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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Austin Faani (Chacha Eke Husband) Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Children, House, Cars, Wedding Pictures, State Of Origin, Daughter, Son, Hometown, Tribe, Height, Marriage, Divorce, Education, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Movies, Austin Faani Ikechukwu Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube Channel

History Of Austin Faani: Everything To Know About Chacha Eke Husband, Austin Faani Profile, Bio, Wikipedia, Wife, Divorce, Marriage Crash, Wedding Pictures, Girlfriend, Children, Domestic Violence, House, Cars

50 Pictures, Images, Photos Of Austin Faani (Chacha Eke Husband) Wife, Children, Family, Marriage, Wedding, Child, Daughter, Son

Cha Cha Eke Husband Biography: Who Is Chacha Eke Husband?

Who Is Austin Faani?

Austin Faani whose full name is Austin Faani Ikechukwu (born 18 March 1977) is the husband of Chacha Eke. He is a Nigerian born Nollywood movie director, producer, editor and Businessman. He is the owner and CEO of Austin Faani Studios Production, a movie production company which produces Austin Faani films. His net worth is about $2 Million US Dollars in 2022, which is estimated at ₦1,200,000,000 Naira.
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Pictures of Chacha Eke Husband
Pictures of Austin Faani

Austin Faani Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Austin Faani
Full Name: Austin Faani Ikechukwu
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Anambra State
Tribe: Igbo
Date Of Birth: 18 March 1977
Birthday: 18th March
Age: 45 Years Old (2022)
Height: 6"0 Feet tall
Occupation, Career: Movie Director, Producer, Editor, Businessman
Net Worth: $2 Million US Dollars
Net Worth In Naira: ₦1,200,000,000 Naira
Relationship, Marital Status: Married (Separated)
Spouse, Wife: Chacha Eke
Girlfriend: Cha Cha Eke
Divorced: On the way
Number Of Children: 4
Children's Names: Kamara Faani, Kaira Faani, Nnannaya Faani Jnr, Diamond Kandilichukwu Faani
Daughters: 3
Son: 1
Instagram: austinfaani

Full Biography Of Chacha Eke Ex Husband, Austin Faani Career, Occupation, Life History, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Marriage, Divorce, Children, Domestic Violence

Biography Wikipedia: Austin Faani is a Nigerian born Nollywood Movie Director, Filmmaker, Editor and Businessman who is popularly known as Chacha Eke husband.
Austin Faani is married to Nollywood star actress, Cha Cha Eke with four (4) children.
He is the CEO of Austin Faani Studios Production, a movie production company based in Asaba, Nigeria.

Austin Faani is a film editor, Nigerian movie producer, director, and businessman from Anambra State. He was born on March 18, 1977.

He started his career as a film editor after joining Nollywood in 2000. He became known after he directed the movie "The Bank Job" in 2010. The movie was produced by Peter Okonkwo and his wife, Chacha Eke Faani, was among the cast of the movie.

Chacha Eke's Husband, Austin Faani is not a Nollywood actor. He is rather a Nollywood Director and Producer.

Austin Faani has worked with top Nollywood actors and actresses such as Cha Cha Eke, Ken Erics, Queen Nwokoye, Kanayo O Kanayo, Mike Ezuruonye, Jerry Williams, Patience Ozokwor, Jnr Pope, Martha Ankomah, Chinyere Wilfred, among several others.
Photo of Austin Faani and Ken Erics

Austin Faani Movies: List of Austin Faani movies include,

Money Blood
The Cartel
Kings Cult
The Queen's Desire
Young And Reckless
Blind Obsession
Ukwu Mango
A Day Like This, etc.

Austin Faani Education
Austin Faani after finishing his primary and secondary School and obtaining his First School Leaving Certificate and SSCE certificate, proceeded to the higher institution but details of the university and course he studied are not available.

Austin Faani State Of Origin, Hometown, Village: Where is Austin Faani from? Austin Faani is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Austin Faani Tribe: What tribe is Chacha Eke Husband, Austin Faani? Austin Faani is Igbo by tribe.

Chacha Eke Husband State Of Origin: Chacha Eke husband is from Which State? Chacha Ekeh husband is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Austin Faani Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Austin Faani was born on 18th March 1977.

Austin Faani Real Age: How old Austin Faani? Austin Faani is 45 years old as at 2022. He will celebrate his 46th Birthdate in March 2023.
Chacha Eke Husband Age: How old is Cha Cha Eke Husband? Cha Cha Ekeh husband is 45 years old as at 2022.
Austin Faani Birthday Video

Austin Faani Birthday: Austin Faani celebrated his 45th birthday on 18th March 2022 with a star studded birthday party. Celebrities who attended Austin Faani birthday party include, Patience Ozokwor, Jerry Williams, Nosa Rex, Jnr Pope, Onny Michael, Racheal Okonkwo, Shaggy Bes, Mike Godson, among others.
Austin Faani Birthday Photo

Austin Faani Height: How tall is Austin Faani? Austin Faani is 6"0 Feet tall.

Austin Faani Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Austin Faani Gay, Homosexual, Bisexual Or Straight? Austin Faani is straight, not gay.

Austin Faani Religion: Is Austin Faani a Muslim or Christian? Austin Faani is a Christian.

Austin Faani Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Austin Faani was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ikechukwu, from Anambra State. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.
Photo of Austin Faani Mother, Brother and his wife

Austin Faani Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Austin Faani married? Yes, Austin Faani is married to Chacha Eke, a popular Nollywood actress with four (4) kids - 3 daughters and an only son.

Austin Faani Wedding Pictures: Austin Faani got married to Chacha Eke on 1st June 2013 in Asaba with lots of celebrities, actors and actresses in attendance, after they held their traditional marriage in Chacha Eke's Hometown in Ebonyi State. His wife, Chacha Eke was pregnant when they got married as she gave birth to their first child, a daughter on 19th September 2013, three months after their white wedding.

Austin Faani Wife, Name, Pictures: Who is Austin Faani Wife? The name of Austin Faani wife is Chacha Eke. She is a Nigerian born Nollywood star actress and the mother of his 4 children. Austin Faani's wife, Cha Cha Eke is beautiful and hails from Ebonyi state, Nigeria. She is 35 years old in 2022.
Pictures of Austin Faani and Wife

Austin Faani Wife Age: How old is Austin Faani wife? Austin Faani wife, Chacha Eke is 35 years old as at 2022. She was born on 17 July 1987.
Austin Faani is 10 years older than his wife, Chacha Eke. Chacha Eke is 10 years younger than her husband, Austin Faani.

Pictures of Austin Faani and his wife Cha Cha Eke

How Austin Faani & Wife, Chacha Eke Met

Austin Faani and Chacha Eke met on the set of Amaco's movie titled "When Kings Decide" in 2009 and started dating and later got married in 2023.

Austin Faani Celebrates Wife's Birthday

Celebrating his wife, Chacha Eke's birthday on 17 July 2021, Austin Faani shared Stunning photos of his wife and wrote:

You are so sweet to my soul and so precious to my heart. I'm elated that I get to spend everyday loving you, you are an amazing woman and I'm one lucky man. 
May the power of resurrection of Christ continue to be significant in all that concerns you my love.
UTOMDINANWANYI !!! Chukwu m gozieri m gi. 🙏🙏🙏

In another post, he wrote:

"Happy birthday to the angel that lights up my life. May this day bring with it all the blessings and wishes you have ever asked for. God bless you my Utomdinawanyi...@chachaekefaani
God bless you the mother of our children...
God bless your heart my wonderful woman.
God bless this day.
Yagazie ri gi nke oma nwunye m.

Austin Faani And Chacha Eke 8th Wedding Anniversary: The couple marked their 8th wedding anniversary on June 1, 2021. He wrote:

"Today we celebrate LOVE, LIFE, AWARENESS and GRACE.
Austin Faani Family Pictures

Austin Faani Marriage Crash: Is Austin Faani still married to Chacha Eke? No, Chacha Eke is no longer married to Austin Faani, her husband. Austin Faani wife, Cha Cha Eke has left him after 9 years of marriage and 4 kids over domestic violence.

Austin Faani Divorce: Are Austin Faani and Chacha Eke divorced? Austin Faani is not yet divorced but his wife is set to drag him to court and ask the court to dissolve their marriage and divorce him.

Austin Faani, Chacha Eke Domestic Violence: Chacha Eke has allegedly being in an abusive marriage with Austin Faani. Confirming the Domestic Violence allegations in their marriage, Chacha Eke announced that she is leaving her marriage in an Instagram post titled 'LEAVE NOW ALIVE OR LEAVE AS A CORPSE'. She said she is leaving her marriage and husband, Austin Faani because she doesn't want to "die" or go inexplicably "missing".

Divorce & Domestic Violence: Fans Call Out Austin Faani For 'Beating' Chacha Eke

Chiexotic225: If anything do chacha u go collect for Nigerians hand Make some men stop this nonse*nse thinking women fell down from trees we are somebody's daughter and sister .... If scratch touch chacha ...oga hand go touch u too We no go leave u for police o na we Nigerians go treat ur FU.

Sinikiwesimpamba: Shame on you Sir for losing such a Beautiful wife...

Purity.chika: Osinachi husband replica hunger go wire u your money making machine has finally leave you Ekuke Your Juju has finally expire.

jennifer akor You also have daughters Ogalim!!!!! Imagine their husbands beating them as your punishment fgs! Stop it"

uch_mann Austin, don't be the reason we type justice for Chacha. God go just take him time punish you after online inlaws don lay the necessary curses on you. If you like, make una package lies again sey she no well like you shamelessly did the last time.

just_nkaylee: Online in-laws don reach here immediately una wait for am to drop new post 9ja dey vex oh

lit4, iwuala.ifeoma.54: Why do you want to •' destroy her life? is it because you are very much older than her? tufiakwa.

rose_obasi after begging her come and tell us she has bipolar just to protect your image ..

Amakaachukwu.1: "So u dey beat woman at your age? 

Woman wey born boy and girl for u? U d beat am ? ei 

At your age ? What will u teach your children"
officialjennyc: Am happy that she has refused to take your bipolar story again and keep covering you seems you are even the one that normally diactivate her account..but not anymore

eguagie.tracy: Why u dey beat your wife

millennia: I knew it that when Cha Cha came and said it was a lie the first time that he made her say it. I knew it was true !!! You lost such a beautiful, fun and good wife !! Someone that gave you 4 children !!!! Even your first child. Na you mumu pass !!!

funky_voke: So u be beast? A woman beater? Chaim!! nawa!!!! Thank God she was able to see the light before she lost her life to ur beatings! 

insta.fabss Shebi it's when your wife dies that you'll rest and stop the abuse? You have daughters don't forget treat your wife how you want your daughters to be treated in future,we already have seen the facade 

Austin Faani Remarried, Second Wife: Has Austin Faani, Chacha Eke's ex husband Remarried? No, Austin Faani has not married a new wife as his wife just Left him. It's too early to start talking about remarry, second marriage or new second wife.

Austin Faani Children, Daughters & Son: Austin Faani and Chacha Eke have 4 children - 3 daughters and 1 son. The names of Austin Faani and Cha Cha Eke children are:
1 Kamara Faani
2 Kaira Faani
3 Nnannaya Faani Jnr
4 Diamond Kandilichukwu Faani

Photo of Austin Faani and his Daughters - First and second Daughters
Pictures of Austin Faani Children and Wife, Chacha Eke

Names Of Austin Faani Children, Daughters, Son & Their Ages, Date Of Birth

1 First Daughter, First Child: The name of Austin Faani & Chacha Eke first daughter is Kamara Faani. She was born on 19 September 2013. She is 9; years old as at 2022 by 19th September 2022.

2 Second Daughter, Second Child: The name of Austin Faani and Chacha Eke second child and second daughter is Kaira Faani. She was born on 25 December 2016. She is currently 5 years old. She will celebrate her 6th birthday on 25th December 2022.

Celebrating his second daughter's 5th birthday on 25th December 2021, Austin Faani wrote:

My Baby “Nnennaya Kaira Dior Faani” is 5years old today. Happy birthday my Golden Princess.

3 Third Child, Only Son: The name of Austin Faani third child and only son is Awesome Chukwuemerie Faani (Nnannaya Faani Jnr.) He was born on 10th May 2019. He is 3 years old as at 2022.

Announcing the birth of his son in 2019, Austin Faani wrote:

"I am a Blessed Man.
Thank You my Maker for steadily coloring my world.
Welcome to our Beautiful home, precious Prince of Valor. 
We love you.
10th May 2019."

Celebrating his son's 3rd birthday in May 2022, Austin Faani wrote:

"AWESOME FAANI is 3 years old today.
Born 10th May 2019.
May the Almighty continue to protect and guide you my son. God be with you always. Amen."

4 Fourth Child, Third Daughter: Austin Faani last child is Diamond Kandilichukwu Faani. She was born on 24th April 2021. She is 1 year old as at 2022.

Sharing pictures from the dedication of their last child and 3rd daughter on his Instagram page, Austin Faani wrote:

"25/7/2021 My Baby Diamond was dedicated in Church to the glory of God. DIAMOND KANDILICHUKWU FAANI God bless you my miracle baby."

Chacha Eke Husband Austin Faani Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira

Austin Faani Net Worth: How much is Austin Faani net worth? Austin Faani Net Worth is about $2 Million US Dollars in 2022.

Austin Faani Net Worth In Naira: Chacha Eke husband, Austin Faani net worth in Naira is about ₦1,200,000,000 Naira.

Austin Faani House and Cars: Austin Faani lives in a nice house in Asaba, Delta State and drives nice cars.
Pictures of Austin Faani House and Cars

Austin Faani Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Austin Faani can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile or Facebook account.

Chacha Eke Husband Instagram Page Handle

Austin Faani Instagram: Austin Faani Instagram page Account Profile Handle is austinfaani.

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