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History Of Uche Edochie: Everything To Know About Pete Edochie Second Son, Uche Edochie Profile, Wife, Family, Siblings, Father, Mother, Net Worth, Paintings, Marriage, Children, Son, Daughters

Who Is Pete Edochie Second Son?

Who Is Uche Edochie?

Uche Edochie (born 27 January 1975) is the third child and second son of Pete Edochie and Josephine Edochie and Yul Edochie's elder brother.

Uche Edochie is a professional painter and artists with some fascinating paintings.

Uche Edochie was on born 27 January 1975. He is originally from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Pictures of Uche Edochie

Photos of Pete Edochie Second Son, Uche Edochie

Uche Edochie Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Uche Edochie

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Anambra State

Hometown: Nteje, Anambra

LGA: Oyi Local Government - Anambra

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth: 27 January 1975

Birthday: 27th January

Age: 47 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 6"1 Feet Tall

Religion: Christian Catholic (Church)

Occupation, Career: Painter, Artist

Net Worth: $800,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦440,000,000

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Spouse, Wife: Nkechi Edochie

Children: 3 (Zara Uche Edochie, Enya Uche Edochie, West Uche Edochie)

Daughters: 2

Son: 1

Parents: Pete Edochie, Josephine Edochie

Father: Pete Edochie

Mother: Josephine Edochie

Siblings: 5 (Leo Edochie, Eva Edochie, Linc Edochie, Gene Edochie, Yul Edochie)

Sisters: 1 (Eva Edochie)

Brothers: 4 (Leo Edochie, Linc Edochie, Gene Edochie, Yul Edochie)

Uncle: Tony Edochie

Aunty: Rita Edochie

Facebook: Uche Edochie

Instagram: ucheedochie 

Education: University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Fine Arts)

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Biography, Wikipedia: Uche Edochie (born 27 January 1975) is a Nigerian Artist and Painter who is popularly known as Pete Edochie's second child.

Uche Edochie Paintings
: Uche Edochie is a painter and artist whose artistic practice include painting, drawing, photography, the performing arts and installations. Uche Edochie has presented four one-man exhibitions and taken part in fifteen group shows in Nigeria, Paris, London and the USA. In one of his projects, Uche Edochie chose to keep with the essence of Uli, a traditional form of body and mural art from Eastern Nigeria, a celebration of minimalism in its pure state.

Pictures of Uche Edochie Painting
Uche Edochie Painting Photos

Is Uche Edochie an Actor? NO, Uche Edochie is not a Nollywood actor but his two younger brothers - Yul Edochie and Lincoln 'Linc' Edochie are both actors, as well as his father, Pete Edochie.

Leo Edochie chose to pursues art, painting, not acting.

Uche Edochie COVID-19 Experience: Pete Edochie's Son Spent ₦6 Million Treating COVID-19 In 2021

Uche Edochie, the son of veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie had revealed that he spent over ₦6 million to treat COVID-19 infection at an isolation treatment facility in Gbagada in Lagos.

Uche Edochie had taken to his Instagram page @ucheedochie to share and announce his recovery experience. He wrote:

"Me in recovery at the covid 19 isolation treatment facility in Gbagada around twelve days ago. My older brother @leoedochie paid me a visit. Best big brother ever. So Covid finally got me and it is quite some story. 

When I fell sick weeks ago, I thought I had malaria. So I spent the first couple of weeks treating for malaria. By the time I realised this could be something else, it was too late. By the time I was rushed to the hospital, eighty percent of my lungs were damaged. I couldn't eat or breathe and I was on oxygen for weeks. I couldn't walk either and had severe chest pains. I kept blacking out. It felt like I was dying and waking up over and over again. I have never seen anything like this. 

For the first time in my life, I had no control over anything. I felt like I was on a boat drifting away in the still of the night rudderless.The days that followed passed bye slowly and everything was a blur. I just remember laying in the hospital and floating endlessly like a feather in an abyss of nothing. The days turned to weeks and my recovery is going well. I am fully cured of covid now and I am able to walk a little. My lungs will take months to heal completely. So I am still on oxygen and other medications but I am back home. 

Curing covid costs a fortune too and that is a problem. That is often why people die. The facility where I was treated charges N350,000 a day. I was there for twelve days before being moved to First Cardiology Centre in Ikoyi for my lung and heart rehabilitation. Total cost of my treatment so far has exceeded six million naira. I know a guy whose covid treatment cost seventeen million naira. 

Governments must invest in affordable treatment or more and more people will die. Affordable treatment is our last line of defense. We have tried lock downs, masks and vaccines and covid is still spreading. Even the vaccinated are still catching covid. 

And that was my covid experience. My family has been incredibly supportive and so have the healthcare workers that took care of me. In all these people, I saw the face of God. I will never forget.


After his COVID Story Went Viral, Uche Edochie Posted This On 19th September 2021:

"Thank you everyone for your kind messages of support. Wow. It has been overwhelming. I never expected that. I am not the movie star in the family so I am not used to this kind of attention. I nearly didn't post that story. But because I have been blogging about covid since day one, I just felt this first hand experience could be beneficial to people. But I understand the response. It is indeed a shocking story for many reasons. In any case, thank you again. 

I will be taken off oxygen in a few days. I am breathing well on my own now and my mobility is improving so that is very good news. There were two things I wanted to say in the last post but it was already too long so I couldn't squeeze them in. For a long time, the focus all over the world was on the containment and elimination of covid. That I believe was the primary reason for the lock downs and masks. At this point however, I think we all know by now that covid is not going away. It has joined a long list of diseases that can hurt and kill a human being. We need to accept that and turn our attention to how to treat ourselves if we get it. So here are two more things that we can do to help us handle this disease better when we get it. 

First, we need to put an end to self medication. When you get sick, never assume you know what is wrong with you and then proceed to buy drugs from a pharmacy store. Yes it is cheaper but very risky. Go to the hospital. Over there, they run tests before reaching a conclusion on what is wrong with you. While the early stages of covid can feel like Malaria, it is absolutely not the same thing. So early detection is necessary. That was by mistake. Be smart and learn from that mistake. 

Secondly, if you have steady income, get health insurance. Even if your insurance coverage is not enough to pay for expensive medical treatments, it will help upset some of your medical costs when you get really sick, which is better than nothing. People mostly die from covid because they don't have money for treatment. That is the stark reality of what is going on. 

I hope you find this information useful. I wish you all a happy weekend and thanks again for your kind messages."

Uche Edochie Educational Background

Uche Edochie a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

Uche Edochie State Of Origin: Where is Uche Edochie from? Uche Edochie is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Uche Edochie Home Town, Village, Tribe: Uche Edochie is from Nteje in Oyi, Anambra State, South East part of Nigeria.

Uche Edochie is Igbo by tribe.

Uche Edochie Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Uche Edochie was born on 27 January 1975.

Uche Edochie Age: How old is Uche Edochie, Pete Edochie's second son? Uche Edochie is 47 years old. Pete Edochie's second son, Uche Edochie celebrated his 47th birthday on 27th January 2022.

Uche Edochie Celebrates His 47th Birthday

"Today is remembrance day. Today we remember what happened 48 years ago. It all started when my parents had this conversation:

Pete: Madam you are looking good today. You look like a freshly minted naira note.

Josephine: 😊 Whatever. What do you want? 

Pete: Nothing. Can't a man compliment his wife again? 


Pete: Fine. Can you rub my back?

Josephine: I knew it! I knew you wanted something. Men cannot be trusted.

Pete: Wow....All this drama for a back rub?

Josephine: Is that all you want? A back rub?....

Fellows, I am sure you know where this story is going. So I won't torture you with the details or I might need therapy. Let us just say that nine months after this famous 'back rub' incident, I was born. Legend has it that when I popped out in that hospital in Enugu, my first words were, 'What year is it?' They said 1975. And then I asked, 'What planet are we on?' And they replied, 'Earth'. I panicked with horror and screamed, 'Oh shit!', before passing out. 

Anyway, so here we are 47 years later and it is my birthday. It has been a good life on a planet I detest. So I am grateful. Consequently, I want to thank my dad for standing his grounding and demanding his constitutional right to a 'massage' 48 years ago. I want to thank my mum as well for being a team player and an all round wonderful mother. Most of all, I want to thank God for loving me and giving me the opportunity to live learn and grow. Plus he participated in my creation as well...making it a threesome of some kind.... Yuck..Now I need therapy.

#ucheedochie #birthday"

Uche Edochie Height: How tall is Uche Edochie? Uche Edochie is about 6"1 feet tall.

Uche Edochie Photos

Uche Edochie Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Uche Edochie is the third child and second son from a family of 8, including his parents and 6 children. He has 5 siblings.

Uche Edochie was born into the family of Chief Pete Edochie and Mrs Josephine Edochie.

Family Photo of Uche Edochie with his parents and Siblings (Throwback Picture)

Uche Edochie Parents: Uche Edochie parents are Chief Pete Edochie, a veteran Nigerian actor and Mrs Josephine Edochie, an ex broadcaster.

Pictures of Uche Edochie Parents

Picture Of Uche Edochie And His Wife With Pete Edochie, His Dad

Uche Edochie Father: Who Is Uche Edochie father? Uche Edochie's father is Pete Edochie, the popular Nigerian born Nollywood veteran superstar actor who has featured in over 100 African films.Pictures of Uche Edochie father, Pete Edochie

Uche Edochie Celebrates His Father's Birthday

"Happy 72nd birthday pops. It is overwhelming trying to describe how amazing you have been as a father, more than anything else. Each time I speak with my brothers and we get around talking about what it was like growing up under your care, the magical moments of life back then brings tears to our eyes. We didn't have much then but in you and mum, we had everything and we never felt like we lacked anything. As I get older, I appreciate you even more because it continues to dawn on me that being a decent guy, father, husband and friend in this world is not an easy thing. You are all that and more. Eventhough we are all grown now and gone, it doesn't really feel like you are that far away because I see you in myself, my siblings and my children and it is almost spooky but awesome. Blood is really a powerful thing. I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you sometime this year for sure. I love you and the family says hello.

#dad #father #birthday #peteedochie #ucheedochie"

Uche Edochie Mother: Who Is Uche Edochie mother? Uche Edochie mother is Mrs Josephine Edochie who is Pete Edochie's wife and an ex broadcaster.

Photos of Uche Edochie Mother, Josephine Edochie

Leo Edochie Siblings: Leo Edochie has 5 younger siblings. The names of Leo Edochie siblings are,

1 Leo Edochie

2 Eva Edochie

3 Linc Edochie

4 Gene Edochie

5 Yul Edochie

Leo Edochie Sister: Leo Edochie has an only sister who is his immediate younger sibling called Eva Edochie.

Pictures of Uche Edochie's Sister, Eva Edochie

Uche Edochie Brothers: Uche Edochie has 4 brothers namely;

1 Leo Edochie
2 Linc Edochie
3 Gene Edochie
4 Yul Edochie
Pictures of Uche Edochie and his four Sibling brothers.


Pictures of Uche Edochie Youngest Brother, Yul Edochie
Picture of Uche Edochie elder Brother, Leo Edochie
Photo of Uche Edochie and Yul Edochie
Pictures of Yul Edochie family, wife, children and Uche Edochie Family, Wife and Kids when Uche Edochie visited Yul Edochie on s new year with his family

Pictures of Uche Edochie Sister In-laws

Uche Edochie Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Uche Edochie married? YES, Uche Edochie is married to Nkechi Edochie with 3 kids.

Uche Edochie and his wife Nkechi Edochie have been married for almost 20 years.

Uche Edochie Family Pictures With his wife and children
Photo of Uche Edochie and His children and Wife in Family Photo
Meet Uche Edochie Wife (Image of Nkechi Edochie)

Uche Edochie Wife: Who Is Uche Edochie wife, name, pictures? Uche Edochie's wife is Nkechi Edochie nee Nkechi Nwosuigbo. She is the mother of his three children.

Uche Edochie Wife Pictures (Photos of Nkechi Edochie, Uche Edochie Wife)

Uche Edochie Wedding - Marriage Anniversary: Uche Edochie and his wife, Nkechi Edochie will celebrate their 20th marriage anniversary in November 2022.

Celebrating his 19th Wedding anniversary on 27th November 2021, Uche Edochie wrote:

"19 years of marriage. 26 years together. That calls for a little celebration. 

It has been a good life. Not even covid could ruin this party. Happy anniversary darling. Can you believe we are not tired of each other yet? I thought I would have run away by now. What have you been putting in my food? 😋

#marriage #anniversaries #family #ucheedochie #nkechinwosuigbo"

Uche Edochie Celebrates His Wife On September 29

"A very big happy birthday to my incredible wife and mother of our three children. Life with you has been a fairy tale. We hooked up in art school twenty six years ago and we have been inseparable ever since. It is easy for men to claim they love their wives. But I can prove mine with one swift example. At the end of a work day, many men go to pubs and clubs to hang out with their buddies and avoid their wives. On the contrary, I am always home and available to be monitored and yelled at 😂. If that is not love, then I don't know what love is. 

Thanks to you, there is no yelling in our home though. It is a peaceful and loving environment with well behaved children. This is also a testament to the life and relationship we have built together. Many more quality years to you my dear and I hope Chelsea beats Juventus today, just for you. I love you and so do our kids.

#birthdaygirl #birthday #wives #mother #nkechinwosuigbo #ucheedochie"

Uche Edochie Children, Son, Daughter: Uche Edochie and his wife, are blessed with three children - 2 daughters and 1 son.

The names of Uche Edochie children are, Zara Uche Edochie, Enya Uche Edochie, West Uche Edochie.

picture of Uche Edochie and His Daughters

Pictures of Uche Edochie and his children

I Paid My School Fees But Now I'm Paying Huge Amount For My Children's School Fees - Uche Edochie

"Out and about on the weekend with la Familia. If you ever ask me for money and I tell you that I am broke, blame these children. School fees these days is no joke. When I was in the university, my school fees was so cheap that I was embarrassed to ask my dad for such an amount. So from my second year in the university till I graduated, I paid my entire tuition from money I made painting portraits of fellow students. It was a lot of fun. Nowadays I pay one year school fees for three kids and I find myself thinking that I could actually build a house in my village with that money.

Anyway, being a dad is without a doubt the best thing that happened to me. But I expect these kids to do great things in life like invent a flying chair or a television that also cooks dinner. Failure to do that, I will contact all the schools they ever attended and ask for a refund.

#family #ucheedochie #tripping #weekendvibes"

About Uche Edochie Children - Daughters & Son & Their Ages, Date Of Birth, Pictures

Uche Edochie First Daughter & First Child, Name, Age, Pictures: Who Is Uche Edochie first Daughter? Enya Edochie is Uche Edochie's first child and first daughter. She was born on 12 April 2004.

Pictures of Uche Edochie First Daughter, Enya Edochie

How old is Uche Edochie's first daughter? Uche Edochie's first daughter, Enya Edochie is currently 17 years old.

Enya Edochie will celebrate her 18th birthday on 12th April 2022.

Uche Edochie Second Daughter, Name, Pictures, Age: Uche Edochie second daughter is Zars Edochie. She was born on 3 July 2006.

How old is Uche Edochie second daughter and second child? Uche Edochie second daughter, Zara Edochie is currently 15 years old. Zara Edochie will celebrate her 16th birthday on 3rd July 2022.

Photos of Uche Edochie Second Daughter, Zara Edochie

Uche Edochie Son, Pictures, Name, Age: Who Is Uche Edochie son? Uche Edochie's only son is West Edochie. He was born on 16 May 2008.

Pictures of Uche Edochie Son, West Edochie

How old is Uche Edochie son? Uche Edochie son, West Edochie is currently 13 years old.

West Edochie will celebrate his 14th birthday on 16th May 2022.

Uche Edochie Celebrates His Son's Birthday

Celebrating his son's 12th birthday on 16 May 2020, Uche Edochie shared photos of his son and wrote:

"My little boy is now half a man. Happy 12th birthday son. You are my favorite son... Well, my only son, so you have no competition. 😁 In two years you will be taller than me. Three years tops. And then on your 18th birthday we will have a beer together and gossip about girls. I hear that's what men do so we will see about that. Have a fun day. I love you.

#birthdays #birthdayboy #sons"

Uche Edochie Nieces and Nephews:

Uche Edochie Cousins

Uche Edochie Net Worth 2022, 2021, Salary, Forbes, Dollars, Naira

How much is Uche Edochie, Pete Edochie's second son, net worth?

Uche Edochie net worth is about $600,000 US Dollars in 2022.

Uche Edochie House and Cars

Uche Edochie lives in Lagos State with his family and drives nice cars.

Uche Edochie Instagram: Uche Edochie Instagram page Account Profile Handle is ucheedochie . Uche Edochie currently has 10.4k followers on his Instagram page as at the time of writing this article.

About Uche Edochie Paintings & Meanings

1 Uche Edochie shared this his painting on his Instagram page and wrote:

Love Lies and illusions

Acrylic on Canvas


Love promises much but delivers little. Just like anything in life, love is good for a while until it isn't. It can even be said that love has an expiration date. That is why it sucks when it is past its sell date. But there could be a way out if we are willing to rethink lifespans of romantic unions. 

What if civil unions were like sporting contracts? A minimum of six months and a maximum of six years. What if both parties wrote down their expectations, likes and dislikes? If she likes to shop every weekend, she puts it there. You negotiate. If he wants to get laid five times a week and does not want excessive chit chat and nagging, he puts it there. You negotiate. What if every desire and expectation from both parties were noted and negotiated with behavioural clauses, performance bonuses and get out clauses included? And at the end of your contract, if you are happy and want to stay, you renew. And if you are not, you are free to leave. 

What if the above was the case? Will we take each other more seriously? Will we be happier, more fulfilled or just as miserable? I guess we will never know if we never tried. One thing is for sure. Man is too hard on himself. We set unrealistic targets so we can fail and try again. It is expectation that breeds disappointment. 'Happily ever after' is the ultimate illusion and a ticket to a land that never was.  Nothing lasts forever, and when it does, it is the exception, not the rule.

#art #painting #visualart #acrylicpainting #figurativeart #figurativepainting #modernnigerianart #modernart #africanart #africanartists #portrait #instagramart #instagram #ucheedochie

2"Exit Guide

Acrylic on Canvas

26 x 22 inches


Life is a privilege. So is death. Man fears death only because he has no memory of what happens afterwards. But the afterlife is packed with adventure. We just don't remember. Here is your exit guide as you make this inevitable journey. Four possibilities are available to you. 

A return to the source of all life is your first and ideal option. You are much more empowered as source. You are afteral a fractal of source. 

Immediate reincarnation is another option. The rationale for this is that we come right back to further improve ourselves and pay off our karmic debts. But karmic debts are never entirely paid off. As we pay, we generate more debt. It just never ends. So if you see a bright light, do not walk into it. It is the path to an endless reincarnation loop. Choose the alternative. That is your path back to source. 

The astral plane is yet another place that a soul can end up. The astral is occupied by wandering souls who died violently or with entity attachments. These souls don't know they are dead and won't accept it either. So they get stuck in a time loop roaming the streets bitterly and reliving their traumas over and over. You know these astral entities as ghosts. You don't want to be stuck there. But if you do, simply accepting that you are dead is your way out. 

Now if you are a star seed or a higher dimensional being who entered earth though an immersion pod, your afterlife route is pretty straightforward. When you die here, you exit your human avatar and your higher dimensional body wakes up from suspended animation in its pod, either in your home planet or spaceship. This fourth option is barely discussed by most religions. Either they don't know or those who know won't tell. 

So remember these details when your time is up. Don't panic. A return to source is ideal and wonderful. It helps not to get too attached to life here. This attachment makes one's afterlife journey more challenging. Never fear death either. You are an immortal who just came here briefly to play. So be calm and withdrawn as you exit. You will be alright. You have done this before.

#art #painting #ucheedochie"

3 "Illumination

Acrylic on Canvas

58 x 40 inches


It all makes sense now. So many things are clearer now. I had a lot of questions once. Big questions. Significant questions like, what is the meaning of life? Why are we here? How did we get here? Why is life so hard? Why do the innocent and children suffer? Who deserves what and why? Why does evil persist? I was angry. A whole lot didn't make sense. I used to think that life must be meaningless for unspeakable cruelty, suffering and death to persist. And then it all came me. With years of research, answers to these questions became clearer. 

I know now that life is meaningful. Of course it is. Life is too complex and intelligent to be random and meaningless. The purpose of life is experience. Learning. We are here to know through living. This experience is a very valuable commodity in the ethereal realm. That is why souls keep choosing to come here and experience life in all its variations. This is a game changer you see. Being here by choice, we cannot be victims. If we are here to experience pleasure and pain, then our human perspective of suffering is off the mark. This does not justify cruelty of course. But it explains it. Our three dimensional reality in a sense is like virtual reality. If feels real but it is not. We feel pain and we die. Yet we don't die. Stunning. 

The fact that we are immortal souls having a human experience renders all this 'suffering' almost harmless. Almost. The experiences we have are carried with us to the afterlife and other incarnations as well. So while death cannot kill us, it impacts us in other ways. Every life has a purpose. That purpose gives meaning to human existence. Every experience we have in life was chosen by us, before we even got here. Huge. We chose where and when to incarnate. We chose what jobs we would have and what relationships we would be in. We chose how we would live and how we would die. This is significant. 

This also brings up the issue of destiny versus choice. Both arguments are right. Life entails both. So yes my friends, life is meaningful, and life is also beautiful...ultimately.

#art #painting #instagramart #ucheedochie

4 A Meeting with Gaia

Acrylic on Canvas

58 x 40 inches


If we could have a conversation with mother nature, I wonder how it will go. What will we even say? Sorry? I have so much to say...

Gaia: Hi Uche 

Uche: Holy shit! 

Gaia: Relax 

Uche: Gaia?! You can here me? 

Gaia: Yep. 

Uche:...oh...shit...emmm... It is an honor to be in your presence? 

Gaia: ......

Uche: Sorry for screwing up the environment. 

Gaia: No you are not. 

Uche:.... Everything is a mess here Gaia. The governments are in on it. Big corporations won't ditch fossil fuels for free energy. Too much profit to walk away from. And the Reptilians keep screwing shit up behind the scenes. 

Gaia. Language. 

Uche: Sorry ma'am...but these aliens need to leave our planet. 

Gaia. Your planet? You are not from here either. 

Uche: Excuse me? 

Gaia: None of you are from here. Besides, everything the lizards did, they have done with your consent. You have blood on your hands too. 

Uche: ....


Uche: We are tired. How do we break out of a prison without walls? We need your help. When is the solar flash? 

Gaia: You volunteered to reincarnate here. You signed up to help fix things. 

Uche: I don't remember. 

Gaia: None of you remembers. That was part of the deal. Anyway, the last time I helped, I flooded the place and killed everybody. You sure you want my help? 

Uche: Shit....That was you?

Gaia: Everything was peaceful and pristine afterwards. Some guy on a boat got away though. Anyway, I guess I could help. 

Uche: Please don't. Sorry for asking. 

Gaia: Nothing lasts forever Uche. Make the most of your stay here. You have what you need and you have never been alone. 

Uche: ...

#art #painting #visualart #acrylicpainting #figurativeart #figurativepainting #modernnigerianart #modernart #africanart #africanartists #portrait #powerofpositivity #portraiture #instagramart #instagram #edgestudioart #ucheedochie

4 Uche Edochie Painting

Here Comes the Bride

Acrylic on Canvas

58 x 40 inches


Bot: Today is the happiest day of my life. Tunde I will be everything to you. I will love you, care for you, protect you and make you happy.

Tunde: I love you too Sarah. Always and forever.

Bot: I know I can't have kids but we can always adopt if you want kids, okay?

Tunde: Sure

Bot: I am dedicated. I will be everything that biological women can't be. No criticism. No excessive talking. No drama. Always food on the table. Pleasure whenever you want it. I don't need money and I don't get periods or headaches.

Tunde: Perfect.

Bot: I will be your doctor, lawyer or architect. Whatever you need. I will be whatever woman you want me to be. That is just an upgrade away. 

Tunde: I appreciate that. But what if your system gets hacked?

Bot: i have good defences. You should be more worried about yourself. Your system has been hacked repeatedly since birth. You can't even see the enemy in front of you. But don't worry. I will take care of you. Too bad you get to grow old, unlike me. We could live forever.

Tunde: Yeah. Well, you can't have it all in life. 

Bot: But I have it all Tunde. So can you. We can transfer your soul and memories into a body like mine. And then we will live forever. Imagine that. 

Tunde: Oh wow. Sounds like a plan. Thank you Sarah


A prison without walls is the hardest to break out of.

#art #painting #visualart #acrylicpainting #figurativeart #figurativepainting #modernnigerianart #modernart #africanart #africanartists #portrait #instagramart #instagram #ucheedochie

5 Pitch Black 

Acrylic on Canvas

17 x 22 inches 


Information. What can we do without it? Where will we be without it? How good is self imposed blindness when we can see so much better with our eyes open? Always ask questions. Question everything. Look at all the angles. Compare notes. Revisit old assumptions. Trust no one. If you do not know the source of your problems, how can you solve them? If the medicine you are taking isn't making you better, is it unreasonable to consider that perhaps you are being fed the wrong medication? If I take a picture beside a fancy car on the street, and I put it on social media, does that make the car mine? If I plant drugs in the pocket of your suit and I call the cops, does that make you a drug dealer? We live in a world where our entire reality is built on assumptions. Big problem. Huge.

So let us begin with the basics such as, who runs the world? Where does conventional knowledge come from? Who crafts the information we consume and can they possibly harbour an agenda we are unaware of? Are the loudest voices necessarily the most honest ones? Who really runs the world and how did we even get here? So many questions. Very little answers. The answers are out there for sure. But finding them requires that we set out on a brave adventure where we strip ourselves of every assumption and leave no stone unturned in our quest for truth. Who runs the world? That is a good point of departure that should form the bases of a much needed re-education.

There is a frightening combination of ignorance, arrogance and a lack of curiosity that plagues modern man. The consequence is that he keeps running around in circles oblivious of the fact that the knowledge he requires lays just outside his circle of comfort. Who runs the world? After years of digging, this much I know. They are not people you know.

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