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History Of Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere Aka EDeyWork: Everything To Know About Rev Father Magnus Ebere SDV Profile, Catholic Church Ban, Igbo Scandal, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, State Of Origin

Who Is Rev Fr Magnus Ebere?

Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere (born 15 November) is a Nigerian Catholic Priest, Reverend Father who is the Spiritual Director of Canaanland Adoration Ministry aka Edey Work.

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere aka E Dey Work was ordained as a Catholic priest on Saturday 9th August 2008.

Rev. Father Magnus Ebere Photos

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Rev Fr Magnus Ebere (E Dey Work) Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Nickname: Father E Dey Work

Real Name: Rev Fr Magnus Ebere

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Imo State

Hometown: Obokwu, Ezinihitte Mbaise

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth: 15 November

Birthday: 15th November

Career, Occupation: Catholic Priest, Clergyman

Date Of Ordination: 9 August 2008

Net Worth: $1.5 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦825,000,000

Height: 5"6

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Children, Child: None

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ebere

Father: Mr Ebere

Mother: Mrs Janet Uwanalam Ebere

Full Biography Of Reverend Father Magnus Ebere SDV (E Dey Work) Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Catholic Church Ban, News, Warning Letter, Messages, Testimonies

Biography Wikipedia: Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere SDV aka E Dey Work is a Nigerian born Catholic Reverend Father of the Society of Divine Vocations (SDV) aka Vocationist Father and the Spiritual Director of Canaanland Adoration Ministry.

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When Was Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere Ordained As A Priest? Rev Fr Magnus Ebere SDV was ordained as a Catholic priest on Saturday 9 August 2008. He will celebrate his 14th Ordination Anniversary as a priest on 9th August 2022.

Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere Church Name, Address & Location: Father Magnus Ebere owns a temple called Canaanland Adoration Ministry, located in Mbaise and Nnobi Anambra State.

Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere church started about eleven years ago.

Picture of Rev Fr Dr Magnus Church - Ministry

Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere Website: Rev Fr Magnus Ebere website is

His website about Profile Bio reads:

"My name is Rev. Fr. Dr. Magnus Ebere, SDV and as the spiritual director of Canaanland Adoration Ministries Worldwide (a.k.a Edey Work Ministry), I welcome you to this great commission.

God bless you!"

Fr 'E dey work' Closed in Ahiara, Mbaise

Recall that in November 2019, Catholic Church leaders in the Ahiara diocese in Mbaise, Imo state, issued a statement saying that they had banned Fr Magnus Ebere and his chapel 'e dey work'.

The ban was imposed by the diocese's archbishop Lucius Ugorji, as well as his assistant pastor, Father Iheanacho.

According to Father Iheanacho listed at the time, Fr Ebere did not receive any permission before starting his prayer service in Ahiara.

"We warned Fr Ebere not to set up his prayer house here, but he disobeyed and secretly used the land to build a place of worship."

"It does not follow the Catholic Church's method of prayer and also provides the Sacrament."

"People have also accused him of forcibly evicting them from their land without a proper contract."

"We urge Catholics in the Diocese of Africa to shun this Canaanland Adoration Ministry, as its leader, Fr Magnus Ebere, does not have the authority of the Catholic Church to operate."

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere, "Edey work's" is fake, Archbishop Valerian Okeke: Catholic Church warns faithfuls against Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere aka E Dey Work. 

Catholic Church disowns ‘priest’ who said Igbos dominate in churches they belong to

The Archbishop of Onitsha Catholic Archdiocese, Most Rev. Valerian Okeke has rejected a clergyman who claimed to be of the Roman Catholic stock, Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere for saying Igbo people always dominate in any church they attend.

Ebere who runs Canaanland Adoration Ministries was reacting to the news of a Catholic priest in Lagos, who banned the singing of Igbo songs in the church, claiming that Igbos like dominating in any Catholic parish they find themselves in.

In a viral video, Ebere said it was true that Igbo people dominate in their churches, saying that they were created to dominate and that they will always dominate in any church they find themselves in.

But Bishop Okeke reacting to the video in a press release he signed disowned Ebere, stating clearly that despite going by the title ‘reverend father’, he was not a priest of the Catholic Church, and was not under his instruction, nor is his ministry operating under the powers of the Catholic Church.

Most Rev. Okeke described Fr. Ebere’s ministry as an illegal one, saying: “He is not a priest of the Archdiocese of Onitsha and has no faculties or rights to operate within the Archdiocese of Onitsha.”

The Archbishop reacting to Ebere’s claims said it is true that Igbo people like dominating, “Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere worsened and aggravated the matter by ignorantly confirming the accusation the suspended priest leveled against the Igbos.

Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere Vs Most Rev. Valerian Okeke (Full Statement)

Attached is the warning letter issued to Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere by the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha.


Telephone: 090 7049 7002 Fan: 090 7049 7007 



FEBRUARY 18, 2022 

Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere SDV is a priest of a religious congregation called Society of Divine Vocations (SDV). He is not a priest of the Archdiocese of Onitsha and has no faculties or rights to operate within the Archdiocese of Onitsha. The granting of faculties is a serious matter in the Catholic Church because it is the means through which the Church determines the authenticity and suitability of a particular priest to function in the name and power of the Church. Unfortunately, Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere deceitfully sneaked into Nnobi town in Onitsha Archdiocese and began an illegal ministry which he called Canaanland Adoration Ministries (E-day work Ministry), without the knowledge of the ecclesiastical authority talk less of having the requisite faculties. We have repeatedly warned the faithful of our Archdiocese about the dangers most of his activities and teachings pose to their faith. 

Recently, a Catholic priest working in the Archdiocese of Lagos was given a leave of absence due to his unjustified outburst and unfounded accusation that the Igbos want to dominate others wherever they are. While reacting to this viral video of the Lagos incident during one of his illegal activities at Nnobi, Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere worsened and aggravated the matter by ignorantly confirming the accusation the suspended priest levelled against the Igbos. In his video which has now gone viral. Fr. Magnus Ebere made many unchristian statements which need to be publicly condemned. We therefore totally condemn and repudiate such unwarranted utterances like "Igbos are Igbos, anywhere we are, we are for dominion", "if you remove Igbos in the Catholic Church in Lagos, there will be no Church there", etc. This is not the position of the Catholic Church in lgboland. Please note that Fr. Magnus Ebere is neither speaking for the Catholic Church nor for the Igbos. His utterances can best be described as an outburst from a psychotic priest who needs psychological help from his religious Congregation. The Catholic Church is not a tribal institution and should not be made to look as such.

We once again warn the faithful of our Archdiocese that the activities and teachings of Fr. Magnus Ebere are dangerous, deceitful and inimical to their faith. Anyone who participates in his illegal activities at Nnobi does so at his or her risk. Any Catholic who accepts his erroneous teachings is operating outside the traditional and authentic teachings of the Catholic Church. We also publicly warn Fr. Magnus Ebere to immediately stop all his illegal ministries at Nnobi. If he is truly a Catholic priest. which he claims to be. he needs faculties from the diocesan bishop in order to carry out any form of ministry in Onitsha Archdiocese. No such faculties have been given to him neither in the past nor present. Please be warned. 

MOST REV. Valerian M Okeke

Archbishop of Onitsha

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere Viral Video About Rev Fr James Anelu & Igbos In Catholic Church

Tribalism in the Church
: See The video that provoked the Catholic Church to warn Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere a.k.a E dey Work.

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere State Of Origin: Where is Rev Fr Magnus Ebere from? Rev Father Magnus Ebere is from Imo State, Nigeria.

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere Home Town, LGA, Tribe, Village: Rev Fr Magnus Ebere hails from Obokwu in Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA, Imo State.

Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere is Igbo by tribe, from South East part of Nigeria.

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Rev Fr Magnus Ebere? Rev Fr Magnus Ebere was born on 15 November.

Father Magnus Ebere Birthday Pictures In Church
Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere Celebrates His Birthday
Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere Birthday

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Rev Fr Magnus Ebere was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ebere in Imo State, Nigeria.

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere Mother, Name, Pictures, Death, Burial: Rev Fr Magnus Ebere mother is Janet Uwanalam Ebere. She died in September 2021 at age 104.

Obituary Poster of Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere Late Mother
Photo of Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere Mother, Janet Uwanalam Ebere

Photos of His Excellency, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha CON, arrived Obizi Ezinihite Mbaise to condole with the Spiritual Director of Canaan Land Adoration Ministey aka E Dey Work; Rev Fr Magnus Ebere over the death of his mother

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere Wife, Married, Marriage, Children: Is Rev Fr Magnus Ebere married? NO, Rev Fr Magnus Ebere is not married and doesn't have children as the Catholic priest he is.

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes Dollars, Naira

How much is Rev Father Magnus Ebere net worth?

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere net worth is about $1.5 Million US Dollars (₦825,000,000 Naira) in 2022.

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere House and Cars

Rev Fr Magnus Ebere lives in a nice house and drives nice cars.

E-Dey Work Catholic Ministry Engaged in 7-Day Creative Fasting and Prayer In February 2022

When you have a prophet who is spiritually awake, things will go well for you in the spiritual and physical realm.

E-Dey Work Catholic Ministry engaged in 7 days creative fasting and prayer. A fasting and prayer, so powerful and spirit filled, a wonderful spiritual activity that has changed the life of all who participated for good, making the light and rest of God dwell within and all round our lives.

Well, the fasting didn't end just like that;


Each person who came for the end of the fasting program, came with food in excess.

Our prophet Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere sdv humbly shared food to all, who ate to satisfaction.

Believe me, it is heavenly when you eat a food shared by a prophet of God.

Hope you didn't miss the love feast.


Rev Fr Magnus Ebere Messages


Biblically mercy is to have mercy on someone

Mercy means compassion

Mercy means kindness to people

Mercy has something to do with forgiveness, as a child of God if someone offends you, you can scold the person but never you think or plan evil against the person, on pouring out how hurt you felt, immediately you forgive and forget. 

To be merciful means withholding punishment despite how hurt you are. Wherever mercy is, forgiveness is there. If God look at our sin, no one is worthy to stand before God. 

The God we are serving is a God of mercy as in Micah 7:18-19. God’s anger does not last, also in Deut 4:31, psalm 86:5, Ephesian 2:4-5, James 3:17, Any man who is partial in life is a wicked person, thereby scolding some persons and not scolding other when they do wrong, that, is a wicked act which is not an act of mercy.

James 5:11, Exodus 34:6-7. A man that is merciful can be angry with you, but has no bad intention against you, when the anger calms down, love will erupt again. Never allow your anger to wicked or wound someone, Our God is slow to anger and abounding in love. A child of God has a supreme call to be merciful. Luke 6:35-36.


1. Love

2. Spiritual superiority mentality (SSM): physical superiority mentality is doing everything physical to suppress someone, but as a SSM you always overlook what someone does to you, ignoring every evil and offensive word thrown to you in order to maintain peace. One who is good in causing quarrel is not the strongest, but there are powerful silent weapon from those who ignore or prevent quarrels .

3. Consideration: be considerate, two persons don’t think or reason alike, don’t judge people based on your own level. Consider people, because the way you see or think of something is not the way they do it. Don’t be selfish or judge people according to your own mindset.


1. Mercy from God, if you show others mercy God will show you mercy. Matthew 5:7

2. Being merciful to others turns misfortune to fortune, it turns bad luck to good luck. Job 42:10-13. When Job showed mercy to his friends, he moved from bad luck to good luck, from misfortune to fortune. 


1. Forgive yourself

2. Forgive your neighbor

3. Ask others to forgive you



For you to be financially independence you need these four keys in your life:

1. Prayer: Matthew 7:7 (ask, you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock the door will be opened for you. Any door of wealth in your village or life is opened now for you.

2. Transform your mindset financially: transform your mindset from poverty state to the wealth state. Romans 12:2. Renew your mind to being wealthy and financially independence. Proverb 23:7. Think wealth. Until your mind is renewed your state of finance will not change.

3. Be at peace with the God of wealth: This is actualize when you stop any sinful lifestyle that annoys God. Psalm 37:4, Deuteronomy 8:18.

4. Always go for God’s presence, because in His presence, financial independence is present. Psalm 23:1-5, Luke 5:1-7





We have transited from a new day to a new season.

Never you expect that disappoint in your life again, because it is no longer there. Anytime we talk about entry to a new season, it means your old season is over. God has created a new season where you will feature from now. Note: Whatever you are looking for, if you can define it, you can find it.


1. A new season is a time when God refreshes His people and turn their life around for good. The time a child of God will stand and sing a song of joy. 

2. It is a time, God opens a new chapter of breakthrough, promotion, favor, blessing etc. in your life.

3. A new season is a time when one is transferred supernaturally from the old to new.

This is a restoration program and restoration is all about showcasing the lost item in the past to the future. When the season of restoration comes, the season of frustration will end.

God is not going to restore you only for today, but you have entered into a season of restoration, where restoration shall continued until everything is fully restored. The life we are living is segmented into time and season, Eccl 3:1-3. So there is always a time for everything, a time of old season and a time for new season.

Joel 2:23-26, in the old season there was lack, but in the new season, there is no lack but there is plenty. Shame was in your old season, but in your new season, you will see glory etc. Anytime you enter the new season, there must be changes.

Isaiah 43:18-19 states forget the formal thing, do not dwell in the past, and see I am doing a new thing.


1. Renewal of mindset: The entrance into new season, begins not in heaven, church, prayer sessions, or your friends, but it begins in your mind. To enter into a new season begins in the mind, there is plan for new season in heaven for you. It is not God that will establish the new season for you, but it is you that will establish it in your mind. If you demand for it, it will be granted. Proverb 23:7.

Romans 12:2 change the way you think, let there be transformation, new things in your mind. If your mind is renewed, there will be approval of goodness in your life. If new season can be in your mind, it will reflect in your life. Everything begins in the mind, devil fears your mindset, so anything you desired in your mind and stand to it, no devil can stop you. God can never stop what you have conceived in your mind. So your mind is a strong asset to what you are and what you will become. There is power in your mind, your mind is the compass of your life, and it is the transport system of your life. Don’t think old thing or, where you will buy old things, rather see yourself that the delay, struggles is over Gen 11:10, Luke 15:15-24.

When the prodigal son made up his mind to go to his father, when he set out, he actualized his goal and moves from struggles and hunger to a new season of enjoyment and celebration. He, making the move, first came to his mind before it went to his legs. Whatever you have conceived in your mind, will be impossible for anyone to stop. You don’t pray to enter into your new session but you walk into it through your mindset

2. Dwelling in Christ: if you dwell in Christ, there will be no crises in your life. Anywhere there is crisis, there is no Christ there. The way of Jesus Christ is the new way. When Jesus came to earth, we migrated from old to New Testament. 2 Corinthians 5:17. 

Matthew 11:28, if you dwell in Christ, you will be a true image of Jesus

Restoration simply means restoring to a good state or thing that was lost. 1 peter 5:10, acts 3:22. Restoration is the will of God for every child of God. 2 Corinthians 13:9, 2 Corinthians 13:11

1. God restores health, Jeremiah 30:17, God will restore you to health and will heal your wound. 

2. God restores joy. Psalm 51:12

3. God restores those displaced from their position, Amos 9:14. God had restored back to your position

4. God restores prosperity and wealth, job 1:3, job 42:10-12, Isaiah 61:7

5. The God we serve restores lost years. Joel 2:25-26

God will restored all you have lost.


16TH JAN. 2022


Isaiah 49:15, God will not forsake us as a mother can never forsake her sucking child. Even when a mother forsakes her child, God will never forsake us, Joshua 21:45, 23:14. 

God never fail in His promise. Not one of the promises, God had made to the house of Israel failed. Genesis 28:15 illustrated God’s love and promise for His children. No matter the challenges and problems of life, God will never forsake you, God has not forsaken you, no matter the ups and downs in your life. 

In Deut. 31:6, God encourage us to be strong and courageous, for Him, our God, goes with us and never forsake us. Jesus promised us of His ever abiding presence in our life and destiny, and that promise of His presence is still speaking today in our lives Matthew 28:19-20. 

Never have the consciousness that God is not with you, because anytime you have the consciousness that God is not with you, that is when the devil will strike. Your sin can never chase God’s presence away from you, even on the bed of sin, (fornication) God is always there with you to see if you will change for good. So you must always have it in your conscious state that God’s presence is with you always. Your sin can scare God away, by making God a little bit far from you and Him, watching you from afar, but God’s presence will never depart from you. 

God is always with us. God is our father and He is always with us, God can never surrender us to the devil, He can never forsake or abandon us no matter how we offend Him with our sin.



 23RD JANUARY 2022



God will never forsake you, no matter what you are facing in life or the sin you have committed. The God we serve is bigger than your offend, sins or wrong doing, God never forsake so God will not see your sin and change. 

Psalm 27:10 states though your father and mother may forsake you, the Lord will receive you. 

There are some personalities in the bible whom people concluded God had forsaken, but God proved His presence.

1. Job: Job 1:13-20, The devil tried Job by destroying all he owns including his family, but in Job 2:6-10, God told the devil as you tempt Job never lay hand on his life, this donates that God had never forsaken him. 

In the midst of calamity, God was with Job. But people around said to Job that God had forsaken him including his wife. Job stood firm in God, because he knew God had never and will not forsake him.

In Job 19:21 Job surprised all, by declaring “I KNOW THAT MY REDEMEER LIVETH”… God can never and will not forsake you. 

Job 42:10-15, after Job had prayed for his friend, the Lord made him prosperous again twice as much as he had before, God blessed the latter part of Job. Learn to pray for others even when what you are praying to God to grant another is what you need. When God see this, He will know that you still trust Him and this will cause God to settle your own desire faster and in double fords.

Never say what people are saying about your life. People may conclude, God had forsaken you, don’t join them to say the same. Job in the midst of the negativity around him, never deny God and this caused God not to forsake him. Never you deny God, no matter the struggle and challenges you are facing. Never lose hope as Job never loss hope.

2. The three Hebrew men Shedrach Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3:13-28)

Nebuchadnezzar was furious because the 3 Hebrew men refused to obey his order of bowing to the image of gold he set up. 

Nebuchadnezzar asked them to bow again, but Shedrach Meshach and Abednego stood firm in God saying they will never bow to the image. This caused Nebuchadnezzar to give an order for the fire to be heated 7x and the three Hebrew men tie and thrown into the burning furnace. For men, they think God had abandon them, but God proof His presence with them in the fire. This caused all, in the kingdom including the king to bow and worship the Almighty God, the God of Shedrach Meshach and Abednego.

Have it in mind, today and always that God is always with you and had never forsaken, so never deny God, no matter the negative utterance from people due to the challenges you are facing.

Testimonies About Rev Fr Magnus Ebere Ministries


In August 2021, I received a prophetic call from the servant of God, Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere SDV and he declared to me that, if he is called by God as a Roman Catholic Priest that I must get that which I sought from God. Prior to the call I have been asking God to grant my son admission in FUTO. Afterwards, in fulfilment of the Prophecy, my son received a message from FUTO that he has been granted admission to study Building Technology.

Again, I received another Prophetic call where my Prophet declared that God will do something good in my family and as people congratulate me, another greater thing will happen which I claimed with a laudable Amen. To the Glory of God my daughter got gloriously married on the 5th of February 2022, which has been my earnest desire. E DEY WORK O!









On one fateful night in 2021, I dreamt where I was at the center of a house with a little baby and heavy fire came to consume us. I called upon the God of my Prophet, Rev Fr. Dr. Magnus Ebere SDV to intervene, immediately, my Prophet appeared and quenched the fire, in that dream. However, the fire outbreak manifested physically in my house, through the candle my husband used for prayers, one night, but because my Prophet has earlier quenched the fire in the spiritual realm, the fire disaster was averted and our lives and properties were divinely preserved.

More so, on 4th January 2022, I received a prophetic call from the my prophet where he declared to me that there’s a good thing that will happen to me which my enemies will join me and celebrate. As God would have it, 2 days later, my husband bought me a brand new car and also bought a piece of land.










My First son sold the land I bought with my gratuity money without my consent. When I realized it, as an ardent follower in this great Ministry I tabled the case to God of E dey work for his intervention. On 10th February 2021, my son’s wife further planned to poison me through food. But her plan failed due to the unexpected Prophetic call I received unexpectedly from the mouth piece of God Rev Fr Dr Magnus Ebere SDV, immediately I finished eating the food and he declared to me that the planned death against me will not kill me. To the Glory of God it happened as he declared, I am alive in the land of living.

Secondly, during a program last year, my Prophet told us to bring the name of our loved one, we want God to Bless. I did as he instructed, I wrote the name of my son who resides in South African and has not been doing well. To the Praise of God, after my Prophet’s fervent prayer over the names, things turned around so well for my Son, to the extent that he bought a house where he now lives. 

Lastly, after the Prophetic declarations by the mouth piece of God that 2021 Christmas will be the best in our families, which I claimed with strong faith. In fulfilment of the declarations my 3rd daughter and her husband surprised me with lots of gifts including a big Generator Set.









4 Edith Ibewuike • Aug 5, 2019 

Today I sat down to reflect how I escaped death on Saturday even as the car I was in it was riddled with bullets, just wanna use this medium to let all and sundry who wish to know that I belong to Canna land Adoration Ministry Umuoma Onicha Mbaise a.k.a( Edey work). Honestly since I joined this Catholic ministry, it has been testimonies upon testimonies. From Rev Fr Magnus Ebere I came to realize that power pass power. The blessed oil, the sand and any sacramental you can lay your hand on gives you a stunning testimony. The world would have been thrown into mourning losing me. What about my beautiful children you can imagine their fate! Thank you JESUS, honour to MARY. 

Imo Catholic Priest, Rev Fr Magnus Ebere, Sponsors Wedding of 117 Couples In One Day (By The Sun 2018)

Spends N3.5 million

A popular Catholic priest from Mbaise, Imo State, on April 21, 2018, made history at St Peters Catholic Church, Oparadim, Ahiazu Mbaise, when he sponsored and wedded 117 couples in one day.

The priest at the centre of the heartwarming historic moment, who is the Spiritual Director of Canaanland Adoration Ministries, popularly known as E-Dey Work Catholic Centre, located at Km 10, Nnewi-Nnobi Bypass, Nnobi, Anambra State, Rev Fr Magnus Ebere SDV, achieved the feat he tagged ‘Glorious Wedding’ at the Catholic church in his home town which also hosts a branch of the prayer ministry.

Some of the guests testified that it was the first time they had witnessed such a large wedding ceremony, during which several couples exchanged marital vows.

Rev Fr Ebere, who officiated at the mass wedding was assisted by seven other Catholic priests in performing the holy matrimony, said he was motivated to sponsor the largest wedding ever held in the Igbo land because of the fact that couples who lived together as husbands and wives without proper wedlock were living in sin.

The priest said it took him about N3.5 million to sponsor the wedding where three cows were slaughtered for entertainment with free wedding gowns, free reception and every other thing free.

“People came from far and near, from all over Nigeria to witness the event. You know some people have lived as couples for many years but could not tie the nuptial knots either for the reason of poverty or some other reasons outside finance, which I think should not be reasonable enough for the couples to continue to live in sin.

“We are called as priests to sanctify the world and for us to do that, we must begin from the family level because the world began from the family. With this wedding, we have been able to rescue 117 couples from sinful living as far as the marriage institution is concerned,” Fr Ebere said.

The priest said he believed that the church is the last hope of the people “and failure of the church in its duty is failure of the whole world.” He explained that everybody was aware of the economic hardship many families are experiencing today, noting that the couples who benefited from the gesture could use the money they would have spent on wedding to do some other thing to benefit their individual families.

“E-Dey Work, as he is popularly known within and outside Anambra State is a fiery priest, whose escapades in the spiritual world have led to his being used as a vessel by the Holy Spirit to perform miracles reminiscent of the miracles of Jesus Christ,” a member of the ministries told The Sun.

Emeka Justin Okwuka Blasts Rev Fr Magnus Ebere

Of Recent, the Mother Church is being reactionary instead of being proactive.

Many priests of the Church are bringing shame to the Holy Catholic Church with their utterances and sheer bigotry some of them showcase during homily.

Stories has been told about Rev. Fr Magnus Ebere a.k.a E Dey Work and his unconventional method of worship before now. It took this video where Fr "E Dey Work" was reacting to Fr James Anelu, the Parish priest of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Lagos state that banned Igbo songs from being sang in his Parish for Onitsha Archdiocese to act.

Watch this video, how did this priest became a Catholic Priest?

The controversial utterances made by Rev. Fr Cajethan Obiekezie days to Anambra governorship election is still very fresh in our mind which Awka Diocese only reacted to.

I think most of our priests needs re orientation before they pile more shame to the Holy Catholic Church.

King Onwuatuegwu Chidiebere Defends Rev Fr Magnus Ebere

What is The Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha smoking on Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere, SDV?

Since when did Fr. Magnus Ebere became a problem to the diocese?

Out of numerous issues hovering around the diocese including abusive and promiscuos priests, how many has the diocese laid to bed or publicly addressed?

This is an example of misplaced priority. This diocese should stop chasing shadows and propaganding to face the current realities of the modern church.

The mother church in Nigeria/Africa is in dire need of revolutionary priests like Fr. Magnus Ebere. Truth they say is bitter.

The teachings of Fr. Magnus Ebere which the memo referenced were that same truths the firm/institution hided from the faithful from the very beginning.

I wondered what else on the table is left to be achieved with the current system/teachings of the church in Nigeria/Africa that has proven overtime counterproductive.

It is time the church in Nigeria/Africa embrace change entirely and move to the next level.


The lingering issues and controversies between Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere, codenamed E De Work and the Catholic Church is gradually becoming age long. Where the differences will culminate is still in the womb of time. At intervals, echoes and cacophony from E De Work 'Church' become sources of worry for the actual Church because of existing discrepancies in liturgy and mode of worship. While the Catholic Church has remained orthodox, Fr Magnus Church has largely been Liberal with interdenomination prints. At the base of this controversy is the difficulty either in identifying E De Work as an incorporation of its own or a subsidiary with the Catholic Church as the parent company.

The latest element of this mischief and banter is the recent hard knock and sledgehammer issued by the Archbishop of Onitsha, Valerian Okeke to further disassociate his Archdiocese from the activities of the wonder priest. I do not want to open another route of logic to this because Onitsha Archdiocese is also a nursery ground for Catholic healing merchandise, a trade starring firebrands like Fr. Ebube Muonso and Fr. Òku na Ere Ere. The rest here is for tomorow. However, the archbishop's letter is one among many as the various letters written in reference to Fr Magnus is enough to form a Newer Testament. Those of us who were at Obokwu Obizi Mbaise on the first day E De Work berthed, we winked our eyes northwards, knowing that the charade will grow into a cancer in the body of the Church. From Nnobi bypass in Nnewi, to Obizi, down to Umuoma Onitsha, today, the ministry is not just a cancer, it has become a threatening disease to the life of the Catholic Church. 

Who is to blame? Fr Magnus blame is clear, but a huge part of the blame hovers over the surface of the Church. The lack of administrative skill and native intelligence in stamping action on the makeshift and quasi Church led to its proliferation. The cleric was pampered to grow the current teeth with which he bites the Church today. From Ahiara Diocese to provincial structure, NOTHING practically was done to tame the excesses of the group. There is no doubt that if Bishop Victor Chikwe was to be alive today, this ministery would not have seen light. But today, the ministry has built both human and social structures. Socially, high rising buildings, land ownership, investments have been built. On human formation, the ministry can boast of a battery of empty Christians whose sensibilities have been mortgaged. So, how does the Church think the priest will abandon these structures to fall back to normalcy? To be blunt, two things are involved. The Church and well meaning Christians should persuade the cleric to officially leave the Catholic Church and situate himself properly or the Church should dust up to intensify her struggle with the splinter group. 


Dan Ugwu

Catholic Legionary


SOURCE Thefamousnaija

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