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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege Bio, Wikipedia, Parents, Age, Family, Children, Wife, Nationality, State Of Origin, House, Cars, Tribe, Education, Father, Mother, Birthday, Height, Child, Career, Daughter, Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact, Ivara Esege Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, Hairstyle, Religion
Ivara Esege Photos

Pictures of Chimamanda Adichie Husband, Ivara Esege

History Of Ivara Esege: Everything To Know About Chimamanda Adichie Husband, Dr Ivara Esege Profile, Wife, Parents, Daughter, Nationality, Education, Net Worth, Siblings Sister, Brother, Father, Mother, Wedding Pictures

Who Is Ivara Esege?

Ivara Esege whose full name is Dr Ivara Alistair Esege (born 4 August 1967) is a Nigerian Medical Doctor based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He is originally from Itigidi, Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

Ivara Esege is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's husband. He is a Medical Doctor practicing in the United States of America. His net worth is about $4 Million US Dollars, which is estimated at ₦2,400,000,000 in Naira as at 2022.

Dr. Ivara Esege, MD, MBBS is a family medicine practitioner in Baltimore, MD specializing in family medicine. He graduated from University of Nigeria Faculty of Medical Sciences in 1989 and has 33 years of experience.

Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege, MD, MBBS is affiliated with Member | UM Faculty Physicians, Inc, University of Maryland Medical System, University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health and University of Maryland Medical Center.

Ivara Esege got married to Chimamanda Adichie in 2009. They have a child - daughter together.
Pictures of Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege

Ivara Esege Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Ivara Esege

Full Name: Ivara Alistair Esege, MD

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Cross River State

Hometown: Itigidi

LGA: Abi Local Government Area of Cross River

Tribe: Efik

Ethnicity: Black African (Efik, Nigerian)

Place Of Birth: Nigerian

Date Of Birth: 4 August 1967

Birthday: 4th August

Age: 55 Years Old (2022)

Occupation: Medical Doctor

Specialties: Family Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Net Worth: $4 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦2,400,000,000 Billion Naira

Height: 6"0 feet tall

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Education: University Of Nigeria (Faculty Of Medicine)

Marital Status: Married

Spouse, Wife: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Children: 1 Daughter

Parents: Mr and Mrs Esege

Siblings Sister: Anthea Nwandu

Religion: Christianity

Dr. Ivara Esege Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Wife, Marriage, Wedding Pictures
Meet Dr. Esege

Biography Wikipedia: Dr. Ivara Esege is a Family practice physician in Columbia, Maryland. He is the Husband of famous Nigerian-born writer, Chimamanda Adichie.
Ivara A. Esege, MD - Family Medicine - is a health provider in Columbia and is affiliated with University of Maryland Medical Center.

Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege is a Family Medicine Specialist in Columbia, MD and has over 33 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from the University of Nigeria Faculty of Medicine in 1989. He works in Columbia, MD and 2 other locations and specializes in Family Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Specialties: What Type Of Doctor Is Dr. Ivara Esege, Chimamanda Adichie's Husband? Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege is a Doctor who specializes in Family Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Dr. Ivara Esege Education
Ivara Esege graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) Faculty of Medicine in 1989. He had his basic education - primary and secondary schools in Nigeria before relocating to the United States of America for further studies and work.

About Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege, MD, MBBS Training/Expertise:

Medical School: University of Nigeria Faculty of Medical Sciences (1989)
Internship: University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (1991)
Residency: University of Maryland Medical Center (1995)
Certifications and Licenses: American Board of Family Medicine - Family Medicine (1996).

Ivara Esege Nationality, Country Of Origin: Ivara Esege nationality is Nigeria. He is a Nigerian from Cross River State.

Ivara Esege State Of Origin: Where is Ivara Esege (Chimamanda Adichie's Husband) from? Ivara Esege is from Cross River State, Nigeria.

Ivara Esege Home Town, Village: Ivara Esege hails from Itigidi, Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State. Itigidi is a not too large riverine community in Cross River Central, South-South Nigeria and is also the home of former Cross River State Governor, Liyel Imoke. It is home to one of the earliest health care facility in Cross River State; the Eja Memorial Joint Hospital, incidentally built by Imoke’s father who was a parliamentarian in Nigeria’s first republic.


Photos of Ivara Esege and his wife, Chimamanda Adichie at his home town in Itigidi in Cross River State

Ivara Esege Tribe, Ethnicity: Ivara Esege is Efik tribe. He is black American, African descent from Nigeria.

Ivara Esege Place Of Birth: Dr. Ivara Esege was born and raised in Nigeria and graduated with a degree in Medicine in 1989 from the University of Nigeria (UNN). He then pursued a post-graduate degree at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) and completed it in 1995.

Ivara Esege Date Of Birth: Ivara Esege was born on 4 August 1967.

Ivara Esege Age: How old is Ivara Esege? Dr. Ivara Esege Is 55 years old as at 2022. He celebrated his 55th birthday on 4th of August 2022.

Ivara Esege Parents, Father, Mother: Ivara Esege was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Esege of Cross River State, Nigeria. His parents taught at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). Dr. Ivara Esege parents are dead.

He lost both parents in a ghastly motor accident one weekend as they were driving to Itigidi, their home town from Enugu years ago.

Ivara Esege Parents In-laws: The names of Ivara Esege parents in-laws are, Professor James Nwoye Adichie (1932–2020), his father in-law who worked as a professor of statistics at the University of Nigeria and Mrs Grace Ifeoma (1942–2021), his Mother in-law who was the first Registrar of the University of Nigeria.
Photo of Ivara Esege Mother in-law

Picture of Ivara Esege father in-law

Pictures from the Burial of Dr Ivara Esege mother in-law in Anambra State, Nigeria

Picture of Dr Ivara Esege and his wife, Chimamanda Adichie and Nigerian Presidential aspirant & ex Anambra Governor, Peter Obi

Ivara Esege Siblings, Sister, Brother: Ivara Esege has other siblings. Her sisters name is Anthea Nwandu.
Picture of Dr Ivara Esege Sister and his family (Wife and child)

Ivara Esege Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Dr. Ivara Esege is married to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with a child. They got married in 2009.

How Ivara Esege & His Wife Chimamanda Adichie Met
Ivara Esege and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie met at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where their parents taught and later got married in 2009.
Pictures of Ivara Esege and his wife, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Ivara Esege Wife, Name, Pictures: Dr. Ivara Esege wife is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She is a Nigerian born writer and author. She is Igbo by tribe and ethnicity from Anambra state, Nigeria but based in the United States of America. Dr. Ivara Esege's wife, Chimamanda is the author of popular novels such as, 'Half of a Yellow Sun', 'Americanah' & 'Purple Hibiscus'.
Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege wife was born on 15th September 1977. She is 45 years old in 2022.

Dr. Ivara supported his wife, Chimamanda Adichie, after child-birth by staying home to take care of their daughter for six months before splitting the babysitting routine 50/50 throughout the week.

Ivara Esege is supportive of his feminist wife’s advocacy for gender equality.

Pictures of Ivara Esege Wife, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Ivara Esege Daughter, Child, Children: Ivara Esege has one child, a daughter Ms Esege. She was born in October 2015. She is 7 years old as at 2022.
Ivara Esege Daughter Picture

Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes (Chimamanda Adichie Husband Net Worth)

Ivara Esege Net Worth: How much is Dr. Ivara Esege net worth? Ivara Esege net worth is about $4 Million US Dollars as at 2022.

Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp, Address: Ivara Alistair Esege , MD
(667) 214-2100

University Of Maryland Waterloo Immediate Care
5890 Waterloo Rd
Columbia, MD 21045

Chimamanda Adichie, Husband Ivara Esege & Anambra Governor, Willie Obiano

Photo of Ivara Esege Wife and Daughter

Picture of Ivara Esege and his brother in-law

Dr. Ivara Alistair Esege Google Review Summary

Chinedu Odurukwe: Love going here for my health care needs. Dr Esege is a well seasoned doctor, pays attention to your concerns. There a whole lot of providers in this location, they also provide Urgent care, ambulatory care and much more.

Nyla: Best doctor ever. I'll never leave. I hadn't been to a doctor in years because I travel for work and literally had a list of concerns. He listened to each problem with such intent. My first appointment was over an hr long and he listened to my needs and always does. Favorite doctor.

Joe Haupt: Dr. Esege is an excellent doctor both in terms of his medical knowledge and his interaction with patients. He listens well and responds fully to your questions. I have never encountered any issues with wait times with Doctor Esege.

Tiffany A: Dr Esege is a thorough and professional provider. You can count on expertise to save your life! I have been with him since 2006 and can’t imagine having to find another provider.

Peter Kam: Not caring nor conversant. Just another worker who couldn't care less about about patients. More interested in getting back to the lobby chatting with nurses and eating snacks. The nurse was a true professional and should've been the doctor. Mychart messages are often not read for weeks.

Keturah Womack: Dr esege is one of the best doctors ever, he is there for the people.

Audra Matthews: Dr. Esege is the best doctor ever.

Christina: Very knowledgeable and down to earth!! Glad the staff scheduled me with him.

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