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Who Is Mahdi Shehu?

Mahdi Shehu is a Nigerian born businessman, Medical Practitioner and Activist. He was born in 1958. His net worth is about $2 million US Dollars.

Mahdi Shehu is the owner of Dialogue Pharmacy in Kaduna.

Shehu Mahdi is from Funtua in Katsina State, Nigeria. He was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Mahdi.

Picture of Shehu Mahdi

Mahdi Shehu became famous over his viral 'hate video' where he blasted Peter Obi and urged Northern christians not to vote for Peter Obi of Labour party in the 2023 presidential election. He told Northern Christians not to vote for Southern Christian.

Mallam Mahdi Shehu Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Shehu Mahdi

Real Name: Dan Gwagwarmayar Mahadi Shehu

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Katsina

Home Town: Funtua

Tribe: Hausa-Fulani

Religion: Muslim

Date Of Birth: 1958

Occupation, Career: Businessman, Medical Practitioner, Activist

Net Worth: $2 Million US Dollars

Marital Status: Married

Facebook Name: Dan Gwagwarmayar Mahadi Shehu

Mahdi Shehu State Of Origin, Tribe, Politics & Controversy

Shehu Mahdi And Atiku Abubakar: Mahdi Shehu is supporting Atiku Abubakar to win the 2023 presidential election and be the Next president of Nigeria.

Picture of Mahdi Shehu and Atiku Abubakar

Shehu Mahdi State Of Origin, Hometown: Where is Mahdi Shehu from? Mahdi Shehu is from Funtua in Katsina State, Nigeria.

Shehu Mahdi hometown, Funtua is a Local Government Area in Katsina State, Nigeria. Its headquarter is in the town of Funtua.

Mahdi Shehu Tribe: Shehu Mahdi is Hausa Fulani by tribe.

Mahdi Shehu Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Shehu Mahdi? Mahdi Shehu was born in 1958. He is 64 years old as at 2022.

Mahdi Shehu Religion: Shehu Mahdi is a Muslim, from an Islamic home and family background.

Mahdi Shehu Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Mahdi Shehu was born into a Muslim family to his parents, Mr and Mrs Mahdi in Katsina.

Mahdi Shehu Married, Marriage: Mahdi Shehu is married with children.

Shehu Mahdi Wife: Mahdi Shehu has a wife or wives but he keeps his wife, marriage and family out of his social media pages.

Mahdi Shehu Children: Shehu Mahdi has children with his wife but keeps them away from social media.

Shehu Mahdi Net Worth: Mahdi Shehu net worth is about $2 Million US Dollars which is about ₦1,200,000,000 in Naira as at 2022.

Shehu Mahdi House and Cars: Mahdi Shehu lives in nice house and drives fine cars.

Mahdi Shehu Controversy

Mahdi Shehu Health Scandal

Mahdi Shehu first controversy has to do with his credibility after the elaborate medical scam he perpetrated last in 2021 in order to deceive a court. He had been arraigned in a Katsina court for making corruption allegations against Governor Aminu Bello Masari’s government. The activist pleaded ill health but when the court insisted on his personal appearance, he arrived in court posing as an invalid, with crutches, held by aides, clad in medical foot, body, neck and head gears that he apparently took from his well-stocked Dialogue Pharmacy in Kaduna. 

According to the video recording, it took Mahdi nearly half an hour to walk the short distance from the entrance to the court room, moving with great difficulty and sat down with great pain.

Unknown to him, while he was in the court room, government agents sneaked into his cell at the Katsina Prison and installed a camera. Mahdi Shehu returned to prison with the same elaborately staged difficulty and pain. As the camera recorded however, as soon as he entered the cell, he put aside the crutches, removed all the other medical accoutrements, put them aside, immediately became his normal self and proceeded to lead the congregational prayer in the cell, with several of his mates behind him. Since that video went viral, Mahdi Shehu’s standing as an accomplished dramatist was enhanced but his credibility as an anti-corruption crusader suffered an image blow.

Shehu Mahdi And Peter Obi

Katsina-based activist, Mallam Mahdi Shehu, had sparked controversy over his appeal to Christian northerners not to vote for Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi.

Mahdi Shehu in a viral video said a vote for Obi in the 2023 presidential election is a vote for Biafra.

He also alleged that a vote for Obi is synonymous with the destruction of the North, and went further to ask his audience what they stand to gain by voting Obi, a southerner, among other things.

Reactions To Shehu Mahdi's Anti Obi Comments 

Wright Emmanuel Obochi: "The same Shehu Mahdi

He is the owner of Dialogue Pharmacy in Kaduna.

This is the kind of Character telling people who to vote for.

A professor that is a serial liar should not be trusted.

These guys are already billionaires.

They only seek to divide.

Watch the two videos and judge for yourself.

The one the establishment hates is the one you should vote for. #PeterIsBetter 



Gloria Ballason: "Professor Shehu Mahdi needs to be immediately called to order. His Presidential candidate needs to know that this is the most toxic, insensitive and inciting way to canvass for votes. This is condemned in the STRONGEST terms!

The party, his principal and law enforcement agents need to address this.

Nigeria and Nigerians have paid too high a price for voting based on sentiments. It is now time to choose what always works: competence and a President who is President for all and not for a region. 

And no, no Nigerian voter should be treated with the gross  indignity of listening to infantile spasms and arguments that make it appear that they lack the ability to think, see, feel and reason. This is so wrong. So wrong!"

Chibi Obasi: "Mahdi Shehu spoke to Northern Christians telling them not to vote out their system, so he and his colleagues continue to steal billions,  and unleash terrorism on the indigenous Northern mostly Christians and take their lands. I am surprised he had people listening, he is a crook."

Obidient Peopletv: "My People watch the criminal that is opening his smelling mouth to talk about Peter Obi and telling Northern Christians not to vote OBI

HIS NAME IS -Shehu Mahdi

He stole N52B of our money and ofcourse nothing happened to him because we run a criminal system that simply can't hold these thieves accountable. He acted as if he was dying in court so as to be release from custody 

These are the kind of men around Atiku"

Celesylv Update: "This is Shehu Mahdi, in the forests giving ransom money to Bandits while asking northern Christians not to vote for Peter Obi 

Shehu Mahdi is one of those using bandits kidnapping and Boko Haram killing in the northern Nigeria to cash out on weekly basis.

The dangerous BIGOT....When Northern Christians were massacred in Southern Kaduna, he said nothing.

When they  killed Christians Agatu, Jos, Taraba he never criticised it because it's business as usual. 

When Deborah was killed, Shehu kept calm...

This man should be JAILED for inciting BIGOTRY and VIOLE!


Shehu Mahdi Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp: Shehu Mahdi Phone Number is unavailable.

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