Somadina Adinma & Chisom Steve Relationship, Pictures, Dating, Movies

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Tiktok Videos, Photos: Are Chisom Steve And Somadina Adinma In A Relationship, Dating, Engaged Or Married? Wedding Photos - What To Know About The Two Nollywood Stars - Chisom Steve and Somadina Relationship, Marriage Rumours. Images

Pictures of Somadina Adinma And Chisom Steve

Are Somadina Adinma And Chisom Steve Boyfriend & Girlfriend, Husband & Wife Relationship?

There are rumours that handsome Nollywood actor, Somadina Adinma and pretty Nollywood actress, Chisom Steve actress, are dating, that they got engaged and later got married.

Chisom Steve and Somadina Adinma Wedding, Marriage Pictures: Chisom Steve and Somadina Adinma got married on the set of the movie 'Scars From Yesterday' where they played the role of husband and wife.

But Thefamousnaija can confirm that Somadina Adinma and Chisom Steve are not married. They did not do any wedding or marriage ceremony as being speculated by fans and some Facebook bloggers.

Is Chisom Steve Dating Somadina Adinma? Are They In A Relationship?

Yes, Somadina Adinma is dating 23-year-old Chisom Steve. They are quite close.  Thefamousnaija can confirm that Chisom Steve and Somadina Adinma are dating, they are quite close, they have a good relationship as close friends both on movie sets and outside set. They are in love. But Somadina Adinma has not proposed marriage to Chisom Steve.
Tiktok Video of Chisom Steve and Somadina Adinma

Chisom Steve and Somadina Adinma often show off their love life on Tiktok.

Photos of Somadina Adinma And Chisom Steve kissing

Somadina Adinma likes most of Chisom Steve's instagram Pictures and vice versa.

Chisom Steve and Somadina Movies: Immortal Fate, Friends Like Dubem, etc. Somadina Adinma and Chisom Steve have starred together in movies, either as lovers or as opponents.

Somadina Adinma and Chisom Steve featured in the movie 'Friends Like Dubem' which features other casts as Chinenye Nnebe, Sonia Uche, Patience Ozokwor, Enoch Darkor (Whatabomshell).

Chisom Steve Celebrates Somadina Adinma's Birthday With Romantic Message

Nollywood actor, Somadina Adinma marked his birthday on 8th May 2022 and Chisom Steve shared his picture with romantic message to celebrate him. The actress who is sister of Faith Steve and Joy Steve wrote:

"My babyyyyyyyy!!! @adinmasomadina thank you for being the realest. Happy blessed birthday Baby boy for life to I wish that the good lord increase your in all areas of your life, Amen! Love you Big4 #happybirthday #myguy"

Adinma Somadina reacted: "Som baby, thanks a lot darling appreciate".

Their fan, Instagram user Chechinora reacted: "I heard they're married, please how true is that because I had to argue it with some folks on Facebook."

Other fans reacted to Chisom Steve's birthday post celebrating Somadina:

prettymaureen2: 'Was actually waiting for your post?.. Happy birthday soma'

marklizzy43: '@prettymaureen2, same here ohh'

antidote_barbie: 'We need this gist in full'.

Somadina Adinma
is Anambra State born Nollywood star actor who started out as a child actor before growing to be a mature actor. 

Chisom Steve
is a fast-rising Enugu State born Nollywood actress and movie producer who is the youngest of the Steve Sisters - Joy Steve, Faith Steve and Chisom Steve.

Somadina Adinma and other actresses like Chinenye Nnebe, Kenechukwu Eze and Ifeoma Obinwa also have good chemistry working together as lovers in movies.

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