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Latest Instagram Photos: @dfw_oma Tiktok (Alozie Oma) Bio, Wikipedia, Parents, Family, Husband, State Of Origin, Birthday, Height, Siblings, Education, Married, Boyfriend, House, Cars, Net Worth, Eyes, Tattoo, Hairstyles, Bikini, Real Name, Alozie Oma DFW Oma Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, YouTube, Video, Relationship

History Of Alozie Oma: Everything To Know About Alozie Oma aka dfw_oma Tiktok Profile, Boyfriend, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Siblings, Relationship, Dating, Marriage, Engagement, Father, Mother, About Oma Alozie - By Thefamousnaija

Who Is Alozie Oma?

Alozie Oma aka dfw_oma (born 18 August 2000) is a Nigerian Face Model, Tiktok Star, Instagram Beauty/Brand Influencer and Content Creator.

Alozie Oma is one of the most beautiful brand influencer on Instagram and one of the hottest Nigerian celebrities on Tiktok. She has the most beautiful hazel eyes and skin colour which stand her out.

DFW Oma aka Alozie Oma whose full, real name is Oluomachi Vera Alozie was born on August 18th 2000.

Alozie Oma (@dfw_oma) Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Nickname: DFW Oma (dfw_oma)

Real Name: Alozie Oma

Full Name: Oluomachi Vera Alozie

Nationality (Country): Nigerian

State Of Origin: Anambra

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth: 18 August 2000

Birthday: 18th August

Age: 21 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 5"6 Feet tall

Religion: Christian

Eye Colour: Hazel Eyes

Skin Colour: Lightskinned

Occupation, Career: Model, Brand Influencer

Net Worth: $120,000 US Dollars

Marital Status, Relationship: Single

Boyfriend: Rinaboy (Rinaboyxx)

Husband: Not Married

Parents: Mr and Mrs Alozie

Father: Mr Alozie

Mother: Mrs Alozie

Education: Nnamdi Azikiwe University (Unizik)

Instagram: dfw_oma

Full Biography Of dfw_oma (Alozie Oma) Career, Occupation Life History, Story, Background, Education, Family, Parents, Relationship, Dating, Engagement, Boyfriend

Biography Wikipedia: Alozie Oma aka dfw_oma whose real name is Oluomachi Vera Alozie is a Nigerian born beautiful Model, Tiktok Star and Instagram brand influencer.

Alozie Oma who is popularly known as @dfw_oma has bagged some endorsement deals as brand ambassador. She is ambassador of Unboxedperfumes, Getfit Waist Trainer, Bodysecrets Beauty & cosmetic, among others.

Beauty - Alozie Oma Is Beautiful: Alozie Oma dfw_oma is arguably the most beautiful Nigerian influencer and face Model on Instagram and Tiktok. 

Many Nigerian music starts and Nollywood actors follow her and like most of her pictures on Instagram.

Alozie Oma is very beautiful and she knows. No wonder she often flaunts her beautiful Face, eyes and figure on her Instagram page and always makes reference to her beauty as a fine girl.

Alozie Oma Education, School, University

Alozie Oma dfw_oma obtained her First School Leaving certificate and SSCE. After graduating from Secondary School, Alozie Oma proceeded to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (Unizik).

Throwback Photo of Oma Alozie in Unizik Campus in December 2019

Alozie Oma State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Alozie Oma dfw_oma Tiktok from? Alozie Oma hails from Anambra State, Nigeria.

She is Igbo by tribe.

Alozie Oma Date Of Birth: DFW Oma Alozie Oma was born on 18 August 2000.

Alozie Oma Age: Alozie Oma (dfw_oma) is currently 21 years old as at 2022.

Alozie Oma DFW Oma Tiktok celebrated her 21st birthday on her Instagram page, shared her sexy Birthday Photoshoot and wrote:

"Yes!!! 21 babbyyyyy!🎉

Happy birthday to me🎉❤️❤️❤️

 I love you Jesus🙏🏼❤️"

Alozie Oma Eye Colour: Alozie Oma DFW Oma has hazel eyes like Regina Askia. She has one of the most beautiful eyes on Instagram and she knows it, flaunts it.

Pictures of Alozie Oma dfw_oma hazel Eyes

Alozie Oma Pictures Without Makeup
: Here are beautiful photos of Alozie Oma DFW without makeup. Before and after makeup photos of dfw_oma.Photos of Alozie Oma dfw_oma without makeup

Before and after makeup photos of Alozie Oma DFW dfw_oma

Images Of Alozie Oma Natural Face Without Makeup

Alozie Oma Hairstyles:
DFW Oma Tiktok Rocks nice stylish hairstyles from wigs, weave-on, blond, to braids.
Pictures of Alozie Oma DFW Hairstyles

Alozie Oma Tattoo: Alozie Oma dfw_oma rocks temporary flowery tattoos on her body.

Alozie Oma dfw_oma Bikini Pictures: Bikini Photos of Alozie Oma.

Alozie Oma Sexuality: Is Alozie Oma DFW Oma a Lesbian, Bisexual Or Straight? Alozie Oma is straight.

Alozie Oma Religion: Alozie Oma DFW Oma is a Christian.

"I don’t wanna be a pretty girl without Jesus😊😊😊" dfw_oma said on Instagram.

Alozie Oma Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Alozie Oma dfw_oma was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Alozie. She has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Photo of Alozie Oma and her sister

Alozie Oma Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Alozie Oma dfw_oma married? No, Alozie Oma is not yet married. She is single.

Alozie Oma Husband: Who is Alozie Oma DFW Oma husband, name, pictures? Alozie Oma dfw_oma has no husband yet. She is single, not married.

Pictures of Alozie Oma dfw_oma and Rinaboy Rinaboyxx
Alozie Oma and Her Boyfriend Photos

Alozie Oma Boyfriend
: Who is Alozie Oma dfw_oma Tiktok Boyfriend, Name, Pictures? Alozie Oma Boyfriend is Rinaboy. He is also a TikToker and Instagram celebrity brand influencer.

dfw_oma DFW Oma is in a relationship with Rinaboy Rinaboyxx, a Yoruba guy.

Photo of Alozie Oma dfw_oma and Her Boyfriend
Rinaboy called dfw_oma his 'wife'

Alozie Oma (DFW Oma) Net Worth

How much is Alozie Oma dfw_oma Net Worth?

Alozie Oma net worth is about $120,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Alozie Oma House and Cars....

Alozie Oma dfw_oma Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: DFW Oma Alozie Oma can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile.

Alozie Oma Social Media Handles: Alozie Oma dfw_oma is not on Facebook, Twitter. She has no Facebook account or Twitter account. 

Beware of those impersonating Alozie Oma on Twitter and Facebook.

Alozie Oma Instagram: Alozie Oma DFW Oma Instagram page Account Profile Handle is dfw_oma.

Photo, Pic, Image Galleries Of Alozie Oma aka dfw_oma Tiktok Influencer 

Here are more photos of DFW Oma

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