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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Zainab Tinubu Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Family, House, Cars, Boyfriend, Religion, Children, Parents, Tinubu Daughter, Mental Health, Sickness, Drugs Allegations Story, Height, Education, Zainab Abisola Tinubu Images, Ig Pics, Facebook Photos, Twitter, Interview, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, Mother, Siblings, Sister, Brother, Net Worth

History Of Zainab Abisola Tinubu: Everything To Know About Zainab Tinubu Profile, Husband, Boyfriend, Family, Parents, Father, Child, Religion, House, Cars, Net Worth

Who Is Zainab Tinubu?

Zainab Tinubu whose full name is Zainab Abisola Tinubu (born 26 September 1989) is a Nigerian Entrepreneur and the daughter of Bola Tinubu, Nigerian Politician and APC Presidential Candidate. Her net worth is about $500,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Zainab Tinubu is the 4th born Child of Bola Tinubu and Remi Tinubu's first child.
Picture of Zainab Tinubu With Her Parents and Sibling Sister, Abibat

Zainab Tinubu is not yet married. She is single and has not revealed who her lover, boyfriend, fiancé or husband is.

Zainab Tinubu Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Zainab Tinubu

Full Name: Zainab Abisola Tinubu

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Hometown: Ikoyi, Lagos

Tribe: Yoruba

Ethnicity: Black African American - Yoruba

Date Of Birth: 26 September 1989

Birthday: 26 September

Age: 33 Years Old (In 2022)

Occupation, Career: Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $500 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦300,000,000

Height: 5"6 Feet Tall

Religion: Christian

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Married: No

Spouse, Husband: None

Children: None

Parents: Bola Tinubu, Oluremi Tinubu

Father: Bola Tinubu

Mother: Senator Remi Tinubu

Siblings: Folashade Tinubu Ojo, Jide Tinubu, Abibat Tinubu, Seyi Tinubu, Olayinka Tinubu

Grandparent: Abibatu Mogaji (Grandmother)

Education: Boston’s Berklee College

Twitter: Zainab Tinubu @ZainabTinubu

Full Biography Details Of Zainab Tinubu

Zainab Tinubu Education
Zainab Tinubu graduated from Boston’s Berklee College in 2013.

Zainab Tinubu State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Zainab Tinubu from? Zainab Tinubu is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Tribe: Zainab Tinubu is Yoruba by tribe and hails from the South West part of Nigeria.

Zainab Tinubu Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Zainab Tinubu was born on 26 September 1989.

Zainab Tinubu Age: How old is Zainab Tinubu? Zainab Tinubu is 33 years old in 2022. She celebrates her 33rd birthday on 26th of September 2022.

Zainab Tinubu Religion: Is Zainab Tinubu a Muslim or Christian? Zainab Tinubu is a Christian. Her mother, Remi Tinubu said her husband, and Zainab Tinubu father, Bola Tinubu allows her and her children to attend church and practice Christian religion.
Oluremi Tinubu's husband, Bola Tinubu did not impose his Muslim faith on their children. She raised her children as Christians though they bear Muslim names.

Zainab Tinubu Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Zainab Tinubu was born into the family of Bola Tinubu and Mrs Remi Tinubu. She has other siblings brothers, sisters, step Siblings, stepsister, stepbrothers.

Zainab Tinubu Parents: The parents of Zainab Tinubu are Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senator Remi Tinubu. They are both top, rich Nigerian politicians. Her father was a Governor in Lagos State while her mother is a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Photo of Zainab Tinubu Parents

Zainab Tinubu Father: Who Is Zainab Tinubu father, name, pictures? Zainab Tinubu's father is Bola Tinubu, a Nigerian politician and the All Progressives Congress (APC) 2023 Presidential Candidate. He was the Lagos State Governor from 1999 to 2007.
Picture of Zainab Tinubu Father

Zainab Tinubu Mother: Who is Zainab Abisola Tinubu Mother? The name of Zainab Tinubu mother is Oluremi Tinubu. She is a Nigerian politician and Senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District at the Nigerian National Assembly. 
Image of Zainab Tinubu Mother

Zainab Tinubu Siblings Brother, Sister: Zainab Tinubu has five (5) siblings - two sisters by same mother, one half sister and two half brothers. One of her brothers is late.

The names of Zainab Tinubu siblings brothers and sisters are,

1 Late Jide Tinubu (first son)

2 Folashade Tinubu Ojo (second born but now stand as first born since the death of Jide Tinubu).

3 Seyi Tinubu

4 Habibat Tinubu

5 Olayinka Tinubu
Pictures of Zainab Tinubu Siblings Sisters and Brothers

Zainab Tinubu biological siblings sisters from the same mother are Habibat Tinubu, and Olayinka Tinubu.

Zainab Tinubu Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Zainab Tinubu married? No, Zainab Tinubu is not yet married. She is single.

Zainab Tinubu Husband: Who is Zainab Tinubu husband? Zainab Tinubu does not have a husband yet as she is not married.

Zainab Tinubu Boyfriend: Who is Zainab Tinubu Boyfriend? Zainab Tinubu keeps her boyfriend, fiancé and relationship away from social media.

Zainab Tinubu Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Zainab Tinubu does not have a child yet.

Zainab Tinubu Net Worth 2022, Salary, Income, Forbes

Zainab Tinubu Net Worth: How Much Is Zainab Tinubu Net Worth? Zainab Tinubu net worth is about $500,000 US Dollars in 2022.

Zainab Tinubu House and Cars, Mansion
Zainab Tinubu is allegedly the owner of a multi million dollars properties, house in the United States of America.

According to David Hundeyin, the property documents show that Zainab Abisola acquired a deluxe condo at 55, Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11249 for $2,150,000 in 2014 when she was 25 years. Her sister, Habibat Tinubu also was accused of acquiring a deluxe apartment at 255 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013 for $2,400,000 when she was 22 years and all the transactions were allegedly paid for in cash.

Zainab Tinubu Drugs, Sickness, Mental Health Issue, Hospital, Prison, Jail Allegations: Is Tinubu's daughter, Zainab Tinubu sick? Gistlover claims that Tinubu's daughter Zainab Tinubu has a mental issue from taking drugs. Gistlover also claims that Zainab Tinubu was jailed for assault on a police officer.

Read what Gistlover posted about Zainab Tinubu:

"....such is the case of Zainab Tinubu a spoilt brat from the womb, it is not just Zainab, check most politicians children, you will understand better, Zainab started taking drugs at an early age and this damaged her a lot, even after purchasing lot of properties with drugs money for the kids and made them stay all their life in the Uk, they still didn’t make Amoda proud, currently Zainab is in Bronzefield prison in England, it happened that after taking her drugs as usual that day, she went on the street to assault a police officer in the Uk and she was charged. The parent tried all they could just to make sure the matter was buried but it didn’t work, it was while in the prison they noticed she had metal disorder and they had to transfer her to the mental home, As it is now, she shuffles both...." - Gist Lover

Twitter User Defends Zainab Tinubu

Chidi Bangs @Chidiiruka who seems to know Zainab Tinubu very well has this to say about her:

"This tall tale they are spinning about Zainab Tinubu (Zain) is wild. As someone who hung out with her often in Boston in NY, stayed at her place, met her sister... they were some of the most normal people besides the fact that their father had status in Nigeria.

Zainab was shy, but if you got to know her, she opened up and her amazing weirdness shined through. Everyone loved her. She dressed like a true hipster, was never flashy, ate good food, and loved live music.

To hear these stories about her being a heroin addict, assaulted an officer & now resides in a prison and/or psych hospital in the UK is beyond bizarre. Zain never drank. She never wanted her picture taken, & was never under the influence b/c of her father's status in Nigeria.

I recall looking for her years ago and stumbled onto her YouTube and Twitter. There was a video she took (which is now gone somehow) where she states her father orchestrated the kidnapping of the Chibok Girls and is blowing the whistle on it. Did he have something to do with it?

Why do we just believe she was crazy? Did she buy these condos herself or did someone else put her name on the papers? Did she have reason to be paranoid? People change, but this story is a reach. Do we really believe her father doesn't have the means to orchestrate this too?"

Zainab Tinubu Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Zainab Tinubu Phone Number Not unavailable.

Zainab Tinubu Instagram: Zainab Tinubu Instagram page Account Profile Handle is unavailable. Zainab Tinubu is not on Instagram. She has no Instagram account or handle.

Zainab Tinubu Twitter: Zainab Tinubu is on Twitter and her Twitter handle is Zainab Tinubu @ZainabTinubu.
Zainab Tinubu joined Twitter on December 2017 and her last tweet is on 20th December 2017. 

Zainab Tinubu YouTube Channel: Zainab Tinubu has a YouTube channel that is no more active. Zainab Tinubu YouTube Channel is Zainab Tinubu with 11 videos and just 50 subscribers.

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