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History Of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi: Everything To Know About Rev Victor Adeyemi Wife - Jumoke Adeyemi Profile, Husband, Family, Daughter, Son, Books, Messages, Church, Net Worth, House, Cars

Who Is Rev Victor Adeyemi Wife?

Who is Jumoke Adeyemi?
Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi (born 7 April 1970) is the Vice President of Global Harvest Church, Speaker, Author, Customer Service Consultant, Philanthropist and the wife of Rev Victor Adeyemi, Global Harvest Church founder.

Jumoke Adeyemi Photos

Pictures of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi

Jumoke Adeyemi Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Jumoke Adeyemi

Full Name: Jumoke Mobolaji Michelle Adeyemi

Place Of Birth: Zaria

Nationality: Nigerian

Place Of Birth: Zaria, Kaduna State

Tribe: Yoruba

Date Of Birth: 7 April 1970

Birthday: April 7th

Age: 52 Years Old (in 2022)

Height: 5"6 Feet tall

Occupation, Career: Pastor, Author, Philanthropist, Speaker

Net Worth: $800,000 US Dollars

Married: Yes

Spouse, Husband: Rev Victor Adeyemi

Number Of Children: 4

Daughters: (3) Toyosi Oduyale, Charlotte 'Ade' Adeyemi

Son: Arnold Adeyemi

Brother In-law: Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Parents: Isaac Olaore, Mary Olaore

Father: Isaac Olaore

Mother: Mary Olaore

Website, Blog:

Email Address: [email protected]

Instagram: jumoke_adeyemi

YouTube: Jumoke Adeyemi

Education: University of Ilorin (English)

Full Biography Of Jumoke Adeyemi, Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family Background, Education, Marriage, Children

Biography, Wikipedia: Jumoke Adeyemi whose full name is Jumoke Mobolaji Michelle Adeyemi is a Nigerian born Pastor, Author and the wife of Rev Victor Adeyemi.

Photos of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi In Global Harvest Church

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi is currently the senior pastor of Global Harvest Church, Lagos.

Pictures of Global Harvest Church

Jumoke Adeyemi is a dynamic leader with over 20 years of experience in various roles; from pastoring to counselling, organisation management, event management, administration, project management, customer service consulting, public speaking, writing and luxury business ownership.

Jumoke Mobolaji Michelle Adeyemi is a wife, mother, grandmother, Pastor, mentor and coach.

Born on April 7th 1970 in Zaria, she was raised in Sokoto and received her tertiary education in Ilorin. She got married to Victor Adeyemi in 1992 and moved with him to Ibadan, where they Pastored Rhema Chapel and eventually started Global Harvest Church.

Jumoke Adeyemi is a mother of four children and a grandmother to one. She was raised in a polygamous home where her dad married a second wife when she was a teenager and it changed her perception of life - crushing her view of marriage. 

But when she found Christ, that changed and she decided to never live a polygamous lifestyle, determining to build a strong family unit. She has struggled with interpersonal relationships, because she is more result-oriented than people-oriented, and has struggled with acceptance from people. She has also seen the downsides of this type of lifestyle. All these led to her passion to help people with their relationships. Due to her background - being raised in the North, she has seen the social perception of women and she was stirred to advocate for women empowerment. She had also witnessed poverty and it effects, which fuelled her desire for poverty alleviation.

Jumoke Adeyemi attended the University of Ilorin, graduating in 1992 with a BA English, following that, she gained her MSc in Personnel Psychology from the University of Ibadan in 1997. She worked as an Op-Ed intern for Herald Newspaper in Ilorin during undergraduate studies, worked as an intern at Coca-Cola under Human Resources in 1995 and worked as Regional Manager for George Adegboye World Outreach for 3 years from 1992-1995. She became an Associate Pastor and first administrator of Global Harvest Church in 1995 before becoming the Director of Administration for the entire Global Harvest Church Ministry in 1995 until 2013. She became the Resident Pastor of Global Harvest Church Ibadan from 2005-2007 and She ran a fashion boutique business from 2001-2008. 

Pastor Jumoke remained an Associate Pastor of Global Harvest Church until 2016 before becoming the Lead Pastor of Global Harvest Church Lagos from 2016 until date. She has organised and led community development teams for Shop4Free (poverty alleviation), Future Builders International (youth empowerment), Night With The King (youth outreach) and The Encounter Womens Retreat: 2009 till date (women empowerment).

Jumoke Adeyemi Books: List of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi books include,
It's Your Time For Favour
Before You Say I Do
Unleash The Greatness In You
Making Marriage Work

Jumoke Adeyemi Foundation: Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi has a foundation called Jumoke Adeyemi Initiative which is an NGO that aims at helping the poor, widows Support programme and others.

Throwback photo Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi With Her Husband Rev Victor Adeyemi, Bishop Oyedepo and Bishop Yomi Olorunsaiye In Oyedepo's office in March, 2008.

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Education
Jumoke Adeyemi completed her primary and secondary school education in Sokoto State. Obtained a Bachelors Degree in English Language at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria in 1992. She obtained a Certificate in ministerial training from Ever Increasing Word Ministry in 1992 and A Diploma in Ministerial training in 1993. She attained a Masters in Personnel Psychology from the University of Ibadan in 1997. She also obtained The Certificate in Ministry Leadership and Executive Management from the Regents University Professional and Continuing Education in 2014.

University of Ilorin
Bachelor’s Degree BA (Hons) English
(1988 - 1992)

University of Ibadan
Master’s Degree Personnel Psychology
(1997 - 1998)

Pictures Gallery Of Nike Adeyemi Images

More beautiful photos of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi, Rev Victor Adeyemi Wife

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Jumoke Adeyemi was born on 7 April 1970.

Jumoke Adeyemi Age: How old is Jumoke Adeyemi? Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi is 52 years old as at 2022.

Celebrating her 52nd birthday on 7th April 2022, Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi wrote:

"FATHER, THANK YOU SO MUCH for adding another year to my life. I am eternally grateful for your faithfulness, your grace, your love, your protection, your provision, The Blessing… I cannot tell it all.

I am immmesely grateful for the gift of love that you planted in the hearts of millions for me. For the blessedness of love flowing towards me from far and near. For the precious Friends, sons and daughters in the gospel, mentors, and the gift of family. Many thanks o Lord.

To all who wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY i say THANK YOU. "

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Jumoke Adeyemi was from a polygamous family. Her father married two wives. Her mother was the first wife. She had several brothers and sisters.

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi parents are Mr and Mrs Isaac & Mary Olaore.

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi was raised an Anglican, as a youngster, she sang in the choir with her mother, Mary Olaore and and other siblings. She also served in the teens group of the church. She served in the children’s church with her father, Isaac Olaore. Jumoke was a vibrant member of youth group at her church. 

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi gave her life to Christ on August 20, 1987 in Sokoto State, Nigeria.

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Married, Marriage, Wedding: Jumoke Adeyemi is married to Rev Victor Adeyemi with 4 kids.
Pictures of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi and her husband, Rev Victor Adeyemi

Jumoke Adeyemi got married to Rev Victor Adeyemi on 7 November 1992 at the age of 22 while her husband was 24 years old as at the time they got married.

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Husband: Who is Jumoke Adeyemi husband, Name, Pictures? Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi's husband is Rev Victor Adeyemi, the founder and senior pastor of Global Harvest Church.

Pictures of Nike Adeyemi and Husband, Rev Victor Adeyemi

Victor and Jumoke Adeyemi Photos
Old Throwback Photo Of Jumoke Adeyemi and Victor Adeyemi

Picture of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Husband, Rev Victor Adeyemi

Photos of Victor Adeyemi, Jumoke Adeyemi Husband

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Celebrates Husband's Birthday: 

"Happy Birthday to the Love of my life. 
 A man like non other. Words fail me to describe my gratitude to God our father for the gift of YOU. Love, you are the best. I thank God for all you are and all that you do as my husband, The father of our children and the wonderful grand dad that you are. 
Our children in the gospel from everywhere salute the father and great man that you are. I am so proud to be your wife and called along side to serve with you. 

Jumoke Adeyemi Celebrates Her Husband Rev Victor Adeyemi On Father's Day

"HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my precious husband and father of our four lovely children. The gift of a father is a precious gift that only God gives. Today we as we celebrate fathers. We are reminded to give thanks for fathers. 
First to the Father of all fathers. The one who fathered life itself, God Almighty. Thank you Lord for being my father. You have been wonderful and beyond what all words could describe. “ABBA” YOU ARE THE ONLY DAD I HAVE NOW. My Heavenly Father, I am eternally grateful for you. Your mercy and graciousness to me and to humanity is beyond comprehension. Thank you for being our father. 
I remember my dad, who has joined the cloud of witnesses. I’ll never forget you daddy. Thanks for all you did for me. For us your children. You were a great dad. 
Thankful for the best husband ever. The best father to our lovely son and daughters. A great man. A worthy example and model. I am proud and happy to call you my husband and the father of my children. I know that the children are also proud to call you their father, “Dad.”
Thankful for my son who will also father his own children and by the grace of almighty God, be a great man and a great father to them. 
Thankful for every single father out there, who has stayed and has not left. Every father who has not just performed biologically but who has stayed the course, been present, provided, been responsible, showed himself a worthy example and model for his children. Every father who has worked hard and paid the price for his family. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR FATHERS. THANK YOU FOR STAYING AND NOT LEAVING. Thank you for not been MIA or asleep on duty. We are grateful for the gift of YOU. "
Rev Victor and Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi At their First Daughter's wedding

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Children, Son, Daughters: Jumoke Adeyemi has 4 children - 3 daughters and 1 son.

The names of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi children are, Toyosi Adeyemi, Arnold Adeyemi, Charlotte and another.

Jumoke Adeyemi first daughter, Toyosi Adeyemi got married to Mr. Oduyale on 30th of August 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Photo of Jumoke Adeyemi Husband & their son

Photo of Jumoke Adeyemi and her Children
Picture of Jumoke Adeyemi and her Daughters
Photo of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Son, Arnold Adeyemi
Image of Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi carrying her Grandchild

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira
How much is Jumoke Adeyemi net worth? 
Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi net worth is about $800,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Jumoke Adeyemi House and Cars
Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi lives with her husband, Rev Victor Adeyemi in Lagos and drives her own cars.

Jumoke Adeyemi Instagram: Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi Instagram page Account Profile Handle is jumoke_adeyemi .

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