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History Of Matilda Hipsy: Everything To Know About Matilda Naa Quaye Profile, Boyfriend, Husband, Burna Boy, Surgery, Family, Parents, Children

Who Is Matilda Quaye?

Matilda Quaye aka Hipsy whose real name is Matilda Naa Quaye (born 21 June 1980s) is a beautiful and curvy Ghanaian video vixen, model and actress who is famous for her curvy body and tattoos.

Matilda Quaye Profile Bio Data Facts

Name: Matilda Quaye

Nickname: Hipsy (Matilda Hipsy)

Full, Real Name: Matilda Naa Quaye

Nationality: Ghanaian

Country Of Origin, Citizenship: Ghana

Hometown: Kumasi, Volta, Ghana

Languages: Ghanaian Pidgin English and English language

Date Of Birth: 21 June 1980s

Birthday: 21st June

Age: 30 +

Height: 5"8 Feet Tall

Occupation, Career: Video Vixen, Model

Net Worth: $250,000 US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Quaye

Father: Mr Quaye

Mother: Mrs Quaye

Marital Status, Relationship: Single

Married: No

Boyfriend: Toosweet Annan

Tattooed: Yes

Surgery: No

Facebook: MatildanaaQuaye.

Twitter: Matilda___Quaye

Instagram: matilda___quaye

About Matilda Naa Quaye Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background

Biography, Wikipedia: Matilda Hipsy whose real name is Matilda Quaye is a Ghanaian born video vixen and a model with her famous hips being a distinctive feature that sets her apart from other video vixen.

Matilda Quaye who is popularly known as Matilda Hipsy is a model, Instagram sesnsation and video vixen from Ghana who is well known for her beauty and curvaceous body which she flaunts on social media - Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram.

Matilda Quaye Hips, Shape, Curves: Matilda Quaye aka Matilda Hipsy has the largest natural hips in Ghana where she comes from.

Pictures of Matilda Quaye Hipsy Hips and Curves

Matilda Hipsy born Matilda Quaye has earned the reputation in Ghana as the woman with the biggest natural hips.

Matilda Quaye Surgery - Before And After Surgery Pictures: Did Matilda Quaye do Plastic Surgery? There are instructions that Matilda Quaye Hipsy may have undergone a plastic, cosmetic surgery to enhance her curves and big hips.

Matilda Quaye has denied ever doing surgery to enhance her curves but stated that her hips and curvy body are all natural endowments.

Old Throwback Before And After Photos of Matilda Quaye Show She Has Been Naturally Curvy, She Only Added weight

Matilda Quaye Tattoo: Matilda Quaye is a lover of tattoos and has her body, laps, leg, chest, hand tattooed. Matilda Naa Quaye rocks massive arm Tattoo.

Matilda Quaye Nationality, Country Of Origin, Tribe, Home Town: Where is Matilda Quaye from? Matilda Quaye is from Kumasi, Volta, Ghana.

Matilda Quaye Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Matilda Quaye Hipsy? Matilda Quaye was born on 21 June 1980s. Matilda Quaye aka Matilda Hipsy is in her 30s.

Matilda Quaye Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Matilda Naa Quaye married? No, Matilda Quaye is not yet married.

Picture of Matilda Quaye and Toosweet Annan

Matilda Quaye Husband: Who is Matilda Quaye Husband, Name, Pictures? Matilda Quaye doesn't have a husband yet.

Photo of Toosweet Annan and Matilda Quaye Hipsy

Matilda Quaye Boyfriend: Who is Matilda Naa Quaye Boyfriend, Dating, in a relationship with? Matilda Quaye is allegedly dating Toosweet Annan, a handsome Ghanaian actor who is said to be Matilda Quaye's boyfriend.

Child, Children: Does Matilda Naa Quaye have a child? It's not clear if Matilda Quaye has a daughter or son yet.

Matilda Quaye Net Worth

How much is Matilda Naa Quaye Net Worth?

Matilda Quaye Net Worth is about $250,000 US Dollars.

Matilda Quaye Instagram: Matilda Quaye Instagram page Account Profile Handle bbbb.

Matilda Hipsy Quaye And Burna Boy Vs Shatta Wale Fight, Rape Allegations

Matilda Quaye aka Matilda Hipsy and Burna Boy Relationship, Did They Date? Did Burna Boy Rape Matilda Hipsy Quaye?

Burna Boy had previously accused Shatta Wale of abusing a woman he had sent to Ghana. In revenge, Shatta Wale has accused Burna Boy of abusing Matilda Quaye a.k.a Matilda Hipsy, a seasoned music video vixen

Meanwhile, some have chastised Shatta Wale for bringing Matilda Hipsy into a feud that has nothing to do with her, while others are outraged with Burna Boy if he did rape her.

Shatta Wale made this daring claim on the prominent social media platform Twitter, where he has a verified social media handle.

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