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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Shirin In 'Young Love' Sheisshirin Real Name, Shirin Borau Bio, Wikipedia, Parents, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Siblings, State Of Origin, Tribe, Hometown, House, Cars, Movies, Height, Bleaching, Hairstyles, Sheisshirin aka Shirin in Love Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Video, Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, School, Education, University (Shirin Joy Borau) aka Shirin Bobby Comedy, Bikini Pics, Makeup & Without Makeup Photos

History Of Sheisshirin (Shirin Borau) aka Shirin Bobby 'Shirin In Young Love': Everything To Know About Sheisshirin (Shirin In Young Love) Profile, Husband, Boyfriend, Parents, Family, Siblings, Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Shirin de General Relationship

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Who Is Sheisshirin (Shirin Bobby in Young Love?)

Sheisshirin (Shirin Bobby in Young Love) whose real name is Shirin Borau (born 18 June 2000s) is a German Nigerian Actress, Comedian, Model, TikToker, Content Creator and Social Media Influencer whose role as Shirin in 'Young Love' brought her fame. Her net worth is about $60,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Sheisshirin aka Shirin Bobby in 'Young Love' full name is Shirin Joy Borau. She was born on 18th June in 2000s to a German father and a Nigerian mother from Edo State.

Photos of Shirin in Young Love

Pictures of Sheisshirin

Shirin Bobby in Young Love (Sheisshirin) Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts (Shirin Joy Borau)

Name: Sheisshirin

Nickname: Shirin Bobby (Young Love)

Real Name: Shirin Borau

Full Name: Shirin Joy Borau

Nationality: German, Nigerian

State Of Origin: Edo State

Tribe: Bini, German

Ethnicity: Mixed Race, Biracial African-White (Half Cast)

Height: 5"6 Feet tall

Occupation, Career: Model, TikToker, Actress, Vlogger, Brand Influencer, Comedienne

Net Worth: $60,000 US Dollars

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Married: No

Boyfriend: De General (Sunday Joshua Martins)

Family: Of 6 (Parents & 4 Children)

Parents: Mr and Mrs Borau

Mother: Mrs Borau (Nigerian)

Father: Mr Borau (German)

Siblings: 3

Sisters: 3

Siblings, Sisters Names: Sheila, Sharon, Shontelle

Tiktok: @sheisshirinn

Contact, Email Address:

Full Biography Of Shirin Borau aka Sheisshirin Shirin in Young Love Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Sisters, Mother, Father, Siblings, Half Caste, Nationality, Ethnicity, Height, Movies

Who Is Shirin Borau?
Biography Wikipedia: Shirin Joy Borau who is popularly known as Sheisshirin aka Shirin in 'Young Love' is a Nigerian German Tiktok Brand Influencer, Content Creator, Comedian, Actress and Model who is best known for her role as Shirin Bobby in Young Love and for her relationship with her co-cast, Sunday Joshua Martins aka De General.

Sheisshirin Shirin in 'Young Love' is one of the most beautiful Nigerians on TikTok and social media celebrities.

Sheisshirin often posts comedy videos on Tiktok, Facebook with her colleague, De General whose real name is Sunday Joshua Martins whom many think is her real boyfriend.

Shirin in Young Love: Who played Shirin young love? Shirin Young Love role was played by Shirin Borau aka Sheisshirin, a Nigerian German born actress and content creator who often acts alongside De General.

Sheisshirin Movies: Young Love.

Shirin Borau has not really featured in Nollywood movies but her major short movie series is Shirin 'Young Love'.

Photos of Shirin Borau Sheisshirin in native traditional wears

Brand Influencer & Ambassador: Sheisshirin (Shirin Borau) has bagged some endorsement deals as brand ambassador to some brands in Nigeria as the social media Influencer that she is.

Sheisshirin Education, School, University
Shirin Borau 'Sheisshirin' has finished her primary and secondary School Education. After graduating from secondary school, Sheisshirin proceeded to the university as an undergraduate.

Sheisshirin Nationality, Country Of Origin: Where is Sheisshirin (Shirin in 'Young Love') love from? Shirin Borau 'Sheisshirin' is a Nigerian and a German. Her mum is from Nigeria while her dad is from Germany.

Sheisshirin Half Caste, Mixed, Biracial: Is Shirin Borau Shirin in 'Young Love' a half Cast? Yes, Sheisshirin is a half caste. She is of mixed parentage, biracial. Sheisshirin is half Nigerian and half German.

Shirin Real Name in Young Love: What is Shirin real Name in Young Love? Young Love Cast Shirin Real Name is Shirin Joy Borau also known as Sheisshirin.
Sheisshirin real name is Shirin Borau.

Sheisshirin State Of Origin, Hometown, Village: Where is Shirin Borau of Shirin Young Love from? Shirin Borau aka Sheisshirin is from Edo State, Nigeria.
Sheisshirin Tribe: Shirin Borau Sheisshirin of Shirin Young Love is Bini by Tribe. She is a Benin girl.

Sheisshirin Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Shirin Borau aka Shirin in 'Young Love' was born on 18 June early 2000s.

How old is the girl that acted young love?
Shirin in young Love Age: Sheisshirin (Shirin Borau) aka Shirin in 'Young Love' is about 20 years old in 2022. She has not revealed her real age but she looks quite young.
Bikini Pictures of Shirin Borau Sheisshirin

Sheisshirin Height: How tall is Shirin Borau Shirin Young Love? Sheisshirin is 5"6 Feet tall.

Shirin Borau Tattoo: Sheisshirin of Shirin Young Love does not have a permanent Tattoo on her body.

Sheisshirin Hairstyles, Natural Hair: Shirin Borau of Shirin Young Love rocks stylish hairstyles, blond, wigs, weave-on, short Haircut, and also likes to wear her natural hair.
Pictures of Sheisshirin Hairstyles

Sheisshirin Family: Shirin Borau of Shirin in Young Love is the third Child of 4 Children by her parents.
Sheisshirin was born into a family of 6, consisting of 4 Children - all girls - boy and their parents.

Sheisshirin Family Pictures with Mother, Sisters

Shirin in Young Love Mother photos

Sheisshirin Parents: Shirin Borau aka Shirin Young Love was born to a Nigerian mother and a German Father.

Sheisshirin Father: Who is Shirin in Young Love father? Shirin Borau aka Sheisshirin father is Mr Borau, a German man.

Sheisshirin Mother: Sheisshirin Aka Shirin Borau mother is Mrs Borau. Her mother is a Nigerian woman from Edo State. 
Shirin in Young Love shared a Tiktok video with her mother on mother's day where her mother was dancing and twerking with her. Her younger sister was also spotted on the video.
Pictures of Sheisshirin Mother
Photos of Shirin Borau and her mother
Meet Sheisshirin mother

Sheisshirin Siblings Sister:
Shirin Borau 'Sheisshirin' has three (3) siblings sisters. She has no brother. The names of Shirin Borau (Sheisshirin) Siblings sisters are Sheila Borau, Sharon Borau, Shontelle Borau.
Sheisshirin Shirin in Young Love is the third child. She has two elder sisters and 1 younger sister.
Pictures of Sheisshirin (Shirin Borau) Siblings Sisters

Her eldest sister is Sheila Borau.

Her immediate elder sister's name is Sharon Borau.

Her younger sister is Shontelle Borau.

Shirin Borau (Sheisshirin) Shirin Young Love older sister visited her in Nigeria in April 2022 after 5 years of not seeing each other. In a vlog, she went to Lagos airport to welcome her sister back from Germany.

They boarded a flight to Benin from Lagos and headed to their family house in Benin after they landed at Benin Airport.
Photos of Shirin in Young Love & Her Elder Sister

Sheisshirin Shirin Borau Married, Marriage: Is Shirin in Young Love (Shirin Borau) married? No, Sheisshirin Shirin Borau is not yet married. She is single and not engaged to be married to her fiancé, De General.

Shirin Borau (Sheisshirin) Wedding Pictures: Shirin in Young Love did a white Wedding photoshoot but has not got married in real life.

Sheisshirin Shirin Borau Husband: Shirin in Young Love (Sheisshirin) aka Shirin Borau has no Husband yet. She is not married yet.

Pictures of Sheisshirin Shirin and her boyfriend, De General

Sheisshirin Boyfriend: Who is Shirin Borau aka Shirin in Young Love Boyfriend, name, pictures? Sheisshirin Shirin Young Love Boyfriend name is Sunday Joshua Martins aka De General. He is a Nigerian born Comedian and content creator. He also hails from Edo State.

Shirin And De General Relationship, Dating, Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Is Sheisshirin Shirin Young Love De General Girlfriend? Yes, Sheisshirin of Shirin Young Love is in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with De General whose real name is Sunday Joshua Martins.

Sheisshirin And Thaedoboy
Shirin Borau Sheisshirin and Thaedoboy are close friends who also feature in Comedy videos and Skits together as lovers.
Thaedoboy whose real name is Oseyi Okojie popularly known as The Edo Boy is an Instagram Comedian and content creator who hails from Edo State.

Sheisshirin and Thaedoboy Photos

Sheisshirin Net Worth 2022, 2021
How much is Shirin Borau aka Shirin in Young Love Net Worth?
Shirin Borau 'Sheisshirin' Net Worth is about $60,000 US Dollars as at 2022. She makes money mainly from endorsements as brand ambassador and Influencer.

Sheisshirin House and Cars: Shirin Borau of Shirin Young Love lives in her family house in Benin, Edo State. She drives her car.

Sheisshirin Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact: Shirin Borau of Shirin Young Love can be contacted via her email address and her Facebook page.

Sheisshirin Shirin Borau Instagram: Sheisshirin Shirin in Young Love Instagram Handle, Account is not available as she is not on Instagram. Sheisshirin has said that she is not on Instagram. The Instagram pages of Shirin Borau aka Sheisshirin are all fake.

Sheisshirin Tiktok: Shirin Borau Tiktok page Account is @sheisshirinn

Recent Pictures of Shirin Bobby in Young Love 2022 & Old Throwback Photos

Pictures Galley Of Sheisshirin

More Photos of Shirin Borau Joy


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