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Latest Instagram Photos: Obialor Obidimalor J Obialorj Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Children, Wife, Marriage, House, Cars, Girlfriend, State Of Origin, Hometown, Relationship, Married, Obialor Obidimalor Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, Video, Educational Background

History Of Obialor Obidimalor: Everything To Know About Obialor Obidimalor Obialorj Profile, Wife, Ini Edo Relationship, Family Children, Parents, Net Worth, Education, Wedding Pictures

Who Is Obialor Obidimalor?
Biography Wikipedia: Obialor Obidimalor (born 4 January 1982) is a Nigerian Billionaire Businessman and the CEO of Dimalor Group, Chairman Clear Crystal International School, CEO Dimalor resources, Dimalor Petroleum.

Obialor Obidimalor J aka AKALIKE who is popularly known as Obialorj is a Nigerian born Entrepreneur and Ini Edo's rumored boyfriend and Sugar Daddy.
Pictures of Obialor Obidimalor

Obialor Obidimalor Photos

Obialor Obidimalor Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Obialorj
Nickname: Akalike
Real Name: Obialor Obidimalor
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Anambra State
Hometown: Ihiala, Anambra
Tribe: Igbo
Date Of Birth: 4 January 1982
Birthday: 4th January
Age: 40 Years Old (2022)
Height: 5"8 Feet tall
Religion: Christian
Occupation, Career: Businessman, Oil Dealer, School Owner
Net Worth: $20 million US Dollars
Net Worth In Naira: ₦12,000,000,000 Naira
Relationship, Marital Status: Married
Spouse, Wife: Amaka Obidimalor
Number Of Children: 3
Instagram: obialorj
Education: Ebonyi state University (EBSU)

Full Biography Of Obialor Obidimalor, Career, Occupation, Net Worth, Family, Relationship, Ini Edo Controversy, Family, Children, House, Cars

Who Is Obialor Obidimalor?
Obialor Obidimalor is a Nigerian born Businessman, Entrepreneur, Chairman Dimalor Group, Owner of Clear Crystal International Schools, CEO Dimalor Resources and CEO Dimalor Petroleum who became an internet sensation over rumour of dating Nollywood actress, Ini Edo.

Obialor Obidimalor J 'Obialorj' who is an Arsenal FC fan while describing himself on his Instagram page wrote:

'My name is (AKALIKE) meaning strong Destiny….. you can not stop a moving train'

Photo of Obialor Obidimalor and Arthur Eze

Obialor Obidimalor Education
Obialor Obidimalor studied at Federal Government College, Enugu and graduated from Ebonyi state University, Abakiliki (EBSU) in 2004.

Obialor Obidimalor State Of Origin: Where is Obialor Obidimalor from? Obialor Obidimalor is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Obialor Obidimalor Hometown, Village, Tribe: Obialor Obidimalor hails from Ihiala in Anambra State. He is Igbo by tribe.

Obialor Obidimalor Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Obialor Obidimalor was born on 4 January 1982.

Obialor Obidimalor Age: How old is Obialor Obidimalor? Obialor Obidimalor is 40 years old as at 2022.

Obialor Obidimalor Celebrated his 40th birthday on 4th January 2022 on his Instagram page. Sharing his cute birthday photoshoot, Obialorj wrote:

"I’m 40 today..God where will I start from? Is health, favour ,good wife ,good family,good friends, wealth? Thank you Jesus for making me see today.


"Lord teach me how to number my days🙏 make an impact to be remembered. Life is a race, run it with a goal not for the grams… #akalikeat40 #gracedmanempire"

Obialor Obidimalor Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Obialor Obidimalor Obialorj was born into a Christian family, to his parents, Mr and Mrs Obidimalor.

Obialor Obidimalor Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Obialor Obidimalor Married? Yes, Obialor Obidimalor Obialorj is married to Mrs Amaka Obidimalor with 3 kids - 2 daughters and 1 son.

Obialor Obidimalor got married to his wife, Amaka Obidimalor on 13 September 2014.
White wedding picture of Obialor Obidimalor and his wife

Traditional marriage photos of Obialor Obidimalor and wife

Obialor Obidimalor and his wife, Amaka Obidimalor celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in 2021 and he shared his family picture with his wife and 3 children and wrote:

"Hardly post my family on social media but today is too special a day to appreciate the people behind my life and achievements, happy anniversary to us. 7 yrs 3 lovely kids and God favour Grace and unconditional love.. we party today as we launch our wine..."

Amaka Obidimalor Wife: Who is Obialor Obidimalor wife, name, pictures? The name of Obialor Obidimalor wife is Lilian Amaka Obidimalor. She is a Nigerian Entrepreneur and the owner and CEO of Elira Hampers, House of Elira, Elira Hibiscus Drink, Elira Jones Couture. Her Elirahampers is a gift company which deals on gifts for all occasions and season, corporate gift, souvenirs, party packs, etc.
Pictures of Obialor Obidimalor Wife
Picture of Obialor Obidimalor and his wife
Photos of Amaka Obidimalor, Obialor Obidimalor Wife

Obialor Obidimalor Celebrates His Wife Birthday
On 16 April 2022, Chief Obialor Obidimalor shared photos of his wife, Mrs Lilian Obidimalor to mark her Birthday and wrote:

"Happy birthday to this loving and caring woman God gave me.. wish you more wins in this life and good health… is our birthday today we gonna party 🍾🍾🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️"

Obialor Obidimalor Family Pictures

Obialor Obidimalor's Wife Celebrates Him On His Birthday

"To my loyal friend, my greatest critic, my fiercest supporter, my accomplice, my goofing partner, my trouble maker...

My Love..🥰

You're full of God's Strength and goodness plus You tick all the boxes and then some 😉. The longer I know you, the more I find to appreciate God just for who He is to us. To me, there’s no one else on earth more genuine and precious than you. When you’re old, I’ll still love you. When you’re bold, I’ll celebrate you. When you’re cold, I’ll warm you.

You’re thoughtful, so Loving you is always easy. Thank you for all you do for Me and our children, You're the best part of our world.

More than a mere wish, My deepest prayer is that you keep experiencing more personal encounters with God, His Precious Son and HS(my bestie and tatafo partner) on this 4th floor and beyond..

Happy 40th Birthday my Ogugwa,
A Husband
A Father
A Friend
An EnGraced man

I Love You❤️


Obialor Obidimalor Children: Obialor Obidimalor has three (3) Children - 2 daughters and 1 son with his wife. The names of Obialor Obidimalor children are 
Pictures of Obialor Obidimalor and his Child

Photos of Obialor Obidimalor Daughters and Wife

Family photos of Obialor Obidimalor
Picture of Obialor Obidimalor Children
Photos of Obialor Obidimalor Daughter

Picture of Obialor Obidimalor son

Celebrating himself on father's day, Obialor Obidimalor J aka Akalike wrote:

"Happy Father’s Day to all the Good father.. Is a day to know that Grace is the presence of God in our failures, keep working hard and believe in your self. God will perfect all our hard work 🙏🙏🙏❤️💯"

Obialor Obidimalor Girlfriend: Who is Obialor Obidimalor Girlfriend? Obialor Obidimalor Girlfriend is Ini Edo, a beautiful Nollywood star actress, according to Cutie Juls.

Obialor Obidimalor And Ini Edo Relationship

Is Ini Edo Dating Obialor Obidimalor? Are they in a relationship?
Nollywood actress, Ini Edo is rumoured to be in a relationship with billionaire Obialor Obidimalor.

Popular Instagram blogger, Cutie Juls made the claim in a post on Instagram and revealed Ini Edo's alleged new lover and boyfriend's name as Obialor.

Sharing a photo of both Obialor and Ini Edo, Cutie Juls wrote; ”So na Brother Obialor be our sister’s big god.

Hmm during their France trip, I was just laughing. They keep taking separate pics from separate places.

But you see this relationship, I just love how Ini is using Obialor’s mumu button

I learnt she is trying to get Ifeanyi [the guy I posted when breaking her child birth’s news] an apartment close to Harvest apartments so they will both use it as their comfort home outside home.

Obialor will shower praises on his wife on IG but will take Ini on every trip. Hmmm. Learnt he was the one of the main sponsors of Ini’s birthday party which she had recently.

But he didn’t throw that kind of party for his wife’s birthday o.. hmmm men

Ini, please continue to use him, Nne. You have my vote since he wants to be mumu.

I think his wife is even younger than Ini but his mumu self will spend the money on aunty celebrity instead of giving his wife the money to do BBL also if that’s what attracts him.

Ini, you too, nawa for you o… must there always be a married man on the side? Hian!!

Anyway, no mind my long talk. Na the simple amebo I wan do be sey, we have graciously seen the handsome married man who is Ini’s big god.

Thanks for ur attention.”

Obialor Obidimalor Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira
How much is Obialor Obidimalor net worth?
Obialor Obidimalor Net Worth is about $20 million US Dollars in 2022.
Photo of Obialor Obidimalor and Obi Cubana

Obialor Obidimalor Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Obialor Obidimalor can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle and Facebook account.

Obialor Obidimalor Instagram: Obialor Obidimalor Instagram page Account Profile Handle is obialorj.

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