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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue Groovy BBN BBNaija Season 7 Bio, Wikipedia, Wife, Family, Siblings, Mother, Father, Parents, House, Cars, Twin Sisters, Brother, Girlfriend, Tribe, State Of Origin, Hometown, Height, Married, Marriage, Wedding, Children, Net Worth, Birthday, Education, Religion, Hairstyles, Real Name, Groovy BBNaija Images, Facebook Photos, Twitter, Ig Pics, LinkedIn, Interview (Groovy Big Brother BBNaija 2022 Season 7 Level Up Housemate), Gym Fitness Workout

History Of Henry Orakwue: Everything To Know About Groovy BBN BBNaija Season 7 Profile, Wife, Girlfriend, Relationship, Parents, Family, Father, Mother, Siblings, Net Worth, House, Cars, Twin Sisters, Brother, Images, Pics

Who Is Groovy?
Groovy whose real name is Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue (born 5 October 1995) is a Nigerian Singer, Model, Fashion Entrepreneur and Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2022 Season 7 'Level Up' housemate and contestant.
His Net Worth is about $100,000 US Dollars, estimated at about ₦60,000,000 Million Naira as at 2022.

Groovy BBNaija real name is Henry Orakwue. His full name is Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue. He was born on October 5, 1995 and hails from Umuoji town in Idemili North LGA of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Groovy is from a family of six, comprising of his rich parents Mr and Mrs Orakwue, his three Siblings - younger brother and twin sisters and himself, the eldest of his siblings.

Henry Orakwue aka BBN Groovy is one of the most handsome Big Brother Season 7 housemates. Groovy is currently not yet married, he is single but open to love and marriage.

Pictures of Groovy bbn Big Brother

Photos of Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue aka Groovy

Henry Orakwue (Groovy) BBNaija Profile Bio Data Facts

Stage Name: Groovy 

Nickname: Groovymono

Real Name: Henry Orakwue

Full Name: Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Anambra State

Hometown: Umuoji, Idemili North LGA

Tribe: Igbo

Religion: Christian

Height: 6"5 Feet tall

Date Of Birth: 5 October 1995

Age: 27 Years Old (2022)

Occupation Career: Singer, Model, Model, Fashion Entrepreneur, Reality TV Star

Net Worth: $100,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦60,000,000 Million

Relationship, Marital Status: Single
Married: No

Wife: Not Married

Girlfriend: Dating

Children, Child: None

Parents: Mr and Mrs Orakwue

Father: Mr Orakwue

Mother: Mrs Liyan Orakwue

Number Of Siblings: 3

Brothers: 1

Sisters: 2

Instagram: groovymono

Education: University of Lagos (B.Sc. in Biochemistry)

Full Biography Of Groovy (2022 BBNaija bbn Season 7 Level Up Housemate) Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Relationship, Girlfriend, Wife, Sister, Brother, Images, Pics

Groovy bbnaija biography
Groovy bbn biography
Groovy bbnaija age
Groovy bbnaija instagram
Where is Groovy BBN from?
What does Groovy BBN do for a living?
What is Groovy BBN’s real name?

Biography Wikipedia: Groovy BBNaija whose real name is Henry Orakwue is a Nigerian born Musician, Model, Entrepreneur and Reality TV Star who is a contestant on Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2022 Season 7 'Level Up' show.

What Does Groovy BBN Do For a Living?Henry Orakwue Aka Groovy is a Nigerian Artist, fashion entrepreneur and model. Groovy owns two clothing stores in mandilas and Berlin.
Groovy Pictures
Pics of Groovy BBN

Groovy Education
Henry Orakwue Groovy attended St Finbarr's College Akoka-Yaba in Lagos. He obtained his primary First School Leaving Certificate and Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE).

Groovy graduated from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) with a B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry.

Groovy BBNaija Real Name: What is Groovy BBN’s real name? Groovy Big Brother Naija (BBN) real name is Henry Orakwue. His full name is Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue.

Photos of Henry Orakwue aka Groovy BBNaija

Groovy State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Groovy BBN from? Henry Orakwue Groovy is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Groovy Home Town, Village: Henry Orakwue Groovy hails from Umuoji village in Idemili North LGA of Anambra State.

Groovy Tribe: What tribe is Groovy? Groovy is Igbo by tribe. He is from Umuoji in Anambra, South East part of the country.
Childhood photos of Groovy

Old Throwback Pictures of Groovy

Groovy Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Groovy was born on 5 October 1995.

Groovy Age: How old is Groovy? Groovy BBNaija is 27 years old as at 2022. Henry Orakwue Groovy BBN celebrates his 27th birthday on 5th October 2022. He's 26 years old as at the time of entering the Big Brother Naija house.

Groovy Height: How tall is Groovy? Groovy is 6"5 Feet tall. He is the tallest Big Brother Naija BBN season 7 housemate 2022.
Photo of Groovy Standing at 6"5 feet tall

Groovy Hairstyles, Haircut: Groovy rocks stylish coloured, blond, pink Hairstyles. Groovy's hairstyle has made DJ Cuppy to fall in love with him.
Pictures of Groovy Hairstyles

Groovy And DJ Cuppy (Relationship)
DJ Cuppy fell in love with Groovy after she spotted that Groovy wears pink hairstyle, which is her favourite colour. Billionaire Otedola daughter, DJ Cuppy likes pink colours, rocks pink hair, pink cars, etc.
DJ Cuppy said She and Groovy are twins. She went ahead to urge her fans and social media followers to vote for him.

'Pretty sure Groovy and I are twins 😂 #BBNaija'

"Cupcakes, you already KNOW who we’re voting for! #BBNaija #BBNaijaS7."

Groovy Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Groovy a Gay, Bisexual Or Straight? Groovy is straight, not a gay man. He loves women and had a girlfriend.

Groovy Religion: Is Groovy a Muslim or Christian? Groovy is a Christian from a Christian home. His parents and siblings are all Christians.

Groovy Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Henry Orakwue aka Groovy BBN is from a family of 6. His family members include his parents - father & mother, Mr and Mrs Orakwue; his brother and two twin sisters.
Groovy BBNaija is the first born child of four children that his parents had.
Groovy bbn Family Pictures
Photos of Groovy BBN Family with parent, Siblings Brother and sisters

Groovy Parents: Who Are Groovy BBN Parents? The Parents of Groovy are Mr and Mrs Orakwue. They are Igbo by tribe and hail from Anambra State.
Groovy parents are rich. They live in Lagos State.

Groovy Father: Who is Groovy Father? Groovy Father is Mr Orakwue. He is a rich Igbo businessman from Anambra State but based in Lagos State. He is a father of four children.

Groovy Mother: Who is Groovy Mother? Groovy mother is Mrs Liyan Orakwue. She is a Businesswoman and Entrepreneur. Groovy BBN mother is young, fashionable and travels around the world for business.

Groovy's mother, Liyan Orakwue was born in April 1. She studied English Language at the University of Lagos.
Pictures of Groovy Mother, Liyan Orakwue

Photos of Groovy Mother

Photos Henry Orakwue Mother (Groovy BBNaija Mother

Groovy mother while celebrating her son, Groovy BBNaija birthday wrote:
'Happy birthday to my wonderful Son.May ure birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.Ure a gracious son, with a good heart. U care,not because u need to, but because u want to.My scientists. No nonsense Nigga! !The abundant blessings of the holy spirit will continue to fall into your life and you'll begin to bask in the glory of God in Jesus Name Amen! Love u plenty!!'

Groovy Mother Hails His Son As He Enters Big Brother Naija

'Congrats son we move
GROOVERS to the world.Pls guys vote for my son plssss ooooo'

"We are going all out for my son “GROOVY” please follow him on all social media platforms, we need all your love and support to take him to the last dayyyyyy🙏❤️."

Groovy Siblings: How many Siblings does Henry Orakwue Groovy BBNaija have? Groovy bbn has three (3) Siblings - 2 twin sisters and 1 brother. The names of Groovy Siblings are Stephanie Orakwue, Lilian Orakwue.

Groovy is the oldest of his siblings.
Photos of Groovy Siblings

Groovy Brother: Who is Groovy brother? Groovy has a younger brother who is quite close to him.
Pictures of Groovy Brother

Groovy Twin Sisters: Who Is Groovy Sister? Groovy has two younger sisters who are twins. The names of Groovy Bbn twin sisters are Stephanie Orakwue and Lilian Orakwue.

Photos of Groovy Twin Sisters

Stephanie Orakwue: Who is Stephanie Orakwue? Stephanie Orakwue is Groovy BBNaija younger sister. She is a beautiful Nigerian born Businesswoman and Entrepreneur from Anambra State. Stephanie Orakwue is the owner of Stephorah bags collections. She has a younger sister called Lilian Orakwue.
Photo of Stephanie Orakwue, Groovy sister

Groovy Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Groovy married? No, Henry Orakwue Groovy is not yet married. He is single.

Henry Orakwue Wife: Who is Groovy wife, name, pictures? Groovy does not have a wife yet as he is single and ready to mingle.

Groovy Girlfriend: Who is Groovy Bbn Girlfriend, Name, Pictures? Groovy Girlfriend in the BBNaija house is Beauty whose real name is Beauty Tukura from Taraba State. She is 25 years old while Groovy is 27 years old in 2022.

Groovy had a girlfriend he was dating and in a relationship with but they broke up.
Pictures of Groovy and His BBNaija Girlfriend, Beauty

Groovy Relationship, Dating: Is Groovy in a relationship? No, Groovy is not in a serious relationship at the moment. He is single and mingling with Beauty BBNaija.

Groovy Engaged, Fianceé, Engagement: Is Groovy engaged? No, Groovy is not yet engaged to any fianceé or ready to get married.
Groovy Children, Child: Does Groovy have a child? No, Groovy does not have a child yet or baby mama.

Profile Of Groovy BBN 2022 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 7 'Level Up' Housemate & Contestant

Groovy is the 1st BBNaija Season 7 housemate. He is an a musical artist, Model and Entrepreneur.

Full Name: Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue 
Artist, fashion entrepreneur and model 

Groovy, is an ambitious 26-year-old Nigerian entertainer from Anambra State. He has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos and loves working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
He describes himself as “a positive, self-sufficient, supportive person” and believes his winning mentality never fails to push him and those around him to greater heights.

Groovy reckons his argumentative nature could rub his fellow Housemates up the wrong way. “I don’t back down if I feel I’m right about something, unless the facts state I’m wrong. I’m also very principled, so I hardly bend my will to please others, unless it’s the right thing to do.

He has been running a clothing and accessories business for the past four years, and also dabbles in music, and feels Big Brother Naija will help him make a name for himself. 

“I want to be famous, wealthy, influential and powerful. I want to be a voice for change in my country and in the world and this show is the platform to showcase who I am, and who I can be to the world.


-He is very excited to be in the house and tells Big brother this is biggest investment yet business wise.

-He is settling in well in the house and is getting to know and bond with his fellow housemates. He finds the two houses twist interesting and says it would be nice to get to meet and spend time with people in the level 1 house so he can get to know them as well.

-He speaks about his Lockdown roommate @sheggzolu Says he’s an amazing and easy going guy who shares similarities with him and he had a good time getting to know him during the lockdown.

-He has HIGH chances of winning the season and says he’s competitive and knows he will go far in the house as he fully believes in himself and abilities.

- He speaks about being disqualified from the head of house games yesterday and says he is even more determined to put in effort.

-Lastly, he is shivering from the AC in the house and requests for biggie to tune it down a bit (Soft boy😂).

Everyone seems to have enjoyed his Diaries and they love how articulate and outspoken he is.

Groovy And Beauty (Relationship)
The relationship between Groovy and Beauty in the BBNaija house has been a thing of interest to fans. Here is what Fans are saying about Groovy and Beauty relationship, affair.
Pictures of Groovy and Beauty

"Incase you missed Groovy and Beauty’s conversation. Beauty is jealous because Groovy didn’t hold her hands during the task and was ignoring her. Beauty thinks Groovy was comparing her with Chomzy"

Steph News @Stephmoney17:
"To be honest Groovy and beauty are just doing their thing, Groovy is not trying to play beauty that’s why he said they should take things one step at a time, fGs you guys should stop misunderstanding them. They are just being real #BBNaija #bbnajia"

VIctoria @veekietoriaa:
'Groovy was telling Bryann he’d want his own Beauty is saying let them give each other space Groovy is refusing.
Men are confused beings 😭😭😂🙏🏻#BBNaija'

"After Beauty and Groovy break up..
Phyna shouting: Groovy go reach everybody oh🤣..
#BBNajia #BBNaija"

Dami🦋 @ojuelebgacardib:
'Beauty and Groovy ship is an example of how you can be in a ship and still be focused on your game and the prize #BBNaija'

Bryann's brother @Anowaiz:
"Beauty is just stressing groovy in case he plans to mingle with other girls at the party lol #BBnaija #BBNaijaS7"

Mpana💡🇿🇦 @mpanna_wammako:
'I'm sorry to all shippers but Groovy is too soft for a strong personality like Beauty, she needs abo Bryann not abo "I want my mommy" 🤣🤣🤣 yoh Sheggz killed me with his rap'

Maria’s cheekbones🦋 @shadyfavorite:
"I d!e here by Groovy and beauty ship!! Shippers please welcome me I’ve seen my IT couple this season ! #BBNaija"

Flashybae @Amara06764588:
'Groovy and beauty Shippers are really going true alot 😂😂😂😂😂 this minute they are in awwwww next minute na God abeg oooo😂😂😂😂😂 na here I dey una go learn the hard way😂😂😂.'

'The chemistry between Groovy and Beauty eh! Soo organic 😭😭💯❤️They legit make sense plus the guy is tall🥵
God abeg o!
#BBNajia #BBNaijaS7'

Dumo Melaphi (Libo #BBMzansi S3 Finalist)🇿🇦💥❤️ @DumoMelaphi:
"I am pleased by Groovy and Beauty's talent they are not just pretty faces they are beautiful with brains and talent.
Cannot wait for Friday to see them showcasing their talent.❤️🥰
Team Groovy please don't sleep on the guy he deserves some love protect him at all costs.

Groovy Vs Sheggz: Who Is More Handsome?
No doubt, Groovy is one of the most handsome BBNaija 2022 Housemates but fans keep comparing him to Sheggz.

Stanley Simple: @drsimplestanley:
'Let's discuss groovy and sheggz who handsome pass #BBNaija .
Reply below.'

Duke of Nnewi💂‍♀️ @slim_shades_:
👉Both are Handsome and Charismatic
👉Both seem to be the ladies men
p.s They were roommates during the isolation'

Des!⚜️💣 @Desgrey18:
"Groovy remains the most handsome guy in this season and that's fact!
#BBNaijaLevelUp #BBNaija7"

HallyyBroly👻🚀GroovyMono @hallyy_moon
"I mean 😭😭😭 No man Groovy is not handsome anymore he's now beautiful cos wtf 🔥😫 #BBNaija"

Dike Ije⭕ma @DikeIjeoma3:
"Have you seen this guy before. If no pls take a look at him, and If yes, just take a second look at him. 
We all say guys are handsome but this one pass handsome, Groovy is beautifully pretty. He is cool,real Intelligent and he has a good heart
#Groovytillday72 #bbnaija"

Groovy BBNaija Net Worth 2022, Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Salary, Income

Groovy Net Worth: How much is Groovy BBN Net Worth? Groovy Net Worth is about $100,000 US Dollars in 2022.

Groovy Net Worth In Naira: Groovy net worth is about ₦60,000,000 Million Naira as at 2022.

Groovy House and Cars: Groovy lives in a nice house with his parents in Lagos and drives nice car.

Groovy Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp: Bryann phone Number is unavailable.

Groovy Instagram: Groovy BBNaija Instagram handle is groovymono.

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