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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Aremu Afolayan Bio, Wikipedia, Wife Kafilat Olayinka Quadri, Daughter, Net Worth, Family, Parents, State Of Origin, Siblings, Tribe, Hometown, Height, Weight, Religion, Hairstyles, Child, Children, Baby Mama, Brother, Education, Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Tattoo, Movies, Aremu Afolayan Images, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, Facebook Photos, YouTube Channel, Car Business, Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact, Birthday, Age
Kafilat Olayinka Quadri Biography, Husband

History Of Aremu Afolayan: Everything To Know About Aremu Afolayan Profile, Wife Kafilat Olayinka Quadri, Daughter, Family, Siblings, Parents, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Divorce, Marriage, Wedding Story, Girlfriend, Children

40 Pictures, Images, Photos Of Aremu Afolayan, Wife Kafilat Olayinka Quadri, Daughter, Children, Siblings Brother, Sister, Parents, Father, Mother, Hairstyles, Tattoos, Child, House, Cars 

Who Is Aremu Afolayan?

Aremu Afolayan (born on 2 August 1980) is a Nigerian Actor, Yoruba Movie producer and Entrepreneur. His net worth is about $750,000 US Dollars in 2022.

Aremu Afolayan is the younger brother of Kunle Afolayan and the elder brother of Gabriel Afolayan.

Aremu Afolayan is originally from Kwara State, Nigeria but was born on 2nd August 1980 in Ebute Metta, Lagos State, Nigeria. He was born into the famous Afolayan family which is a family of entertainers.

He is the son of the famous theatre and film director and producer Adeyemi Afolayan aka Ade Love. His elder brother, is Kunle Afolayan, the popular filmmaker, producer, director and actor. While his younger brother Gabriel Afolayan is also an actor.
Aremu Afolayan is from a polygamous family of 1 father, 10 Wives, and 25 children.

Aremu Afolayan got married to Kafilat Olayinka Quadri, his beautiful older wife in 2013. They have a child - a daughter named Iyunade Afolayan who was born on 21st December 2016.

Aremu Afolayan Photos

Pictures of Aremu Afolayan

Aremu Afolayan Profile Bio Wiki Data

Name: Aremu Afolayan

Full Name: Aremu Olumide Afolayan

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Kwara State

Hometown: Igbomina - Ilorin Kwara

Tribe: Yoruba

Ethnicity: Igbomina-Yoruba

Place of Birth: Ebute Metta, Ikeja in Lagos

Date of Birth: 2 August 1980

Birthday: 2nd August

Age: 42 Years Old (2022)

Religion: Muslim

Height: 6'0 feet tall

Occupation, Career: Actor, Producer, Businessman

Net Worth: $750,000

Spouse, Wife: Kafilat Olayinka Quadri

Divorced: No

Children: 1

Daughter: Iyunade Afolayan

Parents: Mr and Mrs Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan

Father: Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan (Ade Love)

Family: (Polygamous Family Of 1 Father, 10 Wives, 25 Children)

Siblings: Moji Afolayan (sister)

               Kunle Afolayan (eldest brother)

               Gabriel Afolayan (younger brother)

Brothers: 2

Sisters: 1

Total Number Of Siblings: 24

Stepmothers: 9

Stepsister: Ibukunoluwa Afolayan

Marital status: Married

Tattooed: Yes

Instagram: aremumimostwantedlikecrudeoil

Full Biography Of Aremu Afolayan, Career, Occupation, Family, Background, Background, Education, Parents, Marriage, Children, Siblings, Brothers, Sisters

Biography Wikipedia: Aremu Afolayan whose full name is Aremu Olumide Afolayan is a Nigerian born Yoruba Nollywood Actor, Producer, Businessman who deals on Cars, and a personal shopper.

Aremu Afolayan Instagram profile bio reads: 'Aremu Olumide Afolayan, Actor, Personal Shopper (Omoodor), business man, Asewo, Iyunades daddy'.

Aremu Afolayan is a controversial activist who often criticizes the Nigerian government, politicians. His criticisms of the Nigerian government, politicians, President Buhari have sparked reactions and controversies.
In 2021, Aremu Afolayan was nominated for Net Honours award for the 'Most Searched Actor'.

Aremu Afolayan Picture

Aremu Afolayan Movies: List of Aremu Afolayan movies include, The Score, Ewon Laafin, Dead Rite, Kesari, Idamu Akoto, Barrister Dona, among others.

Aremu Afolayan Educational Background
Aremu Afolayan had his primary school and secondary education in Lagos State and obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and SSCE certificate.
It's not clear if Aremu Afolayan is a university graduate or not.

Aremu Afolayan State Of Origin: Where is Aremu Afolayan from? Aremu Afolayan is from Kwara State, Nigeria. 

Aremu Afolayan Home Town, Village: Aremu Afolayan hails from Igbomina, Ilorin, Kwara State, from the North Central part of Nigeria but he was born in Lagos State.

Aremu Afolayan Tribe: What tribe is Aremu Afolayan? Aremu Afolayan is Igbomina Yoruba by tribe. The Igbomina or Igbonna is a distinct dialectal unit of the Yorubas. The term Igbomina or Igbonna refers to the people and the land they occupy.

Aremu Afolayan Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Aremu Afolayan born? Aremu Afolayan was born on 2 August 1980.

Aremu Afolayan Age: How old is Aremu Afolayan? Aremu Afolayan is 42 years old now as at 2022. He celebrated his 42nd birthday on 2nd August 2022.

Aremu Afolayan Height: How tall is Aremu Afolayan? Aremu Afolayan is 6"0 Feet tall.
Pictures of Aremu Afolayan standing tall at 6"0 Feet

Aremu Afolayan Tattoo Pictures: Yes, Aremu Afolayan has a tattoo on his body. He likes tattoos and has his arm tattooed.

Aremu Afolayan Hairstyles: Aremu Afolayan rocks stylish hairstyles, hair cut, afro, punk and blond coloured hair.

Aremu Afolayan Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Aremu Afolayan gay, bisexual or straight? Aremu Afolayan is straight. He is not gay.

Aremu Afolayan Gigolo: Is Aremu Afolayan a gigolo? Aremu Afolayan has been accused of being a gigolo who used to date Older women for money. Although Aremu Afolayan calls himself 'Asewo' on Instagram, he has denied being a gigolo.
Aremu Afolayan Religion: Is Aremu Afolayan a Christian or Muslim? Aremu Afolayan is a Muslim who practices the Islam religion.

Aremu Afolayan Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Stepmother

Afolayan Family: The Afolayan family is a polygamous one. The patriarch of the Afolayan family is Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan aka Ade Love, the late theatre and film director and producer. He married 10 wives and had 25 children.
Aremu Afolayan Father, Adeyemi Afolayan, died in the year 1996 after a brief illness at 56 years old.

I was born poor, first time I saw an airport was in 2006 – Aremu Afolayan Tells Punch:

One would have easily assumed that being the son of the late popular filmmaker, Adeyemi Afolayan fondly referred to as Ade Love would mean Aremu Afolayan grew up in a wealthy home but in a chat with Saturday Beats, the actor opened up on his grass to grace story.

He revealed that he was born in a wooden makeshift house popularly known as face-me-I-face-you and had to join his mother daily to sell pepper soup after school. Aremu said, “I was born poor but I don’t know if my other brothers would say otherwise but I know that I was born poor in a makeshift wooden face-me-I-face-you house in a very poor area. Rich people never affiliated themselves with us or allowed their children to play with us. In fact, we did not see them because there were no rich people in the area I grew up, everyone was poor. There was no life for me basically while I was growing up. I got to know where the airport is in 2006. That was the year I would say I started to enjoy life a bit. I did not know anything about how to enjoy life while I was growing up and there was no one to enlighten me. That is why I never took school seriously because I had to sell pepper soup for my mother. We would go to her shop by 3:30 pm when I returned from school. Then, we would get home at about 5 pm. This happened all through my formative years, it happened from 1991 till 2002.

“My mother later had to retire from that business and I got all the freedom I had been hoping for in my life. No matter how high my hopes were, I could not just leave my mother alone to fend for herself because I am her last born. I eventually became a model in 2002. After the modeling, I went into the film industry. As a model, I got some jobs but I was always nervous in the midst of the new friends I made, no thanks to my background as a poor boy. I did not grow up going to clubs, smoking or drinking alcohol. I was not exposed to that ‘hip-hop’ life because my background modified my life and made me who I am today. If I was exposed to that lifestyle maybe I would have been dead by now because I may have had a very flamboyant lifestyle and I would be a night crawler. When I began my acting career, I tried to see if people would appreciate my talent but they were biased towards me despite my family name. No one tried to help me until I met Bob Manuel one day, he gave me a ‘waka pass’ role and like they say, the rest is history. No one, not even my brother helped me to get to where I am today. I worked hard myself,” he said.

Aremu Afolayan Parents, Father, Mother: Aremu Afolayan was born into the polygamous family of Mr and Mrs Adeyemi Afolayan in Lagos State. His family is originally from Kwara State. His own mother had 4 children - 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Aremu Afolayan Father, Name, Pictures: Who Is Aremu Afolayan Father? Aremu Afolayan father was Adeyemi Afolayan popular known as Ade Love who was a legendary movie maker.
Aremu Afolayan Father married was a polygamist who married 10 wives with 25 Children before he died.
Picture of Adeyemi Afolayan aka Ade Love, Aremu Afolayan Father

Talking to Punch in a 2018 interview about his father, Aremu Afolayan said:

 “People assume a lot in Nigeria. My father was never a rich man; he only made money but never had money. Whenever he made money, he spent it almost immediately. He was supposed to have money but he did not because he did not have investments. He did not leave anything for me to live on but he made me work and earn a living for myself. If he had left something, maybe I would have grown better than this but it has taught me that I would not do the same for my children. My father was only famous but he was never wealthy,” he said.

Aremu Afolayan Siblings, Brothers, Sister: How many siblings does Aremu Afolayan have? Aremu Afolayan has 3 Siblings - two (2) brothers and one (1) sister from his mothers side. The names of Aremu Afolayan biological siblings are Kunle Afolayan, Gabriel Afolayan and his sister, Moji Afolayan.
Pictures of Aremu Afolayan Siblings, Brothers, Kunle Afolayan and Gabriel Afolayan

Aremu Afolayan has a total number of 24 siblings and 9 step mothers.

Aremu Afolayan Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Aremu Afolayan married? Yes, Aremu Afolayan is married to Kafilat Olayinka Quadri with a child, a daughter.
Wedding Picture of Aremu Afolayan and his wife, Kafilat Olayinka Quadri

Popular Yoruba filmmaker, Aremu Afolayan is known for dating older women, and he finally settled down with a woman older than him called, Kafilat Olayinka. He married Kaffy as she is fondly called in December 8, 2013, few years after his love affair with another older woman, Yetunde Oduwole, the writer of Bustline Column crashed.

When Did Adeyemi Afolayan Get Married? Adeyemi Afolayan and his wife, Kafilat Olayinka Quadri got married in December 2013 in Abuja. His family allegedly boycotted the wedding because his brothers were against him marrying an older lady but Aremu Afolayan denied it.

Aremu Afolayan Wife, Name, Age, Pictures: Who is Aremu Afolayan wife? Aremu Afolayan wife name is Kafilat Olayinka Quadri. She is from a rich family and the first first daughter of Yinka Quadri. His wife is Older than him.
Photo of Kafilat Olayinka Quadri

Picture of Aremu Afolayan and his wife

Biography: Kafilat Olayinka Quadri is the wife of Aremu Afolayan, the top Yoruba Nollywood Actor. She is the first daughter of Yinka Quadri.

"I Didn't Marry My Wife Because Of Her Wealth' Aremu Afolayan Says

Actor and movie producer Aremu Afolayan has reacted to reports that he married his new wife because she's rich.

Aremu got married quietly on Saturday December 7th 2013 in Abuja to a woman believed to be older than he is, but Aremu says he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, his wife or their marriage.

The actor said his wife is not as rich as people think and that contrary to reports, his wedding wasn't a secret and his famous older brother was at his wedding. Aremu tells Saturday Punch

"People will always say what they want to say. I am not perturbed in any way.

I don’t care. If I had married a top politician’s daughter, I am sure you will not be talking to me.

My wife’s family is not rich let alone my wife. I got married to somebody I wanted to get married to and not because of her wealth.

I don’t know why people say all they say."

“I wonder how anybody would say my marriage was secret. Some people went ahead to say that my brother (Kunle) was not at the wedding but he was there.

Anyway, I am not ready for them. When I am ready, I will let you know,” he said.

Adeyemi Afolayan Divorce: Is Aremu Afolayan still married? Yes, Aremu Afolayan is still married to his wife, Kafilat Olayinka Quadri. He is not divorced.

Aremu Afolayan Children, Daughter, Son: How many children does Adeyemi Afolayan have? Aremu Afolayan currently has only one child, a daughter named Iyunade Afolayan. Adeyemi Afolayan doesn't have a son or another child yet.

Pictures of Aremu Afolayan and his child
Aremu Afolayan and His Daughter

Photos of Aremu Afolayan and Daughter

Aremu Afolayan Daughter, Name, Pictures: Who is Aremu Afolayan Daughter? Aremu Afolayan daughter name is Iyunade Afolayan. She was born in December 2016 in the USA. Aremu Afolayan is so close to his daughter. He often flaunts his daughter's photos on his Instagram page.
Photos of Aremu Afolayan Daughter
Pictures of Iyunade Afolayan and her father, Aremu Afolayan

Aremu Afolayan Daughter Age: How old is Aremu Afolayan daughter, Iyunade Afolayan? Aremu Afolayan Daughter, Iyunade Afolayan was born on 21 December 2016 in the United States of America. She is 6 years old in 2022 by December. Aremu Afolayan daughter celebrates her 6th birthday on 21st December 2022.

Aremu Afolayan Net Worth 2022, 2023 Forbes

How much is Aremu Afolayan Net Worth? Aremu Afolayan net worth is about $750,000 US Dollars as at 2022 which is estimated at about ₦450,000,000 Million in Naira.

Aremu Afolayan Net Worth In Naira: Aremu Afolayan net worth in Naira is about ₦450,000,000 million Naira in 2022.

Aremu Afolayan House and Cars Pictures: Aremu Afolayan lives in Lagos house and drives fine cars.

Aremu Afolayan Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Aremu Afolayan can be contacted via his Instagram page.

Aremu Afolayan Instagram Account Handle

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