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History Of Pamela Adie: Everything To Know About Pamela Adie Profile, Parents, Family, Husband, Girlfriend, Wife, Boyfriend, Child, Net Worth

Who Is Pamela Adie?

Pamela Adie (born 15 April 1984) is a Nigerian Lesbian LGBT rights activist, Public Speaker, Nollywood Movie Director, Screenwriter and Filmmaker.

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Pamela Adie Profile Bio Data Facts

Name: Pamela Adie

Full Name: Biwom Pamela Adie

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Cross River State

Hometown: Obudu

Place Of Birth: Calabar, Nigeria

Tribe: Efik

Religion: Christian

Date Of Birth: 15 April 1984

Birthday: 15th April

Age: 38 Years Old (as at 2022)

Career, Occupation: Filmmaker, Activist

Net Worth: $600,000 US Dollars

Height: 5"6 Feet Tall

Tattooed: Yes

Hairstyle: Short

Parents: Mr and Mrs Adie

Father: Mr Adie

Mother: Mrs Adie

Siblings: 2

Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Married: No

Divorced: Yes

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Girlfriend: Not Known

Spouse, Partner: N/A

Education: Webster University, University of Wisconsin, University of Baltimore

Instagram: bimdizzle

Facebook: Pamela Adie

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Pamela Adie Full Biography, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Movies

Biography, Wikipedia: Pamela Adie is a Nigerian born Producer of the movie 'Ife', an LGBT Rights Activist, Public Speaker, Screenwriter, Filmmaker and the executive director of non governmental organisation, Equality Hub.

Pamela Adie is hailed as a prominent public speaker advocating LGBTQ community and has often raised her voice on empowering LGBTQ community in Nigeria. Her research and works about LGBT rights in Nigeria have featured in several LGBT anthology series. She rose to prominence with her directorial debut Under the Rainbow which reflects her personal memoir. Her production venture Ìfé is deemed as Nigeria's first lesbian film. 

Pamela Adie pursued her career as a LGBT rights advocate and officially became Nigeria's first lesbian activist. She also attended the World Economic Forum in 2017 and spoke in the inaugural edition of the "Meet Leading LGBT Rights Activists". In the forum, she also addressed the importance of including LGBT people in the workplace.

Pamela Adie wrote, directed and produced Nigeria’s first lesbian-focused documentary film titled 'Under the Rainbow' in 2019 which largely focuses on her personal life.

About Pamela Adie's Movie, Ìfé

Pamela Adie announced her intention on making a feature film on lesbian community in Nigeria and executively produced the film Ìfé. The production of the film became controversial due to the government ban on lesbian related work. The project was initiated jointly by Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim and Pamela Adie in collaboration with the Equality Hub. The film is regarded as Nigeria's first ever lesbian feature film and concerns on censorship also emerged due to the film genre. However the film released is delayed due to censorship issues and Pamila Adie along with film director were threatened by the authorities for possible imprisonment after allegations emerged regarding the attempt by the filmmakers on releasing the film internationally.

Pamela Adie Movies: Ife, Under The Rainbow, Center Stage (Talkshow Mini-Series)

Pamela Adie Writes After The Premiere Of Her Nigerian Lesbian Movie, 'Ife'

"All most people see are the fine pictures and they look lovely, no doubt. But the drama that went into making this event happen is worthy of short film of its own 😂. From changes in venues, to changes in dates, to the things we had to fix, the extra money spent that wasn’t budgeted for, to tense conversations, to the frustration of getting my outfit to fit and be ready on was a lot that happened (under pressure) within the span of a few days!

But we made it. I thank most gratefully all the people who showed up when asked for help, Ten, Amaka, Debola, Mo...thank you for being there. I don’t know how we would have made it without your steady support. 

Ìfé has made 8 official selections at International film festivals around the world so far and has been nominated for Best Short Film 👏🏾. So it is making the rounds at all the different festivals and will continue to do so for the next couple of months. Follow @ife_movie for updates. 

What gives me immense joy is that we were able to bring together friends and family to watch our creation of love and just enjoy an evening together in laughter, joy, and positive vibes, especially at a time when we’re all tired of being

Thank you to everyone who came to the screening. Your presence meant a lot to me, personally, and to our team🙏🧡. 

Lastly, I’m proud to be on this film journey with Uyai; these past few months have been really tough for us - emotionally, physically, mentally, dealing with grief - and just creating at a time like this is never easy - but we’re here taking it one day at a time. Thank you for putting your foot down when mine was shaky🧡. Our commitment to creating never wavers, and, in fact, we’re already working on the next film💃🏻! 

So, here’s to many more to come! 🥂❤️🏳️‍🌈. 

So shall it be. 


Pictures of Pamela Adie and Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim at the Premiere of their lesbian Nigerian movie, Ife

Pamela Adie Awards: In 2019, Pamela Adie was nominated and shortlisted among ten nominees for the inaugural edition of the Mary Chirwa Award which was initiated in 2018. She was conferred the thine nomination in recognition of her courageous leadership.

Pamela Adie Educational Background, Schools Attended

Pamela Adie obtained her bachelor's degree in Business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

She pursued her MBA degree at the Webster University and completed her master's degree from the University of Baltimore.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Pamela Adie from? Pamela Adie is from Cross River State, Nigeria.

Pamela Adie is Efik by tribe and hails from Obudu, her hometown from the South South part of Nigeria.

Pamela Adie Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Pamela Adie was born on 15 April 1984.

Pamela Adie Real Age: How old is Pamela Adie? Pamela Adie is currently 37 years old. She will celebrate her 38th birthday on 15th April 2022.

Pamela Adie Hairstyles: Pamela Adie likes to rock short and stylish hairstyles.

Pamela Adie Tattoo: Pamela Adie likes tattoos and has her body tattooed. Pamela Adie rocks 'Dig Deeper' tattoo on her leg and other tattoos on her hand.

Pictures of Pamela Adie Body Tattoos

Sharing pictures of her new 'Dig Deeper' tattoo, Pamela Adie wrote on her Instagram page:

"When I first started working out, I started with #ShaunT. In his #Insanity videos, he kept encouraging people like me to “dig deeper”. So this #newtattoo  is a reminder to myself that I can always do better than my current best, not just in my fitness journey, but in life generally. Anyway✌️💃 #digdeep #tattooart #tattoolife #tatt."

Image of Pamela Adie aka Bimdizzle working out at the gym

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Pamela Adie was born in Calabar into the family of Mr and Mrs Adie who are her parents.

Pamela Adie has a younger sister and a younger brother.

Pamela Adie was born into a Christian home; raised by staunch Catholic parents in the serene city of Calabar, Nigeria. She’s from Obudu in Cross River state.

Sharing Childhood throwback photo of hers with her family - siblings and Grand Father, Pamela Adie wrote:

'Me, my younger sister (the baby), my Grandpa(RIP😇), and my younger brother, some 28 years ago 👀!! Interesting story about my Granddad. He was a legend. Story has it that he died and was given tea, then he woke up, and died again🤣. I can’t verify the story but I believe it because I come from a long line of legends 👊🏾😂✨! Oh well, enjoy this epic #tbt picture.'

Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Pamela Adie Is A Lesbian, Yes. Although Pamela Adie was married to a man who is now her former husband, she revealed that she is an openly lesbian in an announcement made in 2011 after discussing with her family members.

Pamela Adie Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Pamela Adie married? Pamela Adie was once married to a man, her ex husband.

Husband: Who is Pamela Adie husband? Pamela Adie has not shared pictures of her ex husband.

My ex-husband is a great guy. He didn’t deserve to be lied to. I felt really bad. For me coming out, and leaving the marriage was really for him so that he can move on and find someone that can give him what he really wants,” Pamela Adie said in an old Interview.

Pamela Adie Girlfriend, Lesbian Partner: Who is Pamela Adie Lesbian Partner and girlfriend, name, pictures? Pamela Adie has not publicly revealed who she is currently dating.

Pamela Adie Boyfriend: Pamela Adie doesn't have a boyfriend.

Children, Child: Pamela Adie doesn't have a child.

About Pamela Adie Coming Out As A Lesbian To Her Family, Her Marriage & Ex Husband (The Full Story)

In 2011 Pamela Adie left her family and friends shocked, when she came out to declare openly that she’s a lesbian. She used to be married to a man.

Pamela’s sexual orientation had been hidden from her family for years, she hadn’t discussed it with either her family or fiancé—even before she walked down the aisle with him. She thought:

“It would be nice to keep mum about it, forget about my sexual orientation as lesbian and move on with marriage”: to seek change.

But it didn’t turn out as planned for Pamela.

For 24 months, Pamela says she was living in pain but with grit and courage, she realized straight relationships (and marriage) were not meant for her and the best way to salvage the situation was to wipe the slate clean.

“My pain became more than my fear. I came out because I needed to be free from pain, from telling my loved ones lies, from living a double life (as lesbian and a married woman). The burden was just too heavy to bear,” she said with a serious look that mirrors nothing but sincerity.

“When I came out, I came out to free myself. I didn’t come out because I wanted to be an activist or because I wanted to prove a point. It was really about me.”

Pamela Adie was born in a Christian home; raised by staunch Catholic parents in the serene city of Calabar, Nigeria. She’s from Obudu in Cross River state.

When she was seventeen year old, she left for the United States where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a Minor in Personal and Professional Communication.

She says she had her first same-sex relationship even before she travelled abroad and having been in a same-sex relationship for years—she thought her marriage would save her from being lesbian.

It never did.

“Even before I came out, I was already in a same-sex relationship but I never saw myself as lesbian. I hadn’t come out to myself and I always thought that when I get married it will somehow go away. That’s one of the reasons I eventually got married.''

“At the end of the day, it didn’t go away because it’s not something that goes away. Your sexual orientation is part of who you are and it’s not a choice”.

After struggling to fit in for two years she couldn’t continue acting straight, she couldn’t put her sexual orientation behind her despite her marriage to a wonderful man.

“My ex-husband is a great guy. He didn’t deserve to be lied to. I felt really bad. For me coming out, and leaving the marriage was really for him so that he can move on and find someone that can give him what he really wants,” she said.

“My parents didn’t like that I am lesbian. They were angry. My mum was more vocal than my dad, though. My dad was more loving but the tension between my mum and I was thick. She was of the opinion that I was possessed and that there was something wrong with me. So it created a tension in the house,” she told YNaija in a past interview in an old Interview.

“I don’t have that issue with my father. It’s still the same till today. He’s still the one I talk to the most. My mum hasn’t come to a place of acceptance as of this point. She’s still struggling with my sexual orientation.”

Pamela Adie Lesbian Wedding

Pamela Adie Set To Wed Her Lesbian Partner, Fixes Date For The Wedding (2017)

Nigerian lesbian and LGBT rights campaigner, Biwom Pamela Adie had in July 2017 fixed the date of her wedding to her sweetheart and lesbian partner.

According to an update she announced on her social media page in 2017, the date of her wedding was 23rd of June, 2018.

It's not clear however if Pamela Adie later actually got married to her lesbian girlfriend.

Pamela Adie Net Worth

How much is Pamela Adie Net Worth?

Pamela Adie net worth is about $800,000 US Dollars in 2022.

Pamela Adie House and Cars

Pamela Adie lives in the United States of America and drives nice cars.

Pamela Adie Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Pamela Adie can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile Handle and Facebook Account.

Pamela Adie Instagram: Pamela Adie Instagram page Account Profile Handle bimdizzle.

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