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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful Bio, Wikipedia, Real Name, Parents, Family, Boyfriend, State Of Origin, House, Cars, Height, Religion, Hometown, Contact Phone Number WhatsApp, Siblings, Hairstyles, Education, Father, Mother, Before And After, Surgery, Tattoos, Egbedi .L. Goldenclaim Goldtiful Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Video

History Of Goldtiful: Everything To Know About Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful Profile, Surgery, Wife, Boyfriend, Husband, Sugar Daddy, Wedding Pictures, Girlfriend, Parents, Family, Dating, House, Cars, Tattoos (Biography Of Goldtiful Egbedi Lucky Golden Nigerian Cross Dresser - Gay, Homosexual Relationship, Partner)

Who Is Goldtiful?
Goldtiful whose real name is Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim (born 23 April 1990s) is a Nigerian Crossdresser, Beautician and Chief Executive Officer of Golden House Nigeria.

Egbedi Goldenclaim who goes by the stage name Goldtiful is a Nigerian Cross dresser, not a transgender.
Pictures of Goldtiful

Photos of Goldtiful

Pictures of Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim Aka Goldtiful

Goldtiful Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Goldtiful

Real Name: Egbedi .L. Goldenclaim

Full Name: Egbedi Lucky Golden

State Of Origin: Edo State

Tribe: Benin

Gender: Male

Religion: Christian

Date Of Birth: 23rd April 1990s

Birthday: April 23

Age: 20 +

Height: 5"9 Feet tall

Occupation, Career: Content Creator, Brand Influencer, Crossdresser

Net Worth: 300,000 US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Egbedi

Full Biography Of Goldtiful (Egbedi Lucky Golden) Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Gender, Transgender, Surgery, Tattoos, Scandals

Biography Wikipedia: Goldtiful is a Nigerian born Crossdresser, Brand Influencer, Actor, Entertainer, Beautician whose full, real name is Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim.

Egbedi .L.Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful often refers to himself as a female, using she pronoun because he is a cross dresser.
Goldtiful says she is 'Goddess Of The Universe' and an 'Entertaining Drag Queen'.

Goldtiful uses his social media platforms - Instagram, Twitter account, Facebook page to promote brand products and he is paid for it.

Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim who is popularly known as Goldtiful is Chief Executive Officer of Golden House Nigeria which hosts the 'Made of Gold Award'.
Egbedi Lucky Golden claim said that his company, Golden House Nigeria agency is opened to upcoming models.

Made of Gold Award is a brain child of Golden House Nigeria, a beauty house with records of events hosting.

“We have hosted many events like the runway show, we are packaging a beauty pageantry, and the upcoming award event is a big boost for our brand too."

“The award event is put together to appreciate the best in the entertainment industry, and nominations for different categories will be purely on merit."

“We have to encourage our young entertainers who has not made a name in the industry, so that they can grow into superstars.

Award events like this, brings publicity and showcases new talents that people may not have been aware, and with this, brands get to sign them on,” Egbedi said.

Awards, Honours

Icons Award By Empire TV: Goldtiful was nominated for Social Star Of the Year Award 2021.

Goldtiful Nationality, Country Of Origin: Where is Goldtiful from, which country? Goldtiful is from Nigeria.

Goldtiful Real Name: What Is the real name of Goldtiful, the Nigerian Cross Dresser? Goldtiful real name is Egbedi Lucky Golden claim.

Goldtiful Gender: Is Goldtiful a man or woman, a girl or boy? Goldtiful is a man not a girl.
Egbedi Lucky Golden claim aka Goldtiful was born a man and he is still a man.

Pictures of Goldtiful Nigerian Crossdresser & model

Goldtiful As A Man: Here are some old throwback photos of Goldtiful as a man as shared by himself on his Instagram page.
Pictures of Goldtiful As a man with full beard

Goldtiful is originally a man

Goldtiful has beard as a real man
Photos of Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful as a Man, Boy

Goldtiful Before And After Transformation Photos: Here are some old photos of Goldtiful before turning himself into a woman - crossdresser.
Before and after Pictures of Goldtiful As A Man Vs As a Girl Transformation Photos

Goldtiful Surgery: Did Goldtiful do any plastic surgery? Goldtiful (Egbedi Lucky Golden claim) has not done any plastic surgery to change his looks.

Goldtiful Transgender: Is Goldtiful a trans woman? No, Goldtiful is not yet a Nigerian transgender. He has not changed his sex through surgery procedure.

Goldtiful The Crossdresser: Goldtiful is a popular Nigerian crossdresser who wears women high heel shoes, hairstyles, dresses, aso ebi, skirt, gown, blouse, makeup.

Referring to himself as a girl, Goldtiful describes self as "I’m just that girl with short skirt, bright eyes and big city dreams I was told if you wear a short skirt the party will come to you, more parties more gold."

In another post he wrote:

"they say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true… I certainly don't think of my life as a fairy tale. I think of myself as a modern, contemporary woman who has had to deal with all kinds of problems that many women today have to deal with….let’s drink to womanhood the best hood in the world 💋"

"Incase you be wondering why men choose to leave their wives and girlfriends for simply because we give the best blow job ever 
in other words “cross dressers give the best blow job”

"One thing about me I always get what I want and there’s nothing you can do about it that’s on period!!!"

Goldtiful Hairstyles: Egbedi Lucky Golden claim aka Goldtiful rocks different kinds of hairstyles, haircut. He wears female hairstyles, braids, wigs, weave-on, etc.
Photos of Goldtiful Hairstyles

Goldtiful Makeup Photos Vs No Makeup Photos: Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful likes to wear makeup like women and he hardly steps out or shares pictures without wearing makeup.

Photo of Goldtiful and Denrele Edun

Sexuality, Sexual Orientation
: Is Goldtiful Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian or Straight? Goldtiful is a gay Nigerian man and cross dresser. He doesn't hide the fact that he is gay on from his social media posts.

"There are no such things as gay or straight bodies. Or male or female workouts. Or masculine or feminine levels of muscle. Sexuality and gender don’t have a specific look so Don’t Call Me “Butch” Just Because My Arms Look strong 💪, I’m beautiful in my own unique way, if I should take hormones drugs for a month trust me all your boyfriend and husband will be on my dm🤣🤣🤣" - Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful said on Instagram.

Goldtiful Tattoo: Goldtiful is a lover of tattoos. Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful has many tattoos on his body - chest, arms, hand, leg.
Pictures of Goldtiful Tattoos

Goldtiful chest tattoo reads, '...Parents Love Will Always Shine.'

Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim State Of Origin
Goldtiful State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Which State is Goldtiful from? Goldtiful hails from Edo State, Nigeria. He is of Benin tribe.

Goldtiful Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Goldtiful was born on 23 April 1990s.

Goldtiful Age: How old is Goldtiful? Goldtiful is 20+ years old.

Goldtiful Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Goldtiful was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Egbedi. He has other siblings brothers and sisters but doesn't show off his parents, family and siblings on social media.

Goldtiful Married, Marriage: Is Goldtiful married? No, Egbedi Lucky Golden claim aka Goldtiful is not yet married to any man, woman, husband or wife. 
Photos of Goldtiful as Edo Bride

Goldtiful Wedding Pictures: Goldtiful refers to himself as the 'billionaire wife'. Sharing his wedding pictures, photoshoot that he did with a guy, Goldtiful wrote;

"The joy and happiness that comes after the wedding is unspeakable,😊😊😊😊knowing you will inherit his properties and investment….I can’t wait 😜 #goldtiful #golddigger #billionairewife"

Wedding Pictures of Goldtiful wearing wedding gown
Picture of Goldtiful and "Her husband"

Goldtiful Husband
: Who is Goldtiful Husband, Name, Pictures? Goldtiful doesn't have a husband but claims to have a sugar daddy.

"If you marry for money, you will surely earn it…someone please tag my rich husband 😂" Goldtiful wrote on his Instagram page.

Goldtiful Boyfriend: Who Is Goldtiful Boyfriend, name, pictures? Egbedi Lucky Golden claim aka Goldtiful has not revealed who his so called billionaire Boyfriend and sugar daddy is but he has other close friends like James Brown Jay Boogie, Jay Bugatti, Transgender Deevaaa & Oluwa Of Lagos.

Goldtiful Wife, Girlfriend: Who Is Goldtiful Wife, Girlfriend, Name, Pictures? Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful doesn't have a wife or girlfriend. He is not even interested in getting married to any woman or wife.

Goldtiful The Gold Digger, Lover Of Money, Ashawo, Gay Prostitute
Goldtiful refers to 'herself' as a gold digger and Ashawo.

12 Quotes By Goldtiful That Show That He Is A Gold Digger By Thefamousnaija

Thefamousnaija has compiled 10 Quotes by Nigerian Crossdresser, Goldtiful, that prove that he is a gold digger. His nickname is Gold Digger.

1 Have you seen a pretty gold digger before? Well here is one ☝️ 

2 Bring that five ⭐️ star with 9 figure bank account here.

3 Na only ashawo and money na dey my eye….. life of a gold digger

4 Yes I’m a gold digger I want all of your attention and money 

5 Na fine I fine I nor kill person 💁‍♀️just using what I have to get all i want… beside if my body is temple of God who am i to stop people coming in while they drop all their gold…. Wahala for who nor be gold digger

6 I get phD for ashawo work😂😂😂that’s why I remain the number 1 gold digger in this game…I don’t need to sex for him to pay and constantly credit my account.

7 A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do
making up my own rules…life of a gold digger

8 Number 1 gold digger...good girls go to heaven but we the bad girl we go everywhere and later end up in heaven 😂

9 Wahala for who nor be gold digger 😂😂😂dollars for day time...naira for night time

10 I heard footballers get paid very well..... I’m done crushing on these so called musician even tho i don’t like watching football matches 😂😂😂 at least his money will be watching over me😘😘😘please tag me to a very cute footballer that is rich 🤑 mama is about to go dig for more gold...... I just want to end up like @shakira and @3gerardpique

11 Wahala for who nor be gold digger 😂 to get just my phone number is 100k... if you want me to reply your dm text me
“send me your account details goldtiful “ 
only then after I can even open your message... after that transfer me 50k..........I will reply your dm for that day only,
if you want me to be replying each day then you can proceed by asking me for my mobile number....better transfer 150k once if not you be paying 50k daily to get a response to your dm......... girl’s not everyone should have you contact for free 
let them pay to get your number.

12 Gold fish are rare and expensive...., a gold digger like me won’t let a dime slide away from my sight ... I want all your money not some I mean alllllllllll.... of it 😂 😂 😂 

List Of Rich Men Goldtiful Has A Crush On Because Of Their Money & Fame

Welcome to the 
hospital of cross dressers
Unveiling our first 10 celebrity patients 

Naira marley
Bill gate
& Yahoo Boys

Goldtiful Offers Himself To Wizkid & Burna Boy For Free Over Grammy Awards

"Congratulations to @wizkidayo @burnaboygram on their Grammy award....I’m offering my most expensive blowjob that I usually give to billionaires for free to both of you...slide into my dm...just to say thank you 🙏 for such a breakthrough.... we won 🙌 Nigeria to the world, also congratulations to @tiwasavage would have invited you to o...rgy but I’m not a lesbian😂😂😂

Goldtiful Friends: Goldtiful has Transgender and Crossdresser friends namely, James Brown, Jay Boogie, Jay Bugatti, Deevah Buchi Alexandra Deevaaa & Oluwa Of Lagos.

Goldtiful And James Brown

Goldtiful and James Brown Obialor are best friends. They often hang out together as crossdressers. Sharing pictures with James Brown, Goldtiful wrote on his Instagram page;

"Friendship in simple words is a relationship you have with your chosen family. Friends are the sisters and brothers we never had, and are by our side through life’s ups and downs….these two queens are here as an inspiration to many let love always leads because love always win 💋 @wf_jamesbrown"
Picture of Goldtiful and James Brown

Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim Goldtiful Net Worth 2022, 2022 Forbes, Dollars, Naira

Goldtiful Net Worth: How much is Goldtiful Net Worth? Goldtiful Net Worth is about $300,000 US Dollars - that's about ₦171,000,000 in Naira in 2022.

Goldtiful House and Cars, G Wagon

Goldtiful got a G Wagon car gift his alleged sugar daddy bought for him.

Goldtiful Sugar Daddy: Who is Goldtiful sugar Daddy? Goldtiful has a sugar daddy that bought him a car - G Wagon in 2021. His Sugar Daddy took him to Dubai.

"I’m the biggest girl in town......can their sugar daddy gift them a G wagon 🙏I walk this road with grace prick dey get grade o....mama make say her children nor go sleep she self nor go sleep too😂😂😂😂 have come to stay we die here." - Goldtiful wrote while sharing a video of him riding in his g wagon car.

Goldtiful Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Egbedi .L.Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle:

Goldtiful Instagram: Goldtiful Instagram page Account Profile Handle is goldtiful.
Egbedi .L.Goldenclaim Goldtiful celebrated Reaching 1 Million instagram followers with a photoshoot and massive giveaway on his Instagram page on 12 September 2021.

Goldtiful and Naira Marley Relationship:

Goldtiful has a crush on Nigerian singer, Naira Marley and would want to date him when he hits Forbes billionaire list.
According to Goldtiful, in 2025 'she' and Naira Marley will become the most powerful couple in Nigeria just like Beyonce and Jay Z and by then Naira Marley would hit Forbes billionaire list in dollars then she can achieve her aim of spending his money.

Goldtiful and Bobrisky Fight, Relationship
Goldtiful had slammed Bobrisky for not supporting his colleagues. The two crossdressers are not friends.

Bobrisky had taken to his Instagram page to throw shades at the upcoming crossdresser, Goldtiful after he took to his page to flaunt his new G-Wagon.

According to Bobrisky, Goldtiful hired the car he flaunted on social media just for clout and because he wants to compete with him. “You went to hire a car just to make a point, just because Bob drives different cars ????. Na my matter go kill u.”

In another post, Bobrisky wrote, “Before them buy you car, tell them to change your mary Amaka China wig first ??????”.

The fast-rising Nigerian crossdresser, Goldtiful had received a brand new G-Wagon worth 150 million Naira, as birthday gift from his ‘sugar daddy’ in 2021.

“Just received the biggest birthday gift ? ever I’m so speechless right now,my sugar daddy finally surprised me with car he promised long ago?????not just any car but a G-wagon….I’m still in shock guys…”

Sharing a video of himself in the car, Goldtiful captioned the post, “I’m now a car owner…lord I’m grateful my hustle finally pays”.

Goldtiful Bikini Pictures: Bikini Swimsuit Photos of Egbedi Lucky Goldenclaim aka Goldtiful.

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Goldtiful real name
Goldtiful before and after
Goldtiful as a man
Goldtiful sugar daddy
Goldtiful g wagon
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