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History Of Pastor Nike Adeyemi: Everything To Know About Pastor Nike Adeyemi Profile, Husband, Parents, Father, Family, Children, Daughter, Son, Messages, Church, Books, Teachings

Who Is Nike Adeyemi?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi (born 11 April 1967) is a Nigerian Author, Minister, Life Coach, Co-Founder and Deputy Senior Pastor at Daystar Christian Centre, President at Real Woman International and the wife of Sam Adeyemi, General Overseer of Daystar Christian Centre. 

Nike Adeyemi is the daughter of Prof Gabriel Ogunmola. Her father, Gabriel Babatunde Ogunmola is a Nigerian Professor of Chemistry and Chancellor of Lead City University, Ibadan.

Pictures of Pastor Nike Adeyemi

Nike Adeyemi Photos

Nike Adeyemi Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Nike Adeyemi

Real, Full Name: Adenike Adeyemi

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Oyo State

Tribe: Yoruba

Place Of Birth: Lagos State

Date Of Birth: 11 April 1967

Birthday: 11th April

Age: 55 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 5"8 Feet Tall

Career, Occupation: Pastor, Author, Life Coach

Net Worth: $2 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦1,160,000,000

Marital Status: Married

Spouse, Husband: Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Number Of Children: 3

Children's Names: David Adeyemi, Sophie Adeyemi, Adora Adeyemi

Son: David Adeyemi

Daughters: Sophie Adeyemi, Adora Adeyemi

Parents: Professor Gabriel and Princess Aderonke Ogunmola

Father: Prof Gabriel Ogunmola

Mother: Aderonke Ogunmola

Number Of Siblings: 3

Names Of Siblings: Kunle, Simbo, Demola Ogunmola

Sister: Simbo Ogunmola-Banjo

Education: Obafemi Awolowo University (Architecture)

Instagram: nikeadeyemi

Website, Blog:

Full Biography Of Pastor Nike Adeyemi, Career, Occupation, Life History, Educational Background, Childhood, Family, Siblings, Church, Messages, Parents

Biography Wikipedia: Nike Adeyemi is a Nigerian born Pastor, Author, Conference Speaker, a Co-Founder and Deputy Senior Pastor at Daystar Christian Centre who is also a pastor at Love Assembly, Atlanta, United States.

Adenike Adeyemi is an author, seminar facilitator and television host with her programme, ‘Real Woman with Nike’. 

She is also an international conference speaker and has been privileged to minister within and outside Nigeria. 

Pastor Mrs Nike Adeyemi is also visible in the Daystar Leadership Academy, a leadership development centre to empower youths and help them in maximizing their potentials. She is one of the key facilitators at the school handling ‘Family Success’ and other course modules.

Nike Adeyemi is an Architect turned pastor who is the Director, Women Ministries of Daystar Christian Church and the President of Real Women Foundation, a motivational and healing ministry for women.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi is the Principal Consultant at Gabriel and Princess Limited, a training and consulting company specializing in work-life balance.

Nike Adeyemi Foundation: Pastor Nike Adeyemi is the founder and president of a non-profit organization known as The Real Woman Foundation. Nike Adeyemi foundation is an organization dedicated to empowering women and children economically and socially. 

Real Woman with Nike Adeyemi TV Show: Pastor Nike Adeyemi is the host of ‘Real Woman with Nike Adeyemi’ a global TV broadcast where she and her guests share wisdom on issues that affect women.

Nike Adeyemi Motherless Baby Homes: Pastor Nike Adeyemi also runs a motherless babies home called Love Home orphanage, where she takes care of abandoned children and the less privileged, taking them off the streets and giving them food, clothing and shelter.

Nike Adeyemi Centre For Rehabilitation Of Sex Workers: Pastor Nike Adeyemi opened a rehabilitation centre for prostitutes and women in distress.

Daystar Christian Centre: Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Nike Adeyemi were 28 years old each when they started and established their ministry & church - Daystar Christian Centre.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Celebrates Daystar Christian Centre Anniversary: Celebrating the 26th anniversary of Daystar Christian Centre on November 18, 2021, Pastor Nike Adeyemi shared a brief history about the church. She wrote:

"No long stories, yet gratitude to God for sustaining us in 26years of serving people uniquely. We were both 28years when this amazing vision was birthed. 

Execute your vision, it’s okay to start small, keep growing. Walk in faith and wisdom. Be discerning in every season. Develop your self, teach by words and example. Many more.. 

 The assignment was and still is raising role models in the society. ( after the order of Christ) 

Daystar is 26, I give God all the glory, I celebrate my visionary husband and co-laborer. 

Congrats to our family and friends of 

New wine 🍷 must be poured in new wine skins. Don’t resist change, grow with it. We move!"

Nike Adeyemi Books
: List of Pastor Nike Adeyemi books include;

1 Woman an Asset to the Nation

2 New Dreams, Think Big

3 Into Her, Into Him

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Messages

Nike Adeyemi gives Messages on Success, Relationship, Business, Leadership, Money, Marriage and more.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Messages are in Audio, PDF, Videos. Pastor Sam Adeyemi messages can be downloaded online, accessed through her YouTube videos and channels.

Nike Adeyemi Relocation:

Pastor Nike Adeyemi has relocated to the United States of America with her family, husband Pastor Sam Adeyemi and kids.

Why Pastor Nike Adeyemi Relocated To The United States of America: Nike Adeyemi relocated abroad with her family for peace of mind because her husband, Pastor Sam Adeyemi suffered persecution for supporting #EndSARS in 2020.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Education:

Nike Adeyemi graduated from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) with a and in Architecture in 1989 and 1991 respectively.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi has an MSc in Architecture from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria and an MBA from Business Studies Netherlands, She further trained in Strategic Perspective for Non-Profit Management at Harvard Business School. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Researchers and Administrators of Nigeria, a member of the Nigerian Institute of Social Workers among others.

Nike Adeyemi State of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Nike Adeyemi is from which state? Pastor Nike Adeyemi is from Oyo State, Nigeria.

Nike Adeyemi is Yoruba by tribe. She hails from South West part of Nigeria.

Pictures of Pastor Sam Adeyemi Wife

More Photos, images of Nike Adeyemi

Pastor Nike Adeyemi: Nike Adeyemi was born on 11 April 1967 in Lagos, Nigeria.

How Old Is Pastor Nike Adeyemi?

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Age: How old is Nike Adeyemi? Pastor Nike Adeyemi is 55 years old as at 2022.

Nike Adeyemi Hairstyles, Natural Hair: Pastor Nike Adeyemi likes to rock haircut, her natural hair. Sometimes she wears wigs.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi No Makeup Pictures: Here are photos of Nike Adeyemi without makeup.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Without Makeup Face Pictures

Nike Adeyemi Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Pastor Nike Adeyemi was born on April 11, 1967 to the family of Professor Gabriel and Princess Aderonke Ogunmola.

Nike Adeyemi was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was from a rich, wealthy Yoruba family in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi is the first child of 4 children by her parents.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Family Picture With Her Parents and siblings sister and Brothers

Pictures of Nike Adeyemi Parents

Photo of Pastor Nike Adeyemi with her sister on her Father's Birthday

Nike Adeyemi Father: Who is Pastor Nike Adeyemi father? The father of Nike Adeyemi is Prof. Gabriel Babatunde Ogunmolaborn. He is currently 82 years old, alive and strong.

Old Throwback Childhood photo of Pastor Nike Adeyemi as a baby with her father, Prof Gabriel Ogunmola
Pictures of Nike Adeyemi And her father, Gabriel Babatunde Ogunmola
Photo of Prof Gabriel Babatunde Ogunmola and his first daughter, Pastor Nike Adeyemi

Who Is Prof. Gabriel Babatunde Ogunmola?

Prof Gabriel Ogunmola (born 30 September 1939) whose full name is Gabriel Babatunde Ogunmola is a Nigerian Professor of Chemistry and Chancellor of Lead City University, Ibadan. Education and career.

Pictures of Prof Gabriel Ogunmola

Gabriel Babatunde Ogunmola is the father of Pastor Nike Adeyemi. He is still alive and kicking at almost 83 and not dead to the glory of God.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi celebrates her Father, Prof Gabriel Ogunmola on father's day.

"Grateful for the one who gave me a foundation of love and acceptance. 

Your Dad died when you were barely2yrs , yet God gave you the grace to raise us, make impact on many more in the academic community and live well and long. 

A man of intergrity and great work ethic. 

Deciding to be a Christian rather than Muslim in his late teens. Dad has high standards. Looking back, I am grateful for his strictness and contentment. 


Happy Father’s Day Dad, enjoy Many more in good health. 

We love you 😍"

"That look of admiration from Dad.

My Dad's passion was and still is teaching. Passing on knowledge any way he can.

We love and honor you🤩❤️ Why is it so important for children to have their father’s approval and love? How crucial is this to a girl or boy’s esteem? What can you do if you weren’t loved or fathered right?

1. Look up to God as father ?

Do drop your thoughts👇

#Happyfathersday #ProfGabrielOgunmola #daddysgirl"

Nike Adeyemi Mother: Pastor Nike Adeyemi's mother is Princess Aderonke Ogunmola. She was born on 8 October 1939.

Photo of Pastor Nike Adeyemi Mother, Princess Aderonke Ogunmola
Pictures of Aderonke Ogunmola, Nike Adeyemi mother

Pastor Nike Adeyemi shared pictures of her mother, Aderonke Ogunmola, to celebrate her on mother's day and wrote:

"Honor your father and mother...

I called my mother today and sang my annual song to her with tears in my eyes.. Sweet mother, I no go forget you for the suffer Wey you suffer for me ye...🎵

She was like “why are you crying” and she was crying too!

🌹Happy Mother’s Day darling Mom,

continue to thrive and age gracefully, I love your heart, it’s the best part of you, you will not bury your children. 

I thank God for every labor of love you’ve ever shown me, my siblings and your community.

I celebrate all Nigerian mothers today. You are resilient. 

God bless you, we arise and call you blessed. 

In the midst of world pestilence, we can choose to rejoice over those we have in our lives. 

#healthiswealth #mothersdaynigeria #mothersdayUK #thankyouJesus 

#grateful #nofear #faithoverfear"

Nike Adeyemi Siblings, Brothers, Sister: Pastor Nike Adeyemi has three younger siblings - 2 brothers and 1 sister. 

The names of Nike Adeyemi's Siblings are Kunle Ogunmola, Simbo Banjo nee Ogunmola, Demola Ogunmola.

Pictures of Nike Adeyemi and Her Siblings Brothers and Sister

Throwback photo of Nike Adeyemi And her siblings in 1974.

Nike Adeyemi Celebrates Her Only Sister, Mrs Simbo Banjo Ogunmola's 50th btirthday on June 10, 2020

Photo of Nike Adeyemi and her sister, Simbo Banjo Ogunmola

Pictures of Pastor Nike Adeyemi Sister

"H A P P Y 50TH B I R T H D A Y ! Grateful to God for gifting me with a treasure that is Ade Simbo! 

She is my only sister, known her all her life and wouldn’t want another. Is it being there for me when my first was born, you took care of her , some days she slept with you so I could her some sleep. Delicate things I leave in your hands are done. You keep looking out for us, Dad and Mum siblings. You are our children’s fav auntire. I could go on. Those who truly know you love you. An excellent teacher and educational consultant. Your passion for excellently training children, Parents rest knowing their children at school are under excellent care. 

Enjoy all the surprises of today because you deserve more.

I have not hugged you in over 3 months, but my heart hugs you. 

We love you Sim Sim, enjoy jubilee because God’s got you and nothing stops you Queen 👑 💃🏻💕🦋


#sister #happybirthday #leader #50 #mrsbanjo #rolemodelschool"

Ademola Ogunmola, Pastor Nike Adeyemi Brother: Meet Demola Ogunmola, Nike Adeyemi youngest brother.

Image of Nike Adeyemi and Her Brother and Husband
Pictures of Pastor Nike Adeyemi and Her Biological Brother, Demola Ogunmola.

Nike Adeyemi Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Pastor Nike Adeyemi married? Yes, Nike Adeyemi is married to Pastor Sam Adeyemi with 3 children.

Nike Adeyemi got married to Pastor Sam Adeyemi on 1 May 1993.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi and Pastor Sam Adeyemi were 26 years old when they got married.

White Wedding Pictures Of Nike Adeyemi and Pastor Sam Adeyemi (Throwback Photos)

Nike Adeyemi And Sam Adeyemi Marriage Anniversary: Pastor Nike Adeyemi and Sam Adeyemi Celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on 1st May 2022.

"First of all, glory to God we’ve come this far with each other.

A very happy 29th wedding anniversary to us @thesamadeyemi

May it get better not bitter, brighter and brighter our path.

No weapon formed against us and our children prospers.


🥂 Here’s to growing old with you, living a Christ centered friendship.

Thank you for being a decent, understanding and great person, a great example to our children and those we mentor.

Fam, welcome to May,may you and your families be happier." Nike Adeyemi wrote.

Nike Adeyemi Husband: Who Pastor Nike Adeyemi Husband, Name, Pictures? Nike Adeyemi Husband is Pastor Sam Adeyemi, the senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.

Pictures of Nike Adeyemi and Her Husband, Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Photo of Pastor Nike Adeyemi Husband

Images Of Sam and Nike Adeyemi

Pastor Nike Adeyemi celebrating her husband's 55th Birthday wrote:

"Grateful this day and always for my friend, lover, husband of my youth, caring father to our children, pastor and leader of leaders. 

My Sweetheart 😍 is 55 today! Thank you Lord 💃🏻 🎉

I am excited about the future for you, for us and pray you walk in Christ’s will and wisdom continually, obeying His voice, and truly enjoying your life. 

Thank you for being a blessing to me and all of us. 

Happy birthday my love 😍🥳

Love, your Adenike Omo Oba"

Nike Adeyemi celebrates Valentine's Day with her husband.

"How it’s going.. My BFF, Val and lover.

✔️No, we are not too old for Val’s day, everyday is love day even when we disagree. We are so imperfect, yet we are still here.🥰

We see each other as gifts already… and we have the best gift. Christ!"

Is Nike Adeyemi older than Sam Adeyemi? No, Nike Adeyemi is not older than Sam Adeyemi, her husband. Pastor Nike Adeyemi and her husband, Sam Adeyemi are age mates. They were born in the same year in 1967. While Nike Adeyemi was born in April 1967, her husband Sam Adeyemi was born in February 1967.

Photo of Sam Adeyemi & Nike Adeyemi and Their Children - Son & Daughters
Throwback family photo of Nike Adeyemi and Pastor Sam Adeyemi and their Kids

Nike Adeyemi Children: Pastor Nike Adeyemi has 3 children - 2 Daughters and 1 son.

The names of Pastor Nike Adeyemi's children are, Sophie Adeyemi (her first child & first Daughter), David Adeyemi (her second child and only son), Adora Adeyemi (her last child and second daughter).

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Family Picture With Her Husband & Children
Throwback photo of Nike Adeyemi and Her Children

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Celebrates First Child & First Daughter, Sophie Adeyemi Birthday

Photo of Sophie Adeyemi (Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Nike Adeyemi First Child & First Daughter)
Picture of Pastor Nike Adeyemi and Her Daughter Sophie Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi and Nike Adeyemi first child and first Daughter, Sophie Adeyemi was born on December 24, 1994.

"Trying to be calm, my heart beats for this one!To express how my heart feels about my dear daughter, first born, is deeper than can express.

A kind and gentle soul, a well of wisdom and compassion. Mojolaoluwa,

Omo oba, Omo Ekun. I raise an alter of praise this day and always for you are enough, you are the King’s delight. 

Grateful to be mother to a blessed and chosen one. 

Have an awesome new year. I love you, we love you, God loves you more 😍💥

Thank you Lord for this gift 🎁that came on time many Christmases ago. You are and will forever be a gift to the world. Your path shines brighter and brighter. 


No weapon formed against you will prosper.

Every tongue that rises against is condemned. 

All who bless you are blessed. 

The Lord is your shield and reward.

The seed of the righteous is blessed.

We will always rejoice over you. 

#sophieadeyemi #happybirthday #kingsdaughter #barrister #excellentmanger #youthminister

#daughterlove #myheartisfull #thankyoujesus 


#joyful #motherslove" - Pastor Nike Adeyemi wrote.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Son David Adeyemi: He was born on 28 February.

Photo of Nike Adeyemi and Her Son, David Adeyemi
Picture of David Adeyemi (Pastor Sam Adeyemi & Nike Adeyemi Only Son and his guitar)
Image of David Adeyemi and his parents Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Nike Adeyemi

"This special day always comes with nostalgia and deep gratitude and emotions.

Thankful today and always for our only biological son. Grateful for the opportunity to be mother. 

Yet you teach me a lot without words. 

You are deeper than we see and I absolutely love you. You are enough! 

Be you in God’s purpose and plan. 

We are thankful for all you do behind the scenes. 

God guide and keep you David. 

Enjoy your next chapter my love. 🎉😍🤍

#omoekun #kingdavid #toluwani #thankyouJesus #birthday" - Pastor Nike Adeyemi Celebrates son.

Nike Adeyemi Celebrates Second Daughter Adora Adeyemi Who Was Born on November 20, 2002.

Photo of Adora Adeyemi And her mother, Pastor Nike Adeyemi

Pictures of Adora Adeyemi (Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Nike Adeyemi Beautiful Second Daughter & Last child)

Photos of Nike Adeyemi and Her 2nd Daughter Adora Adeyemi

"Can’t keep still, why? My G, an absolute lover, caring human, problem solver and friendly human is a whole 19yrs today. When I think of you, especially today, I am drowned in tears about God’s love. you were named Ifeoluwapo for this. I feel blessed to have birthed this one. 

It’s world Adora day! I love you, darling and you know it. 

we all love you, glad to see you grow and shine. Soar💫💫😍

God bless and keep you, Omo mi. 🙏🏽

#gratiude #happybirthday #thankyoulord #adoraadeyemi #blessedchild @adoraadeyemi" - Pastor Nike Adeyemi Celebrates Second son and last born.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Reacts To Osinachi Nwachukwu's Death, Says, leave an abusive relationship before it’s too late

"Love is not controlling or abusive, leave an abusive relationship before it’s too late.

Singles pay please pay attention to red flags.

Married, speak up, get help, leave to live. Don’t stay because of the children, it’s trauma for them to see you abused.

God loves you more. Value your life. Is sad to think you must endure wickedness in marriage.

She didn’t have to die there. May those in situations like these, have courage to leave!

Value life. Don’t dominate anyone.

#marriageisnotapassporttoheaven #saynotoviolence #love #donotcompromise #dontliveinfear #leavetolive #Godlovesyou #loveyourselftoo #valuelife"

Nike Adeyemi Messages, Quotes

1 Children raised in loving homes mostly grow up as loving adults

Be an example of the adult you want your children to become.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

#raisinggodlychildren #fineadults #godlyparenting #withallthatisgoingon

2 Even in the darkest hour, when it seems like you are on your own, rest assured that you are to die for!

If there are character flaws you need to work on, work on them, see a therapist, counsellor, but remember you are lovable

Just because they couldn’t love you doesn’t make you unlovable!!

3 The crowd is hardly always right; ditch popular tradition for God’s voice

Pop-culture isn’t God-culture. Take heed lest you begin to conform with the world.

The slang may seem cool and the music, harmless but constantly stay connected to God, your own source of clean inspiration.

Do not be conformed to this present world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may test and approve what is the will of God, what is good and well-pleasing and perfect. Rom 12:2

4 Don’t be discouraged when you don’t see immediate results, dream again. Dreams are being rekindled. You’d be fine, the Lord is not done with your case. 


5 Whose voice do you listen to? Whose words do you lean on? In a world with deafening noises & voices, choose the still small one. Choose God’s voice

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

John 10:27

Every child of God should desire to hear His voice. There are things you won’t know until you press in, lean in in prayer, intimacy, meditation in the word and rumimate about your purpose and design.


“Call on me and I will show you great and mighty things which you didn’t know” Jeh 3:33 

6 Hello young women, no one is an overnight success. Know your worth.

You’ve been endowed with all you need 

for your future. 

Rest in truth, work from the inside out.

No weapon formed against you will prosper.. 

Don’t be that weapon! Win souls, shine bright ✨

7 My 3 'B's of relationship for your highest productivity will set you on track for the life you want, an amazing life that shines bright,

positions you as a game changer. 

🔥Be spiritual, connect with God, your creator. This enables you to be strengthened and see possibilities and solutions. 

🔥Be intentional about your boundaries. This breeds healthy relationships, for the right quality of life.

🔥Block out time to do deep work on yourself, and your craft. 

You are more than you know, you are empowered for exploits. Take territories in Jesus Name! 

“They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits” Dan11:32

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Salary

Nike Adeyemi Net Worth is about $2 Million US Dollars in 2022.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi House, Cars: Nike Adeyemi now lives in the US with her family and drives nice cars.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi Contact, Phone Number, WhatsApp: Pastor Nike Adeyemi can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile and Website.

Nike Adeyemi Instagram: Pastor Nike Adeyemi Instagram Instagram page Account Profile Handle is nikeadeyemi.

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Pastor Nike Adeyemi Biography

Pastor Nike Adeyemi age

Nike Adeyemi State of Origin

Nike Adeyemi blog

Nike Adeyemi Biography

Nike Adeyemi State of Origin

Nike Adeyemi age

Nike Adeyemi Instagram

Nike Adeyemi blog

Nike adeyemi podcast

How old is Nike Adeyemi?

Is Nike Adeyemi older than Sam Adeyemi?

pastor nike adeyemi messages 

pastor mrs nike adeyemi 

how old is pastor nike adeyemi 

nike adeyemi is from which state 

how old is sam and nike adeyemi 

who is nike adeyemi

nike adeyemi foundation 

nike adeyemi messages 

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