Nana Atiku & Zubby Michael Relationship, Pictures, Video: Everything To Know

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All About Zubby Michael And Nana Atiku (Atiku Abubakar Daughter) Relationship, Dating, Friendship, Land, Photos, Videos

Everything To Know About Nana Atiku Abubakar Daughter & Zubby Michael Relationship, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

Zubby Michael and Nana Atiku, the daughter of former Nigeria's Vice President, Atiku Atiku Abubakar are good friends.

Nana Atiku is actually a fan to Zubby Michael who is an A-list Nollywood actor and one of the richest actors in Nigeria.

Picture of Zubby Michael and Nana Atiku

Is Zubby Michael Dating Atiku Abubakar's Daughter, Nana Atiku?

The relationship between Zubby Michael and Nana Atiku, Atiku Abubakar's beautiful daughter became an open thing in November 2021 when Nana Atiku and her friends visited Zubby Michael in Abuja, Nigeria.

Then on Zubby Michael's 37th birthday in February 2022, Nana Atiku celebrated Zubby Michael and gave him a piece of land in Abuja.

No, Zubby Michael and Nana Atiku are not dating, they are not lovers. 

Nana Atiku is not Zubby Michael's Girlfriend.

Zubby Michael is not Nana Atiku Boyfriend.

They are just platonic friends - fan - star actor relationship.

About Atiku Abubakar's Daughter - Nana Atiku Land Gift To Zubby Michael

Nana Atiku gave a plot of land in Abuja to Zubby Michael on his 37th birthday on 1 February 2022 as her birthday gift to her Actor friend.

Zubby Michael revealed the plot of land gift he got from Nana Atiku on his Instagram page.

Taking to his Instagram page, Zubby Michael shared a photo where he posed with Nana Atiku and revealed he had been gifted a plot of land by her, a gift he tagged “best cake day gift ever”.

The actor appreciated the realtor and said a prayer for her.

He wrote: “Best cake day gift ever 🔥 NANA ATIKU just gifted ME a plot of land in Abuja as cake day gift @nanaatiku_kadi I really appreciate this 🔥thanks and GOD bless #ZM #A1 #doings #nawedeyhere #blessup”

Nana Atiku, under the comment of the post where she was tagged, wrote: “One love.”

Nana Atiku's Birthday Message To Zubby Michael: Atiku Abubakar's Daughter Celebrates Zubby Michael On His 37th Birthday 

Nana Atiku also shared some photos with Zubby Michael on her Instagram page as she felicitated with him on the occasion of his birthday.

She wrote: “Happy birthday to my favorite Actor. A Man with a heart of gold. May happiness never depart from you.May God keep opening ur ways as you bless always proud of you. Happy birthday my brother. May Allah bless your new Age ❤️🤴🌹🌹🌹"

Zubby Michael replied to Nana Atiku Abubakar's message “Thanks, dear.”

Nana Atiku, Daughter of Atiku Abubakar visits Zubby Michael In His Hotel Room (Video)

On 1st November 2021, top Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael, took to his official Instagram handle to share a video where he was captured chilling with some beautiful ladies in hijab. Among the ladies was Nana Atiku, daughter of former Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

Photos of Nana Atiku in Zubby Michael's Hotel Room In Abuja

In the video, Zubby Michael who had travelled to Abuja expressed delight over the presence of the beautiful ladies who visited him in his hotel room. He jokingly added that he might not go back to Lagos due to how beautiful the ladies were.

Nana Atiku was also shy to say “hello” in the video as Zubby Michael addressed her as “the big madam” in the room. No doubt, the ladies were excited to meet the Nollywood superstar.

Watch the video

Watch Video of Nana Atiku and Zubby Michael

Picture of Nana Atiku (Atiku Abubakar's Daughter)

Who Is Nana Atiku?

Nana Atiku is one of the beautiful daughters of Atiku Abubakar, a former Vice President of Nigeria and an ex Presidential candidate of PDP.

Nana Atiku aka 'Hajia Nana Yahaya' Nana Atiku Kadi describes herself on Instagram as 'Adventurous and Lover of Politics'.

Zubby Michael's post on Nana Atiku

See Nana Atiku's post celebrating Zubby Michael

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