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Latest Instagram Photos: Ibiere Agwu 'IB Maclayton' Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Children, Parents, Boyfriend, Height, Divorce, Marriage, State Of Origin, Tribe, House, Cars, Hometown, New Husband, Siblings, Education, Ibiere Agwu Maclayton Images, Ig Pics, Facebook Photos, Twitter, Interview, Video

History Of Ibiere Agwu: Everything To Know About Julius Agwu Wife (Ibiere Maclayton) Profile, Husband, Boyfriend, Children, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Cheating Scandal Allegations, Remarry, Second Marriage

Who Is Julius Agwu Wife?

Who Is Ibiere Agwu?

Ibiere Agwu nee Maclayton (born 30 March 1982) is a Nigerian Petrochemical Engineer, Entrepreneur, Wig and Dress Maker, CEO of Ibmac Wigs, May & Wilson and the wife of Julius Agwu.

Photos of Ibiere Agwu

Pictures of Julius Agwu Wife, Ibiere Agwu

Ibiere Maclayton Photos

Ibiere Agwu Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Ibiere Agwu

Nickname: IB Maclayton

Maiden Name: Ibiere Maclayton

Real, Full Name: Ibiere Belema Maclayton

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Rivers State

Hometown: Abonnema

Tribe: Kalabari, Ikwerre

Date Of Birth: 30 March 1982

Birthday: 30th March

Age: 40 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 5"8 Feet tall

Occupation, Career: Businesswoman, Wig & Dressmaker

Net Worth: $350,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦171,000,000

Relationship, Marita Status: Married

Spouse, Husband: Julius Agwu

Number Of Children: 2

Daughter: Zahra Agwu

Son: Zadok Agwu

Parents: Chief and Mrs Maclayton

Father: Chief Darego Maclayton

Mother: May Maclayton

Siblings: Amoni Maclayton-Onuwaje, Boma Maclayton-Tikili, Darego aka Greatkingrego & Tein Maclayton

Brothers: Tein Mac Timclayton, Darego Greatkingrego

Sisters: Amoni Maclayton-Onuwaje, Boma Maclayton-Tikili

Mother-In-Law: Mrs Mary Agwu

Father-In-Law: Chief Augustine Amadi Agwu
Sisters-In-Law: Theresa Agwu, Bridget Omokhoa

Education: Robert Gordon University, Scotland

Full Biography Of Julius Agwu Wife, Ibiere Agwu, Career, Occupation, Life History, Marriage Breakup Cheating Divorce Story, Children, Family, Educational Background

Biography Wikipedia: Ibiere Agwu aka IB Maclayton is a Nigerian born Businesswoman, Comedian Julius Agwu's Wife and the owner of Ibmac Wigs and May & Wilson CEO.

IBMac Wigs: Ibiere Agwu owns a Wig Store. She makes the best wigs using both client bundles and hers.

May & Wilson: Ibiere Agwu is the owner of May & Wilson, a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle brand.

Ibiere Agwu Educational Background
Ibiere Agwu is a first degree and Masters degree holder. Her qualifications include, Petrochemical Engr (Btech) / Oil & Gas Engr (Msc).

Ibiere Agwu graduated with a masters degree in Oil and Gas Engineering from Robert Gordon University, Scotland.

Ibiere Agwu Maclayton State Of Origin: Where is Julius Agwu Wife, Ibiere Agwu from? Ibiere Agwu is from Rivers State, Nigeria.

Ibiere Agwu Tribe, Home Town, Village: Ibiere Agwu hails from Abonnema, a town in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Ibiere Agwu is Kalabari, Ikwerre by tribe.

Ibiere Agwu Maclayton Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Ibiere Agwu was born on 30 March 1982.

Ibiere Agwu Real Age: How old is Julius Agwu Wife, Ibiere Agwu Maclayton? Ibiere Agwu is 40 years old as at 2022.
Julius Agwu's Wife, Ibiere Agwu celebrated her 40th birthday on 30th March 2022.
Celebrating her 40th birthday with topless, sexy pictures, Ibiere Agwu Maclayton wrote on her Instagram page:

"Life they say begins at 40. This is 40. Life has began. #Unapologeticallyme #IBMACis40 #newbirth #growth."

Ibiere Agwu 40th Birthday Pictures

Ibiere Agwu Height: How tall is Julius Agwu Wife, Ibiere Agwu Maclayton? Ibiere Agwu is 5"8 Feet tall. Julius Agwu's wife is quite tall.
Ibiere Agwu is taller than her short husband, Julius Agwu.
Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Height

Ibiere Agwu Tattoo: Julius Agwu's wife, Ibiere Agwu MacClayton has a tattoo on her left hand.

Pictures of Ibiere Agwu IB Maclayton Tattoos

Ibiere Agwu No Makeup Photos: Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Without Makeup.

Ibiere Agwu Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Ibiere Agwu was born into a rich family, Chief and Mrs Maclayton are her parents and they are from Rivers State, Nigeria. She has other siblings, 2 brothers and 4 sisters.
Photos of Ibiere Agwu Parents, Chief Darego Maclayton and Mrs May MacClayton

Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Maclayton and her Sisters

Ibiere Agwu Father: Ibiere Agwu father's name is Chief Darego Maclayton. He is late. He died on 6 March 2012.
Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Father, Darego Maclayton

Ibiere Agwu's father, Mr Maclayton insisted that she must complete her university education, NYSC and masters before getting married to Julius Agwu.

Remembering her late father's 10 years death anniversary, Julius Agwu's wife, Ibiere Maclayton Agwu shared photos of her late dad on Instagram and wrote:

"On this day 10 years ago, the Captain of our ship left us to be with his creator. We cried, we asked why now, but we soon realized that he left us well equipped to still keep his ship sailing. 

Today I am thankful and grateful to God for the unity, peace, Love and support amongst my siblings and I, which is one of the greatest things we learnt from our father through his words and actions. 

A GOOD MAN is never forgotten. Dawi keep resting in the Lord."

"Let me tell you something about this man and what we have in common. See this his hard man looking face? Fogerrabout. He was one of the nicest and friendliest persons you could meet and engage in a meaningful conversation. He would gist and talk to you like you guys were mates. Like me too he was a man of very few words. WE MISS YOU EVERYDAY DAWI. Keep resting in the Lord Daddy. 

Ibiere Agwu Mother: Ibiere Agwu's mother is Mrs May Maclayton. 
Pictures of Ibiere Agwu mother, May Maclayton
Photo of Ibiere Agwu mother and Her Husband, Julius Agwu

Sharing a Childhood Throwback photo of her mother carrying her, Ibiere Agwu wrote:

"Sweet mother of mine. You are incomparable. Happy Mother’s Day to the blueprint of mothers. Love you forever and a day."
Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Mother, May Maclayton and her grandchildren in Houston

Photos of May Maclayton

Photo of Ibiere Agwu Mother and her Grandchildren (
Zahra Agwu and Zadok Agwu) 
Photos of Ibiere Agwu and Her mother, Mrs May Maclayton

Ibiere Agwu Maclayton Siblings, Brothers, Sisters
: Ibiere Agwu has 4 sisters and 2 brothers.
Meet Ibiere Agwu's brothers, Darego aka Greatkingrego & Tein Maclayton and sisters Amoni Maclayton-Onuwaje, Boma Maclayton-Tikili, Kaine MacClayton Jack.
Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Maclayton Brothers and her husband, Julius Agwu

Dr Kein Maclayton is Ibiere Agwu's youngest brother. He is handsome, last born of their family and a PhD holder
Celebrating her brother, Tein Maclayton birthday, Ibiere Agwu wrote: 'Happy birthday to my father’s last born Dr TEIN MACLAYTON aka Uncle T the young billionaire. May God bless you beyond your imaginations. @timclayton1 You will live long and prosper. Love you plenty baby bro 💋#fineboy #myfathersson #maclaytonblood'

Picture of Tein Maclayton, Ibiere Agwu's Brother who bagged a PhD

"Congratulations to my brother Dr Tein MACLAYTON on your PhD graduation. 🥂Here is to many more achievements in life. 

My father is sure resting in peace. You have made him proud." Ibiere Agwu hailed brother

Photo of Ibiere Agwu and her sister, Amoni Maclayton-Onuwaje

Ibiere Agwu's sister, Amoni Maclayton-Onuwaje is married with 3 children.
Cute family picture of Ibiere Agwu's sister, Amoni Maclayton-Onuwaje with her husband and children

Boma Maclayton-Tikili is Ibiere Agwu's sister too.
Photo of Ibiere Agwu and her sister, Boma Maclayton-Tikili

Throwback photo of Ibiere Agwu and her sisters

Ibiere Agwu Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Ibiere Agwu Married? YES, Ibiere Agwu is married to Julius Agwu with two children.
Ibiere MacClayton Agwu got married to Julius Agwu on 31st May 2008 in in Port Harcourt Rivers State.
Wedding Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Maclayton and Julius Agwu In 2008

Ibiere MacClayton Agwu and Julius Agwu traditional marriage ceremony held at Abonnema on Thursday 29th of May 2008 while their white wedding held On Saturday 31st May 2008 at St Paul’s Cathedral Church in Port Harcourt.

Celebrities such as Ali Baba, Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic, KC Presh, Francis Duru , Segun Arinze, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, DJ Jimmy Jatt, Ejike Asiegbu, among others attended Julius Agwu and Ibiere MacClayton Agwu's white wedding.
Photo of Genevieve Nnaji at Ibiere Maclayton Agwu and Julius Agwu's wedding

Ibiere Agwu MacClayton & Julius Agwu 14th Wedding Anniversary: Ibiere Agwu and her husband, Julius Agwu are supposed to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary on 31st May 2022.

Ibiere Agwu Maclayton Husband: Ibiere Agwu's husband is Julius Agwu, a popular Nigerian comedian and actor.
Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Husband, Julius Agwu

Photos of Ibiere Agwu and Her Husband Julius Agwu

Ibiere Agwu and Julius Agwu Pictures

Ibiere Maclayton and her husband, Julius Agwu
Pictures of Julius Agwu and his wife, Ibiere

Throwback Photos Of Julius Agwu And Ibiere Agwu: Here are some cute old Throwback pictures of Ibiere Agwu and Julius Agwu.

Ibiere Agwu MacClayton Divorce, Marriage Crash: Is Ibiere Agwu still married to Julius Agwu? 

There are rumours that Julius Agwu's wife, Ibiere Agwu nee Maclayton has walked out of their marriage and is heading for a divorce.

Comedian Julius Agwu's wife Ibiere Agwu has reportedly abandoned her matrimonial home after 14 years of marriage.

Ibiere and Julius Agwu had been going through trying times for some years on account of Julius Agwu’s ill health.

Ibiere had reverted to her maiden name (Maclayton), and travelled abroad with their 2 children.
Julius Agwu allegedly cheated on Ibiere Agwu with side chicks and other girlfriends.

Ibiere Agwu Children: Ibiere Agwu and Julius Agwu have 2 children - a daughter and a son.

The names of Ibiere Agwu Maclayton children are Zahra Agwu and Zadok Agwu.
Ibiere Agwu Family Pictures With Her Husband and Children
Family Photos of Ibiere Agwu With Julius Agwu Her Husband and their Kids

Image of Ibiere Agwu Husband and Their children
Recent Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Maclayton And Her Son and Daughter

Pictures of Julius Agwu Wife, Ibiere Agwu And their Children
Old family Throwback photo of Ibiere Agwu, Julius and Children

Ibiere Maclayton Agwu Daughter, Name, Age Pictures: Ibiere Agwu's daughter and first child is called Zahra Agwu. She was born on 7 September 2009.

Zahra Agwu, Ibiere Agwu's daughter was born on on Monday September 7th 2009 in Houston Texas, USA.
How old is Ibiere Agwu's daughter? Ibiere Agwu's daughter and first child is currently 12 years old. She will celebrate her 13th birthday on 7th September 2022.
Photo of Ibiere Agwu Daughter and First child

Pictures of Ibiere Agwu Maclayton And Her Daughter

Ibiere Agwu Son, Name, Age, Pictures
: Ibiere Agwu's son's name is Zadok Agwu. He was born on 7 October 2013.
How old is Ibiere Agwu's son, Ibiere MacClayton Agwu son Zadok Agwu is currently 8 years old. He will celebrate his 9th birthday on 7th October 2022.

Sharing new photos of her grown up kids on her Instagram page, Ibiere Agwu MacClayton wrote;

"It’s how one minute they are at each other’s throat screaming “ I don’t like you, you are so annoying” and the next they are apologizing with their secret handshake and professing love to one another. Next they are plotting how to con me off something they both want. In all the love they have for each other is one that makes a mothers heart smile. #siblinglove #unbreakablebond."

"Happy national daughters day my darling daughter. Today I celebrate you for who you are and I pray you fulfill your purpose 💋💋"

Ibiere Agwu Boyfriend: Who is Julius Agwu Wife, Ibiere Agwu MacClayton Boyfriend? Ibiere Agwu was rumored to have moved in with her new boyfriend after dumping Julius Agwu. But this has not been confirmed.

Ibiere Agwu Remarried, New Husband, Second Husband: Has Julius Agwu's Wife Ibiere Agwu Maclayton Remarried? No, Ibiere Agwu has not remarried.

Ibiere Agwu Net Worth: How much is Julius Agwu Wife, Ibiere Maclayton Agwu Net Worth?
Ibiere Agwu net worth is about$300,000 US Dollars.

Ibiere Agwu House and Cars: Ibiere Agwu lived in her husband, Julius Agwu's house before allegedly relocating abroad with her kids.

Ibiere Agwu Instagram: Julius Agwu Wife, Ibiere Agwu MacClayton Instagram page Account Profile Handle is ibmac_a.

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