60 Pictures Of Feb Idahosa & Wife Laurie, Children, Family Photos

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All About Bishop Feb Idahosa And Laurie Idahosa Marriage, Family, Kids, Sons (Everything To Know About The Husband & Wife - Christian Couple & Their Children) Wedding Pictures, Old and Recent Pictures, Images, Pics, Photos, IVF, Fertility Issue, Death Of First Child, Interview Video

About Bishop Feb Idahosa

Bishop Feb Idahosa is a Nigerian born pastor and the son of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the founder of Church of God Mission International.

About Bishop Feb Idahosa Wife, Laurie Idahosa

Laurie Idahosa is the beautiful wife of Feb Idahosa. She is a writer and white.

Bishop Feb Idahosa And Laurie Idahosa Marriage, Wedding, Love Story

Bishop Feb Idahosa got married to his beautiful Oyinbo wife, Laurie Idahosa on 18th October 2002. They have been married for 19 years and counting.

Feb and Laurie Idahosa will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary on October 18th, 2022.

Bishop Feb Idahosa's 19th Marriage Anniversary Message

19th Marriage Anniversary October 18, 2021

"19 years of doing life together after saying “I do,” together.

19 years of smiling together after dealing with the trails and wins together.

19 years of holding each other so that we can stand together.

19 years of clothing matching each other while our hearts were matched and latched together.

19 years of 228 months, 34 years of friendship, 50+ first dates on 4 continents, 5000+ laughs plus 499 tears, plenty thick plus plenty thin, and 4 handsome sons later…God has blessed this marriage and I’m grateful for the blessing that is @idahosalaurie.

I love you my #VidaForever. #HappyAnniversary.

#LaurieAndFeb #Married19Years #FebAndLaurieAt19"

How Feb Idahosa Proposed To His Wife 

"#HowItStarted vs. how it's going.

I proposed to @idahosalaurie under a palm tree 🌴 at the location where our house was going to be built.

From the tree I Nigeria, we went to a church (Victory) in Delaware, and returned to the palm trees in Nigeria.

I'd say it's going well. What do you think? At least I've gotten taller...less hair, but taller 😁.

Feb Idahosa and Laurie Idahosa 19th Marriage Anniversary Pics

Laurie Idahosa Tells Her Love Story On 19th Wedding Anniversary

It started in 1987 as an innocent summer romance between young teenagers. Since then, we have enjoyed 34 years of unbroken friendship and 19 years of marriage. 

There has been sunshine ~ beautiful moments that I wish we could relive. We have also certainly had more than our share of rainy days ~ tough times that I wish we could forget. 

By the Grace of God, through it all, we are still standing. ✝️✝️💪💪🏿☀️⛈

As we were taking our Anniversary pictures, rain drops began to fall. They began as a tiny drizzle and then, within minutes, developed into a total downpour. That’s reflective of how problems are in marriage. At first, you don’t think much of them… until they start to wash away your plans. 

Later, after the storm is over, you can look back and see the beauty in the trials and the unique perspective that you gained by weathering the storm.

Bishop Feb Idahosa and His Wife, Laurie Idahosa

Pastor Feb Idahosa Celebrates His Wife's 47th Birthday on 21st October 2021:
"Happy birthday to the love of my life. The one who made me hit the jackpot. The one I should have proposed to at age 14 when we first met.
Thank you for believing in me and for making me better. Thank you for your understanding, your love, and your prayers on the tough days and your cheers on the winning days.
Beauty beyond compare and inner strength beyond description.
I bless the day God sent you to the earth to 
-make me and a “million plus one” people happy, 
-to change the lives countless millions with your selfless giving, and 
-to make eternity with Jesus possible to the thousands you have led to Christ."

Beautiful Pictures of Bishop Feb Idahosa and Laurie Idahosa, His Wife

Feb Idahosa and Laurie Idahosa Age Difference

While Bishop Feb Idahosa was born on December 22, 1972, his wife, Mrs Laurie Idahosa was born on 21 October 1974.
Feb Idahosa is 2 years older than his wife, Laurie Idahosa.

Pastor Feb Idahosa is currently 49 years old while his wife Laurie Idahosa is currently 47 years old as at the time of writing this article.
Old Throwback photo of Feb Idahosa and Laurie Idahosa While they were in a relationship, dating before they got married

How Bishop Feb Idahosa And His Wife Rev Laurie Idahosa Met

"I met my wife in Benin City, when I was 14 and she was 13, so I don’t know if any Nigerian parent would qualify that as love at first sight, but there was a heavy likeness for her and even infatuation at first sight. I still have a picture of her at 13, which I recently uploaded to Instagram and Facebook. Her parents brought her on a trip to Nigeria, when they came to hold a crusade with my father. After that first meeting, I was smitten and we stayed in touch and saw each other at least once a year for 15 years until we got married in 2002." Bishop Feb Idahosa told Punch.

Bishop Feb Idahosa And Laurie Idahosa Children, Sons
Bishop Feb Idahosa and his wife Laurie Idahosa are blessed with 3 children, all boys. They have three sons, no daughter. The names of their handsome sons who are biracial, mixed (half caste) are, Feb Jr. Ekundayo Idahosa (first son), Nathaniel Idahosa (second son), Judah Victor Benson Idahosa (last child - last born).

Pictures of Bishop Feb Idahosa and Laurie Idahosa Children (Then vs Now)

Photo of Feb Idahosa and his 3 sons

Feb Idahosa Family picture

Feb Idahosa first child - his very first son died as a baby, just-12 hour-old in 2007, 9 years after the death of his father, Benson Idahosa.

Feb Idahosa and His First son

Meanwhile, doctors had told Bishop Feb Idahosa and wife, Laurie Idahosa that they won't have kids but God did it and they now have 3 cute sons.

Feb Idahosa and Pastor Laurie Idahosa Interview (Video)

Feb & Laurie Idahosa speak about their failed IVF procedure & miracles they experienced afterwards

Feb and Laurie Idahosa in an interview chat with Linda Ikeji TV tell the story about their four failed IVF procedures and the loss of their miracle child 12 hours later. They also give us an insight to their journey to parenthood, ministry and discovering themselves. 

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