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Life History Of Harira Jubril: Everything To Know About Harira Jubril Profile, Husband Jubril Ahmed, Children, Dead, Funeral, Obituary, Burial (Adamawa Woman Murdered In Anambra By IPOB aka Unkown Gunmen)

Who Is Harira Jubril?
Harira Jubril (born 1990) was a 32-year-old Nigerian pregnant woman from Adamawa State who was killed alongside her 4 children in Anambra by suspected IPOB members aka Unkown Gunmen on 22nd May 2022.

Harira Jubril who was initially and erroneously called Fatima was 9 months pregnant before she was killed.
Photo of Fatima Sister, Harira Jubril & her kids

Harira Jubril Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Trended Name: Fatima

Real Name: Harira Jubril

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Adamawa

Age: 32 years old

Husband's Name: Jubril Ahmed

4 Children: Fatima, Khadija, Hadiza, and Zaituna

Date Of Death: Sunday 22nd May 2022

Harira Jubril State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe, Village: Where is Harira Jubril from? Harira Jubril hailed from Adamawa State, Northern part of Nigeria.

Harira Jubril Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Harira Jubril? Harira Jubril was 32 years old as at the time of her death.

Harira Jubril Religion: Was Harira Jubril a Christian or a Muslim? She was a Northern Muslim who wore Hijab.

Harira Jubril Husband, Photo: Harira Jubril was married to her husband Jubril Ahmed with 4 children and expecting the 5th child.

Who Is Jubril Ahmed?
Jubril Ahmed is a Nigerian man from Adamawa State ​who works as a security guard in Anambra State and whose wife, Harira Jubril was killed by Suspected IPOB/ESN members.

Jubril Ahmed is the husband of the late Harira Jubril.

​Harira Jubril Children, Names, Ages & Photos:

The names of Harira Jubril children and their ages are, Fatima, Khadija, Hadiza, and Zaituna.

Fatima 9 years 
Khadija 7 years 
Hadiza 5 years 
Zaituna 2 years

Harira Jubril Death: How Harira Jubril & Her 4 Children Died: Who Killed Harira Jubril?

Harira Jubril died on Sunday May 22, 2022. She was killed by IPOB aka Unkown Gunmen in Isulo, Orumba North local government area of Anambra State, Nigeria. She was returning from visiting relatives when she was killed by UGM in Anambra.

"They were coming back home after she visited her sister who was living in the nearby town. She and the four children were all wearing hijabs; that was why the gunmen targeted them." Jubril Ahmed talked about his wife, Harira Jubril's death in an interview with Daily Trust.

I’m now left with nobody; they have wiped out my entire family. I am so worried and in trauma, there is a need for the government to do something,” Jibril said.

Harira Jubril Pregnant, Pregnancy: Harira Jubril was nine months pregnant and her family was expecting a new baby within the week she and her 4 kids were killed.

Harira Jubril Corpse: The body of Harira Jubril and those of her 4 children were deposited at the Mortuary in Anambra State.

"I’m in the process of recovering their corpses. The police have given me some documents which I will use to collect the corpses. I’m in the mortuary now, they are demanding N30, 000 from me before they will release the corpses of my family." - Jubril Ahmed, Harira Jubril's husband told Daily Trust.

Harira Jubril And Her Children's Photo: Reno Omokri shared the picture of Harira Jubril, the woman killed by IPOB and her children.

Reno wrote: "This is a photo of Harira (not Fatima as was previously thought) and her 4 children. 

Look at them. They were apolitical. They were concerned with making a living. 
Until there were brutally gunned down by unknown gunmen in Anambra on Sunday May 22, 2022. And now, those who condemned Deborah’s murder are silent. They can no longer talk. This death is not condemnable to them for some strange reason. 
Now, known activists have become unknown activists."

"Since pregnant Harira and her 4 kids were killed in Anambra, how many Southern activists who condemned the North over Deborah have condemned the incident? Nothing has exposed the heart wrenching double standards of Nigerians like Harira and Deborah’s killings.

It breaks my heart. People who were screaming and shouting at the top of their lungs over the murder of Deborah suddenly lost their voices when it concerned Harira. How can we build a nation like this? All human lives are sacred. We came to Earth as human beings. Not as Christians or Muslims"

Harira Jubril Burial: Harira Jubril corpse and those of her kids was be buried in Awka, Anambra State instead of her Hometown in Adamawa State because their Bodies were not well taken care of by mortuary attendants.

The leader of the Hausa Community in Orunba South, Sarki Kabiru Bakari, told Daily Trust that they later recovered the corpses of the victims Tuesday evening.

He, however, said the plans to take them to their hometown in Adamawa for burial had been cancelled because the corpses were not taken care of in the mortuary, and could not withstand the travel to the North.

We have now decided to bury them in Awka Wednesday (today). The mortuary attendant did not treat the corpses, no preservation measure was done; hence we cannot travel with the corpses as they have already started decomposing. We have no other option than to take them to Awka and bury them there,” he said.

But after we bury the victims, we will all relocate to our hometown in the North; we are no longer safe here. The husband of the woman will also relocate back to Adamawa as soon as he buried his family; he is working here as a security guard,” he said.

Harira Jubril Burial Photos: She was returning from visiting relatives when she was killed by UGM in Anambra.

The funeral prayer for Fatima and her 4 children who were killed in Anambra by IPOB Terrorist.
May Allah have mercy on their souls and accept their Shahada. This is horrible 😭🙏

Apostle Johnson Suleman Offers To Provide Money For Harira Jubril's Burial - Reno Omokri

"I just read the interview granted by Jubril Ahmed, husband to Harira, the pregnant lady who was killed in Anambra with her 4 children. Jibril said he is trying to raise money for their burial in Adamawa. 
If anybody knows him, please let Mr. Ahmed know that I spoke to Apostle Johnson Suleman who has promised to pay for the burial and any other associated costs. He will not have to pay a dime from his pocket. 
It is very sad that this incident occurred, and his only thought should be how to heal, not how to look for money. May God grant him the fortitude he needs now. Please, if you know him, reach him and ask him to reach me as soon as possible."


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