Everything To Know About Big Brother Naija Ninjas (Pictures, Video)

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What Is the Meaning Of BBNaija Ninjas? Who Are The BBNaija Ninjas?

The Ninjas in Big Brother Naija are Biggie’s messengers in the BBNaija house who specialize in carrying out special tasks and guiding housemates' activities in the BBN house.

Here are some facts you should know about Big Brother Naija BBNaija Ninjas:
The Ninjas can cause disputes or reshuffle things in Big Brother’s house.

They specialize in carrying out special tasks and guiding housemate’s activities in the house.

The Ninjas are also in charge of Friday night arena games. They help Big Brother in keeping accurate time, rearranging scattered games, and demonstrating how the games is played.

The Ninjas can hide things or pick up belongings of housemates if Biggie decides to prank the housemates.

Whenever Big Brother tells the housemates to freeze, you’ll know he has a plan up his sleeves; either to mess with the housemates or send his ninjas into the house to get a task done. For new viewers who are not aware of what the Ninjas are capable of; here are some videos to refresh your memory:

Pictures Of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Ninjas

The Return Of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Ninjas

The much-anticipated Big Brother Naija is back for its 7th season, and it is bigger, bolder, and better!. With lots of new things to look out for this season, the return of Ninjas is no doubt one of the most exciting anticipations of this new season.

This new record-breaking season where the winning Housemate goes home with N100 million in prizes is not the only new addition to the show. Viewers can also look forward to the return of the Ninjas as they are taking no prisoners this season with the pranks they will pull on the Housemates.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Big Brother Naija was held based on the constraints put in place to curb the pandemic. The housemates were shuttered from all human contact which forced the exclusion of the in-house guides popularly known as “Ninjas.”

However, for the seventh season, the show will witness a return of a few pre-COVID 19 elements, including the fan-favourite ‘Ninjas’ and a live studio audience. Fans can also expect a line-up of more engaging tasks, unpredictable twists and Big Brother’s wit.

Video Of BBNaija Ninjas


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