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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Aleisha Campbell Big Brother AU Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Parents, Boyfriend, House, Cars, Height, Weight, Nationality, Ethnicity, Tribe, Children, Religion, Education, Tattoo, Surgery, Hairstyles, Siblings, Father, Mother, Aleisha Campbell Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, Videos, Aleisha Campbell BBAU (Big Brother Australia Housemate Bio)

History Of Aleisha Campbell Big Brother AU: Everything To Know About Aleisha Campbell Profile, Boyfriend, Husband, Parents, Family, Siblings, Child, Net Worth, House, Cars

Who Is Aleisha Campbell?
Biography, Wikipedia: Aleisha Campbell (born 2 October 1997) is an Australian Medical Receptionist and Entrepreneur who is Big Brother AU 2022 Housemate & Contestant.

ALEISHA CAMPBELL is a beautiful 24 year old cast and contestant of 2022 Big Brother Australia Season 14 who is competing for the $250,000 cash prize for BBAU 2022.

Aleisha is an avid traveller. She has visited countries like Greece, America, Switzerland and more.

Aleisha Campbell is also a “mad” Fremantle Dockers AFL fan who is never far from her cavoodle Lilou.

She previously ran two successful businesses, including a homewares store, Lilou and Leo Boutique.

Aleisha Campbell is also a powerhouse sportswoman. She is an influencer and contestant on Big Brother BB AU house.

Pictures of Aleisha Campbell, Big Brother Australia Star
Big Brother AU Housemate, Aleisha Campbell Photos

Aleisha Campbell Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Real Name: Aleisha Campbell

Nickname: Leish

Nationality: Australian

Hometown: Melbourne

Date Of Birth: 2 October 1997

Birthday: 2nd October

Age: 25 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 5"5

Occupation, Career: Administrator, Entrepreneur, TV Personality

Net Worth: $200,000 US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Campbell

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Married: No

Boyfriend: Jordie Hansen (Ex)

Instagram: @aleishacampbell_

Full Biography Of Aleisha Campbell, Career, Occupation, Big Brother Australia 2022 Cast Housemate

Bio, Wiki: Aleisha Campbell is an Australian born Medical Receptionist, Businesswoman, Reality TV Personality and 2022 Big Brother Australia Season 14 cast and contestant.

Aleisha Campbell worked as a Receptionist at a Dental Company in Australia.

Aleisha Campbell Business, Businesses
Aleisha Campbell Big Brother Australia businesses included a homewares store, Lilou and Leo Boutique.

Aleisha Campbell Big Brother Australia: Profile Of Aleisha BBAU Housemate

Described as ‘bubbly, carefree, and gorgeous’, Aleisha is a chatty blonde bombshell ready to use her skills to manipulate and deceive her fellow housemates as she angles for the win.

At just 24, Aleisha has already had two successful businesses, proving her social game will be something to look out for.

Aleisha has always wanted to be on Big Brother. Her forte in the house will be her social game, which she will employ strategically from day one, building on her physical game after assessing the field.

ALEISHA CAMPBELL Big Brother Interview  Questions and Answers

What are your strengths?
My social skills and being able to talk to pretty much anyone about anything. I think I’m fun to be around and don’t take things too seriously.

What are your weaknesses?
Probably feeling things deeply. I always feel sorry for someone going through a hard time and want to help them, so they are happy again.

What made you apply for Big Brother?
I have always wanted to go on Big Brother since I was a little kid. It tests you, yet makes you enjoy and appreciate the little things in life. When do you get to be in a house with 20 strangers from all walks of life, with no technology and contact to the outside world, it’s awesome!

What are you most looking forward to in the house?
Meeting all my housemates and hopefully getting to do a secret task.

What are you least looking forward to in the house?
Being tested by Big Brother.

What kind of housemate do you think you will be?
Hopefully the fun, bubbly Energizer Bunny. I want to be able to make people laugh and smile.

What is one thing you cannot live without?
My speaker. I play music 24/7 whether I’m in the shower, cooking or cleaning. There is always music on.

Aleisha Campbell Big Brother Winner Or Evicted From Big Brother AU? Aleisha Campbell is still in the Big Brother Australia house. She has not been evicted and time will tell if she will be the winner of Big Brother Australia 2022 or not.

Aleisha Campbell Up For Eviction: Aleisha Campbell is up for eviction. Will she survive it?

Aleisha Campbell And Mick Gould
Aleisha Campbell knows former TV groom Mick Gould.

The larrikin from MAFS 2019 appeared alongside Aleisha in a snap from the same year.

Photo of Big Brother‘s Aleisha Campbell posing alongside MAFS star Mick Gould. Source: Instagram @aleishacampbell_

Secrets out…..sorry it didn’t work with you and Jess [Power] [sic],” she cheekily captioned the snap, referencing Mick’s failed relationship on the show.

Underneath the post, the pair also had a random AF interaction, with Aleisha commenting, “Omg I’m soooo moist”, then adding “Thanks [Mick]”.

“Not a drama there hoss,” the TV groom penned in response next to two pizza slice emojis.

Aleisha BBAU Real Name: The real, full name of Aleisha Big Brother Australia 2022 is Aleisha Campbell.

Aleisha Campbell Education
After graduating from high school, Aleisha Campbell proceeded to College, higher institution.

'Throwback to when I wasn't writing three essays and studying for my college application whilst working two jobs.'

Aleisha Campbell Nationality, Ethnicity, Tribe, Home Town: Where is Aleisha Campbell from? Aleisha Campbell is from Melbourne, Australia.

Aleisha Campbell Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age:
Aleisha Campbell was born on 2nd October 1997.

Aleisha Campbell Age: How old is Aleisha Campbell Big Brother Australia? Aleisha Campbell is currently 24 years old. She will celebrate her 25th birthday on 2nd October 2022.

Aleisha Campbell Big Brother AU celebrated her 24th birthday during the lockdown on 2nd October 2021. She shared pictures from her 24th birthday on her Instagram page.
Pictures from Aleisha Campbell's birthday in 2021. Photo credit Instagram

Aleisha Campbell Height And Weight

Aleisha Campbell Height: How tall is Aleisha Campbell? Aleisha Campbell is 5"5 Feet Tall.

Aleisha Campbell Tattoo: Aleisha Campbell has no tattoos on her body.

Aleisha Campbell Eye Colour: Picture of Aleisha Campbell's eyes.

Aleisha Campbell Bikini Photos: Here are Bikini pictures of Aleisha Campbell, Big Brother star.

Aleisha Campbell Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Aleisha Campbell A Lesbian, Bisexual Or Straight? Aleisha Campbell is straight.

Aleisha Campbell Family, Parents, Siblings, Father, Mother
: Aleisha Campbell was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Campbell who are bed friends. She has other siblings sisters and brother.

Aleisha Campbell Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Aleisha Campbell Big Brother AU Married? No, Aleisha Campbell is not yet married. She is single.

Aleisha Campbell Husband: Who is Aleisha Campbell Husband, name, pictures? Aleisha Campbell has no husband yet as she is not married.

Aleisha Campbell Boyfriend: Who is Aleisha Campbell Boyfriend, name, pictures? The name of Aleisha Campbell ex boyfriend is Jordie Hansen. Aleisha is the ex-girlfriend of Australian Survivor: Blood vs Water contestant, Jordie Hansen. 

Aleisha Campbell and Jordie dated right up until he left to film Survivor.

Aleisha Campbell Relationship, Dating: Who is Aleisha Campbell Big Brother dating or in a relationship with now? Aleisha Campbell has not revealed who she is currently dating after breaking up from her former boyfriend.

Aleisha Campbell Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Does Aleisha Campbell have a child? No, Aleisha Campbell Big Brother doesn't have a child yet.

Aleisha Campbell Net Worth: How much is Aleisha Campbell Big Brother net worth?
Aleisha Campbell net worth is about $200,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Aleisha Campbell House and Cars

Aleisha Campbell House and Cars: Aleisha Campbell lives in Australia and drives her own car.

Aleisha Campbell Instagram: ALEISHA CAMPBELL Instagram page Account Profile Handle is aleishacampbell_. Aleisha Campbell currently has 13.4K followers as at the time of writing this article.
Photos of Aleisha Campbell and her pet dogs

Aleisha Campbell lotto

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