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History Of Saint Obi: Everything To Know About Saint Obi Profile, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Marriage, Divorce, Family, Height, Son, Daughter, Age, Gay Rumour, Movies, Education

Who Is Saint Obi?

Saint Obi whose real name is Obinna Nwafor (born 16 November 1965) is a Nigerian Nollywood Actor, Movie Producer, Director and Entrepreneur.

Saint Obi started acting in 1996 and his first movie was titled WITHOUT LOVE.

Obinna Nwafor who is popularly known as Saint Obi is a legendary Nigerian Actor who was on the A-list of Nollywood actors, grabbing lover boy roles and breaking the heart of Nollywood actresses in movies.

SAINT OBI is tall, sexy, handsome and has well-built body physique. He is one of the most handsome Nollywood actors of all times.

News Update On 13 May 2023: Saint Obi Dies At 57

Over 200 Pictures & Images Of Saint Obi, His Wife Lynda Saint-Nwafor, Children (Old, New, Recent Photos Of Nollywood Actor, Saint Obi)

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Saint Obi Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Saint Obi

Full Name, Real Name: Obinna Nwafor

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Imo State

Hometown: Ogwa

LGA: Mbaitoli Local Government Area, Imo

Place Of Birth: Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Date Of Birth: 16 November 1965

Birthday: 16th November

Age: 57 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 6"2 Feet Tall ( 6 feet, 2 inches tall)

Religion: Christian

Occupation, Career: Actor, Producer, Director, Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $1.8 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦990,000,000

Relationship, Marital Status: Married (Set For Divorce)

Wife: Lynda Saint-Nwafor

Number Of Children: 3

Sons: 2

Daughter: 1

Brother In-laws: Michael Amobi, Chukwumobi Amobi

Divorced: In The Process

Parents: Mazi Melford & Lolo Millicent Nwafor

Father: Melford Nwafor

Mother: Millicent Nwafor

Siblings: 8 Sisters

Education: University Of Jos (Theatre Arts)

Instagram: theofficialsaintobi

Languages: English, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba

Phone Number: +234-814-928-5104

Email Contact Address:


Full Biography Of Saint Obi, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Movies, Divorce

Biography Wikipedia: Saint Obi is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor, movie producer, director, entrepreneur, consultant and humanitarian.

Saint Obi was born on the 16th of November 1965 in the Garden City of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He studied Theatre Arts at the University of Jos, Plateau State and graduated with B.A. (Hons).

Entrepreneur: As an entrepreneur, Saint Obi is the Founder and CEO of AGWHYTE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED – a Production, Talent / Brand Management and Public Relations Firm based in Nigeria and U.S.A.

Saint Obi Gym Fitness, Body Builder, Athlete: Saint Obi is also a complete athlete who had represented Plateau State in both Football and Basketball tournaments. He also enjoys body building.

Saint Obi likes to work out at the gym to maintain his fine athletic physique.

Saint Obi Nollywood: When Did Saint Obi Join Nollywood & Started Acting Films?

Saint Obi joined the Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood) in 1996 with her first Nollywood film titled 'Without Love' and instantly rose to the top – a feat yet to be matched by any in the industry.

Saint Obi has featured in 90 films as male lead.

Saint Obi has the ambition of stimulating Nollywood into a core African film genre in the global Arts market.

Above all, he strives to remain steadfast in God’s parallel of Truth, Love and Peace for all mankind.

"WITHOUT LOVE" is Saint Obi's debut film in Nollywood in 1996 after doing a commercial advert for Peugeot on NTA.

Saint Obi's most popular movies are: State of Emergency, The Pope Must Hear This, Festival of Fire, Narrow Escape, Deadly Proposal, Goodbye Tomorrow, Executive Crime, Sakobi: The Snake Girl, Oracle.

Picture of Saint Obi, Obot Etuk, Pete Edochie and Dolly Unachukwu In Deadly Proposal

Saint Obi has Produced movies like Take Me to Mama, True Color. He produced his first movie titled “Take Me to Maama” in 2001.

Saint Obi And Stephanie Okereke: Saint Obi and Stephanie Okereke used to make good couples in movies. 

Saint Obi has acted alongside other top Nollywood actors and actresses such as Stephanie Okereke, Ebi Sam, Regina Askia, Victoria Inyama, Genevieve Nnaji, Obot Etuk, Iyabo Lawani, Dolly Unachukwu, Rita Nzelu, Pete Edochie, Olu Jacobs, Peter Buno, Rachel Oniga, Ashley Nwosu, JT Tom-West, Hanks Anuku, Nse Abel, Enebeli Elebuwa, Ebube Nwagbo, Jerry Amilo, Emma Ehumadu, Charles Okafor, Chiege Alisigwe, among others.

Throwback Photo of Saint Obi And JT Tom-West (Late) On Set Of State Of Emergency
Photo of Saint Obi And Susan Patrick In Sakobi, The Snake Girl

Photo of Saint Obi And Chika Okpala (Zebrudaya Okoroigwe Nwogbo alias 4:30)

Picture of Saint Obi And Olu Jacobs

Photo of Saint Obi In State Of Emergency

Saint Obi On Set Of Festival Of Fire in Aba

Picture of Saint Obi And Hanks Anuku

Photo of Saint Obi And Rita Nwankwo In Final Whistle

Photo Of Saint Obi And Victoria Inyama on the Set of Festival Of Fire

Old photo of Saint Obi Wearing Blond Hairstyle On Movie set

Picture of Saint Obi On Set Of State Of Emergency With Hanks Anuku, Jerry Amilo, Emmanuel Ehumadu Labista

Saint Obi And Onyeka Onwenu at an event

Saint Obi Takes A Break From Nollywood Acting

Is Saint Obi Still Acting? No, Saint Obi is no longer acting in Nollywood movies for now. He stopped acting after he took a long break from acting in movies for about 10 years now to pursue other careers.

He may soon return to acting.

Where is Saint Obi Now? Saint obi, the Nollywood actor is now concentrating on his private businesses after he stopped acting since around 2008. 

See Recent Pictures of Saint Obi
Saint Obi is Aging Well In New Photo

Saint Obi Dead Or Alive: Is Saint Obi Dead Or Alive? No, Saint Obi is not dead. Yes, Saint Obi is alive.

Saint Obi is still very much alive, he is not dead, just that he is on a sabbatical leave from acting in Nollywood movies.

Saint Obi At the CREATIVE INDUSTRY ROUNDTABLE with Lai Mohammed Hon. Minister of Information, DGs & dignitaries

Saint Obi Music, Songs: Saint Obi is also a singer. Saint Obi has a single titled IMAGINE…THE DREAMER. A thought provoking sweet song rooted in 21st century realities and more.

Saint Obi released his first single, Imagine The Dreamer in 2015.

Saint Obi does music as a hobby. He is not fully into singing.

Saint Obi Movies: List Of Saint Obi Old Movies

1 Sakobi

2. Narrow Escape

3. Festival of Fire

4. State of Emergency

5. Take me to Maama

6 Royal Battle

7. Wedding Fever

8. Unbroken Promise

9. Candle Light

10. Goodbye Tomorrow

11. Heart of Gold,

12. Executive Crime

13. Last Party

14. Narrow Escape

15. Costly mistake

16. Strange love

17. Daring Hearts

18. Greatest Weapon

19. Deadly Proposal

20. Final Whistle

21. Crime Planner

22. Sleeping with the Enemy

23. Excecutive Crime

24. Golden Moon

25. Wedding Fever

26. Sensational Spy

27. When the going gets Tough

28. Squad twenty three

29. Myke

30. Fake Angel

31. Breath Again

32. Evil Finger

33. More than a woman

34. The greatest sacrifice

35. The Hypocrite

36. Urioma – Royal Palace

37. In the line of Fire

38. Power from above

39. Scorpion

40. The hour has come

41. The golden fish

42. The covenant

43. Hole in the heart

44. End of Royal Battle

45. Reckless Heart

46. Above the law

47. to love and to live again

48. Oracle

49. The God to serve

50. The powerful girl

51. 21 days with christ

52. Making of the king

53. The Devil’s workshop

54. The prince and brat

55. Eligible Bachelor

52 The Pope Must Hear This

53 Without Love

54 True Color

Saint Obi Foundation: Saint Obi has a foundation named The Saint Obi Foundation. In 2016, SAINT OBI FOUNDATION Graded road for his people and his community, in Ogwa, Imo State, Nigeria.

Saint Obi Awards

In August 2017, Rotary Club gave Saint Obi an Award for Tremendous Contributions To Humanitarian Services to the Society.

Saint Obi Storms AFRIMA Awards

Saint Obi Education: Saint Obi is a Graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Jos (UNIJOS).

Saint Obi did his NYSC in Makurdi Benue State. He was the platoon leader.

Saint Obi Real Name: What Is The Real Name of Saint Obi? Saint Obi's real name is Obinna Nwafor.

Saint Obi State Of Origin: Which State is Saint Obi from? Saint Obi is from Imo State, Nigeria.

Saint Obi Hometown, Village, Tribe: Where is Saint Obi from? Saint Obi hails from Ogwa, a town in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo.

Saint Obi is Igbo by tribe.

Languages: Saint Obi speaks English, Igbo, Hausa and a little of the Yoruba Language.

Saint Obi Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Saint Obi Born? Saint Obi was on 16 November 1965.

How old is St Obi?

Saint Obi Real Age: How old is Saint Obi? Saint Obi is 56 years old now. Saint Obi will celebrate his 57th birthday on 16 November 2022.

Saint Obi Height: How tall is Saint Obi? Saint Obi is 6"2 feet tall. He is very tall.

Pictures of Saint Obi standing at 6"2 Feet Tall

Saint Obi Fashion, Styles, Native Wears, Suit, Casuals: Saint Obi dresses will.

Saint Obi Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Saint Obi Gay, Bisexual Or Straight? Saint Obi is rumored to be gay. The gay rumours that trailed Saint Obi was mainly because he married late at age 41.

Arinze Okonkwo was alleged to be Saint Obi's gay partner then but it turned out to be false.

No, Saint Obi is not gay. He is straight.

Saint Obi Interview About His Background

"My name is St. Obi. I hail from Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State. I grew up in Jos, Plateau State. The Jos worldview is what I have so to speak. In Jos, people are selfless, quiet, easygoing, forget about what you see these days. It is quite a shame. All my life in Jos, there was no single violence. I left around 1996. I was born in Port Harcourt.

I have eight sisters. I am number seven down the line. When I was little, most of those female games, I did with my sisters as the only boy in their midst. The luck I had was that at some point, during my secondary school, something happened in my home and I realized, you are the man in this house. From that moment, the man ceased to play with the girls. I read Theatre Arts, served in Makurdi, myself and Gbenga Adeyinka were same set. I was the platoon leader. I played football (goal keeper) for so many years for Plateau State. I played division three back in the days. I am 6 feet, 2 inches tall. I’m not one of those people who claimed I am a sports man meanwhile they never saw a pitch.

Then my sister said she would get me scholarship in America, I started playing basketball, it didn’t work out and I thank God, it didn’t. At that time stupidly I felt bad and I didn’t know that my old boy didn’t want me to go because I was the only son. My biggest regret about my father’s death was that he didn’t see me get into the university. Just the year he died was the year I got into the university in 1987." - Saint Obi Daily Sun 2009 Interview.

Saint Obi Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Saint Obi was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Melford & Millicent Nwafor in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Saint Obi is the 7th child of his parents. He is the only son of his family with 8 sisters.

Saint Obi is from a family of 11, including his parents and their 9 children - 8 daughters and 1 son.

Saint Obi Parents: Saint Obi's parents names are Mazi Melford Nwafor and Lolo Millicent Nwafor. His both parents are dead.

Saint Obi Visits His Dead Parents Grave, Burial Site

See where Saint Obi Parents were Buried In His Village Mansion in Imo State Nigeria

Saint Obi visited his parents' grave yard in January 2020 and wrote on his Facebook page:

"My Father & Mother’s Graveside…

First duty on arriving Home.

Last duty before departing Home.

If your Parents or Grand Parents are alive,


If yours are gone to Glory like mine,


Because Alive or In The Grave, one indisputable fact…

They remain an INDELIBLE part of our existence.

Say something nice to your folks today… 

It is truly an Honour they deserve.

Mazi Melford Nwafor and Lolo Millicent Nwafor,

As always, you are FONDLY REMEMBERED with Love & Pride!"

Saint Obi Father: Saint Obi father is Mazi Melford Nwafor. He is late. He was from Ogwa in Imo State, Nigeria. Saint Obi's father, Melford Nwafor died in 1987.

Saint Obi Mother: Saint Obi's mother is Lolo Millicent Nwafor. She is late.

Photo of Saint Obi Mother, Millicent Nwafor

Saint Obi Mother's Death & Burial Photos: Saint Obi's mother, Millicent Nwafor died in August 2015. She was buried in their hometown in Ogwa, Imo State.

Here are pictures from Saint Obi's mother's burial in Imo State. He buried his mother in style.

Picture of Saint Obi Sister at their mother's burial

Funeral photos of Saint Obi Mother at his Mansion in Ogwa Mbaitoli Imo State

Picture of Saint Obi And His Wife Lynda Saint-Nwafor at His Mom's Burial

Saint Obi Childhood Story Vs Now

Sharing his old throwback photo and his new, recent pictures, Saint Obi wrote:

"Yesterday, I used to break firewood to assist my mom with her cooking.

Today, I have a cook and electric/gas cookers assisting with cooking in my home.

Your today might look like my yesterday but God says, your tomorrow will be better than my today.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to success; no substitute for hard-work, focus, drive, education, non-stop passion for quality & excellence, selflessness, long suffering, humility, disdain for greed & cheating others, contentment [even if you don’t attain that lofty aspiration] and above all, GOD Almighty."

Saint Obi Siblings, Sister, Brother: Saint Obi has 8 sisters and no brother. He is the only son of his parents.

Saint Obi is the seventh child with 6 elder sisters and 2 younger sisters.

Saint Obi Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Saint Obi Married? Yes, Saint Obi is married to Lydia Saint-Nwafor with 3 kids.

Saint Obi And Wife Pictures

When did Saint Obi get Married?

Saint Obi and Lynda Saint-Nwafor got married in December 2006.

Saint Obi married at age 41.

Picture of Saint Obi And His Wife Lynda Saint-Nwafor
Photos Of Saint Obi Wife, Lydia Saint-Nwafor
Saint Obi Wife: Who Is Saint Obi Wife, Name, Pictures & Age? Saint Obi wife name is Lynda Saint-Nwafor. She is an MTN top staff from Anambra State, Nigeria.
Pictures of Saint Obi Wife, Lydian Saint-Nwafor
Photo of Saint Obi And His Wife
Meet Saint Obi Wife

Picture of Saint Obi And His Ex Wife

Saint Obi Children, Sons, Daughter: How many children did Saint Obi have? Saint Obi has three children - two sons and one daughter.

Pictures of Saint Obi And His Children

The names of Saint Obi's children are not available.

Saint Obi's first child, a son was born in 2008. His first child is 14 years old now.

Pictures of Saint Obi And His Sons

Photos of Saint Obi And His Children

Pictures of Saint Obi And His Daughter

Saint Obi Marriage Crash

Saint Obi's marriage to Lynda Saint-Nwafor crashed in 2021 after 15 years of marriage that produced 3 children.

Saint Obi Divorce

Saint Obi filed for divorce. He took his estranged wife, Lydia Saint-Nwafor nee Lynda Amobi to court over child custody battle.

Saint Obi had dragged his wife to the High Court of Ota, Ogun State for the dissolution of their marriage, which was contracted in 2006.

Already, Justice Omotayo O. Majekodunmi, has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Saint Obi’s ex-wife for evading the court processes.

Saint Obi Lynda Saint-Nwafor Divorce Papers, Case


SUIT NO: HCT/1281/2019



This matter came up on Wednesday, the 27th day of October, 2021. Before His Lordship, the Honourable Justice 0. 0. Majekodunmi - Judge, sitting at High Court I, Ota, Ogun State in the presence of Ayobami 0. Ajibola (Ms) of Counsel 'air the Petitioner while the Respondent was absent and not represented. 

UPON the submission of Ayobami 0. Ajibola (Ms) of Counsel for the Petitioner on the contempt proceeding and the Respondent not making any effort to purge herself of the alleged contempt. THE COURT THEREAFTER ORDERED as follows: "... In the circumstances, It is hereby ordered that the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Zone 2, Onikan, Lagos State shall immediately effect the arrest of the Respondent, Mrs. Lynda Uzonna Saint-Nwafor at No. 24B, Utomi Alri Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State and produce her in Court on the 30th of November 2021.

All other proceedings in this matter are hereby stayed until the hearing and determination of the contempt proceedings. Bench warrant is to be issued immediately."

Saint Obi & His Estranged Wife, Linda Saint Nwafor Battle For Custody of Their Children

Popular Nigerian actor, Saint Obi and his wife, Linda Amobi, are battling over the custody of their three children after a divorce suit.

According to a lawsuit filed by the actor’s lawyers in Suit No: HCT/128/2019, the actor is alleging an attempt on his life by his estranged wife.

St Obi joined his ex wife’s brothers, Michael Amobi and Chukwumobi Amobi in the same suit.

Saint Obi is also alleging that his estranged wife has allegedly ‘imprisoned’ their three children with the help of men of the Police Force.

He alleged they prevented him from seeing his children.

Saint Obi was the one who started the divorce procedure, while his wife, Lynda Amobi, appears to be sabotaging the process.

Lynda Amobi has repeatedly failed to appear in court when the case was called up, causing the Judge, Justice Omotayo O. Majekodunmi, to issue a bench warrant for her arrest.

Ms. Lynda Amobi (previously Lynda Saint-Nwafor), an MTN Nigeria executive, and actor Saint Obi (Obinna Nwafor) married in a lavish ceremony in December 2006 in the former’s homeland of Anambra, and the couple has three gorgeous children: two boys and a girl.

Before now Saint Obi and Lynda Amobi had managed their marital affairs discreetly without public attention how then did the camel’s back broke.

Why Is Saint Obi Divorcing His Wife Lynda Saint-Nwafor nee Lynda Amobi?

Saint Obi is divorcing his wife on the basis of an alleged attempt on the actor’s life, which was reportedly orchestrated by his now estranged wife and her brothers, Michael Amobi and Chukwumobi Amobi, in a suit filed at the High Court of Ogun State with suit number HCT/128/2019 filed by Petitioner, Mr. Saint Obi.

Also, Saint Obi accused Lynda Amobi, his estranged wife of “imprison” the children of the problematic marriage by hiring Mobile Police officers to protect them without the father’s permission and therefore preventing her ex-husband access to their children.

Saint Obi First Marriage & First Ex Wife: According to E-Nigeria, Saint Obi is no stranger to divorce controversies, as Saint Obi was allegedly married to a Lagos pastor's wife which was his first marriage which allegedly ended in divorce.

But Thefamousnaija cannot confirm if Saint Obi was initially married as we only know that he has been married once to Lynda Saint-Nwafor. We hope that E-Nigeria is not mistaking Kenneth Okonkwo who married and later divorced CPM Pastor's daughter, Ogechi Ezekiel, for Saint Obi.

Saint Obi Remarried, Second Wife: Has Saint Obi Remarried? NO, Saint Obi has not remarried to a new wife. No new wife, no second wife for Saint Obi, at least for now.

Saint Obi Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira Salary, Pay, Income

How much is Saint Obi Net Worth?

Saint Obi Net Worth is $1.8 Million US Dollars in 2022, 2021.

Saint Obi is rich, wealthy. He is one of the richest Nollywood actors.

Saint Obi doesn't really flaunt his wealth on Social Media.

Saint Obi Net Worth In Naira: Saint Obi's net worth in Naira is about ₦990,000,000 Naira in 2022.

Saint Obi Salary, Pay Per Movie Script: Saint Obi earns ₦500,000 To ₦1 Million Naira per movie script.

Photos of Saint Obi's House in Lagos

Saint Obi House, Cars, Mansion Pictures
Pictures of Saint Obi House and Cars

Saint Obi House and Cars: Saint Obi has two houses - a mansion in his Village, hometown in Ogwa, Mbaitoli Imo State Nigeria and another one in Lagos.

SAINT OBI House Pictures and compound

Saint Obi also drives nice, expensive, flashy cars. He has fine cars in his garage in his house.

Photos of Saint Obi Cars in his Lagos House

Saint Obi House In Village, His Hometown In Ogwa Mbaitoli - Pictures

Photos of Saint Obi Beautiful House in the village, his hometown in Ogwa Mbaitoli LGA Imo State Nigeria

Saint Obi Mansion pictures

Photos of Saint Obi Massive Compound In His Home Town

Saint Obi has a massive house. He built a beautiful building, Mansion with big compound in his village at his home town in Ogwa Mbaitoli LGA, Imo State, Nigeria.

Sharing Photos of his mansion in his hometown in Ogwa Mbaitoli Imo State, Saint Obi wrote:



The City is great but nothing compared to our Home Towns.

I am a Proud son of Ogwa, Mbaitoli, Imo State. A land of industrious, calm & respectful people but don't be fooled because if you BITE us in the head & you are not scared of the brain, we'll certainly BITE BACK where you least expect..."

20 Saint Obi Quotes, Motivational Messages As Compiled By Thefamousnaija

1 When they think you are finished, LAUGH CHEERFULLY because God just finished perfecting your masterplan of greatness, which will be delivered to you any moment from now...

2 Success will no longer look at you from afar...

REJOICE, Your Own Success is coming sooner than later!

3 God Bless all the Women in the world... you ain't only life givers, you are life carers and life savers. 5 gbosa to you all.

4 A poor person who has peace, love & happiness is BETTER than a rich person with no peace, love & happiness. 

5 Nigeria MUST STOP Quota System; questions about State of Origin and Religion on various forms...

These, BREED laziness, marginalization, retrogression, poverty, nepotism, restiveness, religious & ethnic chauvinism.

6 Everyone is clamouring for RESTRUCTURING of Nigeria… in my view, it’s long overdue; however, what Nigeria needs more importantly, is RESTRUCTURING OF THE MIND. With our present state of doing things, RESTRUCTURING NIGERIA will only fatten a privileged few, at the expense of millions of poor Nigerians and the numerous vicious “wahala” will continue.  

SHINE your sense oo! No die for NOTHING!

7 Never stop loving, thanking & worshipping our God Almighty, no matter your situation because a burst of sunshine is about to erase your dark clouds...

8 Many "boys" realise the true worth of their father ONLY when they become a father too. Celebrate your father today & always. He means well for you and wants the best life can give... for you [boy or girl].

9 Only our God Almighty owns & knows today, tomorrow & forever. Evergreen is the destination awaiting you.

10 They are plotting your downfall while God is planning your rise, success & glory. What an awesome God!

11 It might be rough today but by God's grace you will smile sooner than later... Your blessing is guaranteed!

12 PLS DRINK LOTS OF WATER (room temperature), DAILY because the fear of KIDNEY STONE is the beginning of wisdom.

13 No sitting on the fence…

Lend your voice and hopefully, sooner than later, all forms of modern slavery will end.

14 Never try to be an imitation of anyone because history remembers only the original. Be an original... always.

15 The social media is great but let's be civil & tolerant of contrary views... "My way or no other" is responsible for most conflicts across the world; leading to unimaginable consequences... Aleppo, Syria is a classic example. 

Let's fight for our rights with our heads and not our hearts.

16 Do you know...

that you had no hand in deciding your parents, ethnicity or country?

that 99% of practicing Christians and Muslims do so because they followed the footsteps of their parents?

that, that Nigerian Muslim or Christian whom you think is going to end up in Hell because he or she does not profess your religious faith is YOU had your parents being into the other religion?

These are sacrosanct facts Fellow Nigerian...

Therefore, let tolerance, understanding and mutual respect be our guide. Together, we are stronger and a greater Nigeria is possible.

17 Truth is, You didn't plan to come into this world as an Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa or Ijaw or Black or White or Brown person, etc. 

Imagine you are that Isa from Zamfara who did not plan to come from Zamfara State and today is a Muslim or Okafor from Anambra State who is a Christian today because of His parents... 

Do you know that, that Isa or Okafor is YOU.

Imagine someone saying your belief is nonsense or you are going to Hell... 

We need to expand our minds, to see the true picture of our God Almighty... and stop discriminating, hating and killing, ignorantly.

Nigeria belongs to all of us. We must demand justice and fairness but fight ignorance and small mindedness of those things that keep us apart from achieving that better Nigeria of our dreams.

18 If you can't see yourself in the shoes of that other religion or ethnicity, then you need to understand that you are living a life of shallow vision, understanding and appreciation of our God Almighty. God is not in the business of time wasting hence HE knows the end from the beginning and vice versa. If either weren't part of his agenda, he would't have bothered to create the other. Therefore, Tolerance and forgiveness are key for peace and prosperity in Nigeria. Our Federal Govt should release persons like Kanu of IPOB, Zakzaky of NIM, and others, as well as address the numerous concerns of all Nigerians. However, Nigerians should also not burn down Nigeria because she is our only fatherland. Let's help Nigeria in order for Nigeria to help us. ONE LOVE

19 God first, always

Hardworking always

Aspire high always

Remain humble always

Remember your roots always

20 All the time, Pastors say, "Pray. Thank God for letting you see another day"... THAT IS A WRONG PRAYER!

I hear this in churches and other places and it trips me off.

The meaning of that prayer is making the person that died the previous day look like he is a sinner or someone inferior in the sight of God. This also informs why most Christians are scared of dying.

The person that didn't make it to this day could be in Heaven as you read this piece; chilling with Nkwobi, Amala or Tuwo Shinkapa and praising God Almighty along with the Angels.


You that is alive and unsure of your end or that person who died yesterday but has since begun life of eternity in the vineyard of God Almighty?

That is not to say in all things we shouldn't thank God. Yes we should but its usage in this context is very wrong.

Please our dear Pastors and fellow Christians, stop misleading us.

Help us build faith and not fear!

This informs why the faith in God Almighty of One Muslim equals the faith in God Almighty of One million Christians.

This might sound controversial but you and I know... that is the truth.

Saint Obi Instagram: Saint Obi Instagram page Account Profile Handle is theofficialsaintobi. Saint Obi currently has 20.2k followers on his Instagram page Account Profile.

Nollywood actor, Saint Obi is not active on Instagram and other social media pages.

Saint Obi Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Saint Obi phone Number and contact is +234-814-928-5104.

Saint Obi's email address is

Saint Obi's Website is

Saint Obi Throwback Photos, Pictures Galleries

Checkout these old Throwback Photos of Nollywood Actor, Saint Obi when he was much younger.

Saint Obi as A Catholic Priest - Reverend Father In Narrow Escape

Throwback Photo of Saint Obi In University of Jos UNIJOS

Throwback Photo of Saint Obi As A Youth Corper (NYSC)

Image of Saint Obi And Amaechi Munagor

Old Pictures of Saint Obi

Saint Obi Throwback Photos

Recent, Latest Photos Of Saint Obi (See What Saint Obi Looks Like Now In New Pictures)

Saint Obi IMAGES

Saint Obi bespectacled

Update: Saint Obi Dies At 57

Veteran Nigerian actor Saint Obi has reportedly died after a protracted illness.

Reports have emerged that popular Nigerian actor, Saint Obi, has passed on at the age of 57 after a protracted illness.

It was reported that he died early in the week after battling an undisclosed illness for several months with no successful treatment.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria is yet to make a statement as the family reportedly have a little disagreement hence the delay to make a formal announcement.

SOURCE Thefamousnaija

Is Saint Obi still acting?

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How old is St Obi?

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When did Saint Obi got married?

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Image of Saint Obi house

Saint Obi house

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Saint Obi net worth

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Thank you for the clear explanations.
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