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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Father Emmanuel Obimma Aka Fr Ebube Muonso Bio, Wikipedia, Wife, Family, Parents, House, Cars, State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Church, Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact, Email Address, Ministry Location, Address, Songs, Father Ebube Muonso Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, Video, YouTube, Siblings, Father, Mother, Real Name, Age, Birthday

History Of Fr Ebube Muonso: Everything To Know About Father Emmanuel Obimma Aka Ebube Muonso Of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry Profile, Wife, Children, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Birthday, Age, Educational Background, Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, Contact, House, Cars, Businesses, Investments, Properties

Who Is Fr Ebube Muonso?
Fr. Ebube Muonso whose real name is Emmanuel Obimma (born 18 August 1980) is a Nigerian Catholic Reverend father and Entrepreneur. He is the spiritual head of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry located in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra state.

Rev. Fr Ebube Muonso whose full name is Chibuzo Emmanuel Obimma is a Nigerian born Catholic priest of Iwene Tansi Catholic Church located in Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Pictures of Fr Ebube Muonso

Father Ebube Muonso (Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma) Profile Bio, Wiki, Data Facts

Name: Ebube Muonso

Real Name: Emmanuel Obimma

Full Name: Chibuzo Emmanuel Obimma

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Anambra State

Village: Uruebo Village

Hometown: Nkwelle-Ezunaka

LGA: Oyi Local Government, Anambra

Tribe: Igbo

Height: 5"8 Feet tall

Date Of Birth: 18 August 1980

Birthday: 18th August

Age: 42 Years Old (In 2022)

Occupation, Career: Catholic Priest, Entrepreneur

Date Of Ordination: 6 August 2011

Name Of Ministry: Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry

Net Worth: $3 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦1,800,000,000

Married: No

Wife: None

Children, Child: None

Girlfriend: None

Parents: Mr Bartholomew Obiechina Obimma and Mrs Grace Obimma

Father: Bartholomew Obiechina Obimma

Mother: Grace Obimma

Siblings: 6 Brothers

Education: Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary, Onitsha

Email: Address: [email protected]

Instagram: fr.ebubemuonso

Facebook: Fr. Ebube Muonso

Phone Number: +2347065871137

WhatsApp Number:

Full Biography Of Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma aka Fr. Ebube Muonso Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Ministry, Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry

Biography Wikipedia: Father Emmanuel Obimma who is popularly known as Fr Ebube Muonso is a Nigerian born Catholic Church Priest and the Spiritual Director of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, an adoration centre located at Uke in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Is FR Ebube Muonso a Catholic Priest? Yes, FR Ebube Muonso is a Catholic parish priest of Blessed Iwene Tansi Catholic Church, Umudioka in Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Fr Ebube Muonso Ordination: Rev Fr Ebube Muonso was ordained as a Catholic priest on 6th August 2011. Father Emmanuel Obimma was ordained a priest alongside nine others by the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha.

About Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry
Fr Ebube Muonso is the owner of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry which is a global Catholic Ministry founded on October, 2011 at St Dominic’s Catholic church, Uke, Anambra state through the inspiration and direction of the Holy Spirit. 

By the preaching of God’s word, lives are transformed daily, hope given to the poor, the sick healed and souls won into the kingdom of God.

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma is the Spiritual Director of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, Anambra state. He is a lover of the Holy Spirit. His zeal for the house of God has contributed to the wide growth of the Ministry.

Photos of Rev Father Ebube Muonso

Fr Ebube Muonso Miracles, Testimonies
Reverend Father Ebube Muonso performs miracles at his Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry in Anambra State.

Several worshipers from all walks of life, including politicians, traders, civil servants, artisans and others troop into the expansive prayer ground in search of miracles, economic breakthroughs and more.

Fr. Ebube Muonso: Testimony By UCHEFUNA CHRISTINA

Father Ebube, I want to thank God in a special way for saving me from death today. I was down without knowing what the problem was. Thank God I followed Friday prayer on YouTube . I went to bed on Saturday night with sickness which held me that I could not do my midnight prayer. When I woke up it was already 3am. I became restless and the only voice I heard was anoint your house with covenant oil. I couldn't resist the voice so I got up crying because the pain was excruciating. I went round and anointed my children. I couldn't sleep again so I prepared for church. After church I managed to go and buy food items. Before going to church I used the oil all over my body. It was on my way to market that God healed me. Father, I find it difficult to explain how God did it. Father, your God is alive, indeed. Thanks for praying for my family. I will never leave your God and Adoration ministry. - UCHEFUNA CHRISTINA

Fr Ebube Muonso Messages, Quotes

1 "You cannot experience divine promotion without sacrificing your Issac. Something in you must die before your promotion will come." Fr. Ebube Muonso

2 "Do not be discouraged by your past failures and mistakes. God does not judge by public opinion, but by destiny confirmation. You are still needed." Fr. Ebube Muonso.

3 "Never tell anyone your plan, or else they'll block it or witch-hunt you. Show them the result, instead." Fr. Ebube Muonso

4 "Women, if you can let go of your right as a woman, your home will be the best."
Fr. Ebube Muonso

4 "As a child of God, expect opposition because you are a threat to the kingdom of darkness." Fr. Ebube Muonso

5 "Girls who post their nude pictures on the internet have mortgaged their future."
Fr. Ebube Muonso

6 "Ladies, do not try to win a man's love by going to his house to wash his undies. Give yourself worth." Fr. Ebube Muonso

7 "Do not be too quick to share your problems with people. Some of them are happy you're in a deep mess."

8 "Every blessing attracts enemies. The reason some of your friends no longer associate with you is because you've become more successful than them." Fr. Ebube Muonso

9 "On your road to stardom, if you allow your pleasure to override your mission and vision, you'll not reach your land of promise." Fr. Ebube Muonso

10 "Girls, no man is worth crying for. Do not force yourself on a man, else you'll be taken for granted." Fr. Ebube Muonso

Ebube Muonso Songs: List Of Songs By (Ebube Muonso) Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma:

(Ebube Muonso) Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma – Ike Muonso

(Ebube Muonso) Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma – Ike Obara

(Ebube Muonso) Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma – My Year Of Victory

Ebube Muonso) Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma – Am Unstoppable

(Ebube Muonso) Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma – Njem Ukwu Obe

(Ebube Muonso) Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma – Obam Eze

Ebube Muonso And Nnamdi Kanu
Fr Ebube Muonso and Nnamdi Kanu are close. In 2017, Rev Father Ebube Muonso told Buhari government to grant amnesty to the detained leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

Pictures of Fr Ebube Muonso and Nnamdi Kanu

Fr Ebube Muonso Endsars Protest: Fr Ebube Muonso joined the #EndSARS protest in October 2020.

Fr Ebube Muonso Controversy

Fr Ebube Muonso Clash With the Occult
Fr Ebube Muonso has clashed with multiple occult sects in Anambra state.

Rivalry With co-Priest

Fr Ebube Muonso And Father Mbaka

Fr Ebube Muonso has been in constant rivalry with a co-priest, Father Mbaka who is equally a prominent catholic priest in south-eastern part of Nigeria, who is significantly older than Father Muonso and was ordained a priest long before Muonso became a priest. Fr Ebube Muonso called Father Mbaka a false prophet and Father Mbaka immediately responded by calling Fr Ebube Muonso a false prophet also. The root cause of the rivalry between Muonso and Father Mbaka is reportedly due to a supremacy power tussle and jealousy.

Fr Ebube Muonso Assassination Attempt: Is Fr Ebube Muonso Dead Or Alive? Fr Ebube Muonso is not dead. He is alive.
But, Fr Ebube Muonso has been a victim of three failed assassination attempts.

Fr Ebube Muonso Healing
Fr Ebube Muonso is noted for his alleged ability to heal ailments which attracts followers.

Ebube Muonso And Soludo

Fr Ebube Muonso Education, School
Father Emmanuel Obimma (Fr Ebube Muonso) attended Ezunaka Primary School, Nkwelle Ezunaka and obtained his First School Leaving certificate.

Ebube Muonso Secondary School - Ebube Muonso attended St. Paul’s Seminary, Ukpor in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, where he did his JSS1 – JSS3; he later headed to All Hallows Seminary, Onitsha, where he did SS1-SS3.
Father Ebube Muonso later went to Pope John Paul Major Seminary, Awka, and the Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary, Onitsha.

Fr Ebube Muonso State Of Origin: Where is Father Ebube Muonso from? Fr Ebube Muonso is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Fr Ebube Muonso Home Town, Village, Tribe: Fr Ebube Muonso hails from Uruebo village, Nkwelle-Ezunaka in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State.
Nkwelle-Ezunaka is one of the five towns in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State Nigeria. He is Igbo by tribe.

Fr Ebube Muonso Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Fr Ebube Muonso Emmanuel Obimma was born on 18th August 1980.

Fr Ebube Muonso Age: How old is Fr Ebube Muonso? Ebube Muonso is currently 41 years old. Fr Ebube Muonso will celebrate his 42nd birthday on 18th August 2022.

Fr Ebube Muonso Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Fr Ebube Muonso Gay, Bisexual Or Straight? Father Ebube Muonso is straight.

Fr Ebube Muonso Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Fr Ebube Muonso is the last child of his parents. 
Father Obimma was born into the family Mr Bartholomew Obiechina Obimma and Mrs Grace Obimma (Ochiora), from Uruebo village, Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Anambra.
Rev Father Obimma parents formerly lived in the northern part of Nigeria before relocating to the South East. While his mother sold weaved clothes at Williams Street, Onitsha, the father was a tailor.

Fr Ebube Muonso Father: Who is the father of Fr Ebube Muonso? Fr Ebube Muonso father was late Mr Bartholomew Obiechina Obimma.
His dad, Bartholomew Obimma, was among the adult mass servers/altar knights in their old age at Nkwele parish.

Fr Ebube Muonso Mother: Fr Ebube Muonso mother is Mrs Grace Obimma. She was a trader who sold weaved clothes.

Fr Ebube Muonso Siblings, Brothers: Father Emmanuel Obimma aka Fr Ebube Muonso has 6 siblings brothers, no sister. He is the last son of seven children of his parents, all boys, no girl.
The names of Fr Ebube Muonso siblings brothers are Andrew Obimma, Charles Obimma, Victor Obimma, Anthony Obimma, Bartholomew Jnr Obimma, Vincent Obimma and Emmanuel Obimma.

Father Muonso elder brothers, Tony, Victor and Bartholomew Jnr, were all in the seminary, but none of them succeeded in becoming a priest as they pulled out after a while.

Twins: Is Fr Ebube Muonso a twin? Some think that Fr Ebube Muonso and Mazi Ifeanyi are twins but no, they are not twins.
Fr Ebube muonso is from Nkwelle in Oyi Local Government while Ifeanyi is from Nnewi local government.

Fr Ebube Muonso Wife, Married, Marriage: Is Fr Ebube Muonso married? No, Fr Ebube Muonso is not married. He is a Reverend Father.

Girlfriend: Fr Ebube Muonso doesn't have a girlfriend.

Fr Ebube Muonso Children, Child: Does Fr Ebube Muonso have a child? No, Fr Ebube Muonso doesn't have a child.

Emmanuel Obimma Fr Ebube Muonso Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira

Fr Ebube Muonso: How much is Fr Ebube Muonso Net Worth? Fr Ebube Muonso Net Worth is about $3 Million US Dollars, estimated at ₦1,800,000,000 in Naira in 2022?

Fr Ebube Muonso House and Cars: Rev Fr Ebube Muonso lives in Anambra State and drives nice cars.

Father Ebube Muonso Donates Car To Another Priest

In March 2022, Fr Ebube Muonso donated a brand new car to a priest.

Fr Ebube Muonso Salary, Businesses, Investments, Properties, Income, Source Of Wealth

Fr Ebube Muonso has business acumen and an excellent spirit that whatever he touches turns to gold. Apart from the various objects of prayers like calendars, stickers, anointing oil, and super candles which he produces in a very unique manner different from others, that are always in high demand.

Fr Ebube Muonso Paraclete Water: Fr Ebube Muonso table water called Paraclete sells like nothing else matters. 

Due to high demand, workers at the factory run shifts and hardly rest as they produce both bottled and sachet packages. The bulk of his adoration members believe that the Paraclete water possesses some healing powers different from other table water in circulation and there have been many testimonies to this effect. 

Fr Ebube Muonso Paraclete Press: His Paraclete press, a thriving printing press with state-of-the-art facilities also produces the highly sought after –Divine Touch devotionals, a monthly publication that contains daily prayers, nuggets of faith and Bible readings. They also publish The Dove Newsletter, which serves as the ministry’s newspaper arm.

Fr Ebube Muonso School: The name of Fr Ebube Muonso Secondary School is Divine Rays British School in Anambra State which has created jobs for many, also absorbed an increasing number of young people desiring quality and affordable education. It also has nursery and primary schools.

Pictures of Rev Fr Ebube Muonso Schools, Divine Rays British School in Anambra

Manager and Principal of the school, Mrs Ezeibeanu Stephanie Ozioma, told Sunday Sun that the school alone engages about 200 staff while her counterpart of Paraclette Table Water, Mr Udogwu Christopher, said the company has more than 150 employees.

But Fr. Obimma said the totality of his investments absorbs over 1,000 workers, including those in his ministry. He said the employment opportunities were some of the ways he preaches the word of God to the poor, as well as his contribution to humanity.

Fr Ebube Muonso Phone Number: Fr Ebube Muonso phone Number is +2347065871137

FR Ebube Muonso WhatsApp Number: Father Ebube Muonso WhatsApp number is

Fr Ebube Muonso Email Address: Fr Ebube Muonso email Address is [email protected]

Fr Ebube Muonso Instagram: Fr Ebube Muonso Instagram page Account Profile Handle fr.ebubemuonso.

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