Everything To Know About Queeneth Hilbert Leaked Video Scandal (Pictures)

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Queeneth Hilbert Reacts To Her Alleged Nu..de Video Scandal, Denies Being The One, Says DarasimiO402 Is The Lady In The Leaked Ta..pe + The Truth About Queeneth Hilbert's Leaked Ta..pe

Queeneth Hilbert's Fans React To Her Alleged Leaked Nude Video

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Queeneth Hilbert is currently named in a leaked nu...de video trending online said to be hers. But the actress has come out to deny being the one in the video. She went ahead to share the real picture of the person in the viral leaked t...ape.

Queeneth Hilbert Denies Being The One In The N...ude Video, Shares Photos & Name Of The Real Owner, DarasimiO402

DarasimiO402 aka Simi Gold is the real person in the viral nu...de video purported to be that of Nollywood actress, Queeneth Hilbert.

"So it has come to my notice that (DarasimiO402) is the owner of the PO.....RN VIDEO going on line for weeks now 
Hanty come and take your video na beg I Dey beg you ni ahhh"

"So it has come to my notice that the owner of the nu.....de video is called @Darasimio4o2 On instagram. Please how does the second slide and third slide resemble?"

Nu.....de Video Scandal: Queeneth Hilbert Calls On God To Visit Her Those Tarnishing Her Image

Queeneth Hilbert took to her instagram Story to invite the heavens to fight those tarnishing her hard earned image:

"Oh lord, I have served you all my life and worked so hard for my brand yet they gnashed their teeth and hatred at me... 
May heaven visit you and your generation for trying to tarnish my image I swear 
I have called upon you lord answer me now God I need you n0000000000000"

Queeneth Hilbert Blasts Simi Gold aka Darasimio4o2

'First of all simi gold or whatever your name is first of all I can never send my n..u..de to someone. Secondly I can't do such videos and you already brought yourself down. Thirdly your were so silly to send such video to someone were you high???

Swear you We're not aware that your po...rn was attached with my picture all this while ? Yet you kept calm and want to use me to save your stupid self . I am not by any chance dragging you down I didn't even Dm you Buh you came to my page to blame me for your stupidity.

Please once again come and take your NU....DE VIDEO and don't ever think of STAINING my brand with your blackness SILLY !!! 
If I start posting the insults I got from your videos you will know how bad I felt damn you all!!! Dissappointed that most of my fans can't predict what I can't do smh.'

Queeneth Hilbert's Fans React
Many fans of Nollywood actress, Queeneth Hilbert have come out to defend her, saying she is not the one in the viral leaked video. While some others insist she is the one.

wearehair_ I watched the video and it doesn't look like you, the body is way diff from yours so make the owner claim am abeg 

southonyeka Dont mind them ...all those useless bloggers are another problem of our country after our politicians and our pastors 

stanleyokeyigbokwe @queenethhilbert I watched the video it's not you, it doesn't look like you at all !III  

 _pauleexyl 0_ Hello fans please I'm here to take this issue personally how can you try to destroy someone image and future just to got a rubbish famous or people will know you're a blogger or celebrity it's really bad so stop • it @darasimio402 please leave my actor & my co paddy 4life check the video the two slides is quite different faces so I bet you @queenethhilbert alone okay @_ _pauleexyl 0 God' will soon punish them all amen „„ I'm behind and support you dear.

enowentertainer We all know its fake. let it go. Leave them in the hands of Gods

 pau11235802 Don't mind dem Dy can't pull u down 
graceameh15 Just let them be God pass them 

blach_koffee Immediately I watched that video ...I knew they were different ... it's so clear abeg iom 
profexypeacemaker7 She is no way near you my dear, there is a big difference between you and this person

hannahcyril They're f;ghting in vain my darlingig-o 

185allen Abeg your hand sef nor wrinkled so just forget this piple
lennie_nzaumi Your way too light than her... no resemblance here.. you're more lighter than she is.. 

don_chris_king Please stop stressing yourself for this rubbish thing

 queenethhilbert @don_chris _king Now it's rubbish but you were the first person to send it to me and call me a prostitute bro... please to continue with the black content follow her page thanks • •

jbaba4real queenethhilbert I no u can't do that

hamidmkamara I have watch the video d thumb finger of the person in that video has a red tippex on it, ur thumb finger has red tippex on it in my critical look of the po...rn video and ur old videos, the same finger the person has the red pa

queenethhilbert @hamidmkamara Your confused please get a hot coffee

Who is Queeneth Hilbert?

Queeneth Hilbert is a tall, beautiful, lightskinned Nigerian - Lebanese born Nollywood actress who has featured in several movies such as, Ashoebi Girls, Love In The Middle, The Contest, Sweet Sisters Fellowship, The Illiterate, Glory of A Widow, The Tusk, Arab Money, The Billionaire, A Trip To Dubai, My Wife & Money, among others.

Queeneth Hilbert is a mother of one child, a son called Clinton.
Photos of Queeneth Hilbert and her son

Queeneth Hilbert has acted alongside other top Nollywood actors and actresses such as, Destiny Etiko, Maleek Milton, Ugezu J Ugezu, Onny Michael, Uju Okoli, Ruth Eze, Stephen Odimgbe Flashboy, Frederick Leonard, Mike Godson, Uche Ebere Agu, Luchy Donalds, Ngozi Ezeonu, Chacha Eke Faani, Ken Erics, Yul Edochie, Ebele Okaro Onyiuke, Harry B Anyanwu, Aki and Pawpaw, Mary Igwe, Emeka Enyiocha, etc.

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