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Latest Instagram Photos: Falegan Opeyemi David Bio, Wikipedia, Wife, Children, Family, Parents, House, Cars, State Of Origin, Religion, Tribe, Hometown, Religion, Educational Background, ODF Foundation, Height, Father, Mother, First Wife, Marriage Breakup, Divorce, Falegan Opeyemi David Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, Video

History Of Opeyemi Falegan: Everything To Know About Hon Opeyemi David Falegan Profile, Ex Wife, Marriage, Divorce, Children, Family, Parents, Net Worth, ODF Foundation
Opeyemi Falegan David Vs Ex Wife Nkechi Blessing Sunday Divorce Scandal

Who Is Falegan Opeyemi David?
Opeyemi Falegan whose full name is Opeyemi David Falegan (born 10 June 1970s) is a Nigerian Politician, Philanthropist, CEO of ODF Foundation and British Military Personnel.

Opeyemi Falegan David is the ex husband of Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday.

Describing himself on Instagram, Opeyemi Falegan David wrote, "His name is Opeyemi David Falegan (ODF) and he is the husband of all widows (OKO OPO) @hon_falegan_official_ his ways are so honourable."

Pictures of Opeyemi Falegan 

Photos of Falegan Opeyemi David

Opeyemi Falegan Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Opeyemi Falegan

Full Name: Opeyemi David Falegan

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Ekiti State

Hometown: Ado-Ekiti

Tribe: Yoruba

Date Of Birth: 10 June 1970s

Birthday: 10th June

Age: 40 +

Height: 6"1 Feet tall

Occupation, Career: Politician, Philanthropist, Military Officer

Net Worth: $900,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦513,000,000

Foundation Name: ODF Foundation

Relationship, Marital Status: Divorced

Spouse, Wife: Nkechi Blessing Sunday (Ex)

Girlfriend: Nkechi Blessing

Parents: Mr and Mrs Opeyemi

Siblings, Brother: Deola aka Hadayorlar

Education: City University (Computer and Information Science)

Instagram: hon_falegan_official_

Hobbies: Football, Movies

Full Biography Of Opeyemi David Falegan, Career, Occupation, Life History, Family, Educational Background, Marriage, Divorce Scandal

Biography Wikipedia: Opeyemi Falegan David is a Nigerian born Politician, Philanthropist who is the estranged husband of Nkechi Blessing Sunday, popular Nollywood actress.

Falegan Opeyemi describes himself as 'A Politician, Philanthropist, Reservist, a Doctorate student, Prospective Governor of Ekiti State and CEO @odf_foundation'.

Opeyemi David Falegan Military: Falegan Opeyemi David is in the UK Military. He is a UK Royal Air Force Officer.
Pictures of Opeyemi Falegan David as a Military Man

: Opeyemi Falegan David is the founder, owner and CEO of the ODF foundation which is located in Ekiti state, Nigeria.

The full meaning of ODF foundation is Opeyemi David Falegan Foundation.
ODF Foundation is a non profit organization whose aim is to empower widows and uplift the lives of the less privileged with it's headquarters in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Hon Opeyemi David Falegan started the ODF foundation in 2015 (7 years ago) when he lost his father to death and was left with his widowed mother. He noticed how needy his mum felt after his father's death. This propelled him to extend the hand of love to other widows, that was the inspiration behind the birth of ODF Foundation.

Falegan Opeyemi's ODF Foundation has provided free boreholes to Ado Ekiti community.

In January 2022, ODF foundation hosted 2000 widows in Ado - Ekiti with food stuffs, money, clothing and medical check up.

Falegan Opeyemi also gave 2000 Ekiti students free JAMB registration.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday used to promote her ex husband's ODF foundation but when they fell apart, she started demarketing the ODF foundation.

"...Want turn me Berger for Instagram cus of useless Foundation... Who begs money from people to help others? If you no get you no go rest? Ashiere!!!"

Falegan Opeyemi David Education, Schools Attended
Falegan Opeyemi David is a PhD student currently writing his thesis.

City University
Bachelor's degree computer and information science
(2002 - 2008)
Grade: Honours - 2:2

University of Wales, Cardiff
Masters degree Business Administration
(2010 - 2011)
Grade: Credit

London School of Commerce, London, United Kingdom
(2017 - 2020)

Falegan Opeyemi David State Of Origin: Where is Opeyemi Falegan David, Nkechi Blessing Sunday husband from? Falegan Opeyemi David is from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Opeyemi Falegan David Home Town, Tribe: Falegan Opeyemi David hails from Ado-Ekiti. He is Yoruba by tribe.
Old Throwback Photos of Opeyemi Falegan David 

Opeyemi Falegan David Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Falegan Opeyemi David was born on 10 June 1970s.

Opeyemi Falegan David Age: How old is Falegan Opeyemi David, Nkechi Blessing Sunday husband? Opeyemi Falegan David is in his late 40s.

Opeyemi Falegan David Celebrates His Birthday:
"Happy birthday to me, I wanna thank God for the gift of life and for my journey so far. For all I have achieved today didn’t happen overnight, if it had happened the day I asked for it, I would have messed it up. I had to fail
over and over so I can get to where I am today. Everything I have achieved is by God’s design and not accidental and I appreciate it. I wanna use this opportunity to thank the people that gave up on me cos they made me a stronger person and to the special people in my life I wanna say I love u all."
Celebrating Her ex husband on his birthday, Nkechi Blessing Sunday wrote: "The man of my dreams, the one who never let me go to bed angry/115 Happy Birthday Oko mil', I LOVE YOU"

Opeyemi Falegan David Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Falegan Opeyemi David Gay, Bisexual or Straight? Nkechi Blessing accused Falegan Opeyemi David of being a bisexual and a paedophile while he accused his estranged wife, Nkechi Blessing of being a lesbian.
Nkechi Blessing also said that Falegan Opeyemi David is not good in bed and has a penis that can't last 5 seconds. Just as Tonto Dikeh slammed Churchill.

Opeyemi Falegan David Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Falegan Opeyemi David was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Opeyemi. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.
The name of Opeyemi Falegan David brother is Deola aka Hadayorlar.
Falegan Opeyemi David Family picture with hs mother and brother
Photo of Falegan Opeyemi David and his brother

Parents: Opeyemi Falegan David's father is dead while his mother is still alive, now a widow which inspired his foundation.

Opeyemi Falegan David Father: Falegan Opeyemi David father died in 2015.

Falegan Opeyemi David Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Opeyemi Falegan David married? Falegan Opeyemi David is married to Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a Nollywood actress but their marriage has crashed.
Traditional Wedding Pictures of Opeyemi Falegan David and His Ex Wife, Nkechi Blessing Sunday

Falegan Opeyemi David Wife: Who Is Opeyemi Falegan David Wife, Name, Pictures? Falegan Opeyemi David wife is Nkechi Blessing Sunday. She is an Igbo born Yoruba actress.
Photo of Opeyemi Falegan David Ex Wife, Nkechi Blessing Sunday

Pictures of Falegan Opeyemi David and his wife, Nkechi Blessing

Opeyemi Falegan and his wife
Photos of Falegan Opeyemi David and Nkechi Blessing Sunday - Husband and Wife before marriage crash

Opeyemi Falegan David Divorce, Marriage Crash, Break Up: Falegan Opeyemi David and his wife, Nkechi Blessing Sunday are not separated and heading for a divorce as their marriage has crashed.

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing’s marriage to politician husband Honorable Opeyemi Falegan, has crashed barely a year after they got married.

The actress’ now ex-husband confirmed their split in a live video coverage he made on his Instagram page on Wednesday night, April 6, 2022.

Opeyemi Falegan David accused Nkechi Blessing Sunday of being a lesbian and said he doesn’t want to be associated with “notoriety

Falegan stated loud and clear in the video that he is no longer married to Nkechi Blessing and warned everyone to desist from calling him a husband to anybody, referring to Nkechi Blessing as the ‘anybody’.

Nkechi Blessing in her latest post claimed she has been feeding Falegan Opeyemi and footing his bills. She claims that Opeyemi David Falegan is broke and has only 3 shirts and 2 pairs of trousers.
She also accused Falegan of using her to become popular. She further alleged that he lives a fake life, would buy economy ticket then pose for photos in business class.

"You can love someone and still let dem go..Uncle Weyre enjoy the last fame for few days and go back to d nobody you were...you think say you been catch big fish? Me wey still Dey beg God.." - Nkechi Blessing Sunday speaking about their crashed marriage. She also accused Falegan Opeyemi David of being broke.

Opeyemi Falegan David Apologises On Instagram After Fight With Nkechi Blessing, His Estranged Wife

"I wanna apologise for my outburst yesterday due to the flame of the moment, some Informations were shared cos everyone wanted to look or sound right( appeal to pity or petito) either true or lies )some Bloggers contacted me and wanted to know if I was married or not and some informations were known yesterday, I wanna tell everyone that I will! be leaving the social media till further notice, have decided to remain quiet as silence is golden. When love comes is always like a dream but when it goes like a night mare. "

Ex Wife: Opeyemi David Falegan First Wife - Who Is Falegan Opeyemi's First wife and ex wife? Falegan Opeyemi David allegedly had a family and a child, a daughter before marrying Nkechi Blessing Sunday.

Falegan Opeyemi David Children, Child, Daughter, Son: Falegan Opeyemi has a daughter with his alleged first wife before he got married to Nkechi Blessing.

Photos of Opeyemi Falegan wife, Nkechi Blessing Sunday and her Son

Falegan Opeyemi David Net Worth 2021, 2022, Forbes, Dollars, Naira
How much is Opeyemi Falegan net worth? Opeyemi Falegan David net worth is about $900,000 US Dollars in 2022, 2021.

Opeyemi Falegan David House and Cars
Falegan Opeyemi lives in United Kingdom and drives nice cars.
Nkechi Blessing claims that Falegan Opeyemi David doesn't have pillow in his London house.

Falegan Opeyemi David Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: 

Opeyemi David Falegan Instagram: Falegan Opeyemi David Instagram Page Account Profile Handle is hon_falegan_official_.

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