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Latest Instagram Photos: Meet Chadzanso J Mwenda (Zambian Actress) Bio, Wikipedia, Daughter, Married, Children, Family, Parents, Boyfriend, Baby Daddy, Nationality, Religion, Education, Height, House, Cars, Sister, Being in Nollywood, Movies, Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Videos

History Of Chadzanso Mwenda: Everything To Know About Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi Profile, Husband, Marriage, Daughter, Children, Baby Daddy, Boyfriend, Being in Nollywood, Movies

Who Is Chadzanso Mwenda?

Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi (born 13 August 1988) is a Zambian Actress and 'Being in Nollywood - The Evolution' Cast Mate 2022. She is the CEO of House Of Inthanda.

Beautiful Pictures of Zambian Actress, Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi

Chadzanso Mwenda Photos

Chadzanso Mwenda Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Nickname: Juvi

Real Name: Chadzanso Mwenda

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Zambian

District, Province: Kabwe, Central Province Zambia

Place Of Birth: Kabwe, Zambia

Date Of Birth: 13 August 1988

Birthday: 13th August

Age: 34 Years Old (In 2022)

Career, Occupation: Actress, Director, Property Developer

Net Worth: $250,000 US Dollars

Religion: Christian

Height: 5"5 Feet Tall

Parents: Ms Mary-Ann

Siblings: 1 (Sister)

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Married: Yes

Children: 2 Daughters

Baby Daddy: N/A

Boyfriend: Dating

Instagram: chadzanso_aka_juvi

Full Biography Of Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Movies, Nollywood Journey

Biography, Wikipedia: Juvi whose real name is Chadzanso Mwenda is a Zambian born actress, Director, Property Developer and Being in Nollywood - The Evolution Cast Mate 2022.

Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi has been in the creative industry for almost 18 years now.

She plays the role of Bana Bupe in Butuku. Chadzanso Mwenda's role in 'Love Games' redefined her career and shot her into the limelight in Zambia.

Chadzanso Mwenda started her acting career in Zambia in the year 2010 and her first movie was 'My Country' in 2010.

Giving a brief history about her acting career in Zambia, Chadzanso Mwenda said:

"My first acting job was in a drama series for the ministry of justice called 'My Country'. My character was a school girl 2010 supporting cast. I later got tasted in another drama series 'Love Games' 2012-2014 as a lead 'Tasheni Chanda'. Love Game is an award winning series that holds the only AMWCA 2014 award here in Zambia among many other accolades across the continent. 'Multi 2017 is another drama series I was tasted in as supporting cast. My character was nurse Juliet Mulenga. I have made appearances in a few other TV shows as well as 'Fever' a drama series my character Real Estate Agent. Fever is currently one of the flag ship shown on the Zambian Television Scene."

Chadzanso Mwenda Joins Nollywood: Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi is now a Nigerian - Nollywood actress. She crossed over from the Zambian movie industry to the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood.

Chadzanso J Mwenda debuted in Nollywood in February 2022.

Chadzanso Mwenda first Nollywood movie is titled "Just The Two Of Us" shot in February 2022.

Picture of Chadzanso Mwenda on Set of Just The 2 Of Us

Chadzanso Mwenda has worked with other top Nollywood star actors and actresses, directors and producers such as Wole Ojo, Chuka Okafor, Seun Ajayi, Stanley Obi, Chinneylove Eze, among others.

Picture of Chadzanso Mwenda and Wole Ojo

Chadzanso Mwenda and Nigerian actor, Wole Ojo
Chadzanso Mwenda and Segun Arinze

Throwback Photo of Chadzanso Mwenda with Ramsey Nouah and Mike Ezuruonye in 2009.

Photo of Chadzanso Mwenda and John Dumelo, Ghanaian actor

Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi In Being in Nollywood - The Evolution: Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi is a cast mate in "Being in Nollywood - The Evolution". She is representing Zambia on the show which airs on ROK 2 DSTV.

Meet Chadzanso Mwenda, Zambian housemate. Being a mom is her favourite thing to do. She also loves reading, traveling, shopping, great company and good music. @chadzanso_aka_juvi is looking forward to meeting other actors and acquiring more knowledge. Watch Juvi on Sundays at 6:30PM CAT in #BeingInNollywood on #ROKTwo.

What Is Being in Nollywood - The Evolution & Who Are The Cast List?

Meet the Cast of Being in Nollywood - The Evolution!

Being in Nollywood - The Evolution show is packed with all the drama, talent and creativity to make you stay glued to your screen.

Featuring: Chadzanso Mwenda, Tory Thompson, De-love August, Kemi Richards and Grandmami Pikin, from Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana and Cameroon. They are on a quest to become Nollywood stars, but will they thrive, or will the pressure of a new city and industry derail their dreams?

Video of Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi at Lagos, Nigeria Beach

Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi Movies: My Country, Butuku, Hey Harris, Just The Two Of Us, Love Games, Multi, Fever, among others.

Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi Educational Background

Chadzanso Mwenda went to several schools and completed G12 at Namununga Private School in Zambia.

She attended CityVarsity School of Media and Creative Arts Johannesburg, South Africa.

Chadzanso Mwenda Nationality: Where is Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi from, which country? Chadzanso Mwenda is from Zambia.

Juvi Real Name: What is Juvi real name? Juvi Real Name is Chadzanso Mwenda.

Is Chadzanso Mwenda a Nigerian? No, Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi is originally from Zambia.

Chadzanso Mwenda State Of Origin, District, Province, Tribe, Village, Ethnicity: Chadzanso Mwenda hails from Kabwe Central Province, Zambia.

Chadzanso Mwenda Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi was born on 13 August 1988.

Chadzanso Mwenda Age: How old is Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi? Chadzanso Mwenda is currently 33 years old. Chadzanso Mwenda will celebrate her 34th birthday on 13th August 2022.

Chadzanso Mwenda Bikini Picture

Chadzanso Mwenda Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Sister: Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi was raised by a single mom. She is the youngest of two children. Chadzanso Mwenda has an elder sister.

Chadzanso Mwenda mother, Ms Mary-Ann is late. She died some years back.

Pictures of Chadzanso Mwenda Sister and Aunt

Chadzanso Mwenda Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi married? Yes, Chadzanso Mwenda is now married.

Photos of Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi and her Husband

Chadzanso Mwenda Pregnancy Story: Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi got pregnant at age 21 and her boyfriend denied the paternity of her child. She gave birth to her first child, a daughter on 25th December 2010. She has another second child.

Chadzanso Mwenda Husband: Who Is Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi husband? Here is a picture of Chadzanso Mwenda husband.

Picture of Chadzanso Mwenda Juvi Husband

Chadzanso Mwenda Child, Children, Daughter: Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi has two children - 2 daughters. She gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Maryann on 25th December 2010. Chadzanso J Mwenda named her first child - daughter after her late mother, Mary-Ann.

Chadzanso Mwenda Daughter Age: How old is Chadzanso Mwenda first child daughter? Chadzanso Mwenda first daughter Mary-Ann was born on 25 December 2010. She is currently 12 years old now.

Baby Daddy: Who is Chadzanso Mwenda baby daddy? Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi has not revealed the identity of her baby daddy (daddies).

Chadzanso Mwenda Boyfriend: Who is Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi Boyfriend? Chadzanso Mwenda keeps her relationship away from social media.

Chadzanso Mwenda Net Worth 2022, 2021

How much is Chadzanso Mwenda Aka Juvi net worth?

Chadzanso Mwenda net worth is about $250,000 US Dollars.

Chadzanso Mwenda House and Cars

Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi lives in Zambia and drives nice car.

Chadzanso Mwenda Instagram: Chadzanso Mwenda aka Juvi instagram page Account Profile Handle is chadzanso_aka_juvi.

Chadzanso Mwenda The Global Zambian (TGZ) Magazine 2018 Interview (Cover Girl)

Chadzanso Mwenda was the cover girl for Zambian magazine, TGZ. She revealed some details about her background, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Education in South Africa and movie career.

"To answer your question about my University degree, I left for South Africa in 2009 February, and in 2010 around April, my life took a different turn. I fell pregnant at age 21, it was a bitter sweet period in my life because my partner at the time denied the responsibility.

But I simply took what had happened in my stride; I held my head high and came home. I gave birth on 25th December 2010 on Christmas day yep! I had a beautiful baby girl (aww this gets to me every single time I tell this story) I named her after my mother who is now late MHSRIEP-MARY-ANN she just turned 8 last December, all Glory to the Most High for His mercy and grace endures for ever. 

My Mother being the immaculate Woman she was sent me back to school, yes to my surprise! After how I repaid her for the millions of kwachas she had already spent, she said go back! I was raised by a single Mum, and I am the last of two girls and in my mother's exact words "you are a mother now, its a different ball game who will raise your child if you don't finish school." So I went back when my daughter was about seven months old, it was during the first holiday I took my baby was about 1/3 months when I auditioned for Love Games. I travelled back to school that a few months later I got the call, so yes I packed my bags did not pay for the following semester came home to film Love Games which took may longer than expected. So by 2014 my life had taken a different turn I got more work especially behind the scenes production work. I was back and forth between here and South Africa at God willing one day I will get to complete my degree as intended. 

I learnt a lot while I was in South Africa, I used to do a lot of internships for magazines and quite a number of media houses there. So I intend to bring or rather, I have brought back home with me: consistency, punctuality, professionalism in any area of the creative industry, and also, one needs to be hungry in this business because it is an evolution it changes vastly and there are extremely talented people everywhere you go these days. So I try to stay on top of my game, stay relevant and of course work extremely hard. I have a lot of work experience under my belt with credible media houses and several productions here at home."

A: Tracking back a little bit on your role in Love Games; the series became very popular. So much so, even individuals that played one line roles started telling the world that they were bona fide actors. You being one of the main characters of the series, how did that impact your professional and personal life?

C: Professionally it really boosted my career because I also worked on the production team while shooting. I decided to get more training from Media 365 I would volunteer to be on other sets just to learn, and make up for school time you know. It is one of the best Zambian productions to-date so I 1:1‘..f:e never taken that for granted. I am still learning.

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