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Latest Photos Of Abdullahi Adamu Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Wives, Son, Children, Tribe, State Of Origin, House, Cars, Farm, Estate, Net Worth, Phone Number, Birthday, Mansions, Businesses, Investments, Properties, Height, CV, Education, Religion, APC Chairman Abdullahi Adamu Images, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Videos

History Of Abdullahi Adamu: Everything To Know About Abdullahi Adamu Profile, Wife Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu, Son, Family, Children, Daughter, Farm, Net Worth, House, Cars, CV, Origin, Estate

Who Is Abdullahi Adamu?

Abdullahi Adamu (born 23 July 1946) is a Nigerian Politician from Nasarawa State who is the current APC Chairman and former Governor of Nasarawa State, who ruled from 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007 and now Senator representing Nasarawa West Senatorial District.

Abdullahi Adamu was born on 23 July 1946 in Keffi. He is a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria since 2011.

Pictures of Abdullahi Adamu, New APC Chairman

Photos of Senator Abdullahi Adamu

Senator Abdullahi Adamu Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Abdullahi Adamu

Traditional Title: Sarkin Yakin Keffi

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Nasarawa

Place Of Birth: Keffi

Hometown: Keffi

Tribe: Fulani - Hausa

Date Of Birth: 23 July 1946

Birthday: 23rd July

Age: 76 Years Old (In 2022)

Religion: Muslim

Height: 5"6 Feet tall

Occupation, Career: Politician, Ex Governor, Senator, Farmer, Businessman, Lawyer, Engineer, Technocrat

Net Worth: $15 Million US Dollars

Political Party: APC

Position: National Chairman

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Spouse, Wife: Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu

Number Of Children: 5

Son: Mohammed Nuraini Adamu

Education: University of Jos (Bachelor of Law - LLB)

Hobbies: Lover of sports, especially football, baseball, cricket, hockey and athletics.

Full Biography Of Abdullahi Adamu, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, CV, Profile, Educational Background, Son, Tribe, Farm, Businesses, Investments, Net Worth, Corruption Scandals, Charges

Biography Wikipedia: Abdullahi Adamu is the 75-year-old new Chairman of APC, a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing Nasarawa West Senatorial District and a former Governor of Nasarawa State between 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007.

Abdullahi Adamu joined the Nigerian Politics in 1977 when he was elected into the Constituent Assembly, a body that drafted the country’s Second Republic Constitution of 1979.

Abdullahi Adamu Childhood Background, Place Of Birth

Senator Abdullahi Adamu was born in Keffi, Nasarawa State, on 23rd of July 1946.

Abdullahi Adamu Educational Background, Schools Attended

Abdullahi Adamu is a graduate of Law from the University of Jos (UNIJOS). He holds Bachelor of Law - LLB (1987 - 1992)

Abdullahi Adamu attended Government Secondary School, Makurdi (1960–1962).

Government Technical College, Bukuru (1962–1965).

Kaduna Polytechnic (1965–1968). 

He returned to Kaduna Polytechnic for a Higher National Diploma in June 1971.

In 1987, Abdullahi Adamu enrolled in the part-time degree programme of the University of Jos, obtaining an LLB (Hons) in 1992. He enrolled in the Nigerian Law School, Lagos where he obtained his BL. Abdullahi Adamu was called to the Bar as a solicitor and Advocate of Supreme Court of Nigeria in December 1993.

Abdullahi Adamu As Nasarawa Governor (May 1999 – May 2007)

Abdullahi Adamu was elected into Office as a PDP Governor in Nasarawa State from May 1999 – May 2007.

Abdullahi Adamu Secretary, Board of Trustees (BOT): Abdullahi Adamu became Secretary, Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) after the end of his two-term governorship.

When Abdullahi Adamu Left PDP & Joined APC: On January 29, 2014, Abdullahi Adamu and 10 other PDP senators joined the APC.

Photo of Abdullahi Adamu and Governor Yahaya Bello

Picture of Abdullahi Adamu and Mai Mala Buni

Abdullahi Adamu and Ben Ayade Photo

Picture of Abdullahi Adamu and Bola Tinubu

Benue Cement Company, NTA: Abdullahi Adamu was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Benue Cement Company, Gboko and a member of the Board of Directors of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

Abdullahi Adamu Farm (Shabu Farms CEO, Founder, Owner): Abdullahi Adamu is the owner of Shabu Farms, located on over 550 hectares of land in Nasarawa State. Abdullahi Adamu is a Nigerian billionaire farmer. Senator Abdullahi Adamu is also the chairman of Senate Committee on Agriculture.

He invested heavily in Agriculture.

Abdullahi Adamu Car Convoy as he visits his farm in Throwback photos

Pictures of Abdullahi Adamu Farm

Abdullahi Adamu Livestock Farm: Abdullahi Adamu has a livestock farm where he produces Nagari yoghurt located on a verse land in Keffi which he started in 1988.Photos of Abdullahi Adamu Cattle in his farm

Abdullahi Adamu has a dairy plant in Keffi.

He initially started with maize, cowpea, yam and guinea corn, then later introduced livestock and cattle. As his indigenous cattle was growing, he was advised to start the yoghurt production business in 2000.

In 2008, Abdullahi Adamu obtained N680 million from First Bank to boost his agriculture business.

Shabu Integrated Farms is a subsidiary of Al’Hakam Holdings Ltd, covering about 200,000 hectares and it is owned by Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the chairman, Senate Committee on Agriculture.

Abdullahi Adamu farm is located in Shabu, a farming community in Agwada, Kokona Local government of Nasarawa State.

Abdullahi Adamu EFCC Corruption Charges, Arrest: Abdullahi Adamu was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for allegedly embezzling $100 million of government money meant for public projects in February 2010. The EFCC accused Abdullahi Adamu of embezzling N15 billion public funds.

Abdullahi Adamu Is New APC Chairman: Abdullahi Adamu has been elected as the new Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (CPC) on 26 March 2022 at the APC national convention.

President Buhari had supported Abdullahi Adamu for the position of the APC national chairman.

Campaign Posters of Abdullahi Adamu For APC Chairman Position (Photos)

Photo of Abdullahi Adamu and President Buhari

Pictures From The Election Of Abdullahi Adamu As APC Chairman: Here are some photos from the APC national convention March 2022 where Senator Abdullahi Adamu emerged as the APC Chairman.

Photo of Abdullahi Adamu, Adams Oshiomhole and John Odigie Oyegun

Photo of President Buhari voting for Abdullahi Adamu

Picture of Abdullahi Adamu and Yemi Osinbajo

On behalf of Sen Abdullahi Adamu, I want to use this medium to appreciate every one of you that supported us right from advent, those that started when the coast is not more clear on their path, those that supported in words & those that never supported us due to their reasons which is a normal phenomenon in the atmosphere of politics.

A lot has happened and we ain't going to look back rather the future, some of us played this game with bitterness, some soft & while others never comprehend why one should be disciplined, it's not awful to act that way but it's more preferable when we do things with cautious.

Sen Abdullahi Adamu's ambition to become National Chairman was preordained by God which none can stop, National Project is not for State alone because Nasarawa State delegates can't even produce the seat of one office. Let's get it right & stop pushing blame because I can see that most of us are blaming someone for this, if your faith doesn't guide you, then nothing would in this life.

The battle is not just for Nasarawa State, it's for APC & Nigeria at large, some days are bad while others are superb, now the battle is back to our State, would you rather deliver APC or act as you never care? Now, check within yourself& answer this by yourself.

It's now time to pray for unity, not for our leaders alone but ourselves too novice & vicious followers, "our leaders are a reflection of ourselves", please ponder on this.

Cheers to all of us that fought this course with all sense of maturity & unity, congratulations to all of us, it was never an easy task because we all depicted our commitments. May this course windfall the humanity & purpose of it serve diligently for the progress of APC.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long live APC
Long live Nasarawa State

Xulaihat Doma 
Nasarawa State, Nigeria 🇳🇬

Abdullahi Adamu State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Abdullahi Adamu from? Abdullahi Adamu hails from Keffi, Nasarawa State.

Abdullahi Adamu Tribe: Abdullahi Adamu is Hausa - Fulani by tribe.

Abdullahi Adamu Religion: Is Abdullahi Adamu a Muslim or a Christian? Senator Abdullahi Adamu is a Muslim.

Abdullahi Adamu Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Abdullahi Adamu was born on 23 July 1946.

Abdullahi Adamu Real Age: How old is Abdullahi Adamu? Abdullahi Adamu is currently 75 years old. 

Senator Abdullahi Adamu will celebrate his 76th birthday on 23rd July 2022.

Abdullahi Adamu Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Abdullahi Adamu was born into the family of Alhaji and Hajia Adamu, who were his parents.

Abdullahi Adamu was born into a Northern Muslim family.

Abdullahi Adamu Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Abdullahi Adamu married? Yes, Abdullahi Adamu is married to Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu, his beautiful wife, with children.Picture of Abdullahi Adamu and His wife, Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu.

Abdullahi Adamu Wife: Who Is Abdullahi Adamu Wife, Name, Pictures? Abdullahi Adamu wife's name is Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu. Abdullahi Adamu first wife, Barrister Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu is a lawyer and a Philanthropist.

Photo of Abdullahi Adamu and his wife, Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu

Who Is Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu?

Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu is the former first lady of Nasarawa State between May 1999 – May 2007 and the wife of the new current APC Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu.

Picture of Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu, Abdullahi Adamu Wife

Barrister Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu is the first wife of the former first civilian governor of Nasarawa state, Senator Abdullahi Adamu. She is the founder of Child Right Foundation, an NGO which she formed during her tenure as the first lady

Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu Husband, Abdullahi Adamu is also a Senator.

Abdullahi Adamu Wives: How many wives does Abdullahi Adamu have? Abdullahi Adamu has more than one wife, he is entitled to more than one wife as a Muslim but we only know of his wife, Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu.

Abdullahi Adamu first wife is Barrister  Hajia Khadijat Abdullahi Adamu.

Abdullahi Adamu Children, Son, Daughter: Abdullahi Adamu has five (5) children - sons and daughters.

The name of one of Abdullahi Adamu children is Mohammed Nuraini Adamu.

Picture of Abdullahi Adamu Son, Mohammed Nuraini Adamu

Abdullahi Adamu Son: Who Is Abdullahi Adamu Son, Name, Pictures? Abdullahi Adamu son is Mohammed Nuraini Adamu who was arrested by EFCC over corruption charges in January 2017.

Who Is Mohammed Nuraini Adamu?

Mohammed Nuraini Adamu is the son of former Governor of Nasarawa State and a serving senator, Abdullahi Adamu who was arraigned alongside one Felix Onyeabo Ojiako before the Federal High Court sitting in Kano on a 5-count charge of money laundering in 2017.

The arrangement was sequel to a petition by one Atta Esin, Executive Director of Biolocks Technologies Limited alleging that Adamu and Ojiako conspired to use his company name (Biolocks Technologies Limited) to execute contract without his knowledge.

Esin also alleged that the contract resulted in the accumulation of withholding tax to tune of N1,311,519.99 (One Million, Three Hundred and Eleven Thousand, Five Hundred and Nineteen Naira, Ninety Nine Kobo).

According to him, the contract worth was N26,230,399.60 (Twenty Six Million, Two Hundred Thirty Thousand, Three Hundred and Ninety Nine Naira, Sixty Kobo), but investigation into the alleged fraud revealed that the actual contract sum was N92,036,490 (Ninety Two Million, Thirty Six Thousand, Four Hundred and Ninety Naira Only).

The suspects allegedly perpetrated the fraud by forging the board resolution of the company in order to open a new account in the company's name where the proceeds of the contract were subsequently deposited.

Abdullahi Adamu Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Salary, Income, Wage

Abdullahi Adamu Net Worth: How much is Abdullahi Adamu Net Worth? Abdullahi Adamu net worth is about $15 Million US Dollars in 2022, 2021.

Abdullahi Adamu Net Worth In Naira is about ₦8,550,000,000 Naira.

Abdullahi Adamu House, Cars, Mansion, Estate, Properties

Abdullahi Adamu House and Cars: Abdullahi Adamu has nice houses in Abuja, Nasarawa State and drives nice cars.

Abdullahi Adamu Phone Number: Abdullahi Adamu phone number, contact not available.

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