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Latest Instagram Photos: Isaac Fayose Bio, Wikipedia, Married, Wife, Children, Birthday, Age, Family, Parents, Hotels, House, Cars, Net Worth, Businesses, Properties, Height, Religion, Prince Isaac Fayose Images, Facebook Photos, Ig, Pics, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, CV, Father, Mother, Siblings, Brother, Sister, Daughters, Isaac Fayose Food Bank, Old Throwback and Recent Pictures Of Isaac Fayose

History Of Isaac Fayose: Everything To Know About Prince Isaac Fayose Profile, Oyinbo Wife, Son, Children, Family, Parents, Siblings, Hotels, Net Worth, Farm, Isaac Fayose Food Bank

Who is Isaac Fayose?
Isaac Fayose whose full name is Isaac Owolabi Fayose (born 4 September) is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and the owner of businesses such as Juzzy Farms; Anis Security; Alibi Television, Viewpoint Hotels. His net worth is about $7 Million US Dollars.

Prince Isaac Fayose is the younger brother of Isaac Fayose, a Nigerian politician and former 2-time Governor of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Isaac Fayose originally hails from Afao-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Nigeria but he grew up in Oyo State where he had his primary and secondary school education.

He was born into the Fayose family, a polygamous family. His father, Pa Olorunfemi Oluwayose, married six wives and had 27 children. The names of Isaac Fayose siblings are, Ayo Fayose, Otunba Emmanuel Fayose, Segun Fayose, Apostle Bimpe Sorinolu.
Picture of Isaac Fayose and his wife

Isaac Fayose is married to a white (Onyinbo) woman with a child, a son called Daniel Fayose.

Photos of Isaac Fayose
Isaac Fayose Picture

Isaac Fayose Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Isaac Fayose

Full Name: Isaac Owolabi Fayose

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Ekiti State

Hometown: Afao-Ekiti

Tribe: Yoruba 

Birthday: 4th September

Height: 6"0 feet tall

Religion: Christian

Occupation, Career: Entrepreneur, Businessman

Net Worth: $7,000,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦42,000,000,000 Billion Naira

Political Party: LP

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Oyinbo Wife

Children: 3

Parents: John Olorunfemi Oluwayose, Victoria Fayose

Father: Pa Olorunfemi Oluwayose

Mother: Prophetess Victoria Fayose

Siblings: Ayo Fayose, Otunba Emmanuel Fayose, Segun Fayose, Apostle Bimpe Sorinolu

Nephews, Niece: Oluwajomiloju Joju Fayose, Tomiwa Fayose, Nigba Fayose, Rogba Fayose, Boluwatife Fayose.

Isaac Fayose Instagram: isaacfayoseoriginal_

Full Biography Of Prince Isaac Fayose, Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood, Family, Background, Education, Political Career, Businesses, Properties, Investments, Hotels, Family, Children, Daughter, Son

Biography, Wikipedia: Isaac Fayose is a Nigerian born billionaire businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and political activist. He is the younger brother of Ayo Fayose, the former governor of Ekiti State.

Isaac Fayose Education
Isaac Fayose had attended primary and secondary schools in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. After obtaining his primary first school Leaving Certificate and SSCE certificate, he proceeded to the university. He later travelled out of the country for greener pastures.

Isaac Fayose Name: Isaac Fayose other name is Prince Isaac Fayose. His full name is Isaac Owolabi Fayose. 
Is Isaac Fayose A Prince? Yes, He is a prince from his mother's side. Isaac Fayose narrated that his mother, Princess Olufunke is a daughter from a royal family in Aiyede Ekiti, meaning he can be automatically addressed as a prince. For his mother to be a princess of the Osho royal family in Attah Aiyede, Ekiti, Isaac has appealed to all his friends and associates to accord him with his royal title as Prince and not Mr. Isaac Fayose. 

Isaac Fayose State Of Origin: Where is Isaac Fayose from? Isaac Fayose is from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Isaac Fayose Home Town, Village: Isaac Fayose hails from Afao-Ekiti in Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Isaac Fayose Tribe: Isaac Fayose is a Yoruba man from Yoruba tribe and ethnic group in the South West part of Nigeria.

Isaac Fayose Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Isaac Fayose? Isaac Fayose was born on 4th September.

Isaac Fayose Tattoo: Yes, Isaac Fayose is tattoed. He has his right arm tattoed.
Isaac Fayose Tattoo Pictures

Isaac Fayose Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Isaac Fayose was born into a polygamous family. His parents are Mr and Mrs Olorunfemi Oluwayose from Ekiti State.
His late dad married 6 wives and had 27 children.

Isaac Fayose Father: Isaac Fayose father is Pa John Olorunfemi Oluwayose. He is late. He died on the 14th of February 2009 at age 82. Isaac Fayose's father was married to six wives with 27 children.

Photo of Isaac Fayose Son & His Mother (Grandma)

Isaac Fayose Mother: Isaac Fayose mother's name is Prophetess Oluwafunke Oluwayose. She was born on 26 October 1939. She celebrates her 83rd birthday on the 26th of October 2022.
Isaac Fayose's mother is a princess of the Osho royal family in Attah Aiyede, Ekiti.

His mother, Prophetess Victoria Fayose is a Deeper Life church member. She has always kept a good relationship with her children, believing in their ability to excel.
Pictures of Isaac Fayose Mother

Isaac Fayose Siblings, Brothers, Sisters: Isaac Fayose has a total of 26 siblings. The names of his siblings from the same mother include, Ayo Fayose, Otunba Emmanuel Fayose, Segun Fayose, Apostle Bimpe Sorinolu.

Isaac Fayose And Ayo Fayose: Yes, Isaac Fayose and Ayo Fayose are siblings brothers from the same parents - the same father and mother. Ayo Fayose is his elder brother while he is the younger one.

Isaac Fayose's brother, Ayo Fayose whose full name is Peter Ayodele Fayose was born on 15 November 1960. He turns 62 years old by November 2022. He is a Nigerian politician and the former Governor of Ekiti State. He was in office between 29 May 2003 – 16 October 2006 and 16 October 2014 – 16 October 2018.

Isaac Fayose Married, Marriage: Is Isaac Fayose married? Yes, Isaac Fayose is married to a White woman with children. He has been married for about 14 years now.
Family picture of Isaac Fayose, his wife and Son

Isaac Fayose Wife: Isaac Fayose wife is a beautiful Oyinbo woman who has been with him for over 14 years now.
Pictures of Isaac Fayose and his wife

Celebrating his wife in a 2018 appreciative post, Isaac Fayose shared pictures with his wife and son and wrote:

"My dear Oyinbo 
As we move onto the next phase in our journey of life, I want to say a very special thank you for being with me in Nigeria for the past 10 years, as my rock and support, in all the challenges we have gone through from Abuja to Lagos to Ibadan and back to Abuja. You are indeed a wife of noble character and give me peace and joy😍. Amsterdam we come!!"

Isaac Fayose Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Isaac Fayose has a son and two daughters. The name of his son is Daniel Fayose. He is a mixed, biracial child better known as half caste.
The names of Isaac Fayose daughters are Nadia Fayose, and Isabelle Fayose.
Pictures of Isaac Fayose Children
Photos of Isaac Fayose Son

Pictures Of Isaac Fayose Daughter 

Photos of Isaac Fayose and His daughter

Isaac Fayose Girlfriend, Baby Mama: Isaac Fayose is married.

Isaac Fayose Net Worth 2022, Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Salary, Income

Isaac Fayose Net Worth: Isaac Fayose net worth is estimated at about $7 Million US Dollars as at 2022.

Isaac Fayose Net Worth In Naira: Isaac Fayose net worth in Naira is about ₦42,000,000,000 Billion Naira in 2022.

Isaac Fayose Source of Income

Isaac Fayose Is a rich man. He is a billionaire. He said he made his money himself that his money is not from his big brother, ex Governor Fayose.

“I am a self made billionaire, confirmed by EFCC. I have never been to anybody’s office for contract before including my brother.

“If I have ever been to your office for contract, please come out and say it. I have also never gotten a house from my brother before, but I love him dearly. I can die for him.

“I own myself, I, prince Isaac Owolabi Omo Fayose, I own myself, nobody owns me.”

Isaac Fayose House and Cars: Isaac Fayose has nice houses in Nigeria. He lived in Ibadan, Lagos, and Abuja.
Isaac Fayose also has nice cars he drives.

Isaac Fayose Properties, Investments, Businesses, Hotels
List of Isaac Fayose Properties and businesses include;
Juzzy Farms
Anis Security
Alibi Television
Viewpoint Hotels
Pictures of Isaac Fayose Hotel

Isaac Fayose Viewpoint Hotel

Isaac Fayose Hotels: Isaac Fayose is the owner of Viewpoint Hotels located in Ibadan, Abuja and Lagos State. He recently put up his Viewpoint Hotel in Ibadan for sell.

Isaac Fayose Political Career
Isaac Fayose is not a politician but he is a political activist. He is not supporting Atiku Abubakar or Bola Tinubu. Isaac Fayose anti comments about Atiku Abubakar always go Viral.

Isaac Fayose is rather supporting Peter Obi to be president of Nigeria in 2023. He has donated his Viewpoint Hotel in Ibadan, Oyo State as a venue for Peter Obi Obidient campaign.

Prince Isaac Fayose also promised to donate between ₦20 million to ₦40 million Naira to Peter Obi campaign.

Isaac Fayose The Philanthropist: Isaac Fayose is a philanthropist. He is currently doing ₦5000 giveaways which he titled Isaac Fayose Food Bank.

Isaac Fayose Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Isaac Fayose can be contacted via his Instagram or Facebook accounts 

Isaac Fayose Instagram: Isaac Fayose Instagram Page Account Profile Handle is 

Isaac Fayose Facebook: Isaac Fayose Facebook name is Prince Isaac Fayose.

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