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History Of Margaret Idahosa: Everything To Know About Archbishop Benson Idahosa's Wife, Margaret Idahosa Profile, Husband, Children, Family, Private Jet, Parents, Net Worth, House, Cars, Mansion, University, Dead Or Alive, Boyfriend

Who Is Archbishop Benson Idahosa Wife?

Who Is Margaret Idahosa?

Margaret Idahosa (born 29 July 1943) is a Nigerian Pastor, Preacher, Author, the Archbishop of the Church of God Mission International and the Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University who is ​the wife of late Archbishop Benson Idahosa (the late founder of the Church of God Mission International).

Archbishop Margaret Benson-Idahosa is the first Nigerian woman to be ordained as archbishop and the first female chancellor of a university in Africa (Benson Idahosa University).

She then become the first African female Archbishop in the year 2009.

Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa was born on the 29th of July 1943 in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

Pictures of Margarat Idahosa (Archbishop Benson Idahosa's Wife)

Archbishop Margarat Idahosa Photos

Margerat Idahosa Profile Bio Data Facts

Name: Margaret Idahosa 

Full Name: Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa

Husband's Name: Benson Idahosa

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Edo State

Hometown: Benin City

Place Of Birth: Benin

Date Of Birth: 29 July 1943

Birthday: 29th July

Age: 79 years old (In 2022)

Height: 5"5 Feet Tall

Weight: 84kg

Occupation, Career: Evangelist, Pastor, Author

Networth: $20 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦11,600,000,000 Naira

Relationship, Marital Status: Widow

Married: Yes, But Widowed

Spouse, Husband: Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Number Of Children: 8

Children's Names: Feb Idahosa, Barr. Ruth Evon Benson-Idahosa, Freda Idahosa Ajayi, Daisy Idahosa, Osagie John Idahosa

Sons: 3 

Daughters: 5

Instagram: margaretidahosa

Education: Leads Polytechnic, United Kingdom (Home Economics)

Full Biography of Margaret Idahosa, Career, Occupation, Life History, Background, Schools, Husband's Death Story, Children, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Educational Background

Biography Wikipedia: Archbishop Margaret Idahosa is a Nigerian born Bishop who is the wife of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, founder of Church of God Mission Int’l and who currently serves as the Presiding Bishop of the ministry, with several branches and hundreds of thousands of members worldwide.

Margaret E. Benson-Idahosa is the Pastor of Church of God Mission International - a church that has over 4000 branches across Nigeria, and several other branches in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia; and also pastors the Faith Arena (The Church International Headquarters) branch, a 20,000 capacity auditorium.

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa was ordained into the ministry on the 24th of May, 1983 and consecrated Bishop on the 5th of April, 1998. This position makes her first female Pentecostal Bishop of a ministry of this magnitude in Africa.

Photos of Margaret Idahosa And Pastor Adeboye

Photo of Margaret Idahosa And Bishop Oyedepo and his Wife Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo
Margret Idahosa With Her Son Feb Idahosa and Bishop David Oyedepo

Pictures of Margaret Idahosa And Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Margarat Idahosa Schools (Word of Faith Group of Schools): Archbishop Margerat Idahosa is the owner of Word of Faith Group of Schools.

As a trained educationist, she established the Word of Faith Schools which currently has more than 108 schools (Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary) all over Nigeria.

International Leadership Resource Institute (ILRI): Margarat Idahosa established the International Leadership Resource Institute (ILRI) to teach leadership ethics and principles to pastors and other categories of leaders and church workers.

Margarat Idahosa Orphanage 'My Sister’s Place': Margarat Idahosa is a philanthropist. Her love for the less privilege and abandoned babies saw her establish an Orphanage where babies are cared for, called “My sister’s place”.

List Of Margarat Idahosa Books: As an author, Archbishop Margaret Benson-Idahosa has the following books among others in print,

The womb of Harvest
The Female Minister
Tearing the veil
Go for it
Empowered for Radical Change
Season of Harvest
Born naked Not empty.

Bishop Margarat Idahosa Jobs, Positions, Other appointments outside Benson Idahosa University

*She is the executive president of, All Nations for Christ Bible degree programmes for local and international students.

*She is the President-General of the Christian Women Fellowship International (CWFI), a non-denominational body that is committed to teaching women how to discover their true potentials, to be good mothers, wives and instruments for end-time evangelism. Branches of this body are in the North America, Europe and Africa.

*She is the president, Faith Mediplex group of hospitals which combines orthodox medicine and prayer to give total wholeness to the human body. Two others branches are located in Abuja and Uyo in Nigeria with Headquarters in Benin City.

*Vice President, International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC), with headquarters in the USA.

*Executive Member, Board of Regent, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, USA.

*Member, Board of Directors, POISE Nigeria, Lagos.
Margarat Idahosa and Mercy Chinwo

Margaret Idahosa Church: The Name of Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa church is Church of God Mission International.

Margaret Idahosa Sermons: Margaret Idahosa was ordained into the ministry on 24th of May 1983 and because of that position, she has gone through the globe giving sermons and preaching the message of Jesus Christ for more than 140 nation's covering the entire continent of the world. Her vision and mission is to reach the unreached.

"Evangelism remains my supreme task.

Every believer should be passionate about souls.

Don't spend your time condemning rather spend your time to Pray and reach out to those around you that need to hear about the good news.

Jesus Christ is not a secret to be kept, but good news to be shared.

Matthew 10.6-8
...freely you have received, freely give.

God gave me an instruction for this year, and I'm running with it passionately.

God told me "If i value what God Values, God will bring those thing i value to increase my value.

This can be your testimony too. God is set to increase your value. But first place major value on what God Values.

Hallelujah!!!" - Bishop Magret Idahosa.

"Often times, the weakness and imperfections of the people we deal with in a daily basis can have a negative effect on us; especially when we anchor our lives and hope on them. God wants us to anchor our lives and all of our hope upon His perfection and not any human being or situation.


Margarat Idahosa Education
Archbishop Margaret Benson-Idahosa holds a Diploma in Home Economics from the Leads Polytechnic, United Kingdom, Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies, Masters Degree in Divinity and Doctorate Degree in Ministry from Friends International Christian University, California, United States, US, she also obtained Masters of Education, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma US and Honorary Doctorate, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Oklahoma, USA.

Bishop Margaret Idahosa received a Certificate of Ordination in 1984 as a member of the Clergy-Osborn Foundation. She is also the recipient of a Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University.

Margarat Idahosa State of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Archbishop Margarat Idahosa from? Margerat Idahosa is from Benin city in Edo State, Nigeria.
Margarat Idahosa is Bini by tribe.

Margaret Idahosa Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Margaret Idahosa was born on 29th July 1943 in Benin Kingdom.

Bishop Margaret Idahosa Birthday Video

How Old Is Archbishop Margaret Idahosa
Margaret Idahosa Real Age: How old is Margaret Idahosa? Margaret Idahosa is currently 78 years old but will celebrate her 79th birthday on 29th of July 2022.
Archbishop Margaret Idahosa will celebrate her 80th birthday on 29 July 2023.

Margaret Idahosa Makeup, Without Makeup, Fashion, Style, Hairstyles: Bishop Margaret Idahosa is quite fashionable. She looks beautiful in makeup and no makeup photos and dresses well. She rocks stylish, glamorous hairstyles.

Beautiful Makeup Photos of Margaret Idahosa And her glamorous hairstyles

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Margaret Idahosa is the only child of her family and parents. She has no brother or sister.
Bishop Margaret Idahosa was born into the royal lineage of the Benin Kingdom in 1943.

Margaret Idahosa Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Margaret Idahosa married? Yes, Margaret Idahosa married Archbishop Benson Idahosa with 7 kids but she is now a widow after her late husband's death.

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa got married in 1972 to late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the founder of the Church of God Mission International.
Photos of Margaret Idahosa And Her Husband, Archbishop Margaret Idahosa (Throwback Pictures)
Pictures of Archbishop Benson Idahosa and his wife, Bishop Margaret Idahosa

Margaret Idahosa Husband: Who is Archbishop Margaret Idahosa husband, name, pictures? Margaret Idahosa's husband was late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, a Pastor, General Overseer and founder of Church of God Mission International.

Who is Benson Idahosa?
Biography Wikipedia: Benson Idahosa whose full name was Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa (11 September 1938 - 12 March 1998) was a Nigerian Pastor, Pentecostal Preacher, founder of Church of God Mission International and Benson Idahosa University in Benin City, Edo State.

Bishop Margarat Idahosa's husband hailed from Benin city in Edo State. He was indeed a powerful man of God during his reign but the cold hands of death took him away on 12th March 1998.

Photo of Benson Idahosa, Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Late Husband

Margaret Idahosa's Husband's Death (Archbishop Benson Idahosa's Death)
Margaret Idahosa husband, Archbishop Benson Idahosa died on 12 March 1998 at the age of 59 years old.

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, wife of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, revealed that her husband left only N42,000 in his account for her when he died in 1998.

Speaking at a church programme, Bishop Margaret Idahosa disclosed that “when the Archbishop passed, the Benson Idahosa’s University was just birthed. I met forty two thousand naira in his account, that was all that was left for me.”

Margaret Idahosa Shares Photo Of Her Late Husband, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, 24 Years After His Death

"We are blessed to have known you while you were on earth, I am particularly blessed to have been your partner in Love and Ministry.
We are blessed that you left us with your legacy and impact.
24 years later we are still beneficiaries of your impact and vision.
Truly the Memory of the Righteous is Blessed.""

How Margaret Idahosa Met Her Husband, Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Narrating how she met her late husband, Benson Idahosa, Archbishop Margaret Idahosa told Vanguard in an interview:

"I’m an only child and I was always fighting in the streets and at school. My mother made new uniforms for me almost every month because my uniforms always got torn after every fight. I actually stuttered and because I could not express myself, I got used to using my hands(fighting). My husband was living in the neighbourhood and would always come to settle my fights and counsel me against fighting. But as time went on, I took him as a brother because I had none. I even went as far as trying to choose a wife for him amongst my friends; but he told me he didn’t want a wife. I actually didn’t see anything in him; he had only a bicycle and was living in a rented room and parlour apartment. But I just liked him because he stood by me as a brother(I actually referred to him as bro), especially whenever I entered into trouble on the streets. He came eight years after to say he wanted to marry me, and when I finally accepted, we settled down. At that time he was a deacon."

Did Margaret Idahosa Remarry: Has Margaret Idahosa remarried? No, Archbishop Margaret Idahosa has not remarried. Revealing that she doesn't want to get married again and have a second husband, Margaret Idahosa told Vanguard in a 2013 Interview;

"My husband departed this world when I was 55 years old. Today I am 70 years. God has helped me since my husband passed on; I have never lust after any man. I had my husband and enjoyed him. It is now time to focus on God’s assignment than re-marrying. There have been men who wanted my hand in marriage, but I declined. Some would say, ‘Mama, you are looking good’. I always tell them, ‘thank you’, and that the way they see me has been through the backing of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that rejuvenates me. If you believe in the Holy Spirit, He will rejuvenate you."

Margaret Idahosa Children, Sons, Daughters: How many children does Archbishop Margaret Idahosa and Benson Idahosa have? Margaret Benson Idahosa has 8 children - 3 sons and 5 daughters.
Photo of Margarat Idahosa Children, sons and daughters and her daughter in-law

The names of Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa children are - Bishop Feb Idahosa, Barr. Ruth Evon Idahosa, Frada Idahosa Ajayi, Daisy Idahosa, Osagie John Idahosa, and others.
Family Pictures of Margarat Idahosa and Her Children

Margarat Idahosa Son, Feb Idahosa: Margaret Idahosa's son is Faith Emmanuel Benson Aka FEB Idahosa. He is also a Pastor.
Margaret Idahosa's daughter in-law is Laurie Idahosa. She is an American citizen.
Photo of Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Son, Bishop Feb Idahosa
Pictures of Margarat Idahosa and Feb Idahosa (Mother and Son)

Photo of Margaret Idahosa Daughter-In-law, Laurie Idahosa (Feb Idahosa Wife) and grandsons
Meet Margarat Idahosa's oyinbo American daughter in-law, Pastor Mrs Laurie Idahosa
Photo of Archbishop Margaret Idahosa And Pastor Laurie Idahosa (Mother In-law and Daughter in-law)

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Celebrates Her Son, Feb Idahosa Birthday

"Every day i wake up with a grateful heart, thanking God for blessing my family with a son such as you.
Faith Emmanuel Benson (FEB), thank you for being an amazing son and big brother to your siblings. Thank you for your leadership role and inspiration to many who have come in contact with you.
I pray that your strength be renewed daily to keep being an effective leader. I pray that this your 47th year will usher you into a life of more amazing testimonies and more reasons to celebrate and be celebrated.
Happy birthday Son. Keep being a blessing."

Osagie John Idahosa aka j_raino: Osagie John Idahosa is the tattooed son of Archbishop Benson and Margaret Idahosa. He is a fashionista who graduated from Benson Idahosa University (BIU) in 2019.
Pictures of Osagie John Idahosa, Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa Son
Photo of Margarat Idahosa and Her son, Osagie John Idahosa on her Graduation day at Benson Idahosa University in 2019 September
Photos of Osagie John Idahosa 

Margaret Idahosa Grandchildren: Archbishop Margaret Idahosa has grandchildren - grandsons and Granddaughters.

Meet Margarat Idahosa and Her Grandchild (Pictured)
Photo of Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa and Her Children, Grandchildren and Daughter-In-law Rev Pastor Laurie Idahosa

The names of some Archbishop Margaret Idahosa grandchildren are, Ekundayo FEB Jr  Idahosa, Nathaniel Idahosa, and Judah Idahosa.
Photo of Margaret Idahosa And Her Grandchild, Andrew Oluwabusayo Ajayi

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Celebrates Her Grandson, Ekundayo FEB Jr Idahosa Birthday

"Happy Birthday Ekundayo FEB Jr Idahosa. 
Your birth 12 years ago brought Joy and and Light to our family and you have been nothing short of a blessing to us. 

I pray for you today, God will constantly beat your imagination and exceed your expectations. God will bring your way Men and Women from the North, East, West, and South that will seek to bless you. 
Your testimonies will know no bound. You will continue to be a shinning light to everyone that come in contact with you. 
Have a joyous birthday Son, Grandma loves you."

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Net Worth 2022, 2021, Forbes, Dollars, Naira
How much is Margaret Idahosa Net Worth? Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa Net Worth is about $20 Million US Dollars as at 2022.

Archbishop Idahosa Net Worth In Naira: Margaret Idahosa net worth in naira is ₦11,600,000,000 Billion Naira in 2022.

Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa House, Cars, Mansion
House and Cars: Margaret Idahosa lives in a palace, a mansion, beautiful house in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.
To maintain the house per month costs Bishop Margaret Idahosa more than ₦50,000 naira as at 2013. The cost must have increased over the years.

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa drives nice, flashy cars.
Pictures of Margaret Idahosa Car

Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa Private Jet

Does Archbishop Idahosa have a private jet?
No, Margerat Benson Idahosa does not have a private jet.

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa narrated how Bishop David Oyedepo brought his own private jet to fly her to Benin free when she came from the United States.

"When I came from America, he called me and said Mum, when you land Lagos, the jet will be waiting for you to take you to Benin. And true to the fact, I landed, the jet I didn’t buy, I didn’t spend any money, I didn’t know where it came from, was parked at Murtala Mohammed airport with red carpet." - Archbishop Benson Idahosa's wife said.
Photo of Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Arriving On A Private Jet Provided By Bishop Oyedepo

Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa Businesses, Investments, Properties, Schools

Margaret Idahosa owns churches, schools, a university, a Bible school, a hospital and international leadership institutes. 
Word of Faith Group of Schools.

Margaret Idahosa And Bishop David Oyedepo

Archbishop Benson Margaret E Benson Idahosa and Bishop Oyedepo are quite close. Her late husband, Archbishop Benson Idahosa was the spiritual father of Bishop David Oyedepo.
Photo of Margaret Idahosa And Bishop Oyedepo
Dr. Margaret E. Benson Idahosa said after her husband's death, it was Bishop David Oyedepo who took the Benson Idahosa University (BIU) upon himself for almost a year, as he was paying all the professors and all the teachers.

In fact it was 2 years. For 2 years, at the end of the month, he will fly in with the money. Who can do that? If not, a convinced man with confidence in us and with the ministry.

But he did it, nobody knows it. He does it quietly and goes. I want you to open your mouth and begin to pray for this man of God,” Margaret said."

She also narrated an incident in which Oyedepo brought his jet to lift her to Benin free when she came from the United States.

Thanking Bishop Oyedepo in an Instagram post, Archbishop Margaret Idahosa wrote:

"Thank you Bishop David Oyedepo for proving your love and dedication over the years to the ministry God has given you and Church of God Mission. 

You remain a blessing to not just me and the Idahosa Family, but to the entire body of Christ around the world."

Is Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Still Alive?
Margarat Idahosa Dead Or Alive: Is Margerat Idahosa still alive? Yes, Margaret Idahosa is alive and healthy. She is not dead and not sick. She shared post of the memory of her husband's death @24 on 12th March 2022.

Margaret Idahosa Facebook: Dr. Margaret E. Benson Idahosa is her name on Facebook.
Margaret Idahosa's Facebook bio profile reads;

"A woman of many parts, a mother and a friend, a man called Mama, a she-ro. The Archbishop of Church of God Mission International."

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Contact, Phone Number, WhatsApp Number: Margaret Idahosa contact number is 08023446240.

Where Is Margaret Idahosa Now: Where does Margaret Idahosa live now? Margaret Idahosa lives in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
Margarat Idahosa is currently the presiding bishop at the Church of God Mission International headquarters in Benin city.

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa Instagram: Margaret Idahosa Instagram Page Account Profile Handle Is margaretidahosa.

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