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Who Is Tukur Mamu?

Tukur Mamu (born 6 January) is a Nigerian journalist, Philanthropist and the Publisher of Desert Herald Newspaper, a Kaduna-based print media.

Mallam Tukur Mamu aka Dan-Iyan Fika of Yobe is a negotiator of bandits who had helped in negotiating the release of 11 hostages who were abducted from the Kaduna-bound train attacked by gunmen in March 2022.
Pictures of Tukur Mamu with Sheik Gumi and Family Members of victims of Kaduna train Terrorists' attack after release.

He had also helped to secure the release of additional seven hostages in July 2022.

Tukur Mamu net worth is about $2 Million US Dollars as at 2022.

Tukur Mamu is from Fika town in Yobe State, Nigeria. He is from a Muslim family. He is the son of an Islamic scholar, Mallam Mamu Duba Gari.

Alhaji Tukur Mamu is married to four wives and blessed with 10 children.

Tukur Mamu Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Tukur Mamu
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Yobe State
Hometown: Fika
Tribe: Hausa
Occupation, Career: Publisher, Journalist, Philanthropist
Net Worth: $2 Million US Dollars
Religion: Muslim
Marital Status: Married
Number Of Wives: 4
Wife: Hajiya Bilkisu (Late)
Number Of Children: 10
Parents: Mallam Mamu Duba Gari
Father: Mamu Duba Gari
Siblings: Muh’d Danladi Mamu
Facebook: Mal Tukur Mamu

History & Everything To Know About Malam Tukur Mamu, Career, Occupation, Arrest, Family, Children, Wife

Biography Wikipedia: Tukur Mamu is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Desert Herald Newspaper and Bandits' Negotiator.

Tukur Mamu is the Media Consultant to Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, an Islamic cleric, scholar and former military officer with the rank of captain in the Nigeria Defence Academy.
Photo Of Malam Tukur Mamu and Sheikh Gumi in Forest With Bandits

Picture of Tukur Mamu with Olusegun Obasanjo and Sheikh Gumi

Tukur Mamu is a traditional title holder of Dan Iyan Fika in Yobe State.

Tukur Mamu has been arrested several times under previous administrations by security agencies over alleged controversial publications on his platform.

His Newspaper Company, located at Unguwar Sarki, had also been raided severally by security agencies.

He is into philanthropic activities for the less privileged in Kaduna.

Tukur Mamu State Of Origin: Where is Tukur Mamu from? Tukur Mamu is from Yobe State, Nigeria.

Tukur Mamu Home Town: Malam Tukur Mamu hails from Fika town in Yobe State, Nigeria.

Tukur Mamu Tribe: What tribe is Tukur Mamu? Tukur Mamu is Hausa by tribe.

Tukur Mamu Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: How old is Tukur Mamu? Tukur Mamu was born on 6th January.

Tukur Mamu Religion: Tukur Mamu is a Muslim from a Muslim family.

Tukur Mamu Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Tukur Mamu was born into a Muslim family. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Tukur Mamu Father: Who is Tukur Mamu Father? Tukur Mamu father was Mallam Mamu Duba Gari, a sound Islamic scholar from Yobe State.

Tukur Mamu Siblings: Tukur Mamu has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Tukur Mamu Brother's Death: Tukur Mamu's late brother, Mallam Muhammad Danladi Mamu died in September 2021. He was a well trained and learned educationist.

Tukur Mamu Wives and Children: Tukur Mamu is married to four (4) wives with ten (10) children - sons and daughters.
Tukur Mamu With His Sons, Some of his children

Tukur Mamu Wife & Death: Tukur Mamu's wife, Hajiya Bilkisu, died in April 2021 at the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital in Kaduna.

Tukur Mamu Arrested

The chief negotiator between Federal Government and Abuja-Kaduna train attackers, Tukur Mamu has been arrested in Egypt.

He was arrested alongside his family members on his way to Saudi Arabia for lesser Hajj.

He was detained at the Cairo International Airport for 24 hours and is being repatriated to Nigeria.

DSS Arrests Tukur Mamu At Kano Airport

Tukur Mamu, the publisher of Desert Herald and top negotiator with bandits that attacked the Kaduna-bound train Tukur Mamu has been arrested and whisked away from.

Egyptian police arrested Abuja-Kaduna train attackers' negotiator, Tukur Mamu and he was deported back to Kano.

Tukur Mamu was on his way to Umurah when he was arrested with his family members in Cairo Egypt.

This picture was taken last year when Mamu Tukur paid a visit to Atiku Abubakar in Atiku's house.

Presidency Should Intervened immediately, I don’t know why my aide Mamu was arrested in Egypt - Sheikh Gumi
Tukur Mamu and Gumi

Notable Islamic cleric Ahmad Gumi has said he has no information about the reason for the arrest of his aide, Tukur Mamu in Cairo, Egypt.

“I am just hearing that he was detained in Cairo with his family. I am not aware of why that would happen and because the Nigerian government did not charge him for anything or declare him wanted at any time,” Mr Gumi said in response to enquiries by Journalists. “But I have also heard that he is on his way back to Nigeria, so I hope to have more information upon his arrival later today.”

Mr Mamu was detained at the Cairo International Airport for 24 hours and is being repatriated to Nigeria, many outlets are reporting.

Ishiyaku Wrote:


Tukur Mamu the self appointed hostage negotiator has been arrested in Egypt. 

I never trusted that man one bit. Who appointed him hostage negotiator in the first place? 

He attempted to blackmail the FG by claiming that the commander of the bandits (supposedly a Muslim) is arranging to marry the 'Christian' girl among the hostages.

By the mention of a 'Christian' girl I knew this man is nothing but a scammer.

He reckoned with the mention of a 'Christian girl' CAN would be up in arms and pressure the FG into paying whatever ransom the terrorists are asking for.

He equally pressured CAN to pay the ransom to rescue the girl from the "Muslim kidnappers?"

He brought religion into the fray for a selfish purpose, his cut. He can only get his cut if a ransom is paid. He was desperate.

No wonder the FG has been on his trail to arrest him."

Tukur Mamu Net Worth 2022
Tukur Mamu net worth is about $2 Million US Dollars which is about ₦1,200,000,000 billion Naira in 2022.

Tukur Mamu House and Cars
Tukur Mamu lives in Kaduna house, and rides nice cars.

Tukur Mamu Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact, Address
contact DesertHerald:

Address : No.14B Marnona Road, Unguwan Sarki, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Telephone : 062888261, 08036376131, 08033141661,

Tukur Mamu Facebook Profile Name: Is Mal Tukur Mamu

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