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Latest Instagram Photos: All about Tee Kuro Bio, Wikipedia, House, Cars, Family, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, State of Origin, Tribe, Wedding Pictures, Hometown, Father, Mother, Height, Education, Married, Children, Net worth, Sisters, Tee Kuro Images, IG Pics, Facebook Photos, Relationship, Lifestyle, Songs, Tee Kuro Real Name, Videos, Comedy Skits, Interviews, Birthday, Age, Wife, Movies, Before and after Photos

History Of Tee Kuro: Everything To Know About Comedian Tee Kuro (Tamunokuro Tonye-Nathan) Profile, Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Siblings, Marriage, Movies

Who Is Tee Kuro?
Tee Kuro whose real name is Tamunokuro Micheal Tonye Nathan (born 4 March 2001) is a Nigerian Comedian, Actor, Instagram Skit Maker, Tiktok & YouTube Content Creator who was nominated for AMVCA 8 Award in 2022.

Tamunokuro Tonye-Nathan who is popular known as Tee Kuro is a comedian who makes people laugh through his funny, relatable, accurate, creative visual storytelling on his Instagram page and Tiktok account. 

He was born on 4th of March 2001 into family of Mr and Mrs Tonye Nathan as the only son of the family.

Tee Kuro whose full name is Tamunokuro Micheal Tonye Nathan hails from River State, Nigeria.

Photos of Tee Kuro

Tee Kuro Pictures

Tee Kuro Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Stage Name: Tee Kuro

Real Name: Tamunokuro Tonye-Nathan

Full Name: Tamunokuro Micheal Tonye Nathan

Gender: Male

Nationality: Nigeria

State of Origin: River State

Hometown: Port Harcourt

Tribe: Ijaw

Place Of Birth: Rivers State

Date of Birth: 4th March 2001

Birthday: 4th March

Age: 21 years old (As at 2022)

Height: 6"0 feet tall

Occupation, Career: Comedian, Content Creator, Actor, Filmmaker

Net Worth: $250,000 US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Tonye Nathan

Father: Tonye Nathan

Mother: Mrs Tonye Nathan

Siblings: 2

Sister: Nay Thanne

Relationship, Marital status: Single

Girlfriend: Chiamaka (Rumored)

Children, Child: None

Tattoo: No

Education: University Of Port Harcourt - UNIPORT (Theatre Arts Department)

Instagram: @tee_kuro

Twitter: @teekuro2

YouTube: Tee Kuro

Facebook: Tee_kuro

Full Biography Of Tamunokuro Micheal Tonye Nathan 'Tee Kuro' (Instagram Comedian) Career, Occupation, Life History, Comedy Videos, Net Worth, lyrics, Background, Girlfriend, Siblings, Parents

Pictures of Tee Kuro Real Face

Biography Wikipedia: Tamunokuro Michael Tonye-Nathan aka Tee Kuro is a Nigerian born Instagram comedian and content creator who dresses as a woman and a man to pass his message across to his audience and has been in limelight for some years now. 

An example of Tee Kuro skit was when he dressed as different brides and grooms from different tribes showing off their dance steps. 

Tee Kuro is a handsome, brave, ambitious, strong, funny, talented, hardworking, creative and God fearing young man. He is a fast-rising Instagram Comedian, director, producer, actor, and editor. 

Tee Kuro is also a musician who has created some concepts using Don Jazzy and other top musicians.

Tee Kuro grew up under the guidance of the parents to be an ambitious, strong, unique, funny, talented, hardworking, creative and God fearing young man.

Tee Kuro Comedy Career: Tee Kuro developed the passion for acting and had a dream to become a great star from his teenager age. He pursued it by attending auditions but it was fruitless, so he decided to bring out his talent through making some comedy skits on Instagram. After observing how Gloria Olerunto (Maraji on Instagram) a popular comedian, plays a multiple roles in her comedy, Tee Kuro enjoyed it and thought of joining his role model. 

On September 20th 2018, he shared his first comedy skit having the role of White Nigerian and Black American churches and since then, he has done 150 comedy skits.

More pictures of Comedian Tee Kuro

When Did Tee Kuro Start Acting & His First Comedy Skit Video?

Tee Kuro started his Comedy acting career in the year 2018. He posted his first comedy skit on 20th September 2018 (White African and Black American Churches) featuring himself in different characters; and since then, he has released over 150 comedy skits worldwide.

Tee Kuro Movies: The Judge, 

He thus celebrated his 2 years content journey anniversary on 20th of September 2020. Sharing a collage pictures of the different characters he has played, Tee Kuro wrote:

"Today makes my content creation journey two years😌 So Its Tee Kuro Anniversary🎉😂
I initially wrote a longgg “my journey so far” caption but I erased it cus ko neccestri (its unnecessary) Oh well I decided to do a photoshoot of your faves😊👏🏾These are the most recurring characters in my skits, the ones y’all have gotten fond of, I’ve played them so much it’s like i know them personally😂

I’m sha celebrating myself today cus I’m proud of me... I’m proud of the brand and audience I’ve built thus far, I’m proud of the content I produce, I’m proud of how my talent and skills have improved with every project. I’m proud of the experience, opportunities, connections and finance Tee Kuro has brought my way...

I want to sincerely appreciate everyone that appreciates my content, it’s you people I’m doing it for oh (and myself ofcourse😂) In fact my favorite part about posting a video is getting to read you guys comments cus the energy and love is amazing, sometimes I’m like nahh it’s not balanced the love is too much, there has to be some hate/critics somewhere😂👀... I’m really glad and I don’t take the support for granted❤️...I know I’m not the most consistent content creator on this platform🙈 but I try to make up for lack of quantity with quality😂😂Osheyyy!!
Anyway cheers to higher grounds🍾🥂 I’m convinced that it can only get better because “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard & no mind can fathom what God has prepared for me because I love him” (Issa scriptural stuv)

Let’s take a while to appreciate this picture tho🔥 Tyler Perry no do pass this one! See as i resemble Netflix series💯😂"

Tee Kuro Awards

Tee Kuro AMVCA 2022 Award: Tee Kuro was nominated for AMVCA 2022 Best Online Social Content Creator with his Nollywood Epic Love Story 1 & 2 (Parody) alongside other comedians namely, Mr Macaroni, Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, Oga Sabinus, ​Taaooma, Jacqueline Suowari, Edem Victor, and Elozonam Ogbolu. The category was actually won by Oga Sabinus but it boosted Tee Kuro's career.
Photo of Tee Kuro at AMVCA 8, 2022 Awards

"Ladies & gentle men it’s an “Amvca Nominated Content Creator” TEE KURO👏🏽👏🏽E sweet for mouth 😂😂🎉🎉 I’m entirely grateful & honored! I love what I do and I love that y’all love it too!!" - Tee Kuro wrote on his Instagram page while sharing his pictures from AMVCA 2022, 8 edition.

Lifestyle: Tee Kuro lives a simple but fun filled, comic Lifestyle.

Tee Kuro Education, School, University
Tee Kuro attended primary and secondary schools in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and obtained First School Leaving certificate and SSCE certificate.

Tee Kuro is a student of University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) where he is studying Theatre Arts currently.

Tee Kuro Real Name: What is Tee Kuro real name? The real name of Tee Kuro is Tamunokuro Tonye-Nathan.

Tee Kuro Full Name: The full name, Birth name of Tee Kuro is Tamunokuro Micheal Tonye Nathan.

Tee Kuro Gender: Is Tee Kuro a man, boy or woman, girl? Tee Kuro is a man and not a woman. He is a male, boy not a female, girl.

Pictures of Tee Kuro as a woman
Photos of Tee Kuro as a girl, lady

Photos of Tee Kuro As A Boy or Man

Tee Kuro State Of Origin
: Where is Tee Kuro from? Tee Kuro is from Rivers State, Nigeria.

Tee Kuro Home Town, Village: Tee Kuro hails from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Tee Kuro Tribe: What tribe is Tee Kuro? Tee Kuro is Ijaw by tribe and hails from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, South South part of Nigeria.

Tee Kuro Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Tee Kuro was born on 4th of March 2001.

Tee Kuro Real Age: How old is Tee Kuro? Tee Kuro is currently 21 years old as at 2022.

Tee Kuro celebrated his 21st Birthday on March, 4th 2022.
He shared his cute birthday photoshoot on his Instagram page and wrote:

"It’s my birthday🎉🥳🍾Because me sef na person born me😌💆🏽‍♂️

You see that fine boy in the pictures?
His name is “Tamunokuro Michael Tonye-Nathan” he is extremely brave, genius, ambitious, strong, unique, handsome, funny, talented, hardworking, creative, healthy, wealthy, God fearing and he will live long to fulfill all God has created him to be!!

Ps: I love that dog more than some humans, and she loves me even more🥰

Old Throwback Photos of Tee Kuro

Tee Kuro Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Tee Kuro gay, bisexual or straight? Tee Kuro is not gay. He is Straight.

Some think that comedian Tee Kuro is gay because he dresses and acts like a woman or girl in most of his comedy skits. But that doesn't make him a gay.
Photos of Tee Kuro Dressed as Princess, Girl, Lady, woman

Tee Kuro Height: How tall is Tee Kuro? Tee Kuro is about 6"0 feet tall.
Pictures of Tee Kuro Standing Tall at 6"0 Feet height

Tee Kuro Weight: What is Tee Kuro's weight? Tee Kuro is a slim healthy young man that weighs about 64kg.

Tee Kuro Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings:

Tee Kuro Parents: Tee Kuro's parents are Mr and Mrs Tonye Nathan who are from Rivers State, Nigeria.

Tee Kuro Family: Tee Kuro is the second child and only son of his family and parents, born into the family of Mr & Mrs Tonye Nathan in Rivers State.

Tee Kuro Siblings, Sister: Tee Kuro has only two sisters and has no brother.
Tee Kuro eldest sister's name is Nay Thanne plus a younger sister.
Pictures of Tee Kuro and Her Sisters

Tee Kuro Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Tee Kuro married? No, Tee Kuro is not married. He is still a student and young man of 22 years.

Tee Kuro Wife: Who is Tee Kuro wife? Tee Kuro is still single and may be in a relationship but not married.

Tee Kuro Relationship, Dating

​Tee Kuro Girlfriend: Who is Tee Kuro girlfriend, name, pictures? Tee Kuro is allegedly in a relationship and dating a girl named Chiamaka in one of his comedy skits. She is a graduate of UNIPORT.

Tee Kuro Children, Son: Does Tee Kuro have a child, a son or daughter? Tee Kuro has no kid, no son yet.

However, due to his different characters in comedy skits, Tee Kuro has appeared to be a family man bearing this names: Dad, Mum, Junior, Princess, and Bobo. All were in visual concepts in making comedy skits.

Tee Kuro Hairstyles, Hair cut, Colour

Tee Kuro Hairstyles: Tee Kuro formally wears afro hair cut. But he often rocks different Hairstyles such as wigs, braids, weave-on to portray his different characters.
Pictures of Tee Kuro Hairstyles

Colour: Tee Kuro is dark in complexion.

Tee Kuro Eye colour: Black, white.

Tee Kuro Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira

Net Worth: Tee Kuro net worth is about $250,000 US Dollars.

Tee Kuro Net Worth In Naira: Tee Kuro Net Worth in Naira is about ₦145,000,000 Million Naira in 2022.

Tee Kuro House and Cars: Tee Kuro lives in Port Harcourt with his family and drives his own car but he has not bought or built his own house.

Tee Kuro Instagram: Tee Kuro Instagram page Account Profile Handle is tee_kuro.

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