Everything To Know About Bella & Sheggz BBN Relationship (Pictures) Girlfriend & Boyfriend

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Pictures Of Sheggz And Bella BBNaija & What To Know About Their Marriage, Wedding Plans, Couple Relationship, Dating, Affair, Boyfriend & Girlfriend Big Brother Gist, Photos, Sheggz and Bella BBN Updates & News + Fans Reactions, Memes - Sheggz Olu and Bella Okagbue

What Is Happening Between Sheggz And Bella? Are Sheggz and Bella Dating, in a Relationship? Yes, Sheggz and Bella have a relationship which has got big brother naija (BBN) fans fascinated. Sheggz is in love with Bella while Bella is also in love with Sheggz, she is taking her time to give her heart to Sheggz so that the BBNaija housemate with British accent won't break her heart.

Sheggz And Bella Age Difference: How old are Sheggz and Bella? Sheggz was born on 13th November 1996 while Bella was born on 31st May 1997.
Bella is 26 years old in 2022 while Sheggz is 27 years old in 2022.
Sheggz is one year older than Bella while Bella is one year younger than Sheggz.
Picture of Sheggz and Bella BBNaija

Sheggz & Bella State Of Origin & Tribe: Sheggz is Yoruba by tribe and hails from Lagos State while Bella is Igbo girl by tribe and hails from Anambra State.

Who Is Sheggz BBN? Sheggz whose real name is Segun Daniel Olusemo is a Nigerian British Professional Footballer, Actor and Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2022 Season 7 'Level Up' housemate and contestant.

Sheggz ex girlfriend called him out over alleged domestic violence.

Who Is Bella BBNaija?

Bella Okagbue whose real name is Chidimma Esther Okagbue (born 31 May 1997) is a Nigerian Content Creator, Brand Influencer, Reality TV Star and Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2022 Season 7 'Level Up' housemate and contestant.

Bella Okagbue BBNaija is the youngest sister of hansome Nollywood star actor, Chris Okagbue and Sandra Okagbue, Flavour's Baby Mama.

BBNaija Housemates Are Jealous Of My Relationship With Sheggz - Bella

Big Brother Naija’s housemate, Bella, has claimed that other housemates are out to break up her relationship with Sheggz.

Another housemate, Doyin on Thursday, told Sheggz while trying to settle their quarrel that she distanced herself from him because of Bella.

In Bella’s discussion with Sheggz on Friday, she said that the other housemates were jealous of her and that it’s always been like that for her even outside the house.

They are trying so hard to break us, who wouldn’t want the princess treatment, they see it, they want it, they can’t get it” she said.

Big Brother Fans, Shippers React To Sheggz and Bella Relationship

Omotee AyabaLarry💡💡❤💡❤💡
Biggie : Sheggz do you see your new Hms Deji as a threat?
Sheggz : I really dont see him as a threat ,diff kings at diff time ,sky is big enough for all. Except if he has eye on Bella and if dt should happen,dt means she was never meant for me👍 biggie abort deji mission

linda @ms_nwaneri:
I’m so entertained by the islanders I love each and everyone of them,
But you see Bella and sheggz I no the use them play, kimon 🥰🥰#BBNaija

Sophia🎀 @TheRealSophia3:
My mum woke up and asked me to put Sheggz and Bella for her 😂😂 not big brother again ooo #BBnaija
I wish I can post her reaction when they took the camera away from them 😂😂😂 am happy we liked the same people this year😂

The Girlking @GirlkingThe1:
Sheggz: you know what yeah,I feel like our house is gonna be fun
Bella: how
Sheggz:like it's gonna be so clean (they both laugh)
Bella: (staring at him)
Sheggz: but we'll need a maid though coz I know you are lazy 😂
Bella: and a chef too 

Sheggz' British Accent! @perestanaccount:
Aww... Sheggz and Bella had a fight, they are now apologizing to each other 🥰😩Kayode e no go better for you o😪 see the way they have settled 🥰😩God let this be forever in Jesus' name🙏

Sheggz doesn't like it when Bella mentions stuff like biggie will reshuffle them and move him to level 2...and that he will be mingling with other girls there. She said it, he got angry, and walked out on her. She too didn't his reaction. They both apologised

Sheggz and Bella are doing it again oo 🤣🤣entertaining housemates and viewers⚡⚽️ #BBnaija

Ife❤ @empressss_naomi:
Bella and sheggz you go kiss abi u no go kiss #BBNaija

Bryann X Bella 💋 @AlliSammiat:
Yess bella and sheggz are cutee but it would not hurt to admit that sheggz is doing much and it’s annoying #BBNajiaS7 #BBNaija

I like the fact that Bella is just herself around Sheggz. No faking, no forming. If he likes her, he must like her flaws and all👌🏾

Bella BBNaija 🥰💦 @_bambidiamond
It's how Bella and Sheggz give us our nightly dose of cuteness without skipping any dose for me. I'm all for that😍. Cuteness Overdose!
Level 2 Big Bella BBNaijaS7

Sheggz - I can't have sex in Biggie's house because my mum will be admitted if she see it and I don't want my kids to watch it and say daddy is having sex with mummy in Bigbrother 

Bella - So if I want it, you won't do it.

Sheggz - No, I won't


claire124 @claire1245:
I swear if watching Sheggz and Bella doesn’t make you smile you need some love and light in your life #BBNaija

Lelo @callmeLelo
Stop comparing Sheggz and Bella to your past ships
Sorry for the trauma they caused but this ship is nothing like them

Bella enjoys Sheggz's company and she's not complaining about him being clingy because she's also like that
Everything is mutual, they are happy!!!

Akanni Of Lagos 🐺@2muchAkanni:
I haven't been seeing people talking about how beautiful Bella is and that lady is smooth. She's so beautiful.
Y'all should not blame Sheggz at this point abeg, that babe fine biko.

screech vibes 🇬🇭🇬🇧 @screech_vibes
The way Bella is looking straight into Sheggz eyes is giving me joy🥰

Shella is still a sibling ship and we like it like that. Everything is about time 💯. It pays to wait to make the right decision in life 🙏

Sheggz And Bella BBNaija News Updates

BBNaija S7: Bella Turns Down Sheggz’s Advances

BBNaija Level 1 housemate Bella has told Sheggz that she needed space.

This is coming after Chichi lambasted Sheggz over his comment.

The whole incident started when Chichi misunderstood Sheggz who said she would be classified as “Gen-Z”.

Chichi thought Sheggz had meant it in a mean-spirited way and had a go at him.

After her fellow Housemates explained that she had misheard Sheggz, Chichi apologized, but it is yet to be seen if her apology was accepted.

A few hours later, the 25-year-old Bella was heard telling Sheggz that she needed some space.

Sheggz proved persistent in his advances as he tried to convince Bella of his pure intentions but looks like Bella wants nothing to do with relationships for now.
BBNaija: ‘We Are Just Friends’ - Bella explains her relationship status with Sheggz

Big Brother S7 Level one housemates, Bella and Sheggz are unofficially an item. Bella explained her relationship with Sheggz in a private conversation.

Bella has left a Number of broken hearts in her wake after bringing Sheggz up to date on the state of her feelings for him.

In a heart-to-heart talk with Sheggz, Bella clarified that there was nothing romantic going on as they are still in the “just friends” stage.

“We are getting to know each other. We are not dating or have you asked me out?” Bella queried in the mild exchange.

Barely 24 hours later, in another conversation, Bella accused Sheggz of not finding her attractive after the London-based housemate revealed that he had not had an erection since coming into the house.

BBNaija S7: Sheggz and Bella Talk About Their Wedding Plans

Sheggz and Bella seem to be taking the lead day in, and day out, the cute couple continues to bless their fans and viewers with lovey-dovey content.

Recall that on opening up his feelings for her, Sheggz confided in Chomzy about his attraction to Bella.

He revealed that Bella’s cuteness, her sharp mouth and her personality endeared him to her.

Ever since then, both housemates have been having deep romantic conversations and way forward in and outside the house.

Not long ago, Sheggz who claimed to be single for 9 months asked Bella if she is ready to mingle but she didn’t give a direct response.

He also popped another question, suggesting he plans to marry Bella in the future.

Now, a video of Bella and Sheggz planning their marriage has emerged online.

In the video, Bella told Sheggz that she would love them to have a very private wedding.

According to her, her wedding will have at most 100 people.

She added that she wants only close family members and close friends to attend their wedding.

But, Sheggz said he wants a big wedding.

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