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History Of Maureen Badejo: Everything To Know About Maureen Badejo Profile, Husband, Family, Marriage, Children, Daughter, Son, Parents, Blog, Occupation, Career

Who Is Maureen Badejo?

Maureen Badejo (born 29 June 1971) is a Nigerian born London-based Blogger, YouTuber and CEO of GIO TV Foundation who is known for criticising Nigerian pastors and General Overseers.

Maureen Badejo's full name is Maureen Omorinsola Badejo also known as Princess Maureen Badejo.

Maureen Badejo is a controversial Nigerian blogger, journalist who is based in the UK. She was born on 29th June 1971 in Nigeria before she relocated to the United Kingdom. She currently lives in Luton, United Kingdom.

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Maureen Badejo Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Maureen Badejo

Other Names: Princess Maureen Badejo

Real, Full Name: Maureen Omorinsola Badejo

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: South-West

Tribe: Yoruba

Date Of Birth: 29 June 1971

Birthday: 29th June

Age: 5 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 5"5 Feet Tall

Occupation, Career: Blogger, YouTuber

Net Worth: $500,000 US Dollars

Contact Phone Number: +44 7467 859335

Website, Blog:

Email Address: [email protected]

Instagram: official_maureenbadejo

Full Biography Of Maureen Badejo, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Divorce, Children, Controversy, Fights With Pastors & More

Biography, Wikipedia: Maureen Badejo whose real, full name is Maureen Omorinsola Badejo, is a Nigerian journalist and community activist based in the UK who creates videos and audio investigations, spreads information and CEO at GioTv Foundation.

Maureen Badejo Photos

Maureen Badejo's Blog - Maureen Badejo has a blog named which covers News, Investigative, politics, Inspirational and Gossip.

GIO TV - Maureen Badejo: GIO TV is proudly owned by a Nigerian blogger currently based in the United Kingdom, Maureen Badejo. It is an online blog that has a strong drive towards offering its daily viewers and readers up-to-date information on things happening in Nigeria and across the world.  The blog spreads its’ relevance through different platforms, ranging from YouTube, blog page, Facebook page. Categories of interest on the blog site include trending news, fashion, gossip, health, lifestyle, religion, sports, tech, etc.

Maureen Badejo Awards & Honours

ESPAM Formation University Award: In October 2021, ESPAM - FORMATION UNIVERSITY presented honourary award to CHIEF (DR.) Mrs MAUREEN BADEJO For her Leadership role, support, immence and valuable contribution to the society at large.

Reacting to the award, Chief (Dr.) Mrs Maureen Badejo wrote on her Instagram page:

"I dedicate this to God almighty and all lovers of truths worldwide thank you all for your support and love ❤️"

Maureen Badejo State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Maureen Badejo from? Maureen Badejo hails from South West part of Nigeria. She is Yoruba by tribe.

Maureen Badejo Religion: Is Maureen Badejo a Christian or a Muslim? Maureen Badejo is a Christian.

Maureen Badejo Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Maureen Badejo was born on 29 June 1971.

Maureen Badejo Age: How old is Maureen Badejo? Maureen Badejo is currently 50 years old. Maureen Badejo will celebrate her 51st birthday on 29th June 2022.

Birthday Pictures of Maureen Badejo

Maureen Badejo 50th Birthday Celebration

Celebrating her 50th birthday on her Instagram page on the 29th of June 2021, Maureen Badejo wrote:

"Happy birthday sis Maureen, I wish you many more years to come. As you steps into this golden jubilee years. Today, the wind shall blow goodness upon your life. From the North, notable testimonies shall locate you. From the East, everlasting success shall come to you. From the West, wonders of God shall Manifest in your life and from the South, supernatural flow of God's blessings and abundance will descend upon you.  Have a blessed day 🎂💃🏾🍷🎉❤️."

Maureen Badejo Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Maureen Badejo was born into a Yoruba family in Nigeria. Her both parents are Yoruba from the South West part of Nigeria.

Maureen Badejo Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Maureen Badejo Married? Yes, Maureen Badejo is married with kids.

Maureen Badejo Husband: Who Is Maureen Badejo Husband, Name, Pictures? Maureen Badejo doesn't show off her husband on social media.

Maureen Badejo Children, Child, Daughter, Son: Maureen Badejo has three children. Journalist Femi Oyewale claims that Maureen Badejo "has 3 kids for 3 different Men'. She keeps her children's identity away from social media.

Maureen Badejo Divorce, Ex Husband: According to Femi Oyewale, Maureen Badejo dumped her husband in Nigeria and travelled to the UK.

Maureen Badejo Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira

How much is Maureen Badejo Net Worth?

Maureen Badejo net worth is about $500,000 US Dollars in 2022.

Maureen Badejo House and Cars: Maureen Badejo lives in Luton, United Kingdom and drives nice car.

Maureen Badejo Contact Phone Number: +44 7467 859335

Maureen Badejo Instagram: Maureen Badejo Page Account Profile Handle is official_maureenbadejo.

Maureen Badejo And Her Many Controversies With Nigerian Pastors

Maureen Badejo is a great critic of Nigerian pastors, general overseers, clergymen.

She has fought Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, the general overseer of MFM (Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries) and Apostle Suleman, among several others.

Maureen Badejo vs Olukoya

Maureen Badejo's fight with Olukoya, Mountain Of Fire Pastor is the biggest.

Olukoya and his wife sued Maureen Badejo for defamation and UK court ordered the blogger to pay the cleric and his wife £65,000 and £35,000 damages, respectively.

List Of Maureen Badejo's Allegations Against Dr D.k Olukoya (Mountain Of Fire General Overseer)

(1) Maureen Badejo said Olukoya's child was bought for a price and that he wasn’t the father.

(2) She said Olukoya stole 4 million pounds.

(3) She said Dr D.k Olukoya’s son, Elijah had 6 billion naira at Heritage bank.

(4) Maureen Badejo said the marriage of Dr Olukoya is no longer valid, that the wife had left for Canada.

(5) She claimed that there was a brow in one MFM branch in London where people had guns.

(6) She said a house called Shiloh was demolished because she spoke about it and that it harboured virgins.

(7) She said that Mrs Shade Olukoya (Dr Olukoya’s wife) is on the church payroll and she is earning a salary in the sum of 35,000 pounds from MFM.

(8) She said That Dr Daniel Olukoya has abandoned his family members, refusing to take care of them.

(9) Maureen Badejo told her viewers that Dr Daniel Olukoya as well as all the MFM UK Trustees are thieves because they are all deeply involved and participated in the alleged fraud that is being investigated by the Charity Commission.

Femi Oyewale Blasts Maureen Badejo In Defence Of Mountain Of Fire Pastor, Olukoya

In a 2020 post titled 'Dirty Secrets Many Might Not Know About Maureen Badejo' and published on The Status Online, Femi Oyewale accused Maureen Badejo of being married and divorced multiple times and of having three children for three different baby daddies. Femi Oyewale allegations against Maureen Badejo reads:

"Behold Maureen Badejo, Mama Nike, Multiple fraud offenders, who Committed Bigamy, Defrauded Celtel NGN10, 000,000, Case still open in Nigeria. Founder FARIM Church UK (dead on arrival), eloped from Nigeria out of Matrimony, and escaped from Dublin over cargo business Fraud.

This woman lives on government Benefit in UK, Jobless with no reasonable engagement, Husbandless, after having 3 kids for 3 Men whose lives are in shambles till date as a result of copulating with Maureen, Spends about 35hrs weekly on Facebook with no pay. That is 140hrs monthly for US minimum wage; any job will give you $1680 a month working those hours. She Has 6 open Court cases in the UK presently both civil and criminal.

This is the kind of person that openly speaks ill of the Mountain of fire and Miracles ministries as well as bent on assassinating the character of one of the true men of God that is doing the work of God on the face of the earth."

Maureen Badejo Vs Apostle Johnson Suleman

Maureen Badejo had accused Apostle Suleman of bribery, having affairs, impregnating church members and making death threats.

In August 2021, Maureen Badejo called on Apostle Suleman to release Isreal Balogun, a Nigerian born YouTube who was arrested and detained by police over a petition written against him by Apostle Johnson Suleman on alleged criminal defamation and cyberstalking. 

Israel Goodnews Balogun in a video had debunked the claims of the founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Suleman, that he commanded angels to send and deposit money into the bank account of some worshippers in Auchi, Edo State and Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

"This message is to Apostle Johnson Suleiman release Isreal Balogun now

You have branches here in diaspora . You can’t manipulate law enforcement agencies here beware." Maureen Badejo told Apostle Suleman on Instagram.

Maureen Badejo, UK-Based Blogger Wins Apostle Suleman In Court; Ordered To Pay £19,000

Apostle Johnson Suleiman ordered to pay £19,000 after blogger Maureen Badejo won court trial in UK.

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, has been ordered to pay legal expenses after losing the trial to London-based blogger, Maureen Badejo, in the Queens Bench Division of the UK High Court of Justice.

The Nigerian pastor had in December 2021 filed a suit against the blogger over alleged defamation, harassment, and slander of character.

This is coming shortly after the London-based blogger took to social media where she labeled the man of God a killer, hitman, and a murderer.

The charge document which was issued and signed by Suleiman’s lawyer, Elizabeth Lanlehin, reads in part;

“This is to inform you that I have been instructed by Apostle Johnson Suleman to investigate and take legal action against you in respect of your unsubstantiated allegations and defamatory comments against him.

I am instructed that over a significant period of time and through several social media outlet, such as, Youtube and facebook, you have engaged in a tirade of harassment with unfounded accusations, not limited to accusations of: Bribery, affairs, impregnating church members and making death threats."

It was gathered that after Badejo was summoned to court, some Nigerians in the diaspora joined hands in raising legal fees in order for her to defend herself against her opponent.

During the court trial, the judge disclosed to Suleiman’s lawyer that the submitted documents were illegal and of poor quality – according to a source.

Blogger Badejo told the court that her words in the video she made were misinterpreted.

However, the interim libel case was dismissed and pastor Suleiman was asked to pay his opponent’s cost which could be calculated on a standard basis and might be estimated to Nineteen Thousand Pounds (£19,000).

Excited Badejo took to her Facebook page to express tremendous happiness for her court winning.

Maureen Badejo And Bishop David Oyedepo

In June 2021, Maureen Badejo accused Bishop David Oyedepo of lying about spending 7 hours with in the same room with a cobra snake without being hurt.


Maureen Badejo Blasts Nigerian Pastors Over 31st Cross Over Night & New Year Prophecies


Just like every other past 31st December, on 31st December 2019,these charlatans, useless African pastors prophesied heaven and mountains to their followers, promising them good life, breakthroughs, miracle money, some called it a Year of spreading, a Year to repossess your possessions, a Year when the supernatural shall become natural, a year of anointing, a year of unmerited unlimited favors, a year of open heavens, Angel Gabreil's visitation, etc, But those empty promises came with a prize, sowing of seed, tithing each week, giving offerings, first fruit, love offering, seventh month offering and so on. Let's not forget that in order for those vain promises to come to fulfilment, the followers must also purchase pastor's anointing oil, holy water, miracle hanky, sticker, spiritual energy drink, praying chair, miracle pen, wristband, spiritual apple, books, etc. 

Tonight, 31 December 2020, the same lies will be repeated, the same lies will be also be repeated on 31 December 2021,nothing has changed except that those pulpit pimps got wealthier each year while the members live in false hope..

None of these robbers saw 2020 as followed :

The year of lockdown worldwide 

The year of mass death 

The year of nose mask 

The year many lost their jobs globally 

The year of Endsars 

These robbers has lost touch with God 

You are free to add yours 



Credit to jack Morgan"

Maureen Badejo Motivational Quotes, Messages

1 Read more of the Bible and rely on it as your guide, rather than depending on human knowledge through the publication of books & church doctrines as your standard especially on the things of God. Human beings are liable to errors and mistakes but the word of God is new every day and devoid of errors.

2 When you realize you are enough by yourself, then you won’t rely on people to approve you. You’ll get your approval from your Heavenly Father. You know you’re made in His image. You know He’s crowned you with favor.

3 Believers are not meant to move around, seeking miracles; they are to be miracle workers themselves (Luke 9:1-2; Mark 16:17-18).

4 What you thought was going to limit the rest of your life, the bad break, the disappointment, the mistake you made, that is not how your story ends. Beauty is coming, restoration is coming, healing is coming, favor is coming. It’s going to turn out better than you’ve imagined.

5 The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back.

SOURCE Thefamousnaija

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