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Latest Instagram Photos: Adelana Adekunle aka Oba Solomon Agbaye Bio, Wikipedia, Married, Children, Family, House, Cars, State Of Origin, Arrest, Phone Number, Dead Or Alive, Education, Parents, Height, Birthday, Messages, Prophecies, Preachings, Church Address Location Contact, Pastor, Comedy, Prophet Oba Solomon Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Videos On YouTube

History Of (Oba Solomon) Adelana Adekunle: Everything To Know About Pastor Prophet Oba Solomon Profile, Wife, Church, Family, Comedian, Children, Arrest, Prophecies, Preachings, Messages, Comedy, Marriage, Girlfriend, Wedding, Oba Solomon Mp3 Download Oba Solomon Music, Songs

Who Is Oba Solomon?

Oba Solomon Agbaye whose real name is Adelana Adekunle Solomon (born 5 May 1987) is a Nigerian Prophet at Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Zion, Social Media Pastor, YouTuber and Instagram, Facebook Comedian.

Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon popularly known as Oba Solomon aka King Solomon is a controversial Nigerian born Instagram cleric who is known for his hilarious and controversial preachings, messages and prophecies.

Oba Solomon is a controversial Nigerian pastor at the Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Zion which is located at Oke Igbala, in the Lekki area of Lagos State.

Oba Solomon Agbaye became more popular after the police invited him over to their station in Lagos over his prophecies about Bola Tinubu and the 2023 General elections in Nigeria.

Photos of Oba Solomon (Pastor, Prophet)
Pictures of Oba Solomon Agbaye

Adelana Adekunle: Oba Solomon Agbaye Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Oba Solomon Agbaye

Nickname: King Solomon

Real Name: Adelana Adekunle

Full Name: Adelana Adekunle Solomon

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Hometown: Ibeju - Lekki, Lagos

Tribe: Yoruba

Date Of Birth: 5 May 1987

Birthday: 5 May

Age: 35 Years Old (In 2022)

Occupation, Career: Prophet, Comedian, YouTuber

Net Worth: $350,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦192,500,000

Height: 6"0 Feet Tall

Religion: Christianity (Christian)

Church: Cherubim & Seraphim Church Of Zion Church Address, Location: Oke Igbala, Ise Town, Ibeju Lekki Lagos State

Girlfriend: Instagram Slay Queens

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Spouse, Wife: Iya Abigail

Children, Child: 2

Daughter: Abigail

Parents: Mr and Mrs Adelana

Father: Mr Adelana

Mother: Mrs Adelana

YouTube: Channel Name Is King Solomon

Phone Number: 08134276756

Email Address: [email protected]

Facebook Page: Otito Oro Olorun by King Solomon

Facebook Account: Adelana Adekunle

Instagram: oba_solomon_agbaye_1

Full Biography Of Oba Solomon (Adelana Adekunle Solomon Aka King Solomon)

Oba Solomon Pictures

Adelana Adekunle: Oba Solomon Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Church, Videos, Arrest, Controversies, Prophecies, Messages

Who Is Adelana Adekunle Solomon?

Biography, Wikipedia: Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon Agbaye is a Nigerian born Pastor, Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Zion Prophet, Social Media Comedian who is also known as King Solomon.

Oba Solomon is a staunch critic of religious beliefs, Nigerian government and the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Adelana Adekunle is a prophet who criticises pastors, imams and traditional priests, saying they do not follow their holy books.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Church Name, Pictures, Location, Address

Oba Solomon Church Name: What Is The Name of Oba Solomon Church? Oba Solomon Agbaye Church name is C&S Church of Zion.

Picture of Oba Solomon and His Wife In His Church

Pictures of Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon Agbaye Church in Lagos

Oba Solomon Church Photos

Oba Solomon Church Location, Address: Where is Oba Solomon Church located? Oba Solomon C&S Church of Zion is located at Oke lgbala, Ise Town, Ibeju, Lekki, Lagos State.

Pastor: Is Oba Solomon a pastor? Yes, Oba Solomon Agbaye is a pastor and Prophet at a white garment church in Lagos.

Oba Solomon is the pastor of Cherubim & Seraphim Church of Zion Oke lgbala, Lagos state.

Comedian: Is Oba Solomon a comedian? Yes, Oba Solomon Agbaye is also a comedian who posts comedy videos on his Instagram and Facebook accounts and pages.

Osinwin Eniyan: Oba Solomon is the brain behind the trending phrase “osinwin eniyan” meaning a “crazy person” in English language. 

Oba Solomon Prophecies, Messages: Oba Solomon Agbaye's sermons and prophesies are often hilarious and controversial.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Videos: Oba Solomon Agbaye has hundreds of videos on his Instagram page where he criticised the Nigerian government, religious beliefs and political parties.

Oba Solomon Foundation: Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon Agbaye has a foundation for kids aimed at providing shelter, food, education, Medicare for children who are from less privileged homes.

Oba Solomon Foundation believes in "WHOEVER IS KIND TO THE POOR LENDS TO THE LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done."

Oba Solomon Vs Ifalere Plagiarism Case

Oba Solomon Agbaye Arrested: Oba Solomon was arrested in 2021 over Odu IFA's Book Palaver.

An Ibadan-based spiritualist known as Ifalere had dragged Oba Solomon Agbaye to Bayeku police station for alleged plagiarism of his Odu Ifa"s book and demanding for ₦5 million.

The matter had since been resolved and undisclosed source revealed that Oba Solomon paid ₦1 Million compensation before he was left off the hook. The source added that they ganged up to frustrate him for saying the truth.

Oba Solomon Adekunle Adelana after regaining freedom, said he won't relent in saying the truth.

Oba Solomon And Bola Tinubu (Prophecy)

Oba Solomon Agbaye had released a Prophecy about Bola Ahmed Tinubu ahead of the 2023 Presidential Election in Nigeria.

Oba Solomon message and prophecies criticising the National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu had gone viral. Adelana Adekunle Solomon had said that Tinubu would never be Nigerian President.

The former Lagos governor, Tinubu, had recently declared his intention to run for the country’s president in 2023.

Reacting to Tinubu's declaration to contest for president in 2023, Oba Solomon said:

If I am a true Prophet of God, Tinubu will not become the President of Nigeria and he becomes the President, he will not spend 4 years before he will die,” the cleric had said in a viral video.

Police To Arrest Oba Solomon Agbaye For Prophesying Tinubu Won’t Be President Of Nigeria (Letter)

The Nigeria Police Force has invited Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon, popularly known as Oba Solomon, for questioning after he shared a video prophesying about Tinubu's death if he eventually wins the Presidential Election and becomes the President of Nigeria.

In a letter spotted by Thefamousnaija on Oba Solomon's Facebook and Instagram pages, the police said the cleric, Oba Solomon Agbaye, known for his controversial preaching on social media was invited over a petition against him.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Letter Of Petition, Invitation From Police (Full Letter, Picture & Details)

The petition letter against Oba Solomon reads:

Date: 27/01/2022 

Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon (a.k.a Oba Solomon) C&S Church of Zion Oke lgbala, 

Ise Town, Ibeju, Lekki, Lagos State


This office is investigating a matter reported to the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos. 

2. In order to facilitate investigation, you are requested to report to the office in-charge of Zonal Complaint Response Unit, CSP Olukode Taofiki with GSM No. 08063250810 on 2nd February, 2022 by 1000hrs.

3. Please, be informed that this is a fact-finding exercise in the interest of justice and fairness. 

4. Accept the assurances and warm regards of the Assistant Inspector-General of PA Headquarters, Onikan, Lagos.

Oba Solomon And President Buhari: I Need To See President Buhari - Oba Solomon Cries Out!

Oba Solomon Agbaye had in 2021 cried out severally on Facebook that he wanted to see, meet President Buhari. But he couldn't. He had made posts such as:

"If you don't allow me to see buhari b4 7 days you never see any tin in Nigeria."


"Pls let me see presdent buhari pls remember David that is a small boy like me remember Joseph is a boy like me but God uses them for all nation pls let' me see buhari."


Adelana Adekunle: Oba Solomon Speaks About Boko Haram, Sunday Igboho, MC Oluomo, Tinubu, Olusegun Obasanjo

"If really Nigeria Government does not know anything about Book Haram and we really want peace in Nigeria they should allow me to deliver the message God send me to many people in Nigeria like President Buhari, Olusegun Obasanjo, Bola Hamed Tinubu, MC Oluomo and Oloye Sunday lgboho,. I promise you if the message was deliver to them within a year Nigeria wouldn't be the same again."

Oba Solomon Agbaye Message To Esther Ajayi

Oba Solomon said he had a message for Rev Mother, Esther Ajayi, a white garment Prophetess.

"The Lord sent me to our mother Esther Ajayi, the Lord told me to tell you that the time you want to go to the place where the elders are going, it is near the house of the Lord, I told you that before that time comes, the Lord said that GO TO ILORIN TOWN IN KUARA STATE AND BUILD A BIG CHURCH THERE AND CALL THE NAME OF THE CHURCH (CHURCH OF GOD THE MOST MERCIFUL TO ALL REPENTANTS) GOD WANTS TO USE THAT CHURCH TO FULFILL A POWERFUL PROMISE. Is it in florin town, this is the Lord's completion of your work, may the peace of the Lord give me the opportunity to tell you that you must build this church before you go back to the river, whether you like it or not. I PRAY FOR YOU IN JESUS NAME THAT THE LORD WILL GIVE YOU THE HEART AND POWER TO FULFILL THE PROMISE OF THE LORD JESUS OUR LORD AMEN, I AM YOURS TRUE PROPHET ADELANA ADEKUNLE SOLOMON AKA TALOFEKU BABA AGBA B4, BUT NOW AKA KING SOLOMON FOR ALL NATION THANKS MA."

Oba Solomon Agbaye And Prophet TB Joshua

Oba Solomon Dream About TB Joshua: Oba Solomon claims he had a dream about the late Prophet TB Joshua and that he got a message from the late Founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations.

Oba Solomon wrote on his Facebook:

"Good morning sir/ma, today is 25/6/2021

TB JOSHUA sent me to the whole world, this 4: 40am I woke from the dream, before I narrate dream,

My name is Adelana Adekunle Solomon

From ibeju lekki Lagos, my father is from lagos state, my mother is from ondo State.

Here is the dream. When I slept in the night I dreamt that a hand carried me and threw me in the moon I met myself in the heaven I saw a king and his face was covered he sat on a chair and uncountable angel were standing at his back, there was a crown on his head, the king called me from the midst of people and said Adelana Adekunle Solomon then I said Sir, he said can I do according to my name? To make way for many people, I said I will.

He now tell people to move away from his front and his face was uncovered and the face turn to TB JOSHUAS face, he called me again, he said do I know that I have small church I said yes, do I know that he has so many pastors that are rich? I said yes, do I know that am pastoring a church that is built with bamboo I said yes, he said he wants to send me a message that I must deliver. I said sir I don't know anybody am poor, how can I know the people? How can I reach them, he said when time comes that the Lord will teach, that I should the whole world, the wife and the church as a whole, he sent me a message to the wife that I must tell the wife, the one for the church and for the whole world, but the one for the wife I should tell her privately and if the wife tell me to to say in public that I should follow what the woman says, that I should deliver church message to his members, but the one he wants to send to the world, he said before he will tell me that he's going to do something then he left his chair and knelt down before me, but as he knelt down with the crown I wanted to do so but he rebuked me that I should not border, he pleaded again to me and mentioned my name, that I should go to the world and tell them, that if truely they love him, if truely they are appreciative, if truely they l.."

Celestial, Cherubim & Seraphim Follows Yoruba god, Obatala Doctrine – Oba Solomon

Controversial prophet, Oba Solomon had stated that, Celestial CCC, Cherubim & Seraphim, Church Of Zion & other White grament Churches are from Ọbatala an Irumọlẹ of the Yoruba pantheon.

Oba Solomon had said in a video:

"All the mountain top you people are is just to deceive yourself, there is only one Apoti Eri (The art of God).

The bible confirms it that there is only one Apoti Eri (The art of God) not two. The ones the churches carry around are fake."

"I am not your forefather’s mate, I have the right to wear white cloth anyhow how I like, If am to create Obatala and Orunmila religion, this is the outfit I will use, I will sing heavenly song."

He further said: "Obatala comes from the heaven directly unlike Jesus and other prophets, they all have mother and father."

"The cherubim & Seraphim worship Obatala not Jesus, Any white garment church member belongs to Obatala not Orimolade."

Oba Solomon Criticized Over His Obatala Message

Facebook users blasted Oba Solomon Agbaye over his controversial Obatala message. Here are some picked by Thefamousnaija:

Sanni Opeyemi: "What a minute, is this man a pastor or prophet cuz I always see his videos call with different women doing rubbish

God is so patient for us"

Abegunde Ademola: "How can you believe what a nuisance who opens his manhood to ladies on social media."

Omotoyosi Arinola: "There's two types of Solomon one that's wise and dis one wan no get sense and brain"

Tiwo: "I wonder how aunty kemi olunloyo will still remain single wen we have osiwin pastor available. Craze jam craze ni. D two of dem will sinwin togeda"

Daniel Ayodele: "A 240 year old man in a spiritual Realm and 34 year old on Earth.....Madness is real Sir"

Okikiola: "So this man really get church he's controlling. Oh jesus"

Akinleye: "This is how people ask for God's wrath, by trying to destroy other people's prestige and believe. That is the preaching that God asked him to do??????? Just let him continue."

Olatubora Femi Defending Oba Solomon on Facebook says: "Oba Solomon we never say anything without fact.... If you are confused... Send him massage or join him in his live chat....."

Oba Solomon Agbaye Education, School:

Schools attended by Oba Solomon Agbaye are not available.

Oba Solomon doesn't appear to be a graduate.

Oba Solomon Real Name: What is Oba Solomon real name? Oba Solomon Agbaye real name is Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka King Solomon.

State Of Origin: Oba Solomon Agbaye is from which State? Oba Solomon agbaye is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Oba Solomon from? Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon hails from Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Oba Solomon is Yoruba by tribe.

He often speaks Yoruba in his videos than English language.

Oba Solomon Agbaye father is from lagos state while his my mother is from Ondo State.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Oba Solomon Agbaye was born on 5 May 1987.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Real Age: How old is Oba Solomon? Oba Solomon Agbaye is currently 34 years old. 

Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon will turn 35 years old on 5th May 2022 when he will celebrate his birthday.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Oba Solomon Agbaye was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Adelana, who are his parents in Ibeju Lekki Lagos.

Oba Solomon Agbaye's Parents: Oba Solomon's father is from Lagos state, while his mother is from Ondo State, Nigeria. His parents are both Yoruba.

Oba Solomon Agbaye has other siblings sisters and brothers.

Oba Solomon Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Oba Oba Solomon Agbaye married? Yes, Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon is married to his wife with kids.

Picture of Oba Solomon Wife

Photos of Oba Solomon Agbaye and his wife

Oba Solomon Agbaye Wife: Who Is Oba Solomon wife? Oba Solomon Agbaye wife is Iya Abigail, the mother of his daughter, Abigail who is also a member of his white garment church.

Pictures of Oba Solomon Agbaye wife

Photos of Wife of Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon

Oba Solomon wife, Iya Abigail was born on 18 September.

Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon Oba Solomon posted pictures of his wife on his Instagram page and Facebook account to celebrate his wife's birthday and wrote:


Oba Solomon wants to marry another wife. He posted a fine lady's picture and says he needs her as another wife. He may be joking though.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Children, Child, Daughter, Son: Oba Solomon has two children. The name of Oba Solomon first child and daughter is Abigail.

Pictures of Oba Solomon Agbaye wife and children

Oba Solomon Agbaye Family Pictures With Wife and Child - His Baby Girl

Photos of Pastor Oba Solomon Wife And Daughter
Meet Oba Solomon Daughter, Abigail

Oba Solomon Girlfriend: Oba Solomon Agbaye flirts with celebrities and Instagram slay Queens on social media.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Live: Oba Solomon often goes live on Facebook and Instagram to interact with his fans, celebrities, personalities.

Oba Solomon had gone live with Small Doctor, Eniola Badmus, Muslim Alfa Saheed Shittu, among others.

Oba Solomon and Eniola Badmus

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus granted an interview to Oba Solomon Agbaye on Instagram live video.

Eniola Badmus wanted to know Oba Solomon's source of income.

Oba Solomon and Alfa Saheed Shittu (Muslim) 

Ireland Based Islamic Cleric, Alfa Saheed Shittu threw his support behind Oba Solomoni on the Claim “It Is Not Written In The Holy Quran That Muslims Should Pray Five Times A Day”.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Net Worth 2022, 2021

How much is Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon Worth?

Oba Solomon Agbaye net worth is about 350,000 US Dollars.

Oba Solomon Agbaye House and Cars

Oba Solomon lives in Lagos and drives his own car. He also bought a car for his wife.

Oba Solomon Dead Or Alive: Is Oba Solomon dead? No, Oba Solomon Agbaye is not dead but alive.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Phone Number, Contact WhatsApp: 08134276756.

Oba Solomon Agbaye Facebook: Oba Solomon Facebook account Name is Adelana Adekunle while his Facebook page profile name is Otito Oro Olorun by King Solomon.

Oba Solomon Instagram: Oba Solomon Agbaye Instagram page Account Profile Handle oba_solomon_agbaye_1. Oba Solomon currently has 216k followers on Instagram as at the time of writing this article.

Azeez Ademola On Oba Solomon

Facebook user, Azeez Ademola has this to say about Pastor Oba Solomon:

"This guy Oba Solomon Agbaye is never the problem as far as I'm concerned, but those who still engage him. If you yet argue with him after watching the video below, you are more insane than he is.

He claimed God had sexual intercourse physically with Mary,and it was an angel who spread the bed ,held onto her legs while she was being slept with by G....What else does one need to establish the state of madness of such a horrible being???

It can never be worse than this. Continue engaging him and be regarded as his fellow in madness."

In another post he wrote:

"Sincerely speaking, whoever is dragging religious issues with Oba Solomon Agbaye is the sick one😂😂😂. Only a moron like Ustaz Jamiu Adegunwawill debate him. 

This is a master jalujapo of religions, he is the Alfa, the pastor and the Ifa priest, all in one 😂😂😂. The osinwin eniyan himself who discuses religions in a minute,and in the next minute he is engaging in immoral talks. 

Funny enough, Nigeria is a democratic society that allows anyone to claim whatever he or she so wishes. I was amazed when I saw how some individuals were warning him to desist from what he is doing. Take him to court na😂😂. Abegi!!

Solomon is just catching cruise, why should you catch unnecessary headache because of him?? Does he even look like Nigerian problems to you??"

Oba Solomon, Mummy G.O And Alhaja Kaola By Azeez Ademola

"The 3 leading Osinwin eniyan, as far as religion is concerned in Nigeria of today.

Mummy G.O as claimed had tasted her boyfriend’s cucumber severally,but miraculously returned virgin when she became a born-again. According to our mummy if you watch or play football you are going to hell straight😂😂😂😂.

Alhaja Kaola of KAOLA TV is another special Osinwin who can tell the size of a man’s joy stick by mere looking at his foot. Only men who had crossed her way can explain how sexually active mama can be. Her latest lie is the claim that portable got her popular ‘’Zaazu zeh’’ from the Quran. I think mama is planning to produce her own version of the Quran. Aunty Kaola ti n sinwin.

If we ain’t going to deceive ourselves,there is no other man that can best manage these two osinwin mamas,other than the most retarded being, Oba Solomon Agbaye ,the osinwin agbaye himself. 😂😂😂"

Kehinde Odesola Wants Oba Solomon Banned, Tells CAN

Facebook user Soul Food Embassy shared Kehinde Odesola's post calling on CAN to ban Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon aka Oba Solomon.

"WHO IS THIS MAN polluting the body of Christ?. I will try not to be abusive or emotional about this but... 

Baba Who are you? Are you a Christian, Muslim, or Babalawo? Oh! You call yourself Oba Solomoni, please who crowned you sir?. Do you call yourself a pastor? I'm sorry but who called you to ministry?. When? How? Where? Because no one can truly be in Christ and be this pervert. I don't know why you do this, maybe because of ignorance or to be famous. But for whatever reason you may have, you need to stop and repent before it's too late or remove the "pastor" tag. I'm talking to you sir Otito oro Olorun by king Solomon 

You alone sleep around with women who aren't your wife and also encourage people to do the same. You even have the gut to go online to promote adultery and fornication shamelessly. Haba! If you don't fear Sexually Transmitted Infections (STi) don't you fear God? At least pity the innocent minds you are feeding with your heresies. You alone promote the use of juju. How can you be a pastor? HOW? Do you even know who a pastor is? 

I HEREBY CALL ON THE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (CAN) and the body of Christ to pls look into this before it's too late. I don't why he does this but he needs to be sanctioned. It is getting out of hand. Christian Association of Nigeria-CAN Rev Dr Supo Ayokunle 

I have spoken 

© Kehinde Odesola

Oluwaseyi Adedeji: Who Is A Cherubim And Seraphim Member, Blasts Oba Solomon



Time to wake up from our slumber....

The issue of this man called OBA SOLOMON has been tormenting the entire country and it becoming out of control... The saddest part is the story is the insult and many foul languages that has been thrown to White garment churches expecially Cherubim and Seraphim.


The Bible says in the book of Luke 17vs1 "It is impossible but that offenses will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come"..... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 

(I weep for the future of the new Christian,) this as always been my favorite quote because we are now fighting for FAME and forget about the salvation of people souls. Let always remember that the devil is smart and will always look for a way to influence the world which he's doing it presently through this man 

Have been keeping mute and watching if our Elders and Leaders will say something about this stains that is dropping on us like the shower of the rain but no respond. 

OBA SOLOMON is now the talk of the market and we can't do anything.

What we can do best is to preach for money and fight for members and denominations...

Fight for the future of Christian TODAY!!! 


Time to wake up....

#Pls share to all groups 

Seraphim Hymn

Cherubim Seraphim




Love Of Christ Generation Church C&S


SOURCE Thefamousnaija


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