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Latest Instagram Photos, YouTube Videos: Tayo Aina Films Bio, Wikipedia, Height, House, Cars, Parents, Family, Wedding, Married, State Of Origin, Education, Course, Website, Contact, Phone Number, WhatsApp, Birthday, Tattoo, Siblings, Hometown, Tribe, Children, Marriage, Girlfriend, Relationship, Tayo Aina Images, Facebook Photos, Twitter Ig Pics, Recent Videos

History Of Tayo Aina: Everything To Know About Tayo Aina Profile, Wife, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Father, Mother, Wedding, Marriage, Relationship, Engagement, Proposal, Interviews

Who Is Tayo Aina?

Tayo Aina (born 9 December 1992) is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Travel YouTuber and Vlogger who won The Future Awards Africa Prize for Content Creation 2022.

Tayo Aina Films is a Filmmaker and YouTube Content Creator with experience in increasing web traffic for videos who loves telling stories.

Taina Aina was the person that did the Travelbeta BBNaija advert on the 2022 Season 7 Big Brother Naija show.

Tayo Aina is tall, slim, lightskinned, bearded and handsome.

Pictures of Tayo Aina

Tayo Aina Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Nickname: Tayo Aina Films

Real Name: Tayo Aina

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Ekiti State

Hometown: Ado-Ekiti

Place Of Birth: Lagos State

Tribe: Yoruba

Date Of Birth: 9 December 1992

Birthday: 9th December

Age: 29 Years Old

Height: 6"2 Feet Tall

Career, Occupation: Filmmaker, YouTuber, Storyteller, Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $400,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦220,000,000

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Married: No

Wife, Girlfriend: Dating

Parents: Mr and Mrs Aina

Siblings, Sister: Jay Tiwalola Aina

Education: Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA)

Course: Real Estate/Property Management

YouTube: Tayo Aina

Instagram: tayoainafilms

Facebook: tayoainafilms

Twitter: Tayo Aina @tayoainafilms

Website: http://Tayoainafilms.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/temitayoaina

Contact Email: [email protected]

Full Biography Of Tayo Aina Films
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Tayo Aina Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, YouTube, Videos, Awards, Education, Family

Biography, Wikipedia: Tayo Aina is a 29 year old Nigerian born filmmaker and photographer who creates content around travel and lifestyle on YouTube. He promotes tourism through his pictures and videos, compelling Nigerians and foreigners to visit different parts of the country and continent.

Tayo Aina is an independent YouTuber, Filmmaker, and Storyteller creating lifestyle, Travel, Business and Real Estate content that showcase the beauty of Africa and share the stories of African businesses and brands.

Tayo Aina started his career as a photographer, taking pictures of places around Lagos with his phone. From there, he started making videos on his phone, and when people started seeing his videos, they loved it, so, he improved on it and started making more videos. He later got a camera and the rest is history.

The gadgets Tayo Aina uses for his films are camera, drone and sometimes uses his phone.

He majorly shoots for brands and other people who need him to shoot for them. He then uses his personal money to fund his own creative sessions.

Tayo Aina has filmed in some states in Nigeria such as Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Abuja, Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi, Obudu, Niger and several more. 

Over the past 4 years, he has travelled and explored over 12 countries and collaborated with various lifestyle and travel brands to bring their stories to life. Tayo Aina has done some works in Kenya, Rwanda, Cape Verde, Ghana, amongst other countries.

Tayo Aina Spacebook.ng: Tayo Aina also runs a start-up called spacebook.ng, a platform for booking apartments, event centres and other spaces all over the country.
When Tayo Aina is not making films, he runs his start-up, Spacebook. 

Spacebook is a travel company that focuses on accommodation, where people book apartments and rent spaces online.

Tayo Aina Mr Macaroni Restaurant Business: "2014 April 14, I launched Mr Macaroni, my first major business. It was a restaurant to sell pasta 🍝 to students at my university. 

In my head I wanted it to be the MC Donald’s of pasta!

I was so wrong 😂. The business failed under one year!
I believe this was my third try at starting a business.

My first love has always been the science behind building businesses, creating value for others and getting something in return."

Tayo Aina Awards

The Future Awards 2022: Tayo Aina was nominated for The Future Awards Africa prize for content creation in 2022 and he won.

The Future Awards Africa prize for content creation

Isaac 'Zicsaloma' Aloma (30)

Tayo Aina (29) WINNER

Onyekelu 'Jenni Frank' Jennifer Ebere (27)

Apaokagi 'Taaooma' Maryam (22)

Emmanuel 'Mr Funny' Ejekwu (26)

Tobi 'Street Church' Oreoluwa (31)

Tayo Aina's Reaction To His Future Awards Nomination

"So I got nominated for this cool award some days back. I have never won anything before so hopefully this is the first of many to come 😅.

It makes me really happy to see African creators getting more recognition for the work we are doing for the continent. 

Thanks you @tfaafrica #challengersandbuilders"

Tayo Aina Reacts To Winning Future Awards

"From being an Uber driver on the streets of lagos to climbing on stage to win my first award ever. It’s pretty surreal.

It’s really amazing to see what pursuing your passion can bring you. My passion has always been to create content that has a positive impact on Africa and Africans. I believe telling the right stories can change the world. 

I’m dedicating this to my awesome subscribers and all the other creators out there. If I can do it, you can too. Thank you all. 🙏🏾"

Trendupp Awards 2021 Nomination: Tayo Aina was nominated for Trendupp Awards 2021.

Tayo Aina Personality
Tayo Aina took to his Instagram page to give an insight into his kind of person. He wrote:

"When people meet me for the first time, their first reaction is “you are so quiet”, they expect some bubbly version of what they see on camera. 

If only you knew how furking introverted I am😅. I can survive days without human contact. I’m the guy who leaves the party after 20 minutes cause I wanna go home and watch a movie or sleep(that’s if I even go to any party sef)."

Tayo Aina Educational Background, Schools Attended
Tayo Aina is a graduate of Real Estate/Property Management from the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA).

Ifako International Secondary School
(Class of 2008)

Federal University of Technology Akure
Real Estate/Property Management
(2010 - 2015)

Tayo Aina Course: Real Estate/Property Management
Throwback photo of Tayo Aina during his NYSC

Tayo Aina Country Of Origin, Nationality: Tayo Aina is a Nigerian from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Tayo Aina State Of Origin: Where is Tayo Aina from? Tayo Aina is from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Tayo Aina Tribe, Home Town: Tayo Aina hails from Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Nigeria.
Tayo Aina is Yoruba by tribe from the South West part of Nigeria.

Tayo Aina Date Of Birth Birthday, Age: Tayo Aina was born on 9 December 1992.

Tayo Aina Age: How old is Tayo Aina? Tayo Aina is 29 Years Old. Tayo Aina will celebrate his 30th birthday on 9th December 2022.

Tayo Aina Height: How tall is Tayo Aina? Tayo Aina is 6"2 Feet Tall.
Photos of Tayo Aina standing tall at 6"2 Feet

Tayo Aina Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Tayo Aina Gay, Bisexual Or Straight? Tayo Aina is straight.

Tayo Aina Tattoo: Tayo Aina likes body tattoos and has got his left hand and back tattooed.
Pictures of Tayo Aina Tattoos

Tayo Aina Religion: Is Tayo Aina a Muslim or Christian? Tayo Aina is a Christian.

Tayo Aina Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Tayo Aina was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Aina who are his parents.
Tayo Aina sister's name is Jay Tiwalola Aina.
Photo of Tayo Aina and his father

Tayo Aina Father: Meet Tayo Aina father, Mr Aina. Celebrating his father on Father's day, Tayo Aina wrote on his Instagram page:

"It’s a blessing to have you in my life. Thanks for building me up into the man I am today. Im learning to appreciate moments like this and I feel everyone who still has their parents in their lives should do the same. They won’t be here forever. Love you Pops ❤️🙏🏿'

Tayo Aina Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Tayo Aina married? No, Tayo Aina is not yet married. He is single.

Tayo Aina Wife: Who Is Tayo Aina wife, name, pictures? Tayo Aina does not have a wife yet as he is still single.

Tayo Aina Girlfriend: Who Is Tayo Aina girlfriend, Name, Pictures? Tayo Aina has a girlfriend he is in a relationship with but keeps the identity of his girlfriend private.

Tayo Aina Fianceé, Relationship, Engagement, Engaged, Marriage Proposal: Tayo Aina is not yet engaged to his lover.

Tayo Aina Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Salary

How much is Tayo Aina Net Worth?
Tayo Aina net worth is about $400,000 US Dollars (₦220,000,000 Naira) in 2022.

Tayo Aina House and Cars
Tayo Aina lives in Lagos, Nigeria and drives nice car.

Tayo Aina Throwback Photos: Here are some old pictures of Tayo Aina.

Tayo Aina Quotes As Compiled By Thefamousnaija

1 I'm constantly seeking knowledge from everyone around me so it really makes my day whenever I meet someone who has so much inspiration & knowledge to share. 

2 Seeing people find value in what you create can be empowering and I was really blown away by the response to my newest creation which is my YouTube course where I break down how I’m able to Travel , live the life I have always wanted and make money while doing both.

It has also given me the needed motivation to go further and create more value for others. Currently taking some time off to to prepare for the next phase of my journey.

3 Most of my trips involve me living behind the lens filming stuff and making content for the internet & you guys. 

As much as it looks nice on camera and it’s also one of the ways I get paid(it’s also a fun job and I don’t see myself doing anything else for now😁), it sometimes takes the joy out of creating. 

Since I took note of this, I am constantly reminding myself to find a balance between creating and actually experiencing wherever I’m at in the truest way possible. 

Today, I stopped filming for a couple hours to experience one of the most amazing places in Africa. It felt really good. 😊

4 Always remember that on this earth, there is Nobody built like you. You design yourself everyday with your unique mix of experiences and learnings. See that as a strength and use it to your advantage. 

5 Our imagination is the movie screen of our mind and it is a very powerful tool given to us by God himself. 

Whatever we think, we can accomplish. Anything is possible!

6 We fall down 7 times stand up 8. Despite all that has happened, my believe in a new Nigeria has never been stronger than it currently is. 

I believe “Re-Education from the bottom up” would be a vital tool in making this country better than it currently is and I’m dedicated to playing my part & making this a reality so help me God. 

Let’s all find small corners where we can make change happen. It starts from the little things. One love my people ❤️ 🇳🇬!

7 I made lots of mistakes over my lifetime, lots of them have turned out to lead me in a better direction than if I never made them. 

You can really only predict what’s gonna happen on your journey when you look backward, that’s when all the dots connect. 

“Press Onward Always”. ❤️

8 I grew up always frowning my face like puff puff because I had this dumb idea that “REAL MEN” aren’t meant to smile in pictures. ( I was forming Kanye west) 😂.

Now I’m tryna make up for all those years. No matter your problems in this life, just smile 😊. You’ll feel much better. 

Tayo Aina Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Tayo Aina can be contacted via his Email Address or through his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Tayo Aina Contact: [email protected]

Tayo Aina Social Media Handles

Tayo Aina Instagram: Tayo Aina instagram Page Account Profile Handle is tayoainafilms.
Tayo Aina currently has 52.1k followers on his Instagram page as at the time of writing this article.

Tayo Aina Facebook: Tayo Aina Facebook page name is tayoainafilms.
Tayo Aina Facebook profile bio reads:

"I am an Entrepreneur/Youtuber living in Lagos Nigeria. I create content around Tavel, Real Estate, and Lifestyle."

Twitter: Tayo Aina @tayoainafilms

Tayo Aina YouTube Videos: Tayo Aina YouTube channel is Tayo Aina. He currently has 349k subscribers as at 3rd March 2022.

Tayo Aina Photos Gallery

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