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Latest Instagram Photos: Kenyan President William Ruto Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Tribe, Salary, Religion, House, Cars, Wives, Daughter, Son, Height, Girlfriend, Parents, Father, Mother, Education, Siblings, Rich, Wealthy, First Wife, Second Wife, William Ruto Images, Ig Pics, Facebook Photos, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, CV, Brothers, Sisters, Sick, Sickness, Divorce, Birthday, Age, Properties, Investments, Businesses, Ethnicity, Region, Qualifications, Chopper, Private Jet, Baby Mama

History Of William Ruto: Everything To Know About Kenyan President William Ruto Profile, CV, Marriage, Family, Wife, Children, Daughter, First & Second Wives, Father, Tribe, Net Worth, Forbes, Riches, Wealth, House, Cars, Mansion, Educational Qualifications, Ex Girlfriend, Baby Mama

100 Pictures, Photos, Images, Of Kenyan President Elect William Ruto, Wife, Children, Family, Daughter, Son, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Brother, Child, Baby Mama, Girlfriend, Marriage, First Wife, Rumoured Second Wife, Campaign Pics, House, Cars, Chopper, Mansions, Farms

Who Is William Ruto?

William Ruto whose full name is William Samoei Arap Ruto (born 21 December 1966) is a Kenyan politician and the President elect of Kenya who has served as the Deputy President of Kenya from 2013 to 2022; a Member of Parliament (MP) from 1998 to 2013; Minister for Home Affairs in the Daniel Arap Moi administration from August to December 2002; Minister of Agriculture from 2008 to 2010 under Mwai Kibaki administration and as Minister for Higher Education from April to October 2010.

William Ruto was elected president of Kenya in the 2022 Presidential election. His net worth is about $400 Million US Dollars as at 2022. His net worth in Kenyan Ksh is estimated at about Ksh 43billion. William Ruto is among the top 20 richest people in Kenya 2022, with a net worth of over Ksh 43 Billion. His salary is huge too. He makes money from his numerous businesses and investments in Kenya and beyond.

William Ruto was born to his parents Mr Daniel Cheruiyot and Mrs Sarah Cheruiyot on 21st December 1966, in Sambut village, Kamagut, Uasin Gishu County in Kenya where he hails from.

William Ruto has a family of 9. He is married to Rachel Chebet Ruto with six (6) biological children - two (2) sons and five (5) daughters and an adopted child. William Ruto and his wife, Rachel Ruto got married in the year 1991. The names of William Ruto 7 children are Nick Ruto, June Ruto, Charleen Ruto, Stephanie Jepchumba, George Ruto, Abby Ruto and Nadia Cherono, his adopted daughter.

Pictures of New Kenyan President Elect, Williams Ruto

Photos of William Ruto, Kenyan President Elect

William Ruto Pictures

William Ruto Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: William Ruto

Full Name: William Samoei Arap Ruto

Nationality: Kenyan

Home Town, County: Kamagut, Uasin Gishu County

Village: Sugoi

Tribe: Kalenjin (Ethnic group)

Date Of Birth: 21 December 1966

Birthday: 21st December

Age: 56 Years Old (2022)

Height: 5"8 Feet Tall

Occupation, Career: Politician, Businessman, Farmer, Investor, Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $400 Million US Dollars

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Spouse, Wife: Rachel Chebet Ruto

Number Of Wives: 1

Number Of Children: 7

Adopted Child: 1

Sons: 2

Daughters: 5

Parents: Daniel Cheruiyot and Sarah Cheruiyot

Father: Mr Daniel Cheruiyot

Mother: Mrs Sarah Cheruiyot

Religion: Christianity (Christian)

Church: African Inland Church

Political Party: United Democratic Alliance (UDA)

Education: University of Nairobi (BSc in Botany and Zoology)

Twitter: William Samoei Ruto, PhD @WilliamsRuto

Instagram: @william_s_ruto

Full Biography Of William Ruto, Career, Occupation, Education, Qualifications, CV, Family, Parents, Children, Marriage, Wife, Sons, Daughters, Party, Childhood Story

Who Is Kenya New President 2022?

Biography Wikipedia: William Ruto is a Kenyan born Politician, New elected President of Kenya. He is a rich, wealthy Entrepreneur, Farmer and billionaire Businessman whose investments cuts across agriculture and tourism.

William Ruto is the fifth (5th) President of Kenya, elected in August 2022 to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta who will be his predecessor soon.

More photos of William Ruto

Childhood Story: William Ruto had a tough childhood, coming from a humble background, poor family history. He went to primary school barefoot, wearing his first pair of shoes at the age of 15. Williams Ruto also sold chicken and groundnuts by the roadside in rural areas of the Rift Valley.

This made him portray himself as the champion of the poor as he vied for the presidency in the 9 August election.

William Ruto coined the phrase "Hustler nation" which refers to the young people of Kenya struggling to make ends meet.

William Ruto is seen as a powerful orator who drew huge crowds at rallies and put up a strong performance in media interviews.

William Ruto Elected President Of Kenya

The head of Kenya’s election body on Monday 15th August 2022 declared Deputy President William Ruto the winner of the country’s close-fought presidential election, despite several commissioners rejecting the results.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission chairman Wafula Chebukati said Ruto had won almost 7.18 million votes (50.49 percent) against 6.94 million (48.85 percent) for his rival Raila Odinga in the August 9 vote.

Ruto becomes the fifth president-elect of Kenya.

Photos of William Ruto arriving in his car with his wife at the Bomas Centre where the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) announced the results

Ruto Receives his certificate of return

Speaking after his victory, William Ruto wrote on his Twitter page: "Thank you Kenya for the biggest honour of my life. I am ready to serve you."

"I will work for all Kenyans. We will go out of our way to deliver on our pledges. We will serve all equally. This will be your government; the government of the people of Kenya."

William Ruto first interview after his election as Kenyan President

William Ruto Deputy President (Running Mate): Who is William Ruto running mate, Deputy President elect? The name of William Ruto running mate and Deputy President elect is Rigathi Gachagua. He is an MP from the vote-rich Mt. Kenya region and an ardent critic of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

William Ruto And Kenyatta Fight

Kenyan Vice President William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta have been at loggerheads which escalated in 2018 when President Kenyatta reconciled with Mr Odinga, dashing Mr Ruto's hopes that the outgoing president would endorse him as his successor in the current election campaign.

The president's allies accused William Ruto of insubordination, an allegation he denied, but he acknowledged the rift by saying that he and the president "see politics differently".

William Ruto remained in office courtesy of constitutional provisions that secure the tenure of a deputy president.

In the August 2022 Kenyan election, President Kenyatta campaigned heavily for Mr Odinga, saying Mr Ruto was "untrustworthy" and could not occupy the highest office of in Kenya.

William Ruto hit back, saying President Kenyatta wanted Mr Odinga to succeed him because he wanted a "puppet president".

Watch William Ruto Interview on corruption

William Ruto Career

William Ruto Teaching Career: William Ruto's early career was in the teaching profession. William Ruto was employed as a teacher in the North Rift region of Kenya from 1990 to 1992 after he graduated from the University of Nairobi in 1990.

William Ruto Chicken Business: William Ruto is the owner of a considerable chicken farm in his home town of Sugoi, inspired by his stint as a live chicken hawker on the Nairobi-Eldoret highway.

William Ruto Agriculture: Mr Ruto has a passion for agriculture, which has seen him venture into maize, dairy and poultry farming.

He owns huge parcels of land in western and coastal Kenya and has also invested in the hospitality industry.

William Ruto Political Career

Political Party: What is William Ruto party? The name of Kenyan President elect, William Ruto's political Party is United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

William Ruto As YK'92 Treasurer

William Ruto started his political career in 1992 when he became the treasurer of the YK'92 campaign group that lobbied for the re-election of President Moi in 1992. It was from there that he learnt the ropes of Kenyan politics and allegedly accumulated some wealth during the period.

William Ruto Member of Parliament

William Ruto contested for a parliamentary seat at the 1997 Kenyan general election and defeated the incumbent, Reuben Chesire, who was President Moi's preferred candidate.

William Ruto As The Acting President Of Kenya

William Ruto served as the Acting President of Kenya between 5 and 8 October 2014 while President Uhuru Kenyatta was away at the Hague.

William Ruto As The Deputy President Of Kenya

William Ruto was appointed acting president of Kenya by President Uhuru Kenyatta on 6th of October 2014, after he was summoned to appear before the ICC.

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Presidential Candidate

William Ruto announced his alliance with the newly formed United Democratic Alliance party on December 2020. He was the only 2022 presidential candidate who attended the 2022 presidential debate.

William Ruto Educational Background, Qualifications

William Ruto Education: William Ruto attended Kerotet Primary School where he had his primary school education. He attended Wareng Secondary School for his Ordinary Levels education and later went to Kapsabet Boys High School in Nandi County for his Advanced Levels.

William Ruto is a graduate. He graduated with a BSc in Botany and Zoology from the University of Nairobi in 1990. He later enrolled for a MSc in Plant ecology, graduating in 2011. In 2012, William Ruto enrolled for a Ph.D. and after several setbacks, he completed and was awarded a Ph.D. from the University of Nairobi, graduating on 21 December 2018.

William Ruto Academic Qualifications & Year, Date: Here is a list of Kenyan President elect William Ruto Academic Qualifications;

1 BSc Degree in Botany and Zoology (University of Nairobi) 1990

2 MSc in Plant Ecology (2011)

3 Ph.D. (University of Nairobi) 2018

William Ruto Nationality, Country Of Origin: William Ruto is from which country? William Ruto is from Kenya. He is a Kenyan.

William Ruto Home Town, County, Origin: Where is William Ruto from? William Ruto hails from Kamagut, Uasin Gishu County in Kenya.

William Ruto Village: William Ruto home village is Sugoi in Kenya.

William Ruto Tribe, Ethnicity: What tribe is William Ruto? William Ruto is Kalenjin by tribe.

The Kalenjin live primarily in Kenya. They are an ethnic grouping of eight culturally and linguistically related groups or "tribes": the Kipsigis, Nandi, Tugen, Keiyo, Marakwet, Pokot (sometimes called the Suk), Sabaot (who live in the Mount Elgon region, overlapping the Kenya/Uganda border), and the Terik.

William Ruto comes from Kalenjin, the third biggest ethnic group in Kenya, which has produced only one other president, the late Mr Moi, who was Kenya's longest-serving ruler.

William Ruto Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was William Ruto born? William Ruto was born on 21 December 1966.

William Ruto Age: How old is William Ruto? William Ruto is currently 55 years old. William Ruto celebrates his 56th birthday on 21st of December 2022 when he turns 56 years old.

William Ruto Height & Weight

William Ruto Height: How tall is William Ruto? William Ruto is 6"8 feet tall.

William Ruto Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is William Ruto Gay, Bisexual or straight? William Ruto is straight.

William Ruto Religion, Church: Is President William Ruto a Christian or Muslim? William Ruto is a Christian. He was the leader of the local African Inland Church (AIC) Choir.

Ruto was an active member of the Christian Union. He served as the Chairman of the University of Nairobi's choir.

It was through William Ruto's church leadership activities at the University of Nairobi that he met President Daniel Arap Moi who later introduced him to Kenya politics during the 1992 general elections.

William Ruto Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Brother, Sister: William Ruto was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Daniel Cheruiyot. His parents names are Mr Daniel Cheruiyot (his father) and Mrs Sarah Cheruiyot (his mother). 

William Ruto has other siblings brothers and sisters.

William Ruto came from a humble background before hitting the spotlight.

William Ruto Father, Pictures: Who is the biological father of William Ruto? William Ruto father's name is Mr Daniel Cheruiyot. Daniel Cheruiyot is the biological father of President elect, William Ruto. He was a large- scale farmer who supplied thousands of maize to the national cereals and produce board. He also provided the KCC with hundreds of liters of milk every day.

President Ruto's father was a native of Belgut constituency in Kericho county who ventured into Uasin Gishu to practice large scale farming.

William Ruto father is late. He had seven children and was a prosperous maize and livestock farmer when he died in 2008.

William Ruto Father Dead Or Alive: Is William Ruto father alive? No, William Ruto's father is late. He is no more alive. He died in 2008.

William Ruto Mother,. Pictures: Who is the mother of William Ruto? The name of William Ruto mother is Mrs Sarah Cheruiyot.

Sarah Cheruiyot is the mother of William Ruto. She has been in the public eye on a few occasions and is well- known to others.

Despite his mother' s lack of formal education, William Ruto admitted in 2010 that she could understand certain words and had memorized the entire hymn book.

His mother's insistence on memorizing those songs was what motivated him to work hard in school and helped him get to where he is now.

William Ruto Siblings, Brothers, Sisters: How many siblings does William Ruto have? William Ruto has 6 number of siblings, brothers and sisters who are doing great in different ways. The name of William Ruto elder brother is Paul Ruto. He reportedly lives in poverty, does odd jobs in the outskirts of Eldoret mingling with people such that one would have a hard time believing he is from the family of the deputy president.

William Ruto is the most famous of his siblings.

William Ruto Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is William Ruto married? YES! William Ruto is married to Rachel Ruto with 6 biological children.

Pictures of Runo and his wife, Mrs Rachel Chebet Ruto

Old Throwback Photo of William Ruto and his wife, Rachel Ruto

William Ruto Wedding Date, Year: When did Ruto Marry? William Ruto got married to Rachel Ruto in 1991.

William Ruto Wife, Name, Age, Pictures: Who is William Ruto wife? The name of President William Ruto wife is Rachel Ruto, her full name is Rachel Chebet Ruto. She is a Kenyan born educator and the new first lady of Kenya.

William Ruto and his wife Rachel Ruto first met at church youth meetings before they started dating and eventually got married.

Pictures of William Ruto Wife
Photos of President William Ruto and Wife, Rachel Ruto

William Ruto Wife Age: How old is William Ruto Wife? William Ruto wife, Rachel Ruto is 54 years old by November 2022. She was born on 20 November 1968.

William Ruto is 2 years older than his wife, Rachel Ruto. While William Ruto is currently 55 years old, his wife is 53 years old. He was born on 21 December 1966 while his wife was born on 20 November 1968.

William Ruto will celebrate his 56th birthday on 21st December 2022 while his wife, Rachel Ruto will celebrate her 54th birthday on 20th December 2022.

Pictures of New Kenyan First Lady, Rachel Ruto

Meet Rachel Ruto, Williams Ruto Wife

Who Is Kenya President William Ruto Wife, Rachel Ruto?

Rachel Ruto whose full name is Rachel Chebet Ruto (born 20 November 1968) is the wife of William Ruto, the President elect of Kenya and the next First Lady of Kenya. She is a Kenyan educator currently serving as the second lady of Kenya. Rachel Ruto was instrumental in assisting her husband's campaign, often seen by his side.

Rachel Ruto was born in western part of Kenya, Kakamega county on November 20 1968. She attended Kenyatta University for a Bachelor’s of Education Degree. She later bagged a Master of Arts in 2011 at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Photos of Rachel Ruto, First Lady of Kenya (to be)

William Ruto Wives: How many wives does William Ruto have? William Ruto has one wife only and a baby mama. He doesn't have a second wife. He has been married Once.

William Ruto First Wife: Who was the first wife of Ruto? William Ruto has only one wife named Rachel Ruto. She is his first and only wife.

William Ruto Second Wife Photo: Who is William Ruto second wife? The name of William Ruto alleged second wife is Prisca Chemutai but she is only his ex girlfriend and baby mama and not his second wife. So, William Ruto does not have a second wife.

Photos of William Ruto Rumored second wife who is actually his ex girlfriend and baby mama

William Ruto Girlfriend, Baby Mama Photos, Video: Who is William Ruto girlfriend and Baby Mama? The name of William Ruto ex girlfriend and baby mama is Prisca Chemutai. She gave birth to a daughter for him and her daughter's name is Abby Cherop.

William Ruto allegedly got Prisca Chemutai pregnant when he was a member of Parliament. Ruto and Prisca Chemutai Bett met in 2005 during a campus tour at Moi University.

In 2017, Prisca Chemutai called out William Ruto for abandoning his teenage daughter, Abby Cherop, but Ruto denied it.

Video of William Ruto ex Girlfriend, mistress, side chick & baby mama

"For the record I did find Abby's mother a 90k-a-month job,40k monthly upkeep ever since. She went ahead to get her own 3 other kids though."

"The other father/s should be men enough and look after their kids. Trying blackmail for me to cater for other men's children won't work." - Deputy President William Ruto

William Ruto Children, Sons, Daughters, Pictures: How many children does William Ruto have? William Ruto has six (6) biological children and an adopted child. 

The names of William Ruto children are, Nick Ruto, June Ruto, Charleen Ruto, Stephanie Jepchumba, George Ruto, Abby Ruto and Nadia Cherono, his adopted daughter.

William Ruto eldest son, Nick Ruto, was once blessed by Kalenjin elders, fuelling speculation that he was being groomed for a political role, while his daughter, June Ruto, works in the foreign affairs ministry.

Pictures of President William Ruto Children

William Ruto Sons: William Ruto has two sons and their names are Nick Ruto and George Ruto.

Photos of William Ruto Sons

William Ruto Daughters: Who are the daughters of William Ruto? William Ruto has 5 daughters and their names are, June Ruto, Charleen Ruto, Stephanie Jepchumba, Abby Ruto his daughter with his baby mama and Nadia Cherono his adopted daughter.

Pictures of William Ruto Daughters

Names Of William Ruto Children & Everything To Know About Them, Their Profile & Career, Occupation

The list of Kenyan President William Ruto Children - Sons and Daughters are:

1 Nick Ruto

2 June Ruto

3. Charleen Ruto

4 Stephanie Jepchumba

5 George Ruto

6 Abby Ruto

7 Nadia Cherono

1. Nick Ruto

Nick Ruto is the eldest son of William Ruto. He is a lawyer by profession. Nick Ruto is Ruto’s look-alike with political tendencies. He is a graduate of the Kenya School of Law and now an advocate of the High Court.

Picture of Nick Ruto

Chief Justice David Maraga admitted Nick Ruto to the bar in 2019.

William Ruto son, Nick Ruto is married. He got married to his wife Evelyn Chemutai in the wake of 2022.

2. June Ruto

June Ruto is the daughter of William Ruto who is married to a Nigerian man rich man called Alexander Ezenagu.

June Ruto is an International Relations former student at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is a diplomat and President elect Ruto’s favourite girl.

Wedding Pictures of William Ruto Daughter, June Ruto

3. Charleen Ruto

Charleen Ruto is William Ruto’s daughter. She is a journalist who graduated from Daystar University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication.

4. Stephanie Ruto Jepchumba

Stephanie  Ruto Jepchumba is William Ruto daughter and a lawyer who completed her Law Degree studies from Strathmore University in 2019.

Sharing pictures from his daughter, Stephanie Ruto graduation, William Ruto wrote:

"Congratulations to Stephanie Ruto on your graduation from Strathmore University with a degree in Law. Your dedication, hard work, self sacrifice and God's grace has triumphed. As you join your peers in the legal profession, may you stand with the tenets of justice, fidelity and impartiality.

At the 15th graduation of Strathmore University, Lang'ata, Nairobi County."

5. George Ruto

George Ruto is Williams Ruto and Rachel Ruto's last born son. He comes second after Nick Ruto. George Ruto is conversational with the potential of succeeding his father in politics.

6. Abby Ruto 

Abby Ruto is the daughter of William Ruto’s side chick, ex girlfriend, Prisca Chemutai Bett. She was born in 2006 and scored 406 marks in the 2019 KCPE exams.

William Ruto and Prisca Bett allegedly met in 2005 when the DP was still a Member of Parliament.

Photo of Abby Ruto - William Ruto & Prisca Chemutai Bett Daughter on her Way to high school on a motorbike

7. Nadia Cherono

Nadia Cherono is William Ruto's adopted child and daughter. Rachel and William Ruto adopted Nadia Cherono a few years ago.

Nadia’s story is touching considering she was buried alive and rescued by a Good Samaritan.

President William Ruto Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Salary, Income

William Ruto Net Worth: How much is William Ruto net worth? William Ruto net worth is about $400 Million US Dollars in 2022. His net worth in Kenyan Ksh is worth over Ksh 43 Billion, making him one of the richest man in Kenya.

William Ruto Rich, Wealthy: Ruto How Rich is William Ruto, How Wealthy is William Ruto? William Ruto is very rich. With a net worth of over Ksh 43 Billion, William Ruto is one of the top 20 richest and wealthiest people in Kenya in 2022.

William Ruto Salary, Income: How much is William Ruto Salary as Deputy President and President of Kenya? William Ruto Salary is Ksh.1.22 million monthly as Deputy President of Kenya. But William Ruto's Salary as Kenyan President has not been made available.

William Ruto Source of Income, Earnings, Wealth, Money: William Ruto made his money from politics, Farming, poultry, businesses, investments, hotels.

Pictures Of William Ruto House, Cars, Mansion

William Ruto House and Cars: William Ruto has fine houses and luxury cars in his garage at home.

Pictures of William Ruto first house in Uashin Gishu vs his official house in Karen as Deputy President

Pictures of William Ruto cars

Photo of the house Kenyan Deputy President Ruto Built for a family in Kiambu. 

In 2021, Deputy President Ruto donated Sh1 million for the construction of the house.

"Sometime last year, Deputy President William Ruto offered to build a house for a needy family in Gatitu, Githiga. I'm happy to announce that the three-roomed house is now complete. Now little Njeri and her four siblings have a decent home. On behalf of the family and Gatitu village, we are grateful," Wamuchomba stated.

William Ruto Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact: William Ruto Phone Number is unavailable.

William Ruto Instagram Page Account Profile Handle: William Ruto Instagram is william_s_ruto

Pictures, Image, Photos Gallery Of Kenyan President Ruto

Pictures From President Elect William Ruto's Massive 2022 Campaign In Kenya

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