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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Nissi Ogulu aka Nissination (Burna Boy Sister) Bio, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Songs, House, Cars, Height, Family, Mother, Father, Brother, Siblings, Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Engagement, Birthday, Parents, State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe, Education, School, Music, Nissi Ogulu Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, Videos, Range Rover, Net Worth, Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact

History Of Nissi Ogulu (Nissination) : Everything To Know About Nissi Ogulu Profile, Boyfriend, Husband, Parents, Family, Siblings, Brother (Burna Boy Sister), Net Worth, House, Cars, Range Rover, Wedding, Marriage, Married, Engaged

Who Is Burna Boy Sister? 50 Pictures, Photos Of Nissi Ogulu, Burna Boy Sister, Family, Parents, Boyfriend, Music, Singles

Who Is Nissi Ogulu?

Nissi Ogulu aka Nissination (born 1 August 1994) is a Nigerian musician, Entrepreneur, graphic artist, animator and an engineer.

Nissi Ogulu is Burna Boy’s youngest sister and Bose Ogulu last child and daughter.

Pictures of Nissi Ogulu

Nissi Ogulu Photos

Nissi Ogulu Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Nissi

Nickname: Nissination (Nissi Nation)

Full, Real Name: Nissi Ogulu

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Rivers State

Hometown: Ahoada, Rivers State

Tribe: Engenni

Place Of Birth: Port Harcourt

Date Of Birth: 1 August 1994

Birthday: 1st August

Age: 28 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 5"6 Feet tall

Occupation, Career: Singer, Entrepreneur, Recording Artist, Painter

Net Worth: $850,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦510,000,000 Naira

Record Label: Spaceship Record & Empire Records

Manager: Bose Ogulu

Parents: Bose Ogulu, Samuel Ogulu

Father: Samuel Ogulu

Mother: Bose Ogulu

Grandfather: Benson Idonije (Maternal)

Grandmother: Abosede Habibatu Benson

Uncle: Tolu Benson-Idonije

Siblings: Burna Boy, Ronami Ogulu

Brother: Burna Boy

Sister: Ronami Ogulu

Education: Mechanical Engineering

Instagram: nissination

Twitter: Nissi @NissiNation

Phone Number: +2348033091184 (WhatsApp)

Full Biography Of Nissi Ogulu, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Family, Education, Songs, Music, Cars

Nissi Ogulu Pictures

Thefamousnaija takes a look at Nissi and the following things to know about her:
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Nissi Ogulu net worth
Nissi Ogulu music
Nissi Ogulu biography
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Nissi Ogulu songs
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Nissi Ogulu Range Rover
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Nissi Ogulu Land Rover

Biography Wikipedia: Nissi Ogulu is a Nigerian born Musician, Entrepreneur, Painter, Recording Artist and Engineer who is popularly known as Burna Boy's sister. Nissi is signed to Spaceship Record and Empire Records.

Nissi is a Recording Artist who has a career in visual art, music and engineering. She is Bose Ogulu's youngest child and second daughter.

Nissi is a multi-talented artist who started playing the piano at the age of four and the drums at six. She is also known as Nissination.

Pictures of Nissi Ogulu, the painter

Nissi Ogulu was born on 1st August 1994 into a highly creative family in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Her elder brother is Burna Boy, a Nigerian Music superstar and her grandfather, Benson Idonije, was Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti’s manager. She had a massive friend in her grandad who showed her how to record a track that harnesses her skill set.

Nissi Ogulu lived in England since 2011, first in Bath, then Warwick where she studied Mechanical Engineering before eventually settling in East London.

Pictures of Nissi (Singer, Musician)

Like her brother, Nissi Ogulu rejects the label of afrobeats artist, not out of criticism for the growing genre, but simply because she “isn’t a fan of boxes in general.”

She is currently juggling music with a career in Mechanical Engineering. 

When Nissi was younger, she played the piano at first, then would perform at parties with her friends. They would pretend they were Destiny's Child.

Nissi Ogulu was kind of tomboyish in the beginning so she liked anything with a zip. But now, her fashion styles have changed.

She collaborated with the Porth Harcourt duo Ajebo hustlers on “Symbiosis”.

Nissi Ogulu Songs, Music
: List of Nissi Ogulu songs include,
Trouble, etc.

Nissi Ogulu Record Label: Nissi is signed to Spaceship Record and Empire Records.
Nissi Ogulu is signed to Spaceship Records (Spaceship Collective) - a record label owned by her brother Burna Boy and her mother Bose Ogulu.
Nissi Ogulu manager is her mother, Bose Ogulu.

Nissi Ogulu Range Rover: Nissi Ogulu is a Range Rover designer. She is one of the creators of the new Range Rover design.
Nissi Ogulu Range Rover Car Design Pictures

Sharing the news on her Instagram page, Nissi Ogulu wrote:

It has been a pleasure being part of the team to bring this beautiful car to life over the last 3 years and i’m happy to see it finally unveiled to the world. 💨"

Photos of Nissi Ogulu Car Range Rover Design

Photo of Nissi Ogulu at Land Rover

Nissi Ogulu Education, School
Nissi Ogulu graduated with a Distinction in Mechanical Engineering.

Nickname: Nissi Ogulu nickname is Nissination.

Nissi Real Name, Full Name: What is Nissi real name? Nissi real, full name is Nissi Ogulu.

Nissi Ogulu Country Of Origin, Nationality: Nissi Ogulu is from Nigeria. She is a Nigerian citizen.

Nissi Ogulu State Of Origin: Where is Nissi Ogulu from, which State? Nissi Ogulu is from Ahoada in Rivers State, Nigeria. She is from the South-South part of Nigeria.

Nissi Ogulu Hometown, Village: Nissi Ogulu hails from Ahoada West in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Nissi Ogulu Tribe: What tribe is Nissi Ogulu?Nissi Ogulu is Engenni by tribe (a distinct Edoid speaking group).

Nissi Ogulu Yoruba Or Igbo Tribe: Is Nissi Ogulu a Yoruba or Igbo woman? No, Nissi Ogulu is not Yoruba and not Igbo either. Nissi Ogulu is Engenni tribe, made up of a distinct Edoid speaking group of Rivers State.

However, Nissi Ogulu has a connection with the Yoruba tribe on her maternal side as her maternal grandmother is a Yoruba woman married to Edo man.

Nissi Ogulu Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Nissi Ogulu born? Nissi Ogulu was born on 1 August 1994 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

How old is Burna Boy Sister?
Nissi Ogulu Real Age: How old is Nissi Ogulu? Nissi Ogulu is 28 years old now as at 2022.
Nissi Ogulu celebrates her 28th birthday on 2nd July 2022.

Nissi Ogulu Birthday Party Photos

Nissi Ogulu Height: How tall is Nissi Ogulu? Nissi Ogulu is 5"6 Feet tall.

Pictures of Nissi Ogulu standing at 5"6 Feet tall

Nissi Ogulu Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Nissi Ogulu a Lesbian, Bisexual Or Straight? No, Nissi Ogulu is not a lesbian. She is straight.

Nissi Ogulu Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Nissi Ogulu was born into the family of Mr Samuel Ogulu and Mrs Bose Ogulu.
Nissi Ogulu is the third child of her parents and the second daughter of her family. She has two siblings - an elder brother and an elder sister.

Nissi Ogulu Parents: Who are Nissi Ogulu parents, names, pictures? Nissi Ogulu parents are Mr Samuel Ogulu and Mrs Bose Ogulu. Nissi's both parents are still very much alive and healthy and have been married for over 30 years now.

Picture of Nissi Ogulu and Her Parents

Nissi Ogulu Father: Who is Nissi Ogulu father? The name of Nissi Ogulu father is Samuel Ogulu. He managed a welding company. Nissi Ogulu's father, Mr Samuel Ogulu was born on 4th February.
Pictures of Nissi Ogulu Father, Samuel Ogulu

Nissi Ogulu Mother: Who is Nissi Ogulu mother? The name of Nissi Ogulu mother is Bose Ogulu. Nissi mother worked as a translator for the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce for a number of years. 
Meet Nissi Ogulu Mother, Bose Ogulu

Photo of Nissi Ogulu, Her mother and brother, Burna Boy
Nissi Ogulu and her mother

Pictures of Nissi Ogulu and Her mother, Bose Ogulu

Manager: Nissi Ogulu mother, Bose Ogulu, is her manager.

Nissi Ogulu Siblings: Nissi Ogulu has two siblings - an elder and an elder sister. The names of Nissi Ogulu siblings are Burna Boy whose real name is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu and Ronami Ogulu.

Photo of Nissi Ogulu and Her Siblings - Brother Burna Boy and Sister Ronami Ogulu
Nissi Ogulu Family Picture With Her Mother and Siblings
Photo of Nissi Ogulu Sister and their mother

Nissi Ogulu Brother: Nissi Ogulu is the youngest sister of Burna Boy. Her brother Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu popularly known as Burna Boy is a popular Nigerian singer, songwriter and performing artist. He is one of the biggest music stars in Africa.

Nissi Ogulu Sister: Nissi Ogulu elder sister's name is Ronami Ogulu. She is Burna Boy's designer.

Picture of Nissi Ogulu and Her Sister, Ronami Ogulu

Nissi Ogulu Grandparents: The name of Nissi Ogulu Grandfather is Benson Idonije and grandmother is Abosede Habibatu Benson. They are both still alive.
Photo of Nissi Ogulu and her grandma, Abosede Habibatu Benson at her birthday party

Nissi Ogulu Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Nissi Ogulu married? No, Burna Boy sister, Nissi Ogulu is not yet married. She is single.

Nissi Ogulu Husband: Who is Nissi Ogulu Husband, name, pictures? Nissi Ogulu has no husband yet as she is not yet married. She has not revealed who her husband to be is.

Nissi Ogulu Boyfriend: Who is Nissi Ogulu Boyfriend, name, pictures? YES, Nissi Ogulu has a boyfriend but she keeps her relationship, her affairs, the identity of the man she is dating private.

Nissi Ogulu Engaged, Engagement, Fiancé: Is Nissi Ogulu Burna Boy sister Engaged? No, Nissi Ogulu is not yet engaged and has not revealed who her fiancé is 

Nissi Ogulu Children, Child: Nissi Ogulu does not have a child yet.

Nissi Ogulu Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Salary, Businesses

Nissi Ogulu Net Worth: How much is Nissi Ogulu net worth? Nissi Ogulu net worth is about $850,000 US Dollars in 2022. She is on her way to being one of the richest young female celebrities in Nigeria.
Nissi Ogulu House and Cars: Nissi Ogulu lives in Burna Boy's house in Lekki, Lagos whenever she is in Nigeria. She drives her own cars.

Nissi Ogulu Contact, Phone Number: Nissi Ogulu Bookings [email protected]
Phone Number: +2348033091184 (WhatsApp)

Burna Boy Sister Instagram Handle, Name
Nissi Ogulu Instagram: Burna Boy sister, Nissi Ogulu instagram name is N I S S I N A T I O N and her instagram Page Account Profile Handle is nissination nissination.

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