healthy.

Eniola Badmus Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp: Eniola Badmus can be contacted via her Instagram account or Facebook or Twitter pages.

Eniola Badmus Instagram: Eniola Badmus Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

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