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History Of Kashim Shettima: Everything To Know About Kashim Shettima Profile, CV, Wife, Children, Family, Daughters, Son, Parents, Net Worth, House Cars

Who Is Kashim Shettima?
Kashim Shettima whose full name is Kashim Shettima Mustapha (born 2 September 1966) is a Nigerian former Banker, Politician and former Governor of Borno State between 2011 to 2019 who was elected as Senator for Borno Central in 2019.
Kashim Shettima net worth is about $12 Million US Dollars which is estimated at ₦7,200,000,000 in Naira as at 2022.

Senator Kashim Shettima is a member of the All Progressives Congress and the APC Vice Presidential candidate in the 2023 presidential election. He is Bola Tinubu's running mate.

Kashim Shettima has a lovely family of five (5). He is married to his wife, Nana Shettima with three (3) children - one (1) son and two (2) daughters. His daughters' names are Fatima Kashim Shettima & Amira Shettima while his son's name is Armir Shettima.
Kashim Shettima Family Pictures With Wife & Children

Kashim Shettima Mustapha originally hails from Nimeri Korongoso, Lamisula, Shehuri North, Maiduguri, Borno State. He is Kanuri by tribe.

Kashim Shettima Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Kashim Shettima

Full Name: Kashim Shettima Mustapha

State Of Origin: Borno State

Hometown: Nimeri Korongoso

Tribe: Kanuri

Place Of Birth: Maiduguri

Date Of Birth: 2 September 1966

Birthday: 2nd September

Age: 56 Years Old (2022)

Occupation, Career: Politician, Banker, Businessman

Net Worth: $12 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦7,200,000,000 Billion Naira

Height: 5"7 Feet Tall

Religion: Islam (Muslim)

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Spouse, Wife: Nana Shettima

Number Of Wives: 1

Number Of Children: 3

Children's Names: Armir Kashim Shettima, Fatima Kashim Shettima, Amira Shettima

Daughters: Fatima Kashim Shettima

Sons: Armir Shettima

Father: Sir Kashim Ibrahim

Mother: Mrs Kashim Ibrahim 

Education: University of Maiduguri (Agricultural Economics)

Full Biography Of Kashim Shettima, Career, Occupation, Life History, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Father, Children, Son, Daughter, Wife, Wealth, Sources Of Income
Picture of Kashim Shettima

Biography Wikipedia: Kashim Shettima is a Nigerian born Politician, Senator for Borno Central, Former Borno State Governor APC Vice Presidential Candidate & Bola Tinubu's running mate in the 2023 General Election.

Senator Kashim Shettima was born in Maiduguri, Borno State on 2nd of September 1966. He is Hausa-Fulani by tribe and a native of Nimeri Korongoso, Lamisula, Shehuri North, Maiduguri, Borno State.
Kashim Shettima Photo

About Kashim Shettima Political Career, Banking Career, Administrative Career, Lecturing Career

Shettima Lecturing Career: Kashim Shettima was as a lecturer at the University of Maiduguri’s department of agricultural economics. He started working as a UNIMAID Lecturer after completing his second degree. He taught at the University of Maiduguri till 1993 before he resigned and went Into the Nigerian banking sector.
Shettima was in the academia from 1991 to 1993.

Shettima Banking Career: Kashim Shettima worked as a banker from 1993 to 2007. He worked with many banks until he rose to the position of a General Manager at Zenith Bank.

Kashim Shettima Zenith Bank: Did Shettima work in Zenith Bank? Yes, Shettima started working with Zenith Bank as head of its main branch in Maiduguri in 2001. He rose through the ranks of the bank and became its zonal head in the North-East. Kashim Shettima resigned from Zenith bank as a general manager in 2007 after he was appointed as commissioner for finance in Borno state.

Kashim Shettima Political Career

Kashim Shettima started his political career when he joined Politics in 2007 when he was appointed as a commissioner by Governor Ali Modu Sherrif. He served in 5 different ministries.

Kashim Shettima As Borno Governor (From 2011 - 2019): Kashim Shettima was the governor of Borno state between 2011 to 2019.
Old Throwback Photo of Kashim Shettima as Governor of Borno State

Kashim Shettima became an accidental governor after Modu Fannami Gubio, the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) governorship candidate in Borno state was assassinated and shot dead in January 2011.

Kashim Shettima was elected as the ANPP candidate in a second primary held one month after Modu Fannami Gubio's assassination. He went on to be governor of Borno state for 2 terms. Babagana Zulum succeeded Kashim Shettima as Borno State Governor in 2019.

Kashim Shettima The Senator: Kashim Shettima was elected as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria In February 2019 when he won the Borno Central Senatorial District election. He replacing Senator Babakaka Bashir at the National Assembly.
Senator Kashim Shettima Senatorial Candidate Poster

Picture of Senator Kashim Shettima in The Senate

Shettima Senatorial District: Senator Kashim Shettima's senatorial district is Borno Central Senatorial District.

Education: Kashim Shettima Educational Qualifications

Kashim Shettima attended Lamisula Primary School in Maiduguri from 1972 to 1978; Government Community Secondary School, Biu, Borno State from 1978 to 1980. He later moved to Government Science Secondary School, Potiskum where he graduated from secondary school in 1983.

Kashim Shettima studied at the University of Maiduguri and graduated with a Degree (BSc) in Agricultural Economics in 1989. 

Kashim Shettima obtained a master’s degree (MSc) in Agricultural Economics in 1991 at the University of Ibadan.

NYSC: Kashim Shettima did his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at the defunct Nigerian Agricultural Cooperative Bank, Calabar, Cross River State from 1989 to 1990.

Kashim Shettima State Of Origin: Where is Kashim Shettima from? Kashim Shettima is from Borno State, Nigeria.

Kashim Shettima Home Town, Village: Kashim Shettima hails from Nimeri Korongoso village, Lamisula, Shehuri North, Maiduguri, Borno State.

Shettima Ward, LGA: Kashim Shettima is from Lamisula Ward, Maiduguri Local Government Area of Borno State.

Kashim Shettima Tribe: Kashim Shettima is Kanuri by tribe.

Kashim Shettima Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When is Kashim Shettima Birthday? Kashim Shettima was born on September 2, 1966.

Kashim Shettima Age: How old is Kashim Shettima? Kashim Shettima is 56 years old as at 2022. Kashim Shettima celebrated his 56th birthday on 2nd of September 2022.

Kashim Shettima Height: How tall is Kashim Shettima? Kashim Shettima is about 5"7 Feet Tall.

Kashim Shettima Sexuality: Is Kashim Shettima Gay or Straight? Kashim Shettima is straight. He is married with 3 kids.

Kashim Shettima Religion: Is Kashim Shettima a Muslim or Christian? Kashim Shettima is a devout Muslim from a Northern Muslim family.

APC Vice Presidential Candidate, Kashim Shettima Speaks on Muslim-Muslim Ticket

Kashim Shettima Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Kashim Shettima was into the family of Sir Kashim Ibrahim in Maiduguri. He is from a Muslim family. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Kashim Shettima Father: Who is Kashim Shettima Father? The name of Kashim Shettima's father is Sir Kashim Ibrahim. He's a Northern businessman from Maiduguri.

Kashim Shettima Married, Marriage, Wedding: Kashim Shettima is married to Hajia Nana Shettima, the former First Lady of Borno State, with 3 children.
Kashim Shettima and his wife, Mrs Nana Shettima have been married for 34 years now 
Kashim Shettima and Nana Shettima got married on 4th July 1988. They celebrated their wedding anniversary on 4 July.
Picture of Kashim Shettima With His Family, Wife and Daughters
Old Throwback Photo of Kashim Shettima With His 3 Children

Kashim Shettima Wife: Who is Kashim Shettima Wife, Name, Pictures? The name of Kashim Shettima wife is Nana Shettima. She is the CEO of SWOT Foundation and the Model Orphanage Integrated School and the former First Lady of Borno state between 2011 to 2019.
Pictures of Kashim Shettima Wife, Nana Shettima

Meet Senator Kashim Shettima Wife

Kashim Shettima Wife Age: How old is Kashim Shettima wife? Kashim Shettima's wife, Nana Shettima was born on 23 April 1970s. She is in her 40 +.

Kashim Shettima Wives: How many wives does Kashim Shettima have? Senator Kashim Shettima has just one (1) wife, named Nana Kashim Shettima.
Hajiya Nana Shettima is the ONLY wife of Kashim Shettima. He did not marry more than one wife, despite being a Muslim man who has the privilege of marrying up to 4 wives.

Kashim Shettima Children: How Many Children Does Shettima Have? Kashim Shettima has three (3) children - two (2) daughters and an only son.
The names of Kashim Shettima children are, Fatima Kashim Shettima, Amir Kashim Shettima and Amira Shettima.
Pictures Of Shettima Children

Kashim Shettima Son, Name, Age: Who is Kashim Shettima Son? The name of Kashim Shettima only son is Armir Shettima. He was born on 21st September.
Photos of Kashim Shettima Son, Armir Shettima

Kashim Shettima Daughter: Who is Kashim Shettima Daughter? Kashim Shettima has two (2) daughters. The name of Shettima daughters are Fatima Kashim Shettima and Amira Shettima. His daughter, Fatima is married now.
Pictures of Kashim Shettima Daughters

Kashim Shettima Second Daughter graduated from school in 2019 while the other graduated with a first class degree in 2022.

Kashim Shettima Daughter Wedding: Kashim Shettima daughter, Fatima Kashim Shettima got married to Sadiq Ibrahim Bunu, the son of Arc. Ibrahim Bunu on 30th of July 2022 in a lavish wedding ceremony in Maiduguri.
Pictures of Kashim Shettima Daughter, Fatima Shettima and her Husband, Sadiq Ibrahim Bunu

Kashim Shettima Net Worth 2022, 2023 Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Salary, Income, Earnings, Wealth, Money
How much is Kashim Shettima Net Worth?

Kashim Shettima Net Worth: Kashim Shettima net worth is about $12 Million US Dollars as at 2022.

Kashim Shettima Net Worth In Naira: Kashim Shettima net worth is estimated at ₦7,200,000,000 Billion in Naira in 2022.

Kashim Shettima House and Cars, Mansion: Kashim Shettima lives in a nice house, mansion in Maiduguri Borno State and in Abuja. 
Shettima also drives nice luxury cars.
Pictures of Kashim Shettima House and Cars

Kashim Shettima Boko Haram Controversy: Is Kashim Shettima a Boko Haram sponsor? PDP accused Kashim Shettima of being a Boko Haram sponsor but Shettima denied ever being a Boko Haram sponsor.

PDP accusations about Kashim Shettima being a Boko Haram sponsor and responsible for the abduction of Chibok School Girls reads:

"Nigerians can equally recall how Sen. Shettima as governor of Borno State sabotaged and frustrated the Jonathan’s administration in its effort to curb insecurity in Borno State Records still have it on how the APC Vice Presidential candidate as governor of Borno State failed to act on a security report and directive to close schools in remote parts of Borno State and relocate students to the more secure capital of Maiduguri to write their GCE examinations; thus creating the opening for the cruel abduction of school girls in Chibok, Borno State.

“Nigerian will also note how the then Governor Shettima abdicated his duty as chief security officer and reportedly withheld vital security information in preference to non-state actors including terrorist elements, thereby frustrating the timely rescue of the abducted Chibok girls.

“It can also be recalled that after the infamous abduction, the principal of the school was subsequently appointed as a commissioner in Borno State by the then Governor Shettima; a development many considered as a compensation for her alleged role in the abduction."

Kashim Shettima Phone Number:

Kashim Shettima Contact Information
Kashim Shettima Phone Number: 08034459047
Parliament Address:
Parliament Number:
Address: No. 10, Shehu Laminu Way, Maiduguri, Borno State


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