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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Aniekwe Francis Chidi Chizzy BBNaija Season 7 Bio, Wikipedia, Wife, Mother, Family, Parents, Father, Siblings, House, Cars, Girlfriend, Tribe, State Of Origin, Hometown, Height, Married, Marriage, Children, Net Worth, Birthday, Education, Religion, Real Name, Chizzy Francis BBNaija Images, Facebook Photos, Twitter, Ig Pics, LinkedIn, Interview (Chizzy Big Brother BBNaija 2022 Season 7 Level Up Fake Housemate), Hairstyles, Tattoo

History Of Aniekwe Francis Chidi: Everything To Know About Chizzy Francis BBnaija Season 7 Profile, Wife, Girlfriend, Relationship, Parents, Family, Father, Mother, Siblings, Net Worth, Tribe

Who Is Chizzy Francis From BBNaija?
Chizzy Francis BBN whose real name is Aniekwe Francis Chidi (born 14 October 1993) is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Biggie's Rider and Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2022 Season 7 'Level Up' fake housemate and contestant.
His Net Worth is about $20,000 US Dollars, estimated at about ₦12,000,000 Million Naira as at 2022.

Chizzy BBNaija real name is Chidi Francis. His full name is Aniekwe Francis Chidi. He was born on 14 October 1993. He originally hails from Anambra State, Nigeria.
Aniekwe Francis Chidi Aka Chizzy Francis BBnaija was born into an Igbo tribe Christian family. His parents are Mr and Mrs Aniekwe.
Chizzy BBN has 3 siblings - one brother and two sisters.
Photos of Chizzy Francis BBnaija

Pictures of BBN Chizzy Big Brother Naija S7

Aniekwe Francis Chidi (Chizzy Francis) BBNaija Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Stage Name: Chizzy 

Nickname: Chizzy Francis BBNaija (BBN)

Real Name: Chidi Francis

Full Name: Aniekwe Francis Chidi

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Anambra State

Hometown: Umunya Village, Anambra

Tribe: Igbo

Religion: Christian

Height: 6"2 Feet tall

Date Of Birth: 14 October 1993

Age: 28 Years Old (2022)

Occupation Career: Entrepreneur, Reality TV Star

Net Worth: $20,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦12,000,000 Million Naira (2022)

Relationship, Marital Status: Single
Married: No

Wife: Not Married

Girlfriend: Dating

Children, Child: None

Parents: Mr and Mrs Aniekwe

Siblings: 3

Brothers: 1

Sisters: 2

Instagram: chizzyofficial__1

Education: Heritage Polytechnic Eket (Public Administration)

Full Biography Of Chizzy (2022 BBNaija bbn Season 7 Level Up Housemate) Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Relationship, Girlfriend, Wife, Sister

Biography Wikipedia: Aniekwe Chidi Francis aka Chizzy BBNaija is a Nigerian born Entrepreneur, Reality TV Star who is Biggie's Rider on Big Brother Naija (BBN) 2022 Season 7 'Level Up' TV show.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija has always been an entrepreneur even during his school days. Chizzy bbn was Riding okada, later Keke to make money. He is also a farmer.
Chizzy Francis BBnaija is currently a Manager at his friend's steel company in Ogun State.

He is also a fitness, workout and gym buff which he says makes him looks younger than his age.

Profile Of Chizzy Francis BBN 2022 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 7 'Level Up' Housemate & Contestant

Chizzy is the 28th BBNaija Season 7 housemate. He is actually a fake BBN S7 housemate.
Chizzy BBnaija Biggie's Rider: Chizzy and Rachel are Riders aka Big Brother Agents in the big brother house. What this means is that they can't win the N100M prize, they can't be evicted and they will be in the big brother house till the last day. They can participate in tasks and win money.

Full Name: Aniekwe Francis Chidi

Chizzy is a firm believer in the adage: ‘Time wasted can never be "retrieved’, so he makes sure to chase his lofty goals and follow his dreams, no matter what.

He describes himself as an easy-going person who possesses a sharp mind and great attitude, and when he’s not multitasking, you’ll find this student burning up the dance floor with his moves, or swimming and playing football.

Why Big Brother Naija Level Up? Chizzy believes the show presents the perfect opportunity for him to showcase his talents and show the world what he has to offer. “This experience will also serve as an avenue for me to not only entertain but to educate and also give back to the community that molded me”.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Education
Chizzy Francis Bbn graduated from Heritage Polytechnic Eket, from the department of Public Administration.
Chizzy first attended Tansian University in Anambra State but he didn't graduate. He left for Heritage Polytechnic, a private Poly in Eket, Akwa Ibom State.

Chizzy BBNaija Real Name: What is the real name of Chizzy BBNaija season 7? Chizzy Big Brother Naija (BBN) real name is Chidi Francis. His full name is Aniekwe Francis Chidi.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija State Of Origin: Where is Chizzy BBNaija from? Chizzy Francis bbn is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Chizzy Francis Home Town, Village: Chizzy Francis BBnaija hails from Umunya village, a town in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Tribe: What tribe is Chizzy bbn? Chizzy Francis is Igbo by tribe.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Chizzy Francis was born on 14 October 2022.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Age: How old is Chizzy BBN? Chizzy BBNaija is 28 years old as at 2022.
Chizzy Francis bbnaija celebrates his 28th birthday on 14th October 1993.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Height: How tall is Chizzy BBN? Chizzy Francis BBnaija is 6"2 Feet tall.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Chizzy BBN Gay, Bisexual Or Straight? Chizzy Francis BBnaija is straight, not gay.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Religion: Is Chizzy Francis BBnaija a Muslim or Christian? Chizzy Bbn is a Christian from a Christian home.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Chizzy Francis BBN is from a family of 6 - comprising his parents - mother and father - himself & 3 Siblings - 2 sisters and 1 brother who is a lawyer.
Chizzy Francis BBnaija parents are Mr and Mrs Aniekwe. His mother, father, sibling sister are living in Canada.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Siblings, Brother, Father: Chizzy Francis BBN has three (3) siblings - 1 brother who is a Barrister and two sisters.
Chizzy BBnaija sister's name is Ifunanya Aniekwe.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Chizzy Francis BBnaija married? No, Chizzy BBN is not yet married. He is single.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Wife: Who is Chizzy BBN wife, name, pictures? Chizzy Francis BBnaija does not have a wife yet as he is single and ready to mingle.

Chizzy BBnaija Relationship, Dating: Is Chizzy BBN in a relationship? No, Chizzy Francis BBnaija is not in a serious relationship at the moment.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Children, Child: Does Chizzy BBN have a child? No, Chizzy Francis BBnaija does not have a child yet or baby mama.

What BBnaija Fans Are Saying About Chizzy BBN

Juliefua 🐺🐺❤ @JulianaDarko13:
So now we have a Chichi, Chiomzy and now Chizzy 

E con be like triplets 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #BBNaija

Malebogo Zibani @malebogozibani1:
I want Chizzy in the Trenches make Phyna forget about Eloswags

Damie 🇺🇬⭐ @Damie001:
Daniella is sooooo sweet and hospitable! 🥺
See how she welcomed Chizzy 

I hope Chizzy will step up and fill Cyph’s shoes when it comes to HOH games. Trenches need a win.

BIG BROTHER NAIJA S7 Rant & Bants @gagasmallz:
Chizzy to Bryann: Bro you left your bed for a girl?

Bryann: Yeah I'm a gentleman 😌

Chizzy: That's stupid!

Eeii this Chizzy guy tho😂

Ngene Ifeoma @ngene_jennifer ​to @agasmallz
Biggie bring am for violence na......violence he came for violence he is 

Baybie @Baybie8:
Chizzy matches the Trenches, he's behaving like person wey start show with them from day one. Biggie na correct matchmaker😂 #bbnaija

New Twist of the season - The Two New Housemates , Rachel and Chizzy are called RIDERS. 

This means that they can be nominated but can't be EVICTED either. 

They will play until the end of the show

i love Daniella n trenches🧨@Halley_love2:
Daniella is very welcoming ..the same way she received n welcomed Modella last week its how she just welcomed Chizzy..aawwnn Daniella❤ #BBNaija
#DaniellaPeters #FocusOnDaniella

Whiteee_girl @whiteee_girl:
Chizzy and bryann, fine black boys😮‍💨😍
I want a brothermance!🥹🫣#BBNaija

🍎MERCYOSARO22★™🍎 @poshsypce22:
Menh Amaka, Giddyfai and phyna combine dey learn work for were Chizzy dey o😂🤣

Mari @Mari_glamz:
Chizzy is a perfect fit for trenches. Can’t wait to see how he’ll hype and sing during tasks 😂 #BBNaija

PengTingNay @thenayyy101:
Chizzy is most definitely in the right house😂😂he will blend in very well

Shortlet N Luxe @SodiqAhmed13:
This Chizzy guy go give me street vibes. Phyna done see her energy #BBNaija

Sumah @Sumah03786330:
Nah chizzy has started his mission 😂 why is he asking Bryan n Daniella why they leave their beds 😆😆 it’s Bryan refusing to answer for me #bbnaija

Damilola🍫 @ComfortAjakaye:
Chizzy you're funny😂 abeg help us win hoh tomorrow, I go support you die! #BBNaija

What did I hear this Chizzy guy said to Bryann? Is he mad? Rubbish Big brother agent; Ninja ProMax!! You will stay till the end and not win Money🙄🙄 Mumu Man; he better respects himself in that house and stay away from Bryann😡😡 #BryannOnly #bbnaija

Stephanie C. Micheal @steph_bonchi:
Chizzy speaking pidgin English with slang. They put him in the right house. At least no one will be saying 'you don't speak well' to him in here.
#BBNaijaS7 #BBNaija #BBNajiaS7

Rachel and Chizzy are actually going to enjoy the big brother house tbh. No eviction for them, just cashing out from tasks till the final day #BBNaija

Comrade Ayo🦋🦅 @Onlyonemide2
This chizzy guy go annoy us and the funniest part is that we can’t vote him out😢#BBNaija

JesusKid @Ujay4lyfe:
They are riders(agents) so they are actually on BBN's payroll. Make una no fear, dem no go win the price. It's just for the current hms to sit up. They've been too comfortable and have lost focus on why they're there. This is my 2 cents opinion though, I no dey biggie head.

Bigbabybrii🐻 @ChumaChoongo:
So if Rachel and Chizzy cannot be evicted means they have already made it to top 5 😂😂🔥 Biggir na your mate #BBNaija #BBNajiaS7

loud @loudloud101:
Trenches don get another mad man,chizzy go show this level 1 madness #BBNaija

Zinhle.Dube @ZinhleD10042450
Replying to 
I love that you can also see that he has mad man vibes😭😩🤣He fits well with my Level 2 crazy babies

Abiolagenius 💙❤ @abiolagenius:
Chizzy: i don ride Okada and i don ride keke
When Ebuka said he is a Rider you all thought he was capping 🤣😂😂😂🤣
I like this guy.. Him and Phyna go dey make me laugh.

Reactions To Chizzy Task Presentation

D African Don @dafricandon:
Chizzy's presentation just singlehandedly destroyed everything they cooked 😂#BBNaija

Beauty Daily @IamSwoodey:
Chizzy is a clown…effortlessly funny🤣🤣🤣🤣
 #bbnaija #BBNaijaS7

SKIN CARELOVER ⚛️ @peaceandunityy:
This guy Chizzy present Better than Amaka … 😂😂😂 #bbnaija

Chadiwa @Chadiwa4:
‘I put it in the blender and I dealt with it myself’ 

Chizzy oo!!😭😂😂😂😂🔥🔥#BBNaija

Mogau Grace Ngoasheng 💰 @PlusizeGoddess:
The fact that Chizzy is gonna be on my screen till the final day is sweeting me...I love him!😂🤍
#BBNaija #Bbnaija

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Net Worth: How much is Chizzy BBN BBNaija Net Worth? Chizzy Francis BBnaija Net Worth is about $20,000 US Dollars in 2022 estimated at about ₦12,000,000 Million in Naira.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija House and Cars: Chizzy BBN lives in Nigeria while his family live in Canada.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp: Chizzy Francis BBnaija phone Number is unavailable.

Chizzy Francis BBnaija Instagram: Chizzy BBN Instagram handle is chizzyofficial__1.

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